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42. Miracles

The explanation for this lies in the word itself. A miracle is an event that causes men to marvel. It is something they deem to be impossible. But they only deem it to be so, for the fact that it does happen already proves that it is possible.

Miracles such as many of the believers in God imagine them to be do not exist! These believers consider a miracle as something that happens outside the Laws of Nature, even something contrary to all the laws of nature. It is just in this that they perceive the hand of God! They think a miracle is something possible only for their God, Who thereby shows His special Grace and for which He uses His Omnipotence.

These poor creatures erroneously imagine that omnipotence implies the capability to act arbitrarily, and that miracles are such arbitrary acts. They do not realize how they belittle God with this; for this type of miracle would be anything but Divine.

First of all, in Divine Activity lies absolute perfection, without fault or gap. And perfection demands the strictest logic and absolute consistency in every respect. Consequently, a miracle can only happen with flawless consistency of events. The only difference is that, in the case of a miracle, the process of development, which according to earthly conceptions would require a longer time, proceeds in the usual manner, but with such tremendous rapidity, either through the special power granted to a person or in some other way, that because of all the extraordinarily rapid development it can be called miraculous by people, in short, a miracle.

Occasionally it may be something reaching beyond the present state of development that finds its fulfillment through concentrated power. But it will never, under any circumstances, occur outside of, much less contrary to, the existing Laws of Nature. In such a case, which is intrinsically impossible anyway, it would lose all its Divine essence and become an arbitrary act. Exactly the opposite of what so many of the faithful believers imagine it to be. Anything that lacks strict consistency is not Divine. Every miracle is an absolutely natural process, but one that occurs with exceptional speed and concentrated power; it is completely impossible for anything unnatural ever to happen. That is completely out of the question.

When diseases are healed, which up till now were regarded as incurable, this does not mean that the Natural Laws have been changed, but it merely exposes the great deficiencies in human knowledge. All the more should it be recognized as a mercy of the Creator when here and there He endows individual human beings with special powers which they can use for the benefit of suffering humanity. However, it will always be only those who have kept themselves away from the arrogance of science, because earthbound knowledge quite naturally suffocates the ability to receive higher gifts.

Earthbound knowledge wants to forcefully gain something; it is incapable of receiving in a pure, childlike manner. The powers coming from a sphere beyond time and space, however, can only be received in simplicity; they can never be forcefully gained! This circumstance alone shows which is more valuable, stronger and, therefore, more correct!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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