Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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26. Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of fate will not hinder but further your ascent!

Although the Message contains everything that is needed to show the way which men must take through Creation if they wish to ascend to the Luminous Heights, yet for each individual there is a repeated anxious questioning: What shall I do really to proceed aright!

Very many persons are troubled by this intuitive perception, because man likes to make everything more complicated than it really is. He needs this curious method of making everything more difficult for himself, because he does not possess the inner strength to pursue with earnestness and zeal that which is simple. He has no longer sufficient ability to do so.

If he sees no difficulties confronting him he never succeeds in putting forth powers in order to use them, for a lack of difficulties soon makes him slothful and finally paralyses his entire activity. Therefore he pays no attention to what is simple but, as soon as he can, he even distorts everything that is simple into something which is incomprehensible, purely for the purpose of giving himself a hard time to recognize yet again in this distortion just what is right, which remains anchored only in simplicity. Thus man constantly wastes time and energy!

Man needs obstacles in order to attain to the goal; only in this way does he still gather all his strength, which he is no longer able to do when he is confronted with it in a simple way.

This at first sounds as if it were something great, yet it is only the sign of deepest weakness! Just as a weakened body needs stimulants to enable it to carry on its activity, so the human spirit, in order to attain any goal, first needs the incentive of knowing that it must overcome something and thereby exert its strength to do so! Out of this there once came into existence the so-called science, which disdains all that is simple, reaching out to the ridiculous for the sole purpose of excelling others and shining.

But it is not only science which has been acting in this manner over a long period, erecting with much trouble a false structure which is supposed to lend an air of greatness to something that in Creation is actually inferior, artificial, cramped and distorted, indeed often hindering.

Governmental structures and the Judiciary systems are of the same nature, even from the very beginning each individual has allowed his earth-life to be built up on a wrong basis! It is much too complicated to be healthy, and only incites the indolent spirit in its conceit to distinguish itself before others; for it is this aspiration alone which is the true reason for the mutilation and confusion of all naturalness and simplicity by these human spirits. The ambition to excel, the conceit to investigate and lay down laws from a knowledge that can never really become knowledge as long as man struggles against receiving humbly and simply in devotion to God’s Magnitude. All this holds him down.

There is not a single thing that man could really create without taking it from that which has already come into existence through the Will of God! He would be unable to create anew a single grain of sand without finding all the material for it already to hand in Creation!

As yet he cannot recognize how ridiculous he appears today, but the day will come when he will be unspeakably ashamed of himself and only too glad to efface the time when he imagined himself as being so great and knowing!

With tolerant indulgence, sometimes even with a sarcastic smile, man now passes by every great simplicity of the Divine Laws that is also contained in my Message and in the nature of the words! He does not realize that in so doing he exposes the greatest weakness of which a human being is capable and the consequences of which are some of the worst that must strike him now through the rays of the Judgment; for he puts himself in the lowest place among all creatures, because he alone forgot how to receive and use the gifts from Creation rightly. Man considers himself too great and too exalted to accept gratefully from his Creator all that he needs, and therefore he is no longer worthy to enjoy such mercies further.

And yet the Laws in Creation should be and could be quite natural, simple and without confusion to every creature, because each creature came into existence through them.

But what has man made of them in his vain imaginings!

What he can produce in the way of unintelligible and unwieldy institutions you can observe for yourselves in all the human laws of every state governing the social order! A lifetime hardly suffices to study all of them thoroughly for one country alone. Specially trained scholars are needed to interpret them aright. And these often dispute among themselves as to how and where they can be applied. This proves that even among these lawyers there is no clarity about the actual meaning.

But wherever there is room for dispute there is also no clarity. Where there is no clarity, accuracy and thus also justification for the particular law is lacking!

At present every individual person would have to become a learned scholar of these laws established by men which are disputable, unclear and confusing in order to go through life unscathed! What folly lies in this fact! And yet it is so. Often enough experts have been heard to observe that according to mundane law every person living on earth could be indicted and in some way found guilty, wherever this was tried. Unfortunately this is true! And yet every individual is made subject to these laws without being able to be properly informed about them.

All of this will also have to fall into ruin of its own accord very soon, because it is an impossible outgrowth of a most unhealthy confusion.

The human spirit has now thoroughly proved its incompetence in these matters. An unworthy enslavement resulted from its failure to link up the earthly laws with the Primordial Laws of Creation, which it never endeavored to study. Only if it is built upon their soil can any benefit arise, no matter what! It is the same with justice! And this, again like all basic laws, lies only in clear and great simplicity.

That which is not inherently simple will never last! The simplicity of the Divine Laws does not permit otherwise! Will man never learn to understand?

He can quite clearly recognize in the events of every era that great success could only come about where all the power was focused upon one point! This indicates clearly enough the necessity of simplification! You should at last discover something in this! Everybody knows the danger which always threatens through a splitting up.

Observe therein the Law of the Power of every Simplification! The victorious greatness which only becomes effective in simplicity.

But you can no longer perceive the value of all that is simple. It is only in simplicity that true strength, genuine nobility, knowledge, and grace become manifest. Also in simplicity of expression and movement.

You all know about this quite well! And yet you do not learn to appreciate the actual value, and therefore you cannot grasp it, cannot transfer it to your thinking so that it can find expression in your words and in your deeds.

Man is unable to be as simple as he should learn to be in Creation. It not only comes hard to man to attain to the greatness of simplicity in his thinking and activity, but he is utterly unable to achieve it! It has already passed beyond his reach.

He therefore no longer understands the simplicity of the language and the explanations resting in the Message. In the perversity of his thinking he assumes that this only right and great way is too childlike for him, and therefore cannot contain anything of value. Thus its actual values remain closed to him because he is incapable of absorbing them. He neither sees nor recognizes what is great and powerful as soon as it is clothed in simple words.

This is due to his incapacity! For simplicity and clearness the spirit must develop strength within itself while in the case of obstacles due to confusion the impulse for the development of strength approaches man from without! Unfortunately, however, the human spirit of today needs this impetus from outside in order to enable it to be at least a little astir. Therefore man cannot stand simplicity and clearness. Simplicity lulls him to sleep, it paralyses him because he is too indolent to develop of his own accord that inner strength which alone can bring him real benefit and help him to ascend.

He is unable to keep himself active with simplicity and clearness around him. His strength is no longer sufficient for this because he never developed it. It is natural that owing to this indolence he creates for himself continual obstacles. Today these obstacles serve a few people as incentives or stimulants in the sense already explained. But in order to overcome these self-created obstacles the strength arising at the sight of them, which is lamentably small, is used up and nothing remains for real progress and ascent, which could only begin after overcoming the obstacles. When the path before them again becomes simple and clear they weary on account of this simplicity; it is not “interesting” enough, because they can no longer conceive of their personal greatness, and once more they bring about further confusion, so that what they do will “appear” or “sound” like something important.

All this happens over and over again because the human spirits of today lack real greatness of their own.

You can observe the same physically with gymnasts. During the presentation of their gymnastic exercises they develop strength and suppleness with a grace of movement which shows the control over their bodies. But only a few of all the gymnasts upon earth show continual bodily control, i.e., also in every-day life. Their posture when sitting, speaking, standing, and also when walking is often deplorable. This proves that they develop strength only when they practice or appear in public, i.e., when they want to exhibit something. However, to control the body energetically all day long, which requires real strength and from which the body derives ten times more benefit than from a few hours of gymnastics, this strength they are unable to bring up without some impetus from outside, for this requires more, much more!

All gymnastics and special exercises could safely be abolished if man really controlled himself and his body; for then every muscle must remain in constant movement, which demands strength and will. All special exercises offer nothing but a pitiful substitute for the conscious strength of that great simplicity which lies in the naturalness of perpetual self-control.

As it is with gymnastics so it is with all things. Man does not need to perform anything extraordinary if he wanders through Creation in the right way. Everything is given to him in simplicity and everything is within him, without his having to resort to artificial assistance. In the same way as men add all kinds of possible and impossible stimulants to their nourishment in order to energize their bodies, as they use such things as smoking and intoxicating narcotics in order to whip up the nerves of their body and the brain, deluding themselves into the belief that it will enhance their thought processes, so they use confusion for their spirit in order to indulge their conceit.

That is why I am compelled again and again to formulate many words about things just to make them to some extent comprehensible to you, when in reality they should be grasped immediately in one very simple conception! I continually struggle to find new interpretations for everything that has already been said because you are incapable of accepting that which is simple and plain, both in regard to truth and to life as well as to Creation, in which your path and your entire existence also lie anchored.

You should not at all need to ask what you must or must not do! Just demolish the maze within you, which you so carefully nurse and foster, thereby creating ever new entanglements by your thoughts! You think too much, and for this reason you can think nothing real, nothing which is of benefit to you.

The Law of Almighty God for you is:

You are permitted to wander through Creation! Go in such a manner as to cause no harm to others in pursuit of your personal desires! Otherwise threads will be woven into the carpet of your paths which will hold you down and prevent you from ascending to the Luminous Heights of conscious and joyful activity in the gardens of all the Realms of your God!

That is the basic law containing everything you need to know. If you follow this nothing can happen to you. You will only be led upwards by all the threads created by your thinking, volition and actions.

That is why the Son of God once said in all simplicity: “Love thy neighbor as thyself!” Fundamentally this has exactly the same meaning.

You are allowed to wander through the Creations! This holds the command to constant movement! You must not stand still! You could not in fact do so, because the self-created threads which form your paths always drive you forward according to their nature, either upwards or straight ahead for a time or also downwards. You can never stop, even if you yourselves should wish to do so!

And during this wandering you shall not harm any others, who like you are also journeying through Creation, just to satisfy some personal desire!

It is not difficult to grasp this aright, for when your perception is calm you are quite well aware of when, where and how you harm others. All that remains for you to do in this matter is to become clear as to everything which falls into the category of desiring! However, you have already been told this clearly in the Commandments once given to you through Moses! It is not necessary for me to repeat it again.

You may enjoy everything here in Creation, you may taste of everything, but it must not bring harm to your fellow-man! Again, this only occurs if you become a slave to your desires.

But you must not get too one-sided an idea of what this desiring implies. Not only earthly property and the physical body are included, but also the desire to undermine the reputation of your fellow-man, giving way to your own weaknesses, and many other things!

Today in particular far too little attention is paid to this giving way to one’s own weaknesses, and yet it falls into the category of fulfilling one’s own desires to the detriment or suffering of your neighbor! The threads which become knotted thereby are dense and thus hold down every soul which has acted in this fashion.

Such weaknesses comprise distrust and envy, irritability, coarseness and rudeness, in a word the lack of self-control and refinement, the latter signifying nothing less than the necessary consideration for your fellow-men, which must be present if harmony is to prevail. For harmony alone furthers Creation and yourselves!

It is a close weaving which comes about through such weaknesses, forcing many to fall just because so little attention is paid to it, although it inflicts disquietude, pressure, annoyance and often even severe suffering upon your fellow-men. But in each case harm.

If men let themselves go to such an extent there immediately arises through the radiation of the slightly or greatly excited blood a strongly dimmed layer which places itself separatingly between man’s spirit and his luminous guidance! He thus immediately stands alone and also completely unprotected, which may cause such damage as proves to be irreparable!

Everyone wishing to ascend should engrave this upon his mind!

This advice is a lifebelt which may save him from drowning, from destruction. It is of the utmost importance for everybody in their earthly existence!

All of you who wish to belong to the Grail in order to live according to my Message, take note once again of the Divine commandment that rests in the weaving of this Creation:

Based on your erstwhile desire you may journey through Creation consciously! However, you must not harm others in order to satisfy your personal desires. This alone can knot threads that must hold you down. Live accordingly, and you will then be happy and wander upwards into the Luminous Gardens of your God, there to help in joyful activity with the further and eternal development of this Creation!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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