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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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The third Commandment
Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy!

Who takes the trouble to experience a Commandment with his intuitive perception. Any serious-minded person should be horrified at the frivolous way in which children and adults alike treat the Commandments of their God. The Commandments are learned and superficially discussed at school. One is glad if he has taken in the words and is able to give some information, should he be asked about them. When he leaves school, to enter working life, these words are soon forgotten, and with them their meaning. This is more than enough proof of the fact that he was not really interested at all in what his Lord and God demands of him. Yet, He does not even demand anything, but gives in love to all men what they need urgently! For the Light perceived how far human beings were going astray. So, like a teacher, God faithfully showed them the way that leads to Eternal Life in the Luminous Realm of the Spirit, thus to their happiness. Whereas disobedience must lead to misfortune and ruin for mankind! Just for that reason it is not really correct to speak of Commandments. Rather they are very well-meant advice, pointing out the right way through the World of Matter, which the human spirits themselves wished to get to know. Yet, even such a beautiful thought has no effect on man. He has become far too obsessed with his own thought processes, and will see or hear nothing other than the views he himself has constructed, on the basis of his small earthly knowledge. He does not perceive how the World of Matter is constantly carrying him further, ever further, to the boundary where for the last time he is faced with Either – Or as the decision which now remains decisive for his entire existence, and according to which he must follow his path so chosen to the end, without being able to turn back from it again. Even if, in the end, recognition should come to him. It will then be too late, and the recognition will only serve to increase his torments.

To help man to gain recognition in time, in spite of his having strayed onto wrong paths, God gave him in the Third Commandment; the advice to keep the Sabbath Day holy! With the fulfillment of this Commandment there would indeed have gradually arisen for every human being, in the course of time, the longing to strive towards the Light, and with this longing the way would finally also have been revealed that would bring him upwards to the fulfillment of his wishes which, growing ever stronger would have condensed into prayer. Today, at the time of the Cosmic Turning Point man’s condition would have been different! He would be spiritualized, mature for that Kingdom which must now come.

Therefore, you listen and act so that fulfillment of the Commandment will prepare your way. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy! You! The words state quite clearly that you are to sanctify the Sabbath Day that you are to make it holy for yourself! The Sabbath Day is the hour of rest, thus when you rest from the work imposed upon you by your path on earth. But you do not sanctify the hour of rest, the day of rest, if you merely wish to care for your body. Nor will you do so by seeking diversion in games, drinking or dancing. The hour of rest should lead you to quiet reflection in your thinking and intuitive perceiving, to review your earth-life up to the present, especially always the past working days of the last week, and to draw practical applications from them for your future. Six days can always be reviewed; a longer period is easily forgotten. It is then inevitable that your intuitive perception will slowly rise to a higher level, and you will become a seeker for the Truth. Once you are a true seeker, a way will be shown to you. And just as here on earth you tread a new, hitherto unfamiliar path only carefully, so must you also proceed cautiously step by step on the new spiritual paths which open before you, in order always to keep firm ground under your feet. You must not jump ahead, for then there is a greater danger of falling. Through this kind of thinking and intuitive perception, during the rest hours of your earth-life, you will never lose anything, but only gain.

No one sanctifies an hour of rest by going to church, unless at the same time, during the time of rest, he is prepared to reflect on what he has heard there, in order to absorb it rightly within himself and live accordingly. The priest cannot make your day holy for you if you do not do so of yourself. Consider carefully ever again whether the real sense of the Word of God is completely in accord with your activity. In this way the Sabbath Day will then be sanctified by you; for through peaceful inner communion it has acquired that content for the purpose of which it was instituted. Every Sabbath Day will thus become a milestone on your path, which will retroactively give the days of your gross material activity that value which they must have for the maturing of your soul. Then they will not have been lived in vain, and you will advance continually. To sanctify means not to waste. The moment you neglect this you lose the time which was granted to you for maturing, and, after the Cosmic Turning-Point, the rays of which are now slowly encompassing you, there is only a short time given to make up for what has been neglected, provided that in so doing you use all the energy you have left. Therefore keep the Sabbath Day holy! Be it in your home, or better still in Nature, which helps you to become alert in thinking and in perceiving intuitively! Fulfill thereby the Commandment of the Lord. It is for your benefit!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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