Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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22. Indolence of the spirit

The cosmic clock can be heard on earth as it now booms out the hour of twelve through the Universe! Frightened, Creation holds its breath, and every creature bows down in fear; for the Voice of God rings down and demands! Demands that you render account, you who have been permitted to live in this Creation!

You have mismanaged the bounty which God in His Love made over to you. All those servants who have thought only of themselves and never of their Master will now be expelled! And all those who sought to make themselves the master. —

You men shy away from my words, for you do not consider severity Divine! But that is only your fault, because until now you have imagined everything Divine, everything that comes down from God, to be tenderly loving and all-forgiving, since that is what the churches have taught you!

But these false teachings were only intellectual schemes aimed at the mass capture of human souls on earth. In order to catch something, a bait is needed that is attractive to everything at which it is aimed. The right choice of bait is the main thing for each catch.

Now as this was intended for human souls, a plan based on their weaknesses was skillfully devised. The lure had to correspond to the main weakness! And this main weakness of the souls was love of ease, the indolence of their spirit!

The church knew very well that it was bound to achieve great success as soon as it showed much leniency towards this weakness, and did not require it to be overcome!

Recognizing this aright, it built for earthmen a broad and easy road that was ostensibly to lead to the Light, and displayed it enticingly to these earthmen who would prefer to give one-tenth of the fruits of their labor, go on their knees and murmur prayers by the hundred, rather than exert themselves spiritually for even one moment!

Therefore the church took the spiritual effort away from men, also pardoning all their sins if they were obedient outwardly and in the earthly sense, and carried out what the church required of them in mundane ways!

Whether in the way of church attendance, confessions, in the number of prayers, in tributes or in donations and bequests, no matter what, the church was satisfied. They left the believers under a delusion that everything they did for the church would also secure them a place in Heaven.

As if the church could allot these places!

However, the achievements and the allegiance of all believers links them only with their church, not with their God! Neither the church nor its servants can take away from or even forgive a human soul one particle of its guilt! Just as little are they permitted to canonize a soul, and thereby interfere in God’s perfect eternal Primordial Laws of Creation, which are immutable!

How can men presume to vote and also to decide on matters that rest in the Omnipotence, the Justice and the Omniscience of God! How dare earthmen try to make their fellow-men believe such things! And it is no less sacrilegious for earthmen credulously to accept such claims, which so plainly carry within them only a dishonoring of the Sublimity of God!

Anything so incredible can only be possible with thoughtless people of herd mentality, who by such action brand themselves with the mark of the greatest spiritual indolence; for the simplest reflection must enable anyone instantly and easily to realize that such presumptions cannot even be explained by human conceit or arrogance, but contain grave blasphemies!

The reciprocal effect must be terrible!

The time of God’s forbearance is now indeed over. Holy Wrath strikes the ranks of those offenders who thereby seek to dupe humanity on earth in order to increase and preserve their authority, whereas within themselves they clearly sense that here it is a question of matters far beyond the level to which they can ever be entitled to rise!

How dare they dispose of the Kingdom of God in Eternity! Overnight the Ray of Divine Wrath will awaken them from their unbelievable spiritual slumber and ... judge them! — — —

What does a man give to his God by obedience to the church! He does not have with it a single, natural intuitive urge, which alone can help him to ascend.

I say to you that men can in truth only serve God with just that which did not come to life through the churches: With their own thinking and independent investigation! Everyone must journey alone through the mills, through the mechanism of the Divine Laws in Creation. And therefore it is necessary for every man himself to become acquainted at the right time with the nature and function of the mills.

But this is just what many a church has persistently withheld, so that the believers could not develop the necessary personal reflection and intuitive perception. Thereby they robbed man of that staff which alone can guide him safely and direct him towards the Light, and tried instead to force upon every man an interpretation, the acceptance of which was bound to bring benefit only to the church. Benefit, influence and power!

Human souls can serve their Creator only by the activity of their own spirit! Thereby, however, in the first place they are also simultaneously serving themselves. Only that human spirit which stands bright and alert in this Creation, aware of its Laws and adapting itself to them in thought and deed, is pleasing to God, because it is then fulfilling the purpose of existence, which every human spirit has in this Creation!

But this never lies in the observances that the churches demand of their believers! For these lack naturalness and free conviction, knowledge, as the main requisite of true service to God! There is a lack of vigor and joy in helping all creatures to advance, in letting their souls exult in the happiness of knowing that they can contribute to the beauty of this Creation as a part of it, and thereby thank and honor the Creator!

Instead of joyful, free worshippers, of proclaimers of God, the church has cultivated church-slaves for itself! It has thrust itself before men’s free upward gaze! Thereby obscuring true Light. It has only bound and gagged the human spirits, instead of awakening and liberating them. Wantonly it has kept the spirits in slumber, oppressed them, restrained their desire for knowledge, and forbidden the knowledge itself through regulations that are contrary and opposed to the Will of God! All this in order to uphold its own power.

Even as in olden times they have not shrunk from various forms of torture, torment and murder, so today they do not hesitate to slander their fellow-men, speak ill of them, undermine their reputation, agitate against them, and put every available obstacle in their way if they are not willing to join the host of church-slaves! They work with the most sordid means only for their influence, their earthly power. But through the reciprocal action this now will also be the very first to waver and collapse; for it is the opposite of what God wills! It shows how far removed they are from humbly serving God! —

Enticed by the sanctioned indolence of the spirit, endless multitudes have allowed themselves to be drawn into the fold of the church, which lulls them to sleep! They believed the wicked delusion of a cheap atonement for their sins, and as the spiritually indolent masses grew so did the earthly influence, with the final goal of earthly power! The people did not see that the false view and teaching only obscured and defiled the Sacred Justice of Almighty God; they saw only the thus simulated broad and easy road to the Light, which in reality does not exist at all! Through its arbitrary, illusory forgiveness it leads to Darkness and destruction!

The self-glorification of all the churches, which is hostile to God, separates their believers from God instead of leading them to Him. The doctrines were false! But the people should easily have found this out themselves, for they clearly contradict the simplest sense of justice! And therefore the church believers are just as guilty as the churches themselves!

The churches, whose servants themselves loudly proclaim my coming in the words of Christ from the Gospel of John, from where they devoutly read to their faithful:

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness! And will bring the Judgment. I, however, go to the Father and you will henceforth not see me. I came forth from the Father and am come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the Father!”

These words are read in the churches without understanding; for it is quite clearly stated by the Son of God that another than He will come to proclaim the Truth and to bring the Judgment. The Spirit of Truth Who is the Living Cross. And yet in this matter, too, the church teaches wrongly and against these clear words.

Even though Paul also once wrote to the Corinthians: “For we know in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away!”

Here the Apostle shows that the coming of Him Who will proclaim the Perfect Truth is yet to be expected, and that the prophecy of the Son of God concerning it should not be taken to refer to the well-known outpouring of the Power of the Holy Spirit, which at that time had already taken place when Paul wrote these words.

He testifies thereby that the Apostles did not regard this outpouring of Power as the fulfillment of the mission of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, as strange to say many churches and believers now try to interpret it at Whitsuntide, because these things would not otherwise fit into the structure of their faith, but would form a gap which must cause serious shocks to this false edifice.

Yet it avails them nothing; for the time has come for the recognition of all these things, and everything that is false collapses!

Until now there could not yet be a true Pentecost for mankind; the recognition through spiritual awakening could not come to them, since they acquiesced in so many false interpretations, in which the churches especially have a great share!

Nothing of their great guilt will be remitted to them! —

Now you men stand amazed before the new Word, and many of you are no longer even capable of perceiving that It comes from the Luminous Heights, because It is so different from what you had imagined! For in you, too, there certainly still lives some of the tenacious indolence in which the churches and the schools have enveloped you, so that you would remain faithful followers, and have no longing for the awakening of your own spirit!

Until now men on earth have been indifferent to what God demands! Once more, however, I say to you: The broad and easy road which the churches have hitherto tried to simulate for their own advantage is wrong! With its promise of an arbitrary, illusory forgiveness, it does not lead to the Light!

For you who are earnestly striving for the Truth, for you it shall become Pentecost now; enlightenment shall come upon you. With a roar the Light will descend and penetrate into you as long as you are properly opened for it!

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