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45. The mystery of Lucifer

A gray veil shrouds all that relates to the figure of Lucifer. It is as though everybody shrinks from lifting a corner of this shroud. In truth, this shrinking back is nothing but man’s inability to penetrate into the realm of Darkness. This inability on the other hand simply lies in the very nature of things, for here, too, a limit is set upon the human spirit owing to its nature, which prevents it from penetrating this far. Just as it is unable to reach the highest Heights, is it also unable to penetrate to the deepest depths, nor will it ever be able to do so.

Thus the imagination created substitutes for what was missing, beings of various forms. People speak of the devil in the most adventurous forms, of the fallen and expelled archangel, of the embodiment of the evil principle, and all the rest of it. Nothing is understood of Lucifer’s true nature, although the human spirit is often impacted by him, and consequently is thrown into a state of great conflict, which can be likened to a battle.

Those who speak of a fallen archangel, and those who speak of the embodiment of the evil principle, come closest to the truth. But this is also a wrong attitude, giving a false picture of everything. An embodiment of the principle of evil conveys the concept of the highest pinnacle, of the final goal, of the living embodiment of all evil, i.e. its crowning, its absolute culmination. On the contrary though, Lucifer is the origin, the starting point and the driving power of the wrong principle. Nor should one call the principle he employs the evil principle, but the wrong principle. Wrong in the sense of incorrect, not unjust. The field of action of this wrong principle is the World of Matter. It is only here that the effects of the Light and the effects of the Darkness, the two opposing principles, meet one another, and constantly influence the human soul while it is developing on its journey through the World of Matter. Whichever of the two the human soul indulges more, in accordance with its own wishes, proves decisive for its ascent toward the Light or for its descent toward Darkness.

The gulf which lies between Light and Darkness is immense. It is filled by the material part of Creation, which is subject to the transient nature of the forms, that is, to the disintegration of respectively existing forms and their renewal.

According to the Laws which the Will of God the Father has placed in Creation, a cycle can only be considered completed and fulfilled when its end returns to its origin, thus the cycle of a human spirit can only be considered fulfilled when it returns to Spiritual-Substantiality, which is closest to the Primordial Light, because this Spiritual-Substantiality is where it originated as a spirit-germ. If a human spirit permits itself to drift towards Darkness, it runs the risk of being drawn beyond the outermost rings of its normal course towards a depth from which it can then no longer find its way back in order to ascend; nor is the spirit able, from the densest and deepest ethereal darkness, to step even lower, beyond the outermost boundary and out of the World of Matter, something it can do when moving upwards into the Realm of Spiritual Substantiality, because the latter is its point of origin. And so it is constantly dragged along in the mighty cycle of material Creation until it is finally drawn into disintegration, because its ethereally dark and therefore dense and heavy cloak, also called the ethereal body, holds it down. This disintegration then dissolves the spiritual personality it has acquired on its course through Creation, so that it suffers spiritual death and is atomized to primordial spiritual seed.

Lucifer himself stands outside material Creation and will therefore not be drawn into the disintegration which is the fate of the victims of his principle, because Lucifer is eternal. His origin lies in a part of the Sphere of Divine Substantiality. The conflict started after the creation of all matter had begun. Sent out to support Spiritual Substantiality and further its development in the World of Matter, he failed to carry out his mission in accordance with the Creative Will of God the Father, and instead, through a willful insistence on knowing better, which came to him while working in matter, he chose ways other than those ordained by the Creative Will.

Misusing the power delegated to him, he introduced the principle of temptation in place of the principle of supportive help, which is identical with serving love. Serving love in the Divine sense, which has nothing in common with slavish servility, but has only spiritual ascent and thereby eternal happiness of his fellow man at heart and acts accordingly.

The principle of temptation, however, is identical with the setting of snares which cause creatures who are not sufficiently strong within themselves quickly to stumble, fall and become lost, whereas others on the other hand, may grow stronger and more alert, so as to blossom forth powerfully towards spiritual heights. But all that is weak is irrevocably abandoned to destruction from the start. This principle knows no kindness, no mercy; it lacks the love of God the Father, and therewith the mightiest power to ascend and the strongest support there is.

The temptation in Paradise described in the Bible shows the effect produced by the application of the Lucifer principle by depicting how, through temptation, it tries to test the strength or steadfastness of the human pair, only to thrust them pitilessly onto the road to destruction at the least sign of wavering.

Steadfastness would have meant joyful adjustment to the Will of God which lies in the simple Laws of Nature or Laws of Creation. And this Will, the Divine Command, was well known to the human pair. Not to waver would have been the same as accepting and obeying these laws, as it is only through such obedience that man can make proper and unlimited use of them, thus truly becoming “master of Creation” because he is “in harmony with them.” If he does not put himself into opposition, all the powers will serve him and work automatically to his benefit. This then is the fulfillment of the Creator’s commandments which have but one aim, i.e. to maintain and support, undimmed and unhampered, all the possibilities of development that lie in His wonderful work. This simple observance in turn means conscious co-operation in the sound further development of Creation or the World of Matter.

He who fails to do this is an obstacle which must either be hewn into the right shape or left to be crushed in the wheels of the world’s mechanism, i.e., in the Laws of Creation. He who will not bend must break, as there can be no blockage.

Lucifer will not wait with kindness for man to mature gradually and become strong; he will not be the loving gardener that he should be, caring for, supporting and tending the plants entrusted to him; instead “the fox” literally “took charge of the henhouse.” His goal is the destruction of all that is weak, and towards that end he works ruthlessly.

At the same time he despises the victims who succumb to his temptations and snares, and wants them to be destroyed in their weakness.

He is also disgusted at the baseness and meanness with which these fallen victims apply to his principle; for it is only men who turn them into the loathsome depravity in which they present themselves, and thereby they only incite Lucifer all the more to regard them as creatures that deserve nothing but destruction, not love and care.

A significant contribution towards the accomplishment of this destruction is made by the principle of unrestrained self-indulgence which is a natural consequence of the principle of temptation. This unrestrained self-indulgence takes place in the lower regions of darkness, but it is also adopted by various so-called psychoanalysts on earth, on the assumption that on earth too, it liberates and matures.

Yet what dreadful misery the practice of this principle must cause here on earth! What disaster must it bring, for on earth, unlike in the regions of darkness where only what is homogeneous dwells together, both darker and lighter souls live side by side. In this respect you need only to think of sexual life and similar things. When the practice of such a principle is unleashed upon mankind, the only possible result must be a Sodom and Gomorrah from which there is no escape, but only the most abject terror could bring an end it to.

Quite apart from this, however, there are already numerous victims of similar teachings floundering about, whose low self-esteem and any ability of individual thinking have been completely picked to pieces and destroyed where they had trustingly expected help. They are like people whose clothing has been systematically torn from their bodies so that they are then forced to put on the new garments handed to them. However, in most cases the people so exposed unfortunately can no longer see why they should put on any new clothing. Through the systematic intrusion into their most intimate affairs and rights they gradually lost the sense of shame which upholds individual self-consciousness, which is a part of the individuality, and without which there can be no individuality, per se.

On such churned up soil it is impossible to erect a new solid building. With few exceptions these people remain dependent and sometimes even become helpless, because even the small amount of support they used to have was taken away from them.

Both the principles of unrestrained self-indulgence and that of temptation are so closely connected with each other that temptation absolutely must precede unrestrained self-indulgence. They are thus the actual observance and spreading of the Lucifer principle.

The true physician of the soul has no need of tearing down. He heals first, and then builds up. The true principle brings about a transformation of wrong desires through spiritual recognition!

The application of this loveless principle, however, quite naturally separated Lucifer more and more from the Loving Will of the Almighty Creator, causing him to be cut off and cast out from the Light, consequently falling lower and lower. Lucifer is one who has severed himself from the Light, which is the equivalent of being an outcast.

This expulsion also had to occur in accordance with existing Primordial Laws, the irrevocable Holy Will of God the Father, because it could not possibly happen otherwise.

Since only the Will of God the Father, the Creator of all things, is omnipotent, and since It is also firmly anchored in material Creation and its development, Lucifer can quite well send his principle into the material sphere, but the resulting effects will always and only operate within the Primordial Laws ordained by God the Father and must form themselves accordingly.

Thus, in pursuit of his wrong principle, Lucifer, although able to urge men onto dangerous paths, is unable to force them into anything without their voluntary free decision.

In fact Lucifer can only tempt. But man as such stands more firmly in material Creation than he does, and is therefore more secure and powerful than any influence Lucifer could ever have on him. Thus every man is so well protected that it is a tenfold shame upon him if he permits himself to be enticed by this power, which is a relatively weaker power than his. Man should remember that Lucifer himself stands outside the material sphere, while he himself is firmly rooted in familiar soil. In order to apply his principle Lucifer is forced to rely on his auxiliary troops, composed of human spirits who have succumbed to temptations.

The spirit of every man striving upwards is not only fully able to deal with these troops, but is far superior in strength. One single, serious act of will suffices to make an army of them vanish without trace. Providing their enticements meet with no resonance or response to which they can cling.

Lucifer would indeed be quite powerless if mankind would make the effort to recognize and follow the Primordial Laws laid down by the Creator. Unfortunately, however, men increasingly support his principle through their present behavior, and the greater part of them will therefore have to perish.

It is impossible for any human spirit to fight a battle against Lucifer himself for the simple reason that, owing to the difference in the nature of their species, it cannot penetrate to him. The human spirit can only come in contact with those who have fallen through the wrong principle because they are basically of the same nature.

The origin of Lucifer requires that only he who is of the same origin can personally come close to and confront him, for none other can approach him. It must be a Divine Envoy, coming out of and filled with Divine-Unsubstantiality, armed with the sacred gravity of His Mission and with perfect trust in the Source of all Power, in God the Father Himself.

This task has been delegated to the prophesied Son of Man.

The battle will be a personal one, face to face, not only a general symbolical one, as many investigators interpret it from the prophecies. It is the fulfillment of the promise contained in Parsifal. Lucifer had used the “Holy Spear,” the Power, wrongly and through his principle inflicted a painful wound on the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality and thereby upon humanity as its sparks and offshoot. The Spear will be wrested from him in this battle. Then, in the “proper hand,” that is, by application of the true Grail principle of pure, strict love, it will heal the wound previously inflicted by it while in the wrong hand, that is, through its wrong application.

Through the Lucifer principle, i.e., through the wrong application of Divine Power, which is the same as the “Holy Spear” being wielded in the wrong hand, a wound is inflicted upon the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality that cannot heal! In the legend this thought is aptly portrayed; for the happening does truly resemble an open wound that will not heal.

Consider that the human spirits, as unconscious spirit-germs or sparks, leap or flow over the boundary of the lowest region of Spiritual Substantiality into material Creation, with the expectation that these out flowing parts, after their wanderings in the World of Matter, awakened and developed to personal consciousness, return to the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality in completion of their cycles. This is similar to the circulation of the blood in the physical body! The Lucifer principle, however, diverts a large portion of this circulating spiritual stream, causing much of this Spiritual-Substantiality to become lost. Thus the necessary cycle cannot be closed, the result being a weakening as from the continual draining of an open wound.

However, when the “Holy Spear” i.e. the Divine Power, is wielded in the proper hand, namely the one acting according to the Will of the Creator, and shows the right path to Spiritual-Substantiality which wanders through materiality as an animating factor, leading upwards to its point of origin, to the luminous Kingdom of God the Father; it will then no longer become lost, but will flow back to its origin as the blood does to the heart, as a result, the exuding wound, which up till then weakened the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, will be closed. Thus the healing can only take place through the same Spear as inflicted the wound.

To achieve this, however, the Spear must first be wrested from Lucifer and come into the proper hand, which takes place in the personal battle between the Son of Man and Lucifer!

Any further battles extending into the Ethereal and Gross Material Worlds are but the after-effects of this one great battle, which must bring about the promised fettering of Lucifer which heralds the beginning of the Kingdom of the Millennium. These battles mean the extermination of the consequences of the Lucifer principle.

This principle is opposed to the reign of Divine Love, the blessings of which are bestowed upon man on his journey through the World of Matter. If men would simply strive after this Divine Love they would immediately become completely invulnerable to every temptation by Lucifer, and he would be robbed of all the terror the human spirit has woven around him.

The monstrous and hideous forms which man erroneously tries to give to Lucifer are but colorful fantasies of the human brain. In reality, for the simple reason of the difference in species, no human eye was ever able to behold him, not even the spiritual eye, which is often able to recognize the Ethereal World of the beyond already during life on earth.

Contrary to all ideas, Lucifer may be called proud and beautiful, of a supernatural beauty and somber majesty, with large, clear blue eyes, the icy expression of which, however, testifies to a lack of love. He is not only a concept, as he is generally represented when all other interpretations have failed, but he is personal.

Mankind should learn to understand that for them too, on account of their particular nature, a limit is set which they can never cross, naturally not even in their thoughts, and that messages can only come to them from beyond this limit as an act of Grace. They cannot come through mediums, which even under unearthly conditions are unable to change their nature; nor can they come through scienceScience in particular, through chemistry, offers the opportunity to discover that the difference of species can create insurmountable barriers. These laws, however, proceed from the Source and are not only found for the first time in the work of Creation.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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