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79. Can old age form an obstacle to spiritual ascent?

To have the will to do what is right according to earthly conceptions or to have the will to do what is good are often very different things! What is right according to earthly conception is not always what is good!

Today it no longer suffices for someone simply to have intended to do what is right! At his first incarnation he could do that. Now more is asked of him! If he does not forcefully bestir himself finally to rise up in spiritual knowledge he will be lost without fail. Old age forms no obstacle, but is an incentive, because in old age his hour of passing over comes visibly closer! It is simply lethargy and laziness which I have often named as the worst enemy with which such procrastinators burden themselves and thereby perish.

The time of spiritual vagrancy and of laziness and smug expectation has passed. With enormous terribleness and severity the sleepers and sluggards will be struck so that even the deafest one will awaken.

However, from the very beginning the study of my lectures requires strict self-exertion, a forceful concentration of all the senses, thus spiritual vitality and full alertness! Only then is it possible to penetrate deeply into my words and truly grasp them.

And that is how it is intended! I reject all spiritual sluggards.

Even if men have buried within themselves all but one small grain of Truth which they brought with them from their home in the Spiritual Sphere, the Word must strike them like a summons, provided they take the trouble to read it uninfluenced and in all earnestness. If they then perceive nothing that resonates in their hearts, it will hardly be possible any longer to awaken them in the beyond, since they will not be able to receive anything else there either. They come to a standstill where they place themselves through their own will. No one will force them to move on, but neither will they be able to leave this World of Matter in time to escape from the disintegration, which is eternal damnation.

They will naturally take their “refusal to listen” over with them from this earth into the Ethereal World, and they will conduct themselves no differently there than they did here. How could old age form an obstacle! It is a call from Eternity which strikes them from out of the Word, but which they do not want to hear, because it is more comfortable for them not to. In the end, however, their laziness will destroy them, unless they wish to come alive in time. The question, however, reveals this love of laziness very clearly. It is the way of so many people who constantly wish to deceive themselves on the basis of any halfway acceptable pretext. They belong to the chaff which will not be strengthened by the coming storms of purification, but which will be blown away as being useless for the seriousness of real life.

They would always demand more time for consideration from their Creator, without ever beginning an ascent, which would require them to bestir themselves spiritually. For this reason it serves no purpose to expend much time on this. They are forever intending but never fulfilling their intentions themselves. They, too, are therefore lost. — — — —

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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