Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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29. Class consciousness, social order

The constantly maligned system of social distinction and class consciousness has its origin in the simple intuitive perception of the effect of one of the Laws in Creation: the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species!

One of mankind’s gravest errors has been to pay far too little or almost no attention at all to the operation of this Law, thereby paving the way for numerous mistakes, which are bound to lead to great confusion and finally to total collapse!

This Law was intuitively sensed by all men, but whatever stands higher than purely gross material knowledge, and has no direct bearing on the possibility of earthly acquisition, they regard far too superficially and casually. Thus the most important factor for the basis of a harmoniously ascending earth-life has never been recognized, much less interwoven with the World of Gross Matter, that is, with everyday life on earth through its correct application! And interwoven with life on this earth it must be; because as long as there remains but one of the Primordial Laws of Creation not understood by men, and thereby gravely distorted or even excluded from gross material life, harmony cannot arise.

All the ancient peoples had already established the divisions between the various social or cultural classes, because subconsciously they realized the necessity, far better even than today.

Just look around you! Wherever only a few people come together this Law takes effect swiftly and surely, and in such a form as always indicates the free volition of these human spirits; because the volition of the spirit is capable of impressing itself on all forms, whether the act of this volition be of a fully conscious or a subconscious nature. Thus the form will always visibly bear the maturity or immaturity of the spirit.

Let us suppose that five people, or even only three, come together in certain circumstances, either to do some work or for pleasure, very soon the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species will form two groups among them, if only in idle chatter or the exchange of views. The continual repetition of this over millions of years is bound to lead one to believe that there must be a reason that lies deeper than customary behavior would indicate.

But even from this obvious happening, men have drawn only quite superficial and, in proportion to its seriousness, really trivial conclusions; too limited, since they were formed by the intellect, which can always comprehend only the final coarse manifestations of the actual effects, but can never trace them into what lies outside matter, because the intellect itself has its origin only in the Gross Material World. And it is just in what is outside matter that the origin of all power lies, and of all the vibrations that unceasingly pulsate through the species of Creation.

Whatever has been formed on earth on the basis of this observation lacks actual life, lacks mobility! It has become wrong and unhealthy, through the rigidity of the gross material system that has come into being with every institution, and pressed all that is living into a dead form.

Man is then like a plant uprooted from its native soil, which can no longer thrive in the new ground offered, because the soil is no longer suited to its species. It is bound to wither, whereas in proper soil it would have come to full bloom and could have borne rich fruit solely for the benefit of its surroundings in Creation, for the purest joy for itself, and for the perpetual transformation of power.

This great error always holds the germ of collapse.

With the expression class consciousness nobody need point to any one particular people; for all peoples have possessed it! It must develop wherever there are human beings, but it will always develop wrongly so long as the Laws in Creation remain unrecognized, as they have hitherto been.

And this wrong was bound to produce envy and hatred, an urge to destroy the existing order. The subconscious urge has grown in accordance with the Laws to an ominous wave, which as the blossom at the closing of the cycle of the happening has brought ruin, because there was simply no other possibility.

This reveals as fruit what has been false in the hitherto existing structure of man’s social life on earth, reveals all the places where the Primordial Laws of Creation have been disregarded or deliberately distorted. These consequences had to come about, because the Light which is now breaking in is also driving everything that is wrong to its culmination, so that it will then collapse of its own accord in over-ripeness, and yield the soil for a new up-building in accordance with the Will of God, Which from the very beginning was anchored in the Laws of this Creation, and can be neither distorted nor suppressed without ill effects.

This is the harvest of all the seed that has been sown through the volition of mankind since the beginning of their activity. The harvest of all that is right as well as of all that is wrong, whether the wrong once arose out of malevolence, or only out of ignorance of the Divine Laws in Creation. It will come to blossom through the increased Power of the Light and must openly show its fruits, which now during this Final Judgment, in the streaming-back of the reciprocal action, have to be accepted as reward and punishment by their authors and adherents, as well as by their hangers-on!

The unhappy dissensions and divisions among the various parties are not the result of a wrong political system, but merely the perpetuation of a wrong class system, which in its rigidity and distortion could never lead to harmony among the mankind of this earth!

Take also Creation’s Primordial Law of necessary Movement, and you will recognize that the self-satisfied and placid middle classes were bound to suffer the greatest harm of all. — It was simply the releasing of the necessary Primordial Law of Movement!

Self-satisfaction goes hand in hand with conceit and indolence in the spirit: Both hinder spiritual movement in the same way as prestige and power, which all too quickly bring arrogance in their wake, as could often be found in the upper classes. All these obstruct and retard spiritual movement, at the same time one-sidedly promoting the activity of the intellect.

Intellectual activity, however, is not also at the same time spiritual movement! There is a great difference between them.

But the envy and hate of the lower classes go much deeper. In its intensity it strikes the intuitive perception and with it the spirit. Thereby it increases spiritual movement even in those who belong to the physically idle!

Since feverish activity offends against the Primordial Law of Creation as much as sluggish movement, disharmony was eventually bound to set in like whipped-up billows, exactly corresponding to the driving and self-acting operation of the Primordial Law! It simply could not have come about otherwise!

I am purposely speaking here of the upper, middle, and lower social classes, for this was the fundamental division. And that is where the mistake lay. These classes, which are really necessary, should not operate below or above one another, but side by side, each class operating as a complete whole, as an indispensable species which is intended to mature to full blossom and bear fruit in Creation, in order to bring about great, indeed the greatest achievements, upon the soil suited to its particular kind, which soil alone will enable it and equip it with the necessary power to do so!

Just look at the individual races on earth, you men! You can learn much from this. Within itself, each race can ennoble itself, mature and grow great and strong; however, when two races mix, only the deficiencies, weaknesses and faults of both races are reproduced, resulting, with but few exceptions, in a boundless aggravation of all the faults, and rarely in anything good!

Take this as a hint from Creation, and adjust yourselves accordingly. Here on earth you wear a gross material garment, your physical body, which you must take into account; for therein lies the propagation of the race here on earth! Always remember this. You can never evade these laws unpunished.

But all of you are jointly dependent on the earth. Each one has a right to work and to develop himself here. In fact, not only a right but also a sacred duty! Yet not one below the other, but side by side. Just consider musical notes. Each note is an entity, it remains so and cannot be blended. Only when it is played in the proper setting beside other notes of a different value does it produce harmony, which has a pleasing sound. Transpose the notes and try to rearrange them, and the result will be disharmony, whose effects may well produce even physical discomfort and finally become unbearable.

Learn from this and grasp it! But do not once more begin everything at the wrong end!

All your past efforts have been against the harmony of the Divine Laws of Creation, and therefore you could not expect anything other than those fruits which you are now receiving and those which are still ripening for you! Cast them into the fire and begin to sow afresh. Only from the ground up can renewal take place.

Act accordingly, for you cannot distort any of the Primordial Laws of Creation without having to reap great harm in return. Learn to know the Laws and then build up accordingly, and peace, joy and happiness will be yours!

Furthermore, when you consider that in the last analysis everything, absolutely everything, has been developed solely on the basis of money, earthly power and earthly values, the present distress is not surprising, the collapse being conditioned by the Laws of Creation!

And as it was here, so is it with all else that does not rest upon the Divine Laws, which are so easily discernible in the Primordial Laws of Creation.

Everything must now be driven to the final release. Whipped up by the Light that is penetrating the Darkness of this earth, the perpetual building up of armaments with the thought of war, for example, was bound to lead to mass war. It was provoked solely by men’s thoughts, men’s volition, men’s caution and men’s fear. Through these man put the forms into Creation, which, powerfully driven by the increased Light, had to grow, to blossom and bear fruit, that is, become deed, as with all the forms still existing in Creation, whatever their nature.

They must grow, and in so doing they will be raised by the Light and strengthened for further existence, if they are in tune with the Laws of this Light-Power, or if they can neither harmonize with the Light-Power, nor on that account make contact with It, they will be strengthened only to shatter themselves at the height of their growth against the Power of the light, and thus pronounce judgment on themselves. All that is wrong will consequently come to an end of its own accord through becoming visibly activated, even that which would still like to hide. Under the pressure of the Light nothing can continue to hold back, it must emerge, must come to light and must show is fruits through the deed! So that it may be exactly recognized for what it really is. And everything through itself.

It is no longer of any use to struggle against this, nor is intellectual sagacity, which in the darkness and twilight of this great confusion could so often stand the test in the past, of any avail. There must now be Light everywhere! In accordance with the self-acting and now greatly strengthened basic Laws of this Creation. Man with his volition is no longer of any account in the mighty mechanism which, permeated anew by God’s Power, quickens its effects in order to bring about purification and to renew itself therein, as it surges on-wards!

Do not speak of the mass-suggestion of certain leaders, for it does not exist in that sense. What happens is quite different. The efforts of a leader can only bring about uniformity of thought. The driving power for the flaring-up of the deed is supplied solely by the perpetually self-acting effects of the Primordial Laws of Creation! Unfortunately however, owning to their fixed opinions men view everything from the wrong side, as if the power could issue from the individual or from man as such. But it is just the opposite! All power comes only from above!

Thus the most unsavory party squabbles were bound to break out, and they will be intensified until the collapse of the parties themselves, because owing to their ignorance of the Primordial Laws of Creation they also stand on the wrong ground, and can therefore never be brought into harmony. As the flowering of all the weeds in party affairs, newspapers now flourish which through their unscrupulous agitation poison even that part of humanity who wish to pursue their path inoffensively. Without restraint these papers try to outdo each other, because the pressing power of the Light now compels them to show their utter hollowness and the false aspirations they contain! And they do reveal them! They imprint upon themselves that stamp which they deserve, and which they will be unable to change or to erase when the hour of enlightenment comes for men through their own experiences and their own recognition!

There will be no retreat where they have gone too far, and have themselves thereby made a return impossible. And so here too downfall and self-destruction will come through their own guilt. When in accordance with the Holy Laws of this Creation all parties have lived themselves out through aggravation become deed, then the next result will be that the majority of newspapers will also cease to exist, because they will have nothing more to offer to their readers when, together with envy, hatred and hostility, their foundations have split asunder; for only on that swamp could they flourish as they have done. On good soil they can no longer exist.

Everything must become new! The churches themselves will not be spared in regard to what has hitherto been wrong with them. Here too everything now pursues its course in accordance with the Laws of Creation, and can no longer be stopped by anything: whatever is not in absolute harmony with the Laws of God, which are firmly anchored not in books but in Creation, must reveal itself. Strictly in accordance with the nature of the seed the fruit will now ripen, to be harvested at the closing of the cycle of the events connected with all that has been interwoven in Creation by men’s actions and volition, which is equivalent to the oft-promised Judgment, before the beginning of a new time that will be more pleasing to God!

Bitter is the taste of the fruits which man’s activities have cultivated in Creation, and which mankind must now eat, even if they have to poison themselves and perish! Too long have they struggled against any recognition, because this did not accord with their hitherto prevailing views.

However, everything must first become new before there can be ascent, as has already been long proclaimed in promises, as the Son of God Himself already explained at that time. This means that everything has been wrong.

In his indolent thinking, however, every human being still continues to pass over this fact, even those who often speak of this proclamation. They know of it, but they do not regard it with that seriousness which would be necessary for their own salvation!

Unfortunately everything is always so taken up and interpreted as to correspond with the selfish or also comfort-loving wishes of each individual. And what does not suit him, or what he does not readily understand, he usually rejects or ignores, because that gives him the least trouble at the time.

It is not enough that the failure of all churches during the World War had to clearly demonstrate how little of their teachings was really alive in the faithful. The teachings remained but totally empty words and nothing but outward form instead of standing the test for once. This failure however was not the fault of the faithful but of the interpretations of the Word until now which totally lack the life energy of conviction! Which is why they are incapable of inspiring conviction.

Only where there is living conviction does the Word become deed and give men really firm support! Yet for all dogmata, the time of the war and its aftermath was only the time of maturing to the flowering. The fruits will now have to show themselves which will permit a precise recognition of the actual nature of the seed! With the increasing despair, churches and temples and any and all houses of God, are filling up with the faithful and followers, who hope to find help there in the manner in which they had been taught. All will then learn through their own experiencing how to discern what was genuine and what was false in the old teaching. All that is genuine and all that is false must expose itself so that it lies clearly before everyone, and all that is false, in the awakening through experiencing, will quickly collapse and never be able to rise again. Only through experiencing will man learn to differentiate! As long as he lacks the conviction gained through experiencing man will continue with a blind, inactive faith, which is of no benefit to his spirit, but paralyses and lulls it to sleep.

Go then, you men, and experience, for you are no longer able to come voluntarily to the recognition of Divine Truth through the movement of your spirit; because you keep the entrances thereto constantly blocked for yourselves.

Even your much-quoted saying: “All men are equal before God” will very soon vanish, with its hitherto wrong interpretation, if you persist in comforting yourselves with it according to your idea of the words!

The saying as such is quite correct, but hitherto it has been wrongly interpreted! Here again the Diving Laws in Creation do not permit such an indolent interpretation.

It is quite correct that before God men are equal, regardless of what already lies behind them. But to stand before God, that is, to reach the steps of His Throne, is possible for a few men only. In his superficial habit earth-man does not consider this weighty circumstance; instead he tries to persuade himself that absolute equality in spirit prevails before God. He makes no attempt to consider the specific reference: “before God.” He simply ignores it, and clings to the word “equality” in the sentence.

Quite apart from the fact that in this being equal before God there also lies an allusion to the futility of earthly honors before all the Laws of God, which make no distinction when a human spirit passes over from his gross material earthly cloak into the Ethereal World, as to whether he was a beggar or a king, a priest or a pope on earth, before God he is a human spirit and nothing more, who must answer personally for his every thought, for his words and for his deeds, then an even higher meaning lies in these words.

Before God means to be before the steps of the Throne of God, that is in the Spiritual Realm, the Paradise, which lies below the steps of the Throne. This is the most significant factor in this sentence, but man continues to disregard it. It is the most difficult, because a human spirit in Creation only reaches this place before God when he has atoned for everything which has burdened him in this Creation in the way of guilt and wrong things. Everything, even the last speck of dust! Not until then can he “stand before God!”

Nevertheless he will never behold God; for this he cannot do. Moreover the gulf from that place which is called “at the foot of His Throne” is still tremendous. It can never be bridged by a human spirit. For this reason man must be content with what he has. This is already immeasurably much, and indeed he hardly makes real use of the smallest part of it!

But the human spirits here on earth, as well as those in Creation, are not equal before God! Such a concept is a fatal error! Man must first be so advanced in his maturity and purity that he is able to pass or stand before God; then he may say that he can be considered equal with those who simultaneously stand before God. What lies behind him is of no consequence, because he cannot stand before God until everything that has previously been wrong with him has been effaced and redeemed, whether it concerned his opinions or his deeds. As soon as he stands before the steps of the Throne it is redeemed and severed; for he does not arrive there until it is. Neither by cunning nor by force; for the Laws in Creation will not permit it.

But once he stands there, he is utterly and absolutely equal, as though there had never been anything wrong with him, no matter how great were his faults in the past! The same is also to hold good here on earth according to the Will of God, but men pay no attention to this in the laws they made for themselves, they do not follow the Will of God in these matters; instead, they always expect even more from God than they themselves are willing to give to their fellow-men! Christ has already expressed this clearly enough in His parable of the unfaithful servant. —

The empty words of the past are now becoming manifest in the Power of the Light! And thus the expulsion of all that has been diseased in the past and the restoration to health, will come about of itself. Also whatever is wrong will be called to life and must reveal its fruit to all mankind! So that they may thereby come to recognition! The Wrath of Almighty God will allow the evil to tear itself to pieces! Yet it was only through disregarding the Divine Laws that such excrescences and evil fruit were able to ripen, which you must receive everywhere today in order to taste them, and in so doing either free yourself from them or perish through them!

Only when these evils have been eliminated will men then gradually realize how in reality they have suffered through this poison. Only then will they be set free, and breathe a sigh of relief in the fresh air that has been produced by purifying storms of the severest kind.

Today however, things have not yet come so far. Fear still reigns everywhere! It is true that mankind are reluctant to admit this, but nevertheless fear rules their actions; for already hatred reveals itself! But the actual origin of hatred is fear! Whatever is attacked out of hatred is invariably also feared. Such is the way of men on earth.

Real hatred arises only from fear. Never from anger, and not from indignation, which in turn brings forth holy wrath. Nor can hatred arise from contempt or disgust.

And since fear is beginning to reveal itself in hatred, the end is no longer far off; for this fear now arises in earthmen through the pressure of the Light, which they cannot escape with their trusted and habitual intellectual subtlety, that now fails them for the first time in thousands of years, because it is powerless against the Living and Omnipotent Will of God! —

The happening I explain to you embraces all mankind. Therefore do not think in your human way that everything should now be over in days weeks or months. It is a struggle that has already been going on for years, but whose end is also interwoven with the Primordial Laws of Creation as an absolute victory for the Light!

Men, awake in your experiencing, so that you need not be lost in it! For soon there shall arise a humanity that swings knowingly in the Primordial Laws of Creation, so that the disaster which results from wrong living remains averted, and only peace and joy can reign on this earth plane. For your salvation, and to the honor of God!

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