Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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7. The Spiritual Planes I

For all those who have already absorbed my Message aright, and only for those, it is now time for me again to expand the picture of Creation somewhat further, in order to increase their knowledge of it.

In this way you will be initiated into higher recognitions, which have not been given to mankind in the past because they would not have understood, for they would have been far too immature spiritually to absorb them. And no man, of his own accord, could ever have attained to these recognitions.

These higher recognitions must be given from above as a grace from the Light! Often in the past I have spoken of the Primordial Beings who are active in Primordial Creation, the Pure Spiritual Realm.

Instead of saying Pure spiritual I could with equal justification use the expressions High Spiritual and Complete spiritual, also I could designate it as the High Spiritual. All would be correct.

But I preferred the term Pure Spiritual in view of the most pure spiritual that was able to take on form there. It is the most pure and thereby the strongest out of the spiritual which is capable of becoming fully conscious of itself, and in remaining conscious also to be active, under the highest pressure of the Light which the spiritual, as being spiritual, can bear at all.

In becoming self-conscious the form arose simultaneously without having first to undergo a slow process of development, as becomes necessary in lower lying, even more cooled off, therefore denser and also slower orbits of this Creation.

After the strongest out of the spiritual was immediately able to sever itself and take on form, remaining in the closest proximity to the Divine Sphere and held fast by the latter’s strong attraction through the Light-Pressure, the remainder was pushed further away by this pressure because it was unable to resist and had to give way to the too strong pressure, after the strongest thereof had become form. Form of different varieties, such as human-, animal- and plant forms, water, fire, air and earth, all of course remaining spiritual.

The spiritual species which had been pushed still further away and remained unformed was able to cool off even more in the greater distance from the Light, and with this a further new world came into existence; for in the cooling off process that which this time ranked the strongest in the remainder of the spiritual could now separate itself and take on form in order to be consciously active in this plane which had cooled off more.

However, the second as well as the first, the uppermost plane, contain many gradations within themselves, which formed according to the speed of their ability to be conscious.

In turn the differences therein were conditioned by the differences in a greater or lesser capacity to bear the nearness of the Light-Pressure which occur even within a homogeneous species.

Thus here, too, there are still fine distinctions. Therefore each plane of a particular homogeneous species has nevertheless within its boundaries numerous planes which can be active either nearer to the highest point of this particular plane or only further away.

This often results in barely noticeable transitions which stretch in this way through the whole of Creation without interruption, resulting in glorious, absolutely gapless connections for the Light-Power to pass through; steps as we may also call them, which, however, despite their delicate nature, can never be crossed upwards unless the corresponding degree of consistency in the homogeneous species has been attained for this purpose!

But the developed human spirits, to which earthmen belong, originate neither in the aforementioned first nor in the second collective spiritual plane, but they issue from the last precipitation of spiritual substance, which does not hold enough strength to be able to form itself and become conscious in the second plane of the spirit.

Neither could this precipitation remain there since it was no longer able to withstand the pressure of the Light even at this more remote place, after that part had severed and formed itself which was able to do so, on this second plane. Thus the part left over, being the last precipitation, had to recede still further into yet deeper cooling-off possibilities.

But here also, being the weakest part and last precipitation of the spiritual, it was not possible for this precipitation to become conscious of its own accord without receiving an impulse from outside. That is why they remained only human spirit-germs, although capable of development and filled with the urge for it by their spiritual nature, yet not strong enough to awaken of themselves, and thus to take on form in the process of becoming conscious.

The spiritual nature of plants and animals and everything else in this last condensation was still able to form itself and produce glorious populated landscapes; these do not require the strength of personal self- consciousness as is the case with creatures of the human spiritual which can form only out of the special spiritual nature which bears within it self-volition, thus being of a different spiritual species than that from which plants and animals are able to form themselves.

It is only there that the spirit of earth-man as such originates in the great Creation; here is also where arose and where is the Paradise of the human spirits that develop toward perfection; it is the plane of their actual origin and at the same time of their return upon perfection!

Looking downwards from above it lies at an immense depth, yet looking upwards from the earth it lies nevertheless at an unfathomable height; for the planes of the Worlds of Matter, which are the spheres of development and fields of activity for the human spirits, extend far and wide.

Their inability to awaken of themselves, even at this outermost place, which is furthest away from the Light and the last point of support of the spiritual, forces these spirit-germs as they follow the inner urge for development to move on even further in order gradually to develop to spiritual consciousness by wandering through the more and more distant Worlds of fine and coarse Matter, since the friction and impact of their density and weight contribute to and compel them to awaken and grow strong.

That is the approximate picture of the genesis of your human spirit.

Until now I have always spoken of the Primordially Created ones and of the Developed ones, but never mentioned Created ones! It would have been too much for mankind as long as they do not thoroughly know or have not actually absorbed my Message inwardly; for in the case of the Living Word of the Message simple reading is not sufficient. It requires an alert spirit and from the very beginning absolutely the greatest volition in the seeking for the Light.

Only to those who are this serious and to those who plead for it do I give the extended view into the wonderful Creation, which surrounds you as the Work of God in clear greatness, with the activity of the most perfect and thereby irrevocable self-acting laws.

It remains unpleasant enough to know the unworthy manner in which earthly mankind have been exerting themselves for thousands of years to restrict and oppress in a destructive way their most valuable possession, indeed the only thing that makes them real human beings, their spirit, so much so that now man on earth is even ashamed to speak of something spiritual, to admit to a spiritual experience, but it becomes agonizing to experience ever again that men, with an incredibly ridiculous stupidity, take this voluntarily enforced narrow-mindedness even for cleverness, regard it indeed as learnedness!

There is only one consolation in this matter: the knowledge of the turning-point in these things which is already so near at hand as nobody would suspect or believe; and the knowledge of the fact that a part of these same men will then look back with shame to the time of their disgraceful aberration which removes them far from their real humanity and human dignity, while the other part will no longer matter; for it will have ceased to exist.

Only with this in view do I continue my explanations. Since I have spoken of Primordially Created ones this in itself suggests that I would also be speaking of Created ones; for otherwise I simply would have mentioned only the Created Ones and the Developed ones.

However, I wish to lift the veil even more for the human spirit after having already given him a very compact picture of the path of the Light down to him, along which path with its various anchorages the Light had to proceed each time help was extended from above, only to be rejected in the end by these small earthmen with their outrageous conceit, as has always happened in the past.

Tremble therefore when the Omnipotence of God now calls you to Judgment!

It is true that revelations from the planes I have mentioned to you today have often come down to you, but you only absorbed meager fragments and formed them according to your human nature, so that accounts can be found only as badly distorted fragments in legends and poetic writings. Presentations that are confused and impossible according to the Laws of Creation, interwoven with various happenings of a purely earthly nature... the result is a mixture which seems sublime to you, but which appears ridiculous when compared to the Truth, and which can only be excused by your complete lack of knowledge.

Before my Message people here and there had already heard of the existence of such planes, but they were unable to keep them apart since they lacked any kind of real knowledge about them, and so, due to the usual conceit of man’s trying-to-be-clever, the most impossible forms arose.

It is easy to understand why serious people shook their heads and kept at a proper distance, while the most frightful aberrations arose among enthusiasts and visionaries, quite apart from the fact that especially the many small would-be greats sought to use such opportunities to swing themselves upwards without effort, so as to be able at least once to satisfy their morbid craving for effortless recognition, which is always inherent in them!

The only result was a disgusting ethereal swamp which became a great danger to the human spirits, because it prevented them from accepting the Truth uninfluenced and thus recognizing the right path to ascent! Hesitation, however, will mean annihilation for very many people who could otherwise have saved themselves from it.

In spite of everything, however, it is none the less the personal and free will, and the consequence of a self-created indolence of the spirit of each individual, which holds him back from recognition, causing him thereby to be forfeited as useless in the Judgment and according to God's Law.

Whoever exerts himself only a little must very soon clearly recognize the truth in these writings through his intuitive perception.

Let us take the legend about Parsifal! Starting in his thinking from this small earth man seeks to fathom and to find something about Parsifal in order to discover the origin and development of the legend.

Although earthly writers envisioned earthly persons who gave the outward impulse to the form of the literary work, yet in the spiritual immersion in their work they unconsciously drew much from sources which they themselves did not know. Since in the end, however, they again polished it up with their intellect, thus seeking to make it beautiful in the earthly sense and easier to understand, even what little flowed to them from unknown planes was compressed into the World of Gross Matter, diminished and distorted.

It is not worthwhile to add further specific explanations. I am giving what is founded on fact, and every person can take from it whatever his spirit is able to.

Yet it is necessary from the outset to further point out certain things, which for many people will clarify some of the errors, and which will facilitate much for those who can be initiated into higher recognitions, because through this they will be able to rise above all of the wrong that has taken root on earth right from the beginning.

There actually is a Castle where an Amfortas dwelt, who for a time was considered the highest guardian there. In this Castle there is a vessel called the “Grail”, which is faithfully guarded by the knights. It was there that Amfortas actually came to fall, and where a great helper was promised.

But this happened neither on earth nor in the high Light Castle of Primordial Creation.

The Castle revealed there is to be found even today as the highest point on a plane in which the Created Beings have their field of activity towards the developed ones. In their purest volition and worship of God they created only an imitation of the Light Castle, which radiates down from the highest point in Primordial Creation and, as the actual Castle of the Holy Grail, also forms the exit gate from the Divine Sphere of Radiation.

This lower lying imitation was once Amfortas’ area of activity, and of his fall when he succumbed to the evil influence of Lucifer who soared from the depth all the way up to him. His mistake was that by following this influence he once, for a short time, sought to devote himself to the comfortable enjoyment of a proud knightly life.

Therewith he stepped out of the balance of the necessary movement of his plane, which movement the Primordial Law of Creation automatically compels all to maintain who wish to remain at the same height. For a short time Amfortas came to a standstill, thereby creating an impediment and a gap for the passage of the Power of the Light.

Thus his fall was unavoidable and it tore him down. The gap was the wound he bore. Upon the supplication of the faithful knights the coming of the helping Pure One who could arrest the destruction was already previously proclaimed.

And Parsifal fulfilled the promise as He journeyed through all the parts of Creation, just as He fulfills all of the promises that were ever given to the creatures of the entire Creation. But the fulfillment was entirely different than what is described in the poetic literature.

The description of Creation also brings full enlightenment about this, and eliminates all that has been wrong in the past.

Thus only parts of a revelation from the imitation of the Light Castle could penetrate to the deeply immersed spirits of these earthly poets, who absorbed them during their work, but they did not come from the luminous Grail Castle itself; for there it was impossible to prophesy Parsifal, because Parsifal was and is the First in the whole of Creation, and out of Him the entire Creation could even come into existence. He is part of the God-Spirit Imanuel, anchored into the Pure Spiritual in order to create the Pure Spiritual.

It was out of His Light-Radiation that the Primordial Beings came into existence and with them the Castle and everything that took on form. Thus He could not be prophesied to anyone, because He Himself was the First and all else could only come into existence after Him. No one but He has ever been King of the Holy Grail!

For this reason it was only natural that the Castle of which the poets speak had to be below the actual Grail Castle, because later on Parsifal hastened through the world in order to redeem it from the evil influence of Lucifer, and to shackle him for the Kingdom of God lasting a thousand years in the World of Matter.

Thus during His wandering through all the parts of Creation He also came to that Castle which is wrongly described in the poetic writings. He made His entry there as King of the Holy Grail, Who He is from the beginning and Who He will remain eternally, because He Himself originates from the Light. Nor did He remain there, but in place of Amfortas He appointed a new highest guardian for the vessel which they honor as the image of the Holy Grail.

In the Holy Light Castle which surrounds the actual Grail it is absolutely impossible for one of Its guardians to fail, because Parsifal remains present therein, He in Whom an Unsubstantiate part of the Light Itself is anchored, which was guided down from out of Imanuel through the Primordial Queen Elizabeth at the Word of God: Let there be Light!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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