Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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45. Distorted souls

Man asks question upon question! As soon as I offer him a new knowledge he immediately comes with new questions, even before he has understood and absorbed everything which I proffered to him.

This is his great mistake! He wants to hasten forward. If I were to adjust myself to him in this matter he could never accomplish anything; for with his questioning he always remains stationary only at his spot, like a lazy wanderer who seats himself comfortably in the shade of the woods and lets others tell him of his goal, instead of pulling himself together and striding towards the goal.

On his way he himself would then notice and experience everything he would like to know in answer to the questions which he always allows to arise within himself. He must move, otherwise he will not get to the goal!

In my lecture “Woman and man” I said that each person should draw from my words practical applications for his present life on earth! If he wishes to follow this advice then there is nothing else for him to do but to make my Word come to life within him just as I give it to him; for I know exactly what man needs for this, and I always arrange my lectures accordingly. He must follow the discourses word for word, for they contain a step-ladder which carefully leads his soul upwards. A path which the soul is able to follow if it only will!

His quick questioning, however, shows that he wants to learn in his hitherto accustomed intellectual way, and again brushes aside the necessary experiencing. Learning is of no avail to the soul, for that which has been learned stays behind with the body as soon as the first step is taken away from this earth. The soul takes along only that which has been experienced! I have said this often before, and yet despite this earth-man always approaches the Holy Word in the wrong way again! He does not trust me in this and he wants to know better, or he does not like to relinquish his long-accustomed manner of doing things.

There is a wise guidance in the structure of my lectures which he does not understand. Nor is it even necessary for him to recognize it therein as long as he only follows it and does not seek to hurry on ahead in his desire to know, like the superficial readers of a book who read for the sake of the suspense, just to fill in free hours with it, and to divert themselves from one-sided thinking about their everyday activity.

While reading they do not see the characters in the book coming to life before them, they pay no attention to the various developments which the persons acting therein have to live through inwardly, they do not perceive the precise consequences arising therefrom, which are continually capable of changing the circumstances and the surroundings. All this they disregard, but they advance by leaps and bounds just to learn quickly about this or that in the action! They derive no profit from the best books describing a part of life on earth, from which the reader could draw much for himself if he experienced everything within himself aright!

Just as those readers who absolutely seek to devour all books in their zeal without ever recognizing their true purpose and sense, but knowing how to differentiate between only two kinds: the fascinating and the non-fascinating books, so are men who immediately allow questions to arise within themselves again as soon as they read a lecture concerning the knowledge of Creation.

First of all with the greatest effort and expenditure of energy they should seek to draw from each lecture what it offers!

If then something does not immediately appear quite clear to them they must not look ahead in their seeking, but they must look back in the Message in order to delve therein and find enlightenment there.

And man will find it if in his spirit he lets the Message arise in pictures before him! He finds everything when he really seeks. Through this necessary seeking, however, the Message becomes continually clearer, stronger and more secure within him. Thus he learns to know it ever better and... to experience it! Just in this way I force him to do something that he would never do voluntarily owing to his spiritual indolence, which in part still hangs over all men.

Therein lies a guidance which he did not recognize, but which is an invaluable help to him in bringing my Message to life. He thus learns to recognize all that is expressed in the Message, all that it contains, about which he had so far no idea in spite of reading it. He sees how he can delve into this Message and makes what appears to him the ever new discovery that indeed he does find everything therein; that it was only due to himself, to his weak manner of seeking, when so much escaped his attention previously.

The current and subsequent lectures are an expansion of the Message! To understand them, one must also know the Message. It is an integral whole, the specified sequence of which must be retained if it is to become true knowledge.

Not one passage can be avoided thereby. And this is not asking too much for a knowledge of Creation. Whoever finds this too much will never be able to make an end of it. And without this knowledge ascent or further lingering are impossible, since the time for existing in ignorance thereof is over.

God, your Lord and Creator, now demands it of you! God will withdraw from him who withdraws from this knowledge! And man cannot exist without God’s Grace. You have no choice if you wish to continue to be; for God now places His conditions upon His creatures!

Look around you with undimmed vision, not dazed by some smug idea, and you will have to recognize how all things which are not in accordance with God’s Will must topple and fall, one by one! From now on, there is no power which could successfully oppose the Laws of God in Creation! Heed these my words, and recognize in current and coming events the hand of God visibly intervening in human affairs! —

I am trying to guide you along the path which is best for you. However, you must go along with me with firm steps, and you must not always desire to try and hurry ahead as do the readers whose superficiality I quoted to you as an example.

It is the same, too, with my last lecture about “Woman and man.” From what I know of people they will again have questions arising in their brains before they take the trouble to find an answer from the Message or in the lecture itself, and by no means last through observation of their fellow-men in the present life on earth! It is just in this that you will discover the most, because in observing it through my Message it offers you abundant confirmation of everything I explained to you! But mark well, only when you regard it from the contents of my Message!

This stipulates that you must stand in the Message aright. If you are able to do so then you can immediately and exactly recognize everything, absolutely everything in your surroundings, and thus you become knowing, you become wise! You will then read in the life on earth just as one reads in a book. It is opened up to you for this purpose through the Message!

Just try it! Your eyes will then be quickly opened, and you will therewith have awakened. Do not shun any trouble to achieve what is so necessary!

It is not that you should only see the faults of your fellow-men in this way! That is not how it is meant, but you shall recognize life itself therein with all its consequences and changes, to which my Message is your guide and always will remain as guide in unchangeable faithfulness! Only in life or through life itself will you recognize all the values of my Message, and not with your pretended knowledge. And through the Message you can in turn view life aright, in such a way as is beneficial for you. Here, too, everything works in a reciprocal way, and true knowledge only comes through experiencing!

In this way you will soon become one with the Message; it becomes life for you, because only from out of this life are you able to recognize it; for it speaks to you of life.

Therefore you must not seek to recognize the value of the Message in the book itself, but through the observation of life! With eager and most careful observation of all that happens around and within yourselves you must contribute to the possibility of finding the Message again in life, out of which it speaks to you.

That is your path to the true recognition of my Words, which must bring you benefit and in the end victory over Darkness! Therewith quite automatically you will receive the Crown of Eternal Life, which is being permitted to exist eternally as a self-conscious being in this Creation, whereby you can then co-operate in its further development by spreading blessings for the joy and peace of all creatures. —

And after my last lecture there indeed arose questions within you again! Questions which are bound to bring a certain oppression even though an answer is easily to be found in the Message; for there it states consolingly that each consequence of a wrong action also contains the possibility of release and thus of redemption, as soon as the human spirit learns from it and recognizes the wrong.

And yet a certain anxiety exists when a person with advanced knowledge says to himself that he is a distorted human soul, if once he was a woman on earth and the next time a man, or vice versa. His soul becomes oppressed.

That, of course, is wrong and once again throwing the baby out with the bathwater, for what lies nearest to this is the recognition that such a person had distorted his soul! The distortion does not necessarily still exist. In reality he has only changed his garment, the body! But in spite of all the changes the spirit itself always remained that which it had originally resolved upon at the start of its wanderings through Creation; for in this respect there is also for him, as with everything in Creation, only one single and decisive free resolve to which the spirit then remains bound.

Thus the oppression arises only from a too superficial absorption of the Message; for everyone should know from the Message that just such a change could be of benefit for the one concerned. It does give him the possibility of putting things straight again; it induces him, indeed it helps him in the strongest way to make everything good again. The soul can even grow strong through compulsory experiences of this nature.

Now it must not be imagined again that those whose path remained straight have missed something. This is not so; but where a distortion occurred through one’s own wrong volition, only there can the change mercifully become beneficial in order to strengthen this distorted soul which showed such a weakness, to strengthen it to such an extent that it will not repeat the mistake. With this, of course, the fault has also fallen away from it.

Now look around you for once and observe your fellow-men! You will soon find among them women who bear masculine characteristics in their nature. Just today there are more of them than ever. One can say that much that is womanly appears to be absolutely infected with this; for it is not difficult to understand that a woman or a girl of this kind has and must have something in her nature which is distorted, because a woman naturally neither can nor should be a man.

With that, of course, I never mean the body; for this is almost always markedly female with the exception of the hips, which in most such cases are reminiscent of the male through their narrowness, which is therefore actually not womanly.

I mention this purposely because I immediately name therewith a distinctive outward mark. In most cases the female body harboring a distorted male soul will have this distinctive mark of the narrow hips inclining towards the male structure, in contradistinction to those whose soul is just beginning to strive towards the masculine in some way, be it in their opinions or in their activities, causing a propensity through which the threads develop for the next incarnation into a male body.

Of course there are also exceptions through the degeneration of the physical structure of women, which are due to over-breeding, also to one-sided sports or wrong physical activity indulged in by mothers, the consequences of which are transferred to the children.

We have therewith also designated two principal groups which we must keep separate from each other.

The one group of women and girls on earth who already bear a distorted male soul within themselves, and the other group who still harbor female souls but who are striving towards the masculine due to distorted conceptions, which they have either adopted voluntarily or received through wrong public education.

I probably need not specially mention that in the last-named cases not only the female souls themselves have to bear the consequences, but those who gave cause for this will also be woven into the threads of guilt.

However, we do not want to digress too much with this, but remain with the two groups we have found for the present. Let us eliminate those still developing, for they are female souls in the process of distortion whose physical bodies, due to the density and heaviness connected therewith, naturally cannot change any more in this present life on earth. This is reserved for them in their next incarnation.

But they are offered deliverance even from this. When in this present life they still pull themselves together and energetically shake off all that is unwomanly! Through this new threads must immediately form which will incline and pull towards female incarnation, while the other threads no longer receive any supply of power.

What is finally decisive, however, is the exact condition of the soul at its departure, the side towards which it is personally inclined most strongly. If up till then the female volition, thinking and activity has regained the upper hand within the soul, its radiation at its departure from earth will mainly strive towards those threads, and thereby revive such as lead towards the womanly; while the others after only a short and light experience in the beyond can then quickly dry up and fall off, providing they were not knotted too strongly beforehand.

It is also possible that these wrong threads are already redeemed during the time on earth through a strong womanly volition, and that the soul becomes free from them before it has to pass over. All this depends on the nature and strength of each particular volition, and on whether the soul incarnated on earth has still sufficient time left before its necessary departure to do this; for the Law must be fulfilled in any case. Either here on earth or after passing over.

However, for our consideration today let us take only those distorted souls which are already incarnated in corresponding physical bodies as a result of this distortion.

First among them the earthly womanhood in which weak masculine souls were incarnated, because in their former lives they deviated too much from the purely male thinking and activity. This already explains that in the case of such earth-women only weak male souls can be concerned. Thus it is not at all praiseworthy when a woman, contrary to the feminine nature, seeks to push male characteristics into the foreground or even to show them.

A woman of this kind is not really strong in any direction as regards her thoughts and actions, neither towards the male nor towards the female direction. She would also gain more for herself in the earthly sense if she tries to suppress the distortion.

Her experience, however, helps her to change; for she must soon notice that a genuine man never feels happy in her proximity. He finds within himself no understanding for her. Much less can any harmony arise, because genuine manhood is repulsed by everything false, thus also by the masculine striving of a woman! A marriage between a genuine man and a woman who carries within herself a distorted male soul can only take place on a purely intellectual basis. Genuine harmony will never arise therewith.

Such a woman will in any case be automatically drawn to those men who carry within themselves a distorted female soul!

Also the latter are subconsciously not taken seriously by men with undistorted souls. This unconscious intuitive perception and action, however, contains the force of truth, of reality.

However, all the consequences of such instinctive and intuitive actions, which we can describe as natural, produce an educational effect on the distorted souls who, through the painful experiences arising from their disappointments, are again bent towards the right direction, at least in many cases. But this does not preclude that later on they may ever again relapse into such or similar faults. Unless they become stronger through these experiences they will remain like reeds swaying in the wind. Much, much, however, can men now spare themselves in the future by becoming knowing in these matters. Much suffering and much time! For not until now could a soul become conscious of being distorted.

Just as it is with male souls in women’s bodies so it also is with female souls in men’s bodies. The same consequences arise for both parts out of one uniform, immutable law.

One thing which I have already mentioned in my lecture today will strike you when observing your surroundings: that strangely enough female souls in men’s bodies feel drawn to male souls in women’s bodies, and vice versa. Thus here the woman with a stronger intellectual volition and with predominant male characteristics feels in most cases unconsciously drawn to a man with more delicate characteristics.

Therein lies not only an unconscious seeking for balance, but also the great Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species is at work here!

The homogeneous species lies in the distortion of the souls! The souls of both are distorted, and through this there exists a real homogeneity, the species of which attract each other in accordance with the Law.

The attraction of the man towards the woman, sexual instinct being excluded, is the consequence or the effect of another law, and not that of the attraction of homogeneous species. For the sake of a better understanding it is appropriate if at this point I say something about the homogeneous species and explain what is to be understood by that term; for therein lies that which is decisive here.

The attraction of the homogeneous species is not the only kind which seems to have an attracting effect. There is a great difference in the process of the apparent attraction. The attraction of homogeneous species, this great Law of Creation, however, is fundamental for everything striving for union in Creation, no matter how this happens. This great Law as such is the cause of all these happenings, brings them about and also regulates them. It floats above everything and works like a motive force in them and through them in the entire weaving of Creation.

Therefore I first want to separate the species of attraction according to the character of their actual working, i.e., according to their manifestation: into the genuine attraction and into the desire for a union of split parts of a definite species, such desire being forcibly brought about by this great Law which overtops and conditions everything!

Consequently there is an attracting and a desiring for union in the working of Creation! The effects of both processes appear to be the same outwardly. The inner motivating power for this, however, is entirely different.

The attraction results from similar species which are complete within themselves, and the desire for union arises in the split species which continue to strive for the formation of a species again!

The assertion made by people that opposites attract each other but like poles repel each other is therefore only an apparent contradiction of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

In reality, however, this holds no contradiction; for this man-made assertion is valid and correct for the process in which there is the desire by the various split species for union into a definite species of full value. But only in this! Only among the complete species themselves does there come into force the actual Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which in addition calls forth the motivating effect of seeking union to establish a definite species of full value. It swings above and in it.

What man has hitherto recognized through his science are but the small happenings among the split species. He has not at all so far discovered the effect and manifestation of the real species, because on earth and in its nearer circle there exist only split species, i.e., small parts the activities and effects of which he was able to observe.

Thus the female spirit and the male spirit are also nothing but a split species each, which in accordance with the Laws of Creation strive towards each other seeking a union, i.e., they are only small parts which by their union in turn furnish but a part to the real spiritual species!

What is here stated, however, concerns only the fundamental feature between the female and the spiritual; whereas the soul-cloaks and finally the gross material cloaks are much smaller parts of consequent splittings from other species which, according to their particular basic species, produce a desire for union and therein show definite results.

The human being himself, for example, is no definite species, but only a splitting which carries within itself the desire for union.

But his evil thoughts or evil deeds are a definite species which attracts the homogeneous species and is attracted by it! From this you see that from a split species there can issue not only split parts but a complete species.

Let me give another hint here: There lies a very definite and immutable limitation in the attraction of homogeneous species. This also holds a greater power which is anchored in the basic law. The desire for union on the part of the split species, however, contains a greater freedom of movement granted through weakened power. For this reason split species can unite in various ways, and thus result in changing effects and forms.

Today I can only give a brief illustration of this because all these points vary a thousand fold and we should find no end. Unless I open up for you a very definite path in this, which is adapted to your human capacity, you would never be able to receive a really well-rounded picture of the happenings in Creation!

Therefore you must also follow me slowly. You must not try to go one step further before you have inwardly absorbed everything I explained to you correctly and ineffaceably; for otherwise you could and would become helpless on your way despite my guidance. You will derive no benefit from an unconscious following.

Reflect that you are following me along a path on which I do not return with you! Together we climb up a ladder on which there must be no single rung missing. We go up rung by rung.

If you do not experience each rung in the right way so that they become really familiar to you, it may easily happen that you suddenly lose your support on your way and must fall. If the rungs have not become familiar to you, have not become your own, then someday perhaps you may already stand at a considerable height, but confused; you can no longer continue upwards because you lack the secure support for this beneath your feet. But neither can you go back any more, because the rungs have not become sufficiently familiar for you to do so, and thus you must crash headlong down in a sudden fall.

Do not take such a warning and admonition too lightly, for your entire existence is at stake in these final earthly hours of a Cosmic epoch.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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