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89. A Final Word

Be on your guard, spirit of man, for your hour has come! The time which you so ardently desired, which is granted to you for your development, you have spent it only in wickedness!

Beware of your presumptuous intellectual conceit, which has thrown you into the arms of the Darkness, the Darkness that today holds you triumphantly in its clutches! Based on your own volition!

Look upwards! Your Lord is near! You are standing in the Divine Judgment!

Mankind, wake up from your stupor, from the frenzy which already surrounds you with the sleep of death. Wake up and tremble. I say woe onto you! You renegades, you who in your narrow-mindedness and limited outlook swarm around the golden calf of earthly transience, like moths attracted by a deceptive brightness. It was because of you that Moses, in his wrath of disappointment, once shattered those tablets of the Laws of your God that were to help you ascend to the Light. This breaking of the tablets was the living symbol of the fact that the entire humanity did not deserve to have knowledge of this Will of God, of the Will which they rejected in their wanton behavior and earthly arrogance, in order to dance round a self-made idol and thereby to pursue their own desires! Now, however, the end is at hand in the final reaction, the consequences, the retribution! For you will now be smashed by this Will you once so frivolously rejected!

Therefore awaken, the Judgment is upon you! Neither lamentations nor pleading will help any more; for you were given thousands of years to come to your senses! But you never had time for that! You did not want to, and even today, with incorrigible arrogance, you think yourselves much too wise. You do not want to see that it is just in this that the greatest stupidity reveals itself. Through this, you have in the end become troublesome vermin in this world, no longer knowing anything other than willfully to revile all Light, because with your insistence on burrowing only in the Darkness you have lost every possibility of seeking with a free upward gaze, of recognizing or of being able to bear Light.

Thus you have branded yourselves!

Therefore, as soon as the Light once more shines forth, you will stagger back dazzled, and sink irretrievably into the abyss that has even now opened up behind you, waiting to swallow those who have thus been rejected!

There you shall be bound in an inescapable grip, so that all those who strive to follow the path to the Light may, in blissful recognition, find this path free from your presumption and your desire to accept tinsel instead of pure gold! Sink into that death-dealing horror, which you have prepared for yourselves with the most stubborn striving! In the future you shall no longer be able to obscure the Divine Truth!

How zealously they try, these little human beings, to push their ridiculous pseudo-knowledge well into the foreground, and how they thereby confuse so many souls who could be saved if they did not fall into the hands of spiritual highwaymen, who creep around the first stretch of the right path, apparently following the same road. But what do they really offer? With grand gestures and hackneyed phrases they proudly take their stand on traditions, the true meaning of which they have never understood.

There is a very apt popular saying: they are threshing empty straw! Empty because they have not picked up the real kernels, for which they lack understanding. One comes up against such narrow-mindedness everywhere; with dull obstinacy they ride upon the phrases of others, because they themselves have nothing to contribute.

There are thousands of these, and again thousands who imagine that they alone possess the true faith! Wherever they meet with anything beyond their comprehension they humbly, and with inner satisfaction, warn against arrogance! These belong among the worst! They are the very ones who are rejected even now, because in their religious stubbornness they can never be helped. No horror, no lamenting and no petitioning will be of any avail if they ever realize their error. They did not want it otherwise, they missed their opportunity. There shall be no mourning over them. Each moment is far too precious still to be wasted on those who think they know everything better; for they will never come to an awakening from their obstinacy anyway, but will blindly perish in it! with slimy sickening words and assurances of their faith in God, their purely imaginary recognition of Christ!

No better off are the masses who attend their Church Services with the regularity and dutifulness they apply to other work; because it is necessary and useful, expedient. Partly also out of habit or because it is the “custom.” Perhaps also out of simple prudence because, after all, “one never knows to what ultimately it might be good for.” They will vanish like a breath in the wind! —

More to be pitied are those researchers who, with really earnest and inquiring minds, still fail to rise up from the jungle in which they burrow tirelessly, expecting to discover in it a way to the beginning of Creation. Nevertheless it is all of no avail, and there is no excuse for it! Besides, there are only a few, a very few. Most of those who call themselves researchers become lost in meaningless trifling.

The great remainder of mankind, however, has no time for “introspection”. Apparently they are much harassed human beings, overburdened with work in order to achieve fulfillment of their earthly desires, their daily needs, but ultimately also of things greatly in excess of that. They do not notice that along with fulfillment, their wishes also increase, whereby a final goal is never realized, and thus the one striving can never find peace or the time for inner awakening! Completely lacking a high goal for eternity, he allows himself to be hurried through his earth-life, enslaved to his earthly desires.

Exhausted by such activities, he must, of course, also care for his body through rest, diversion and entertainment. So of course he has no time left for anything beyond the earthly, for the spiritual! But should his intuitive perception announce itself occasionally and very softly regarding what comes “after death,” then he becomes somewhat pensive for a few moments, but never allows himself to be stirred and awakened by it; instead, he then represses all such things, brusquely and quickly, complaining that he cannot occupy himself with them even if he really wanted to! He simply does not have any time for it!

Many would even wish to see opportunities provided by others. Often there are even accusations against fate and grumbling against God! Naturally every word is wasted on such as these, because they are never willing to acknowledge that it had been up to them alone to shape their lives differently!

For them there are only earthly needs, which always increase with every success. They have never seriously wished for anything else. They have always raised all kinds of obstacles against it. They have frivolously relegated it to the fifth or sixth place, only to be thought of in dire need or at the approach of death. Until now it has remained for everyone a matter of secondary importance for which there remains plenty of time!

And if one day there presented itself, plainly recognizable, the opportunity to concern oneself seriously with this subject, then immediately new and special wishes would arise which are nothing more than excuses, such as: “First I still want to do this and that, then I am quite ready.” Exactly as Christ once said!

Nowhere is there to be found the seriousness which is absolutely necessary for this most essential of all matters! It has always seemed too remote to them. For this reason they are all rejected now, all of them! Not one of them will be admitted into the Kingdom of God!

Rotten fruit for ascent, who only spread further decay around them. Now reflect for yourselves as to who can still remain then! A sad picture! but unfortunately only too true. —

And now, when the Judgment wears mankind down, they will very quickly kneel in the dust! But just imagine already today how they will kneel then: in all wretchedness, but at the same time arrogant once more; for again they will only complain and beg that help may be given to them!

The heavy burden which they have imposed on themselves, and which finally threatens to crush them, should be taken from them! That will be what they beg for! Can you not hear it? Their petitions are for the alleviation of their torment, but without at the same time one thought for their own inner improvement! Not one honest wish for a voluntary alteration of their hitherto wrong deliberating, of their purely earthly pursuits! Not one wish to recognize and acknowledge bravely their present errors and faults.

And then, when in their great distress the Son of Man steps into their midst, no doubt all their hands will be stretched out to Him; they will whine and beseech Him but once again only in the hope that He will help them in the way they wish, that is, that he end their suffering and lead them to new life!

But He will push away the majority of these petitioners like poisonous vermin! For after receiving help, all such supplicants would immediately relapse into their old faults, poisoning their environment at the same time. He will accept only those who plead to Him for strength finally to pull themselves together for permanent improvement, and who humbly strive to throw off all former stubbornness, and joyfully greet the Word of Truth from the Light as redemption! —

The Son of Man! Even today mankind wishes him to be only according to their own ideas and presume that they may measure Him by their intellectual criticism! That they may approach Him with the time-consuming babble of their own opinions.

Fools, it is this attitude which will inflict terrible wounds on you! Exactly for that reason you will be rejected forthwith, since it is the same way in which you once approached the Son of God, whom you have not recognized aright to this day. Now, at the hour of the Judgment, the Son of Man will not bring explanations about which you can exchange long-winded opinions, but His Word contains commandments which have to be followed quite unalterably by you, if you do not want to perish! —

This is the last Word for now. From now on experiencing will testify to the truth of my Message!

The human spirits have from the outset placed themselves on the wrong foundation. Therefore, on average, everything they now think and do is wrong and distorted.

For this reason an understanding of the Grail Message, as well as of the previous Message of the Son of God, will only become possible when a human spirit casts aside everything that it has built up with its imagined understanding, and starts from the very beginning! There is no other way! In this they must first become like children again! Building a bridge from the present errors is impossible. From the ground up everything must be completely new, growing and becoming strong from out of simplicity and humility. He who cannot or will not do this will be hopelessly lost along with the others. —

If mankind were helped in the way they ask in the hour of danger and need, then everything would be quickly forgotten once more, as soon as the terror was lifted from them. With their lack of understanding they would again begin to criticize unscrupulously instead of reflecting, and this is no longer permitted with regard to salvation! That time has now passed.

The wasting of time, such as was done until now, is quite impossible in the future, since the existence of this part of the world must hasten toward its end. Henceforth for every human spirit it is: Either – Or! Salvation from self-created entanglements or destruction therein! The choice is free, yet it cannot be put off but must be made immediately. The consequences of the decision are definite and irrevocable! Hesitation is as good as a decision to perish! Everything will be erased except that which is really good and is able to come to recognition and which does not include that which today considers itself good!

Those who will be saved will, as if released from a great pressure, breathe a sigh of relief and exult after the repulsive and unclean Darkness, along with the creatures that like to cling to it, will at last be forced to sink to where it belongs!

Then the earth, finally purified of all pestilential thoughts, will arise virginal, and peace will blossom for all mankind!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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