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62. The significance of sexual power for spiritual ascent

I again point out that all life in Creation is of two kinds. That which is self-conscious and that which is unconscious. Consciousness is advancement for all that is unconscious. It is only in the process of becoming conscious that the human form evolves, which we understand to be in the likeness of the Creator. The taking on of form proceeds evenly, hand in hand with the development of consciousness.

In the first actual Creation, which stands closest to the Creative Spirit and which can therefore be only spiritual in nature, besides the unconscious spiritual substantiality there also exist the first created conscious spirit beings. In this unconsciousness, which has the same qualities as consciousness, there lies dormant the natural urge for further development. This, however, can only take place when there is an increase in consciousness.

Now when the urge to become conscious has increased to a certain degree in this spiritual unconsciousness, a process similar to an earthly birth takes place in the normal and natural order of things. We need only observe our own environment. It is here that the physical body automatically throws off every fruit that has ripened. Both in man and in beast. Every tree, too, casts off its fruit. This process is the repetition of a development which is based in the first Creation, in the so-called Paradise.

There too, an automatic casting off takes place at a certain stage of maturity of the unconscious substance striving to become conscious; this is a severance from the unconscious, also called an expulsion. These spiritually unconscious particles which have thus been ejected now form the spirit-germs of developing human beings!

This is the process of the expulsion from Paradise as it is figuratively portrayed in the Bible!

This process must take place because unconsciousness is without responsibility while responsibility ripens in tandem with a growing consciousness.

This severance of the maturing unconscious is therefore necessary for the spirit which wishes to follow its natural urge and develop towards consciousness. This is progress, not retrogression!

Since these living germs cannot be ejected upwards, i.e., towards perfection, they can only take the road leading downwards. Here, however, they enter the Realm of Animistic Substantiality which is heavier in weight and contains nothing spiritual.

Thus the spirit germ, urging toward consciousness, suddenly finds itself in an environment which is not of the same nature as its own i.e. an alien environment and practically unclothed. Being spiritual it feels naked and bare in the denser animistic substantiality. If it is to stay there or advance it naturally needs to clothe itself in an animistic cloak of the same nature as its surroundings. Otherwise it can neither become active nor maintain itself there. Thus it not only has the desire to cover its nakedness in the pursuit of knowledge, as is depicted in the Bible, but here too it is a necessary step in its evolution.

The germ of the developing human spirit is now guided along natural paths into the World of Matter.

Here once again it is covered by a necessary cloak of the same kind as its new material environment.

Now the spirit-germ stands at the outer boundary of the Ethereal World.

The earth, however, is that gross material point at which all that rests in Creation comes together. Here species from all sections that are otherwise strictly separated, due to their different characteristics, converge. All threads, all roads converge upon this earth as if to a single gathering place. Here they combine and also create new effects, which flare up strongly and hurl power currents into the Universe! Such as from no other part of the World of Matter.

On this earth takes place the most intense experiencing due to the merging of all species in Creation which is facilitated by materiality. But again and again, it can always only be through the merging of all of the created species, not the Divine or of the Holy Spirit, which stands above and outside Creation. —

Now the last vibrations of this experiencing on earth stream towards the spirit-germ as soon as it enters the Ethereal World. It is awash in these effects. They attract it while also helping it to awaken to consciousness and development.

Still standing unfettered, that is without guilt, on the threshold of all matter, the spirit-germ perceives the last effects of the vibrations of the strong experiences which take place during the birth and decay of all matter. The desire then arises within it to take a closer look. As soon as it forms such a wish, however, the spirit-germ voluntarily attunes itself to some of these vibrations, be they good or evil. Through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species it is immediately drawn to a homogeneous species stronger than its own. It is driven toward a point where the desired species is indulged in more than was its own desire.

Such an inner craving immediately increases the density of its ethereal cloak corresponding to that desire, and the Law of Gravitation causes it to sink further downwards.

True experiencing of what lies within it, however, is finally offered only by the gross-material earth! — —

Therefore, as it wishes to proceed from nibbling to enjoying, the spirit-germ is further encouraged to incarnate on earth. The stronger the desire for earthly enjoyments becomes in the spirit-germ awakening through this nibbling, the denser becomes the ethereal cloak it bears. As a result its weight also increases, and it sinks slowly downwards to the earth-plane where there exists the only opportunity to substantiate its wishes. Having arrived on this earth-plane, however, it has thereby also become ripe for an earthly birth.

The Law of the Power of Attraction of Homogeneous Species now manifests itself more conspicuously. Each of the undeveloped spirits, exactly according to the wish or propensity within it, is magnetically attracted to a spot where the main substance of its wish is realized by men on earth. If, for example, the spirit has the desire to dominate, it is by no means born into circumstances where it can indulge its wish, but is attracted by a person who has a strong craving for power, that is, to one who feels the same way it does and so on. In this manner it can already atone in part for wrong desires or find happiness in the right ones. At least it has the opportunity to do so.

From this process it is erroneously concluded that characteristics or spiritual abilities are inherited! This is wrong! Outwardly it may appear to be so. However, in reality a human being can impart nothing of his living spirit to his children.

There is no such thing as spiritual heredity!

No man is in a position to give away even the least particle of his living spirit!

In this matter an error has been fostered that casts its obstructive and confusing shadow over many things. No child may thank its parents for any spiritual abilities, any more than it may reproach them for its deficiencies! That would be wrong and a punishable injustice!

The wonderful work of Creation is so complete and perfect that it could never allow such arbitrary or chance acts as spiritual heredity!

This power of attraction of all homogeneous species, which is so important in the birth of a child, can emanate from the father, from the mother, or from anyone in the vicinity of the expectant mother. Therefore an expectant mother ought to be very careful whom she allows around her. It has to be remembered that inner strength lies primarily in weaknesses, not in the outward character. Weaknesses bring important periods of inner experiencing which produce a strong power of attraction.

The coming of man to this earth is comprised of procreation, incarnation and birth. The incarnation, that is, the entrance of the soul, takes place in the middle of pregnancy. The growing state of maturity, both of the expectant mother and of the soul preparing to incarnate, also produces a special more earthly bond. This comprises radiations created by their mutual state of maturity, which irresistibly strive towards one another as a natural consequence. This radiation becomes stronger and stronger and in a demanding way binds the soul and the expectant mother ever more tightly, until finally, at a certain maturity of the developing body in the mother’s womb, the soul is literally absorbed by it.

The moment when the soul enters, or is being absorbed, naturally brings about the first tremors of the little body, which show themselves in twitchings which are called the first movements of the child. When this occurs the expectant mother very often experiences a change in her inner feelings. Either uplifting or oppressive, depending on the kind of soul that has entered. —

With this little body the human soul, as it has developed thus far, now takes on a cover of gross-materiality which is necessary in order to experience, hear, see and feel everything in earthly gross-materiality, and which is possible only with the aid of a cloak or tool of homogeneous substance and nature. Only now can it proceed from nibbling to actual tasting and thence to discriminating. It is understandable that the soul must first learn to make use of and control this new body as if it were a tool.

This in short is the process of man’s development until his first birth on earth.

For in the natural course of events it has been impossible for a long time already for any soul to embark on its first incarnation upon the earth; births have instead brought souls which have wandered through at least one life on earth before. Thus they come already grievously burdened with much diverse karma at birth. The opportunity to free themselves from this karma is offered through sexual power.

Through the protection afforded by the gross material body the soul of man is kept isolated during his childhood years from currents which try to reach it from outside. All that is dark and evil on this earth-plane finds its way to the soul barred by the gross material body. Thus it cannot influence or harm the child. But the evil a reincarnated soul brings over from previous experiences naturally remains with it during childhood.

The body forms this protective wall as long as it is still undeveloped and immature. It is as if the soul had withdrawn into a castle with the drawbridge raised. During these years an impassable gulf yawns between the soul of the child and Ethereal Creation, in which the ethereal vibrations of guilt and atonement live. Thus the soul lies sheltered in its earthly cloak, maturing towards responsibility and waiting for the moment when the lowering of the drawbridge will mark the real beginning of its life in the World of Matter.

Through Natural Laws the Creator has endowed every creature with an imitative instinct to take the place of the free will before the latter has become active. One generally speaks of “impressionable youth.” The imitative instinct is meant to prepare development for life on earth until such a time as, in the case of animals, it is enriched and supported through experiences, but in the case of human beings, it is uplifted to self-conscious activity through the free will of the spirit!

The spirit incarnated in the child’s body lacks a bridge of radiations, which can only be formed with the sexual power at the time of physical maturity. The spirit lacks this bridge to a fully effective and truly active working in Creation, which can only be accomplished through the possibility of uninterrupted radiations by all species in Creation. For life lies only in radiation, and it is only in them and through them that movement is generated.

During this time the child, which can impact its environment fully only through its animistic part but not through its spiritual core, bears somewhat more responsibility towards the laws of Creation than does the most highly developed animal.

Meanwhile the young body matures and gradually sexual power, which is only to be found in gross matter, awakens within it. It is the finest and noblest flower of all gross matter, the highest that Gross Material Creation has to offer. In the fineness of its nature it forms the summit of all that is gross material, that is, of all that is earthly, and as its outermost living ramification it comes closest to the Animistic Realm. Sexual power is the pulsating life of the World of Matter, and it alone can form the bridge to Animistic Substantiality, which in turn forms the connection to Spiritual Substantiality.

It is for this reason that the awakening of sexual power in the physical body may be likened to the lowering of the drawbridge in a hitherto closed off castle. This permits the inhabitant of the castle, the human soul, to step forth fully armed and ready for battle, while at the same time allowing friends or foes lying in wait outside to enter. These friends or foes are primarily ethereal currents of a good or evil nature, but also include those in the beyond who only wait until a hand is stretched forth to them through some wish, as it were, which enables them to attach themselves firmly to the soul and exercise a homogeneous influence upon it.

However, in the natural course of development the Laws of the Creator do not allow the influences from without to be stronger than the power of resistance within, so that an unequal struggle is completely out of the question. – Providing nothing sinful is involved. For any unnatural sexual urge caused by artificial stimulation opens this strong castle prematurely and causes the soul not yet equally strong to be exposed. It must then succumb to the onrushing evil ethereal currents which it could otherwise easily have coped with.

As the soul matures normally in the natural course of things there can only be equal strength on both sides. The decisive factor in this, however, is the will of the dweller in the castle, not that of the besieger. Thus if his volition is good he will always be victorious in the Ethereal World- That is, in the happenings of the beyond, which the average human being cannot see as long as he dwells on earth, even though their connection with him is closer and more alive than the gross material surroundings visible to him.

The case is naturally quite different when the dweller in the castle of his own free will, that is, through his own wish or free decision, stretches forth his hand either to an ethereal friend or foe, or even to vibrations from outside. Since he thereby attunes himself to a certain nature of the besiegers waiting outside, these can easily assail him with a power ten or a hundred times stronger than his own. If this power is good he will receive help and blessing. If it is evil he will reap destruction. This free choice constitutes an action of his own free will. Having once made a decision, however, he is irrevocably subject to the consequences. For these consequences, however, his free will is then eliminated. By his own choice he has incurred good or bad karma, to which he is naturally subject until he changes inwardly. —

Sexual power has the purpose and also the ability to set “aglow” all of the spiritual sensations of a soul on earth. Only when this happens can the spirit obtain a real connection with the entire World of Matter and thereby become of full value on earth. Not until then can it embrace all that it needs to assert itself authoritatively in the World of Matter, stand firmly in it, influence it effectively, be protected, and be fully armed for victorious resistance.

There is something powerful in this union. That is the principal purpose of this mysterious and immeasurable natural instinct! It is to help the spirit unfold its full power of action in the World of Matter! This would be impossible without the sexual power because there would be no bridge or means for the animation and control of all matter. Without it the spirit would remain too alien to the world of matter to be truly effective in it.

Through sexual power, however, the human spirit attains to its full power, its warmth and vitality. Only through this development does the spirit become ready for battle here on earth.

This is why responsibility sets in at this point! A serious turning-point in every man’s existence.

At this important moment in man’s life the wise Justice of the Creator provides not only the opportunity but the natural impulse to shake off easily and without effort any karma with which he has so far burdened his free will!

If a man misses this time it is his fault. Consider this: As soon as sexual power sets in there is first of all a mighty surge upwards towards all that is ideal, beautiful and pure! This can be clearly observed in unspoiled youth of both sexes. It is the cause of the passionate enthusiasms during the years of youth which unfortunately are often mocked by adults. Therefore, also the inexplicable, somewhat melancholy sentiments during those years.

The hours when it seems as if a youth or a young maiden were carrying the sorrows of the whole world, when they have a vague sense of something deeply serious, are not without cause. Even their frequent feelings of not being understood contain in reality much that is true. It is the occasional recognition of the perverted conditions of their environment, which will not and cannot understand such sacred beginnings to a pure soaring flight of the spirit and which is not satisfied until these strong admonishing intuitions in the maturing soul are dragged down to a more sober “reality” which it can understand better, which it considers better adapted to mankind and which is the only thing its one-sided intellectual thinking regards as sound!

The inexplicable charm which radiates from an unspoiled maiden or an unspoiled young man is nothing but the pure upward soaring impulse of the awakening sexual power together with spiritual power towards what is high and noble; this is also sensed by their surroundings!

The Creator has carefully provided that this should not occur until a human being is old enough to be fully conscious of his volition and actions. It is the point in time when, in conjunction with the full power vested in him, he could and should easily shake off all that lies behind him. Indeed it would fall away of its own accord if a man kept his volition intent on what is good, which he is unceasingly urged to do during this time. Then, as his intuitions quite rightly intimate, he would be able to ascend effortlessly to the level on which he belongs as a human being. Observe the dreaminess of unspoiled youth! It is but the awareness of the upward impulse, the desire to pull away from all baseness, the ardent longing for ideals. This restless urge, however, is a signal not to miss this opportunity, but to energetically shake off the karma and begin the ascent of the spirit!

It is a wonderful experience to stand in the fullness of this power, to work in it and with it! But this is only as long as the direction a man chooses is a good one. On the other hand nothing is more wretched than to squander these powers one-sidedly in blind sensual frenzy, thus paralyzing one’s spirit.

But alas; in most cases, man unfortunately wastes this precious time of transition and allows himself to be led by his “knowing” environment onto wrong paths, which keep him down and push him further downwards. Thereby he is unable to throw off the impure vibrations clinging to him; these, to the contrary, only receive reinforcements from their homogeneous kind, as a consequence his free will is entangled more and more until it becomes unrecognizable for all the useless overgrowth. It is much like the case of creepers which are at first supported by a sound tree, but which finally overgrow the tree and choke it to death.

If a man observed himself and the happenings in all of Creation more closely, no karma could prove stronger than his spirit as it attains to its full strength when the sexual power connects it firmly with the World of Matter to which karma belongs.

Even if man misses this opportunity, if he entangles himself still more and perhaps even sinks deeply, despite all this, a further opportunity to ascend is offered him: Through love!

It is not the covetous love of the World of Gross Matter, but the sublime, pure love which has no other thought, no other desire, but the welfare of the beloved one. This love also belongs to the World of Matter and requires no asceticism, no penitence, but always and only wills the best for the other. And this volition, which never thinks of self, also offers the best protection against any transgression.

The basis of love, even in people of the most advanced age, is always the idealistically yearning sentiment of unspoiled youth at the onset of sexual power. But it manifests differently: a mature person is spurred on to the height of all of his abilities, even to deeds of heroism. Age does not present any limitation. Sexual power remains even when the baser sex drive no longer exists, for sexual power and sex drive are not the same.

As soon as a man gives room to pure love, whether it be the love of a man for a woman or vice versa, love for a friend, for parents or for a child, it is all the same. So long as it is truly pure it will bring, as a first gift, the opportunity for casting off karma, which can very quickly be redeemed “symbolically”. It “dries up” because it no longer finds any affinity, receives no further nourishment in him! Thus he is set free and can begin his ascent through redemption from the unworthy fetters that hold him down.

The first intuition this love awakens is the feeling of being unworthy of the beloved one. This process may be called the beginning of modesty and humility, thus the acquisition of two great virtues. This is followed by the urge to hold one’s hands protectively over the other so that no harm may befall him from anywhere. This desire to “bear the other in one’s hands” is no empty saying, but signifies the rising sentiment quite correctly. This, however, means surrendering one’s self and is a strong desire to serve, which alone would suffice to cast off all karma within a short time, provided this volition remains constant and does not give way to purely sensual urges. Finally, pure love engenders the ardent wish to do really great things for the loved one, never to hurt or offend him by thought or word, much less by a vile action. The most delicate consideration comes alive.

This purity of intuitive feeling must then be preserved at all costs, and placed above and before all else. No one in this condition will ever think or do any evil. He simply cannot do so; on the contrary, his intuitions are his best protection, his greatest strength and the most benevolent adviser and helper.

In His Wisdom, the Creator has thereby provided mankind with a lifebelt that he may hold onto and lift himself up by, and which touches every human being during his time on earth more than once!

This help is available to all. It makes no distinction as to age or sex, whether a person be rich or poor, of high or lowly birth. Hence love is the greatest of all of God’s gifts! He who grasps it is sure of salvation from every sorrow, every depth!

Love is capable of pulling man up with the force of a tempest to the Light, to God who is Love. —

As soon as love stirs in a human heart, inspiring him to bring light and joy to another, not to drag him down through impure desires, but to protect and uplift him, he thus serves the other without being conscious of it, for he thereby becomes a selfless and joyful giver. The act of serving makes him free!

To find the right way in this matter it is only necessary to observe one thing. All men have one great and strong desire in common: truly to be, in their own eyes, what they are considered to be by those who love them. Such desire is the right path! It leads directly upwards.

Many opportunities are offered to men to pull themselves together and soar upwards, but they do not grasp them.

Man of today is just like a man to whom a kingdom is given, but who prefers to fritter away his time with children’s toys.

It is quite understandable, and to be expected, that the mighty powers which are given to man must smash him if he does not know how to control them.

Thus sexual power must destroy individuals and entire nations wherever its principal function is misused! The purpose of procreation is only of secondary importance.

And what help does sexual power give to every person, so that he may recognize and live this principal function!

One need only think of the sense of sexual modesty! It awakens along with sexual power and is given as protection.

Here, too, as everywhere in Creation, there is a triad to be recognized, as well as the fact that everything becomes ever coarser in the process of descending. Sexual modesty, as the first consequence of sexual power transitioning to the sex drive, is intended as a restraint to keep man on his height from yielding, animal-like, to sexual indulgence.

Woe to a people who disregards this!

A strong sense of sexual modesty provides against the possibility of a man ever succumbing to sexual indulgence! It protects him from physical passion, for in the natural course of events it will never permit him an opportunity to forget himself even for a fraction of a second.

Only forcibly and willfully can man push aside this precious gift in order to behave in a bestial manner! But such forcible interference in the Creator’s cosmic order must become a curse upon him, for the thus unleashed power of the physical sexual instinct in its uncontrolled state no longer accords with what is natural.

Where a sense of physical modesty is lacking man becomes the slave instead of being the master, is hurled from his human level to below that of an animal.

Man must realize that a strong sense of physical modesty alone precludes the opportunity to fall. It is thus his strongest defense.

The greater the sense of physical modesty the nobler is the instinct and the higher man stands spiritually. Indeed it is the best measure of his inner spiritual worth! This standard is unmistakable and easily discerned by everyone. In suppressing or pushing aside this outward feeling of physical modesty the finer and more valuable qualities of the soul are simultaneously suppressed, as a result of which the inner man is rendered worthless.

It is an unmistakable sign of a deep fall and certain decay when, under the pretext of progress, mankind begins to “rise above” the sense of physical modesty, this precious gem which benefits him in every way! Whether it is under the guise of sports, of hygiene, of fashion, of child-rearing, or many another welcome excuses. Decline and fall cannot be prevented, and only horrors of the worst kind can still bring a few individuals back to their senses.

And yet it is made so easy for man on earth to follow the path leading upwards.

All he needs to do is to become more “natural”. To be natural, however, does not mean to go about half-naked or to walk about barefoot in eccentric clothing! To be natural means to listen attentively to one’s inner voice and not to forcibly disregard its warnings! Solely to avoid being regarded as old fashioned.

Unfortunately more than half of all people today have fallen so far and become too dull to understand these natural intuitions. They have already restricted themselves far too much. It will end with a great cry of shock and horror!

Happy is he who can then re-awaken the sense of physical modesty! It will be his shield and support when all else collapses.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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