Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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31. Strive for conviction!

Strive for conviction in everything you do! Otherwise you are lifeless puppets or mercenary hirelings! In the Kingdom of God on earth the dead and the indolent shall be eliminated, and shall no longer have any justification for existence; for a man who in some way or other does nothing but run with the crowd is worthless before the Divine Laws. —

Look around you so that you may learn from everything. Daily and hourly you are given the opportunity to do so. Observe events in every country. The masses who in diverse factions have for years besmirched and attacked each other, even becoming violent to the point of murder, will sometimes overnight parade through the streets together, singing and waving torches of joy, just as though they had been loyal friends for many years. Overnight. And simply because their leaders decide to join hands for some purpose or other. Where do you find personal and really firm conviction in such matters, where any conviction at all! There is none. It is the marching along without any intuitive perception of many thousands who are thus worthless for what is great. On such soil no kingdom that swings in the Divine Laws can ever arise. Nor can it ever become healthy by such means.

If parties oppose each other, and this struggle is based on conviction, it is utterly impossible for them to join forces without changing their convictions and ways. That, however, does not come about in just a few hours. Should this nevertheless prove possible, there could certainly have been no conviction; but only one uniform aim could have such a decisive effect: the aim for power! That alone tramples unscrupulously upon everything, stopping at nothing to fulfill its aim if there is no other way. But from the outset such forced unions also harbor distrust, which always watches suspiciously over the other, and then has but little time for the main thing: the welfare of the people who look to them full of hope.

Such people, lacking in true conviction, can also be very easily diverted from the course given to them by the union. They have not that reliability which rests in personal conviction! A flood of meaningless words is enough to intoxicate them. But in such intoxication there lies no healthy deed.

With such people there can be no up-building that is able to withstand the storms! It is no different from the time of Jesus, when the masses called out “Hosanna!” and only a few hours later “Crucify!”

But wherever conviction forms the basis of an action, of a deed, this cannot happen; for conviction comes from knowledge, and knowledge gives endurance and stability, also imperturbability and victorious courage, because true knowledge arises from experiencing.

And bearers of the Grail Cross do possess knowledge.

Out of this a wave of power shall arise and pour forth over all mankind on earth. This wave must sweep before it with irresistible force all the dross that still prevents the awakening of men to a recognition. Therefore become strong, so that, together with the great purification now taking place through the pressure of the Light, you will be able o pass on strength to mankind for a new resurrection! For heavy storms must assail the souls, so that they will become different through pain and distress, so that they will arise purified or perish!

But learn and mature personally in the process, so that you may gain conviction! And the nature of the conviction will determine who can be saved, and who must remain forever excluded from the coming Kingdom of God; for conviction is at the same time the fruit of your volition!

Only the power of conviction makes man alive in Creation, that is to say, of full value! It enables him to form works which must be taken seriously, and which do not easily perish.

It was for this reason that I called out to men in the foreword to my Message that belief must now become conviction!

It is now high time for all to achieve this. And since conviction out of knowledge comes in turn only through experiencing, man is now forcibly and sharply pressed into the outward experiencing of everything that he has hitherto created in the way of forms, so that he may clearly recognize, in pain and in joy, what he has formed aright and what has been wrong in the thoughts and intuitive perceptions of his life. —

In the time of greatest tribulation, Cross-bearers in all countries will be regarded by men on earth as the guiding example they should follow. You cannot alter any of this, for it is so ordained. But woe unto you if they then find faults in you! Woe unto you for your sake and for mankind’s! Therefore do not waste the time for the necessary maturing. Men themselves would bitterly avenge their disappointment upon you. Be alert and strong! — — —

The new Kingdom shall now come into being here on earth! The Kingdom of God, as it was prophesied to men by the Light! However, it will not come about with a gentle breeze, as a reward for the present-day humanity!

How greatly mistaken are the conceited believers, who have long been trembling with bliss at the thought of the Kingdom of God on earth, in the proud self-assurance that they will be permitted to enjoy it as the chosen children of God, because in their opinion they believe in their Savior, Who has died for them and thereby taken on Himself the burden of their sins. Much as a good child very often becomes used to being rewarded with sweets, so they also think of the coming of this Kingdom of God here on earth. At this thought sweet dreams float vaguely before them, as serene feeling of being sheltered in the faithful protection of God, Who showers them with His Love out of joy that they believe in Him! Who rewards them with It because they have openly confessed their belief in Him and have never been ashamed of Him before men. What unspeakable presumption lies in this attitude!

Just scrutinize things carefully and keenly, you men, and you will find that the majority of all Christians are just like this and no different! This is by no means exaggerated, sad as it may sound.

But the Wrath of God will strike these self-complacent ones with great severity! They are a slimy swamp, to be shunned with loathing! Just all those who now, in their arrogance plume themselves on being the chosen and true children of God.

The Kingdom of God, however, makes great demands on mankind, and brings work in the richest abundance! It is the very opposite of what the church believer imagines! And the hardest work that awaits man is on himself! In this respect, he has much to make good if he is to stand the test at all. I want to remove the bandage from your eyes, so that you may now recognize these earthmen in all their malice; because the end of my struggle is approaching and you are to cooperate in this Gross Material World and help to promote the victory of the Light, which will annihilate the self-satisfied and yet so evil-minded parasites. For now they can only be called parasites, and no longer human beings!

However, the sword which you carry in the name of God, to whom you have sworn allegiance, is to be sharp-edged and shiny!

But who among you stands firm; who is alert and ready for the fight against the whole of mankind and against the Darkness that surrounds them!

You are well-meaning and willing, but you still cling far too tenaciously and rigidly to everyday trivialities, thereby laying such obstacles in your paths that you become hardly able to achieve the smallest fraction of what in reality you should and must achieve. Every one of you still lags far behind, because owing to all these petty trifles he cannot swing harmoniously in that which is great!

Become more flexible and free in your everyday work, and always and steadfastly keep in view and hold in your intuitive perception only what is great! Do not be too rigid in your perseverance, for this would hamper you. You must not make yourselves human parts of a machine, but you must become alive, great and free! Wherever your faults tend to form an obstacle, there you must immediately seek new ways that come easier to you, through which nevertheless you will finally reach that place to which you must attain!

Act likewise with your fellow called ones. Then you will see that the harmony is not so easily disturbed! Drop all that is rigid in your relations with your fellow-men, and become instead living and flexible! Give in for a time where something does not seem to work, but in doing so never let the reins slip from your hands! With a little skill you will finally bring whatever resists you to the place where it should stand. A good rider will never have to ill-treat his horse in order to master it, if he knows how to handle animals. He must simply first learn to understand animals if he wishes to rule them! Rigidity on his part would bring only stubbornness in its train, or that kind of obedience which is liable to break down at any moment. He sits on a powder barrel, instead of his horse carrying him with love and care!

In reality that will which leads to the goal is unflinching, even if it has to alter its path, but not the will which allows its goal to be destroyed through its own rigidity. Perseverance alone leads to the goals, and not rigidity. Rigidity is always wrong, because it is unnatural, and also not in harmony with the Primordial Laws of Creation, which demand mobility. Any rigid clinging to something is incompetence, which does not recognize other alternatives, and therefore also hinders the forward striving of one’s fellow men! —

Crossbearers, awaken to the new way, let go of old and learned habits, be the first to become new before the world, even in your everyday thinking and action! There is nothing that does not need to have to become new; this I have already called out to you a hundred times! The beginning must be with you! Without a beginning there is no progress! If you fail, the world will fall!

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