Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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58. I send you!

Go forth, proclaim and explain my Word in the Light of Truth! So that the Kingdom of God may come to this earth.

Your Kingdom come! How often have these words been spoken since Jesus, Son of God was here on this earth. Spoken with passion and zeal, imagined in fervent prayer, with unbearable longing, by those who sincerely struggle for the Light and for enlightenment.

Yet, now that the great hour in the cosmic happening has arrived which is to bring the Kingdom of God to you earthlings, you want to pass it by, or even attack it, because it is not coming in a manner that you had thought in your restricted imagination.

You do not realize what you are doing. But your ignorance does not protect you from the consequences of your actions which you will now have to suffer to the very end, no matter how bitter that end will be, and it may even have to be the end of you!

What you have prayed and pleaded for over thousands of years whenever sickness, worry and destitution knocked on your door to warn and admonish, you shall receive, since the time has been fulfilled; yet now you regard it as no more than you would regard a beggar who annoys you.

But God is Holy! Holy, too, is the Word He sends to you! He no longer allows that which is Holy to be abused by unfaithful human beings who consider themselves to be more than they are before Him and His sacrosanct Creation which is His work and which He gave to them in His Graciousness! — Holy, too however, is His wrath which humanity’s presumptuousness has forced upon itself so that it will be released and will purify those parts of the world which were poisoned by such wrongdoing.

Retribution will strike all men in Holy Justice in the exact way in which they themselves prepared the soil for it and with the kind of force they consequently deserve.

Justice! Each of you will receive it depending on the forms which your volition formed within you hitherto. —

Throughout the Heavens and through all the worlds there resounds, crystal clear, inexorable, sharp, the one word: Justice! This word is Life, it becomes your Judgment! It approaches with thunderous roar directly and without delay; it pervades and embraces the entire Creation with irresistible force, mighty and great, exalted beyond any human concept... Holy!

With this Justice the Kingdom of God now takes a foothold on this earth, in the entire Creation, so that all those who earnestly and in humility strive for the Light may feel happy and secure.

Time will show who belongs to that number! There will be no more “if” and “but” for people of this earth who up until now merely wasted their best time in playful speculation. It will be taken away from them and thus the weapon will be wrested from their hand, which they have persisted in turning upon themselves while wailing and ravaging.

This miracle is brought on by God’s Holy Wrath! You, however, go forth then, proclaim and explain my Message which will bring God’s Kingdom to men on earth.

Make certain that you proclaim and interpret the Message in the right way! Do not once again mix the wine with water as has happened before when Jesus walked the earth and even more so when he no longer dwelled on this earth.

You must therefore first of all completely comprehend the Message within yourselves before you are able to tell others about It! Then, if you want to share the Word with others you must use the form in which I have given it to you! In this, keep my Will as it is and do not introduce your own will into the same words. —

This requires you to fully understand my Will! When proclaiming my Message you must follow the structure which I gave you strictly and exactly! It contains wise, precisely intended guidance for those human souls that are longing for the Light. Use this as a guideline for the work of up-building and for the leadership. You must not arbitrarily alter anything, nor pick this or that Lecture from the middle, in the belief that this particular Lecture will be particularly suitable for an enquirer.

It would appear that way only in the beginning but soon it would become apparent what you neglected. You must guide the souls step by step, patiently, and without overloading them, just as I have guided you; for they come to you like children, ignorant of all the things that have already become familiar to you.

Do not expect of them that which you are able to give; for you must not forget that I have raised up your spirit for a higher level of comprehension than usual for man. You are specially gifted so that now you are able to fulfill!

Things that have long become matter of fact for you and that you no longer even mention are great revelations to seekers which they must first learn to fully comprehend before being able to move on in the knowledge.

You must never expect the inquirers to endeavor to grow into the high levels of your perception, instead you must meet them spiritually, must offer your hand to all who ask on their level of comprehension; and only in this way can they seize the help and use it to move upward.

Nor must you blend any part of Lectures from the current time with partial content of the beginning of the Message; they cannot be combined but must follow one another in sequence to form the steps necessary for the right understanding. The order assigned by me absolutely requires constantly increasing maturity; for I start with the beginning of existing comprehension and increase the level of knowledge step by step in a way that allows a human spirit to follow me. Then I expand the various parts of Creation more and more, separate many things that have up to now remained under a collective general term into new parts which I had not named before.

Only in this way was it possible for me, in time, to unfold a picture of great things which a human being can grasp, provided he follows me precisely, not leaving out or skipping lightly over even one step. The smallest gap would make it completely impossible for him!

The structure of my Message is connected with the mystery of Omniscience which knows the human spirits and their capabilities better than you humans are able to know. You must submit to this wisdom implicitly, or you will never reach the goal you strive for!

I do not hand over the Message to you so that you can deal with It as you see fit in your efforts to transmit it to humanity, but I command that It must remain immutable in all that It contains and in the way It is! Whoever will change even the smallest meaning, the smallest word, even with the best intention, is guilty of wrongdoing!

It Is the Holy Word of God, which man may not touch in order to adapt It in a way more convenient for himself or for easier understanding by indolent human spirits!

The structure must remain as I gave it to you. Whoever seeks to tamper with it must be excluded from the Grace of offering to others therefrom. Too much sin has already been committed with the Word of Jesus, where human cleverness tried to screen and sift, only because it failed to comprehend the Word and considered some of It too inconvenient for earthly realization. In consequence man preferred to retain earthly concepts, and distorted the Word so as to make It conform to human ways of thinking.

In its structure the Message offers to the human soul continual ascent up to its uppermost perfection! Be mindful of this and never be tempted to deviate from it.

Consider that you are to provide guidance! In guiding, one steadily progresses and does not constantly jump back to places that have long been passed.

Do not treat the Holy Word in the same manner as has been the custom in temples and churches. Do not pick parts from the middle, the beginning or the end alternately in order to discuss, explain and interpret them; instead follow always and only the one steady path that I gave you in the structure. The Word is not to conform to people, but everyone is to conform to the Word! For the Word is, but men are yet to become.

This time it is up to man to approach the Word, it is not up to the Word to approach individuals.

You must comprehend this well, and impress it upon your mind; for herein lies help for mankind and success for you. Do not dissect the Word but separate people into groups which have to allow themselves to be guided by a skilled spirit! That will be the right way. Always start at the beginning with each group! Do not accept anyone in between unless he first made every effort to catch up on everything so as to be able to be on the same level with the others.

It would be wrong in a group of serious listeners to arbitrarily go back again and again in the progression of lectures for the sake of convenience. Be aware, however: I refer only to those who teach and guide, those who spread my Word, not to the listeners or readers.

Listeners and readers may, of course, always go back on their own, since from the beginning every sentence contains necessary knowledge which is not repeated in the same way. Man must not miss any of it.

Man’s soul is carefully guided in my Word. It is in the very structure that man finds all the supports necessary for his soul. Therefore the soul must not make any leaps either forward or backward. Of course, it must stand securely on each step before lifting a foot toward the next one. Compliance with this will lead the soul to accomplishing its goal without falling and without delay.

Therefore follow me in this too: Just as I endeavor in my lectures up here to live on your present level, so you must in your work adapt yourselves to the respective current maturity level of the people who ask for your help if you wish to be successful in really helping them.

It is for this purpose that you were especially gifted and were taught and prepared far from the general world, each one according to his particular nature.

Thus guard against using previously covered material for a current level of maturity. Also avoid jumping ahead in your explanations. Both ways are confusing, inhibiting and repelling rather than supporting progress, no matter how well intended. You will always cause harm instead of benefit, you will offer stones instead of bread.

Therefore, remain alive in the Word and in the people; strive to always keep harmony between these two poles, creating balance within yourselves if you wish to spread my Word truly in accordance with my intent!

Never seek the easy way in your activity but remain flexible within yourselves as well as in your environment; for the Holy Word is Life!

Proclamation of the Word is not meant to be comfortable hours of uplifting for people, but rather hours of most rigorous work for their spirit as well as for you who wish to spread the Word!

You are not supposed to uplift men, but to guide them! Guide them upward on a path to luminous heights. This requires effort! There must be no jumping backward or forward, or aimless commingling, merely in order to arbitrarily pick and choose nice passages. A person who wishes to reach a beautiful view point must walk the entire way to it or he cannot enjoy this view! Pay attention to such allegories from Nature, which can be your best guidelines for much or all of your activity.

When you speak use simple expressions! Greatness lies only in simplicity. Note however that simplicity must never be confused with indolence. That would be wrong. Indeed, true simplicity requires greatest expenditure of energy from you!

Simplicity also requires unadulterated authenticity; for without authenticity simplicity would instantly degenerate into ludicrousness. Simplicity in thought, speech and action will never allow for deception nor duplicity for they will find no hiding place in it. Simplicity must be genuine through and through; otherwise it cannot exist and is not simplicity which is inseparable from Truth.

Only the Truth can therefore be spoken in simple and clear words. Everything else needs to be circumscribed with pretty words, pompous phrases, appendages, just to sound important. This also applies precisely to your actions and your entire way of living. Only if you can become truly simple in all this will you be truly genuine within!

Do not mistake simplicity for poorness or paltriness! They are very different from each other.

Simplicity manifests beauty of every kind, more than that, it is beauty itself, and beauty is naturalness in every form; for what is natural is always beautiful per se. Man alone, through affectation, turns so many things into caricatures because he lost simplicity within himself.

Called ones, there is still much you need to learn and there are many ways in which you have to change; but there is only enough time left for you to act, there is no longer time left for reflecting or slow maturing. Overnight you must now be ready in yourselves!

Called ones have accepted the obligation to live in an exemplary manner in society, in their profession or business as well as in their families, in short, to live as true human beings, pleasing to God, supporting and uplifting all of Creation whose rich fruits they may enjoy in every form as they are always provided for them at an always richly set table.

If some are not admitted to It in order to satisfy themselves, the fault lies only with people who interfere in wicked ways; for Creation offers everything that humans need, it offers enough for everyone It has received as guest. —

At the same time you are not to only teach the Word, you are to make It come alive within you and about you! Even about you, in your outward appearance! You must form yourselves according to the Word.

He who keeps the Word alive within himself in him the Word will, without fail and spontaneously, surge outward and manifest not only in his speech but in all his actions! Such a person will endeavor to ennoble himself, in cleanliness, in his dress, his movements, he will, and indeed he must endeavor to be a joy to his fellowmen whether in his work, his daily life, at the table, or in his leisure time, regardless, he will form his whole being in a way that evidences earthly perfection.

This is the duty, the goal for every man on earth; it is also his purpose for being incarnated on this earth. He is to smoothen himself through living among his fellowmen. Even though he has to leave his earthly body behind when he continues his journey through Creation... everything that he acquired in the constraint of the physical body, self control, nobility of movement, he will take with him as the property of his soul.

The inner development of the spirit must keep equal pace with his physical nature, must be in harmony.

It is not possible for a human spirit to be truly noble and mature if he lets himself go in his physical being. If he does, things are not right with his spirit. Under no circumstances!

Most people however have different ideas in this regard; therefore, many remain very careless in their personal manners and in their social intercourse; some even eat their food in such a way as to offend others at the table, because the most basic sense of the esthetic is repulsed. This represents a lack of consideration for others and is definitely not a sign of inner maturity or value.

These are details of great significance for so many important matters, even for spiritual ascent! More than being merely earthly habits, such manners also become attached to the spirit impeding its progress! Far too little attention has been paid to these matters. Man simply categorized many manifestations of spiritual flaws under the umbrella of “lack of tact” or “insensitivity.”

These things are crucial for many a human destiny; they are obstacles to earthly as well as spiritual ascent. They are not trivialities or minor details as they are thought to be, but they all are manifestations of spiritual flaws which remain attached even after passing over to the beyond and are capable of forcing the human soul into many intermediate incarnations on this earth, thus delaying, if not totally preventing ascent.

Therefore, men, form yourselves according to the Word even outwardly, keeping pace with your increasing maturity, otherwise you lack harmony and you may be pulled back from your ascent despite your best volition!

There is nothing one-sided for man. The spirit cannot mature by itself on earth without pulling along the earthly body in its development! A good-natured person who in his earthly ways still carelessly lets himself go shows that his spirit cannot be considered good as well; for being good means being spiritually mature and ready for the lighter regions. This however is not possible without physically striving to keep up with the spirit.

This is possible for any socio-economic class without exception; it is possible for the most simple human being; for nothing is required but good volition and the effort to exert self-discipline. For it requires neither time nor money nor anything else; it can be practiced anywhere and at any time. At work or at mealtime, as well as during hours of rest or of entertainment and diversion. There is not one moment in life when it could not be practiced.

Therefore, let your outward conduct bear witness now to your spirit, which has actually been thirsting for this for a long time!

He who does not strive to accomplish this will join those who are like him and therefore have the same vibrations as he does, which he cannot disturb. This will create a certain kind of harmony, even among this kind; it is easier for them to ascend because they are not held down by anger which their careless behavior arouses in others.

Then, when you have fulfilled all of this, and only then can you approach seekers in the right way and properly present yourself! You will then be the way seekers expect you to be! In this way you help those who are striving for the Light of Truth, who yearn for It! You give them much indeed, for your outward appearance is what they see and judge first!

At first people see only your outward appearance! Your dress, your entire demeanor, the way you conduct yourself in social interaction. Therefore, transform your outward appearance accordingly so as to fulfill the Word in this way also. It is the bridge which people must cross in order to find their way to your soul and to the treasure of your spirit which you wish to offer!

Then, when people are ready to open their souls before you, do not overwhelm them with your knowledge, called ones! Men want the Holy Word, not your knowledge. Bear this in mind!

You have been richly gifted with much knowledge so that you will be able to work in this knowledge. It was given to you to use in your service, not for you to pass on to people as knowledge! The knowledge is to make your service easier for you, it is only to be used by you for the benefit of men, it is not to be left to them. Attempts to do so would have to lead to revenge upon you and prove wrong, because people would have no idea what to do with it.

In fragmented form they would attempt to use the lofty gifts only for self-serving purposes, just as they have always done; and this is not intended.

The abilities you received for use in the service of the Grail must be sacred to you! This contains everything I have to say to you on this subject. More harm and new misfortune would come to humanity from such partial knowledge.

Therefore, only work in your knowledge and your understanding, but do not teach it! It is the requirement I give to the called ones for their journey in service. If you fulfill this requirement you will sow blessings, if you do not adhere to it you will spread misfortune, first of all unto yourselves then also onto others.

If a called one uses the abilities given to him properly, quietly and faithfully in his work people will be happy, they will quickly recognize and gratefully enjoy all the blessings. However, were he to explain his knowledge to others, be it only in his own enjoyment or satisfaction, they will not understand him, therefore have doubts about his knowledge and turn away from him! Speak to your fellow men through your activity, called ones!

Never forget that you received your abilities as a gift, that everything you are able and permitted to do is by God’s Grace!

Whatever your earthly needs are will flow to you in abundance if you make the effort. But never presume to use these gifts in self-serving thoughts of your intellect, that is, for purposes other than the service of the Holy Grail! According to Grail Law, they would become a curse rather than a blessing to you. You have been endowed so that you may give! Make this the basis for your activity in the future.

Be mindful of this at all times and let not your intellect set traps for you. Stay firm and free in your endeavor, faithful in service, then, ultimately, humanity’s gratitude will joyfully accompany you to luminous heights, where God’s Love awaits you who have proven to be faithful servants in the vineyard of the Lord!

Go forth, proclaim and explain the Word in the Light of Truth to all human beings who yearn for It, and be examples to them always so that God’s Kingdom may come to this earth also!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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