Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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9. The longing that brings salvation

Every human being on earth, who is not altogether lost inwardly, is filled with a great longing: the longing for the liberation of his spirit!

How this liberation is to come about no one really knows. They all simply have the desire for it, which grows steadily stronger in a conspicuous manner.

And it is strange: this longing shows itself in so many different forms. Some souls are overcome with weariness, others feel a sadness which they cannot understand, a great number are afflicted with a restlessness that worries them; and yet there are also those who bear within the intuitive sense of great happiness, without knowing the reason for it.

A great multitude, however, live as though in a daze; they are extremely sensitive, mistrustful, irritable, and during many a disturbed and sleepless night there rises before them the specter of an inferiority whose grinning emptiness leaves them helpless; and this in turn whips up their craving for influence and power in order to fill the ever more obvious gap.

The more such human beings perceive themselves to be irretrievably sinking spiritually, the more desperately will they cling to outward appearance! Their minds can now only strive after empty superficialities, which they clothe in big words in order to deaden for a few moments the ever-increasing feeling of their own inferiority, in an exhausting frenzy of indulgences or festivities.

Such indulgences are not necessarily always of a purely carnal kind, but there are also indulgences consisting of a wrong desire to dominate, to satisfy vanity or the craving for power, which may manifest in many different ways, from uncontrolled willful brutality down to the most ridiculous games, which are regarded as harmless, but which in reality do not remain harmless if obstacles are put in their way.

As you know, all childishness bears cruelty within it, as soon as force is required to attain gratification.

In the end, as these sinking and lost ones realize their impotence, there breaks forth in all of them an unjustified rage, seething with hatred, against all of those human beings who still bear values within and who show genuine ability.

Envy then prevents them from uniting peacefully with such people in order to make beneficial use of their abilities, unless they are first given an oath of their absolute subordination.

But even this would not leave such frenzied ones in peace, for, judging according to their own faults, they do not trust the other person’s word, and moreover fear that they will soon lose out to his ability.

They are afraid that the abilities of others cannot after all remain hidden forever, and that in time they will clearly come to light, with the result that their own inability will be all the more sharply exposed. This is the last thing vanity can bear. The mere thought of it arouses rebellion which can only plot destruction.

Thus envious hate grows into the final grotesque excesses of the spiritually sinking people: the unpredictable and unjust ravings of complete recklessness: the fate of tyrants!

Yet in thinking of such tyrants you must not necessarily think only of the leaders of large peoples; for I do not refer to specific individuals; nor should Nero rise before you, or the greatest shame of so-called Christianity at the time of the churches’ inquisitions, which were hostile to God; instead you must only observe and learn in the present time, so that you become spiritually free human beings, such as your Creator wants you to be!

I wish to open the eyes of your spirit through this; for at this time the Creator speaks to you in every happening more clearly than ever before, so that you mature in spirit thereby!

You can find tyrants everywhere, in the professions, in society and in families! There are many more of them now than ever; for all men stand in the Judgment! Therefore everything is developing more swiftly and intensely than ever before.

Heed the time and also the signs that I indicate to you with my explanations. You will benefit greatly if you let everything come to an experiencing within you!

With this description I have shown you the state of present-day mankind, as they are today, without being aware of it.

They are already divided into two distinct groups. One group consists of the first-mentioned, whose souls are filled with longing, and who are unconsciously awaiting something which they cannot yet name, because the time for it is yet to come.

The second group is formed by those last mentioned, who are heading for perdition, which they must bring about for themselves in accordance with the all-holy Will of God. This group also includes all those who of their own free will or because of indolence fraternize with those who are sinking.

This is already the process of the separation of all of mankind on earth into the sheep and the goats, as was foretold long ago!

The great basic fulfillment for the Judgment is already completed, and men have no idea of it! They live in the frenzy of their own ideas and in dreams of the greatness and significance of their existence... all the while drawing nearer to the end which will very soon awaken them to reality, to their accountability for every thought, every word and every deed!

All this is beyond the imagination of men, for they imagine it to be much smaller than it actually is, while trying to value themselves as much greater than they really are.

It would be utterly useless to give a broad picture of the future. You will benefit only if you know of that which is happening now, if you understand the present and gain from it a rich harvest for the future!

Be alert, observe and examine all things without becoming submerged in them! It is for this that I give you these explanations; for you must be able to experience all changes knowingly. He who neglects to do this has no idea what blessings he has forfeited thereby.

Grasp my words and look about you! It will then be as though scales fall from your eyes.

The origin of all that I have spoken of today, which is coming to light more and more clearly, is not known to men although they must experience these happenings themselves. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible for them to ward off the consequences in any way, or to change them in any way unless they change themselves! That alone could bring them relief, and nothing else in the world.

All are subject to this happening, whether reluctantly or willingly; and so are you, every single one of you. You are at its mercy unconditionally. All this, however, is the beginning, which rushes with terrifying speed towards the end. The end that for many can and will be an end only of the utmost horror, and for a few an end bringing spiritual liberation from bonds that have oppressed them for thousands of years as a self-enforced disaster which they have to suffer today.

But the same Power: the Light-Pressure from the Primordial Light, the Holy Will coming forth from God, is the cause of the longing that brings salvation, as well as of the development that leads to the sharp boundary-line where self-destruction sets in!

This pressure is so intensified at the great turning-point of mankind that it now streams purifyingly through the worlds, forcing all things to swing uniformly once more in the harmonious Laws of Creation,and now, as the final work, also seizing this earth and holding it in a relentless grip, releasing in the closing of the cycles everything that has taken place on it, thereby either destroying or uplifting ; destroying all that refuses to swing in His incorruptible Laws, and invigorating all that willingly seeks to adapt itself.

What you will now see on the basis of these explanations, in order to mature thereby, are the first earthly visible effects of the enormous Light-Pressure, which has never been on earth before!

Soon, and in ever swifter succession, the other effects will then follow inexorably, until finally your earth, too, will be cleansed of all that is false, and of all that refused to conform to the Laws of God in order to give preference to their own volition and thinking.

At this time only the knowledge of that which you are able to observe for yourselves can be of use to you, and therefore I draw your attention to the current happening that is already pivotal for the end of the Judgment; for it separates all men into those who are sinking and those who can be saved!

Countless are the signs that proclaim the beginning of the Final Judgment; but men hurry past them, assuming or deluding themselves into believing that everything has already happened often before.

But they forget to compare the conditions under which this or that has already occurred in the past with those of today. There are very great differences, which must not be overlooked if one wishes to judge aright.

Above all, man must not be so timid, cowardly or superficial as to try and ignore the present absolutely astonishing abundance of events, be they natural or economic catastrophes, murders and suicides, political upheavals, the struggle for earthly power between states and churches, and so much more.

Never has there been such an abundance of everything at the same time as it is today. This in itself should be an indication to every thinking person of the accelerated release of events, which are visibly increasing; it should awaken the notion of a tremendous cosmic cycle coming to a close through a power higher than the will and the capacity of men and of the retribution connected therewith.

All that is false will perish in it, and only what is good will remain. The good or the false, however, as measured not by the mind of man, but by the Mind of God alone!

On their own volition, men remain so ignorant of everything! Out of fear, superficiality and carelessness, or out of conceit. Last but not least there is spiritual indolence. Even a great many of the Light-seekers cannot quite free themselves from this. In my last lecture I have already referred to spiritual indolence, which goes so far that even intellectually clever people do not really want to “think” about matters that do not directly concern their earthly ambitions!

Men do not want to understand, and will only recognize everything when recognition is no longer of any use to them. Therefore all the calls from the Light for an awakening are in vain.

With anything that is new to them, men thoughtlessly refer to the warning against the false prophets at the time of the earth-life of the true great Helper from the Light, who at the same time releases the Judgment.

Mindlessly they talk about all this, and one sees the emptiness and immaturity of their souls, the unworthiness of such a human spirit for further development, because its indolence will miss every opportunity for ascent and place itself as an obstruction in the way of new revelations, so that the Love from the Light can find no entrance for salvation.

Who among men realizes that false prophets cannot refer one-sidedly only to the concept of the bringers of new revelations, but that it concerns every single one of those who pretend to be able to fulfill even a part of that task which calls for the Power of the Promised Light-Envoy.

Nor does the term refer to only those who claim to be the reincarnation of the Savior, which in itself clearly shows their own ignorance of the task of the Promised Son of Man; but it concerns very many more.

However, to be able to form a judgment on this, there is first required a different kind of knowledge: The knowledge of the real task of the Promised Son of Man on earth!

On reflection you will see that at this point already things become bogged down. There is no human being on earth who has genuine knowledge about this! Although there has been much talk about it for hundreds of years, real knowledge of it does not exist. With words from the Bible which they do not understand themselves, every questioner is given an answer which offers no enlightenment and once more only thrusts into the foreground the untenable groping of all those who pretend to be knowing, thus making it plainly visible.

Actually, a false prophet is a person who dares to assert that he is able to accomplish some of the things that are reserved for the Envoy of God!

And of those there are many today because it is a matter of earthly workings, not only of a teaching; for the Promised One will be the one and only and the true helper of mankind in their spiritual- and their earthly afflictions!

It will not be too difficult for human beings to recognize the false prophets at the right hour, for to come to recognition they must experience it on themselves, since otherwise they would not believe what they were told.

All the works of those who, as false prophets, have made promises to men which they cannot keep will now collapse as being untenable or they will not even come into being in the first place, by which men must recognize, albeit through bitter experience, that they put their trust in false promises and believed in feigned abilities that did not exist.

These are the actual false prophets referred to in the prophecy, because those who believe in them must suffer bitter experiences through painful disappointments.

Those, however, who claim to be the reincarnated Jesus are not even to be counted among the false prophets, but they are liars, who themselves have no idea of the mission of the Son of Man, and still less have the ability to start with even the smallest part of it. They do not even know that Jesus and the Son of Man are not one person, but two distinct persons according to human conceptions, although they are one in that sense which Jesus implied when He said of Himself: I and the Father are One!

Strange that even many a Christian, who always speaks correctly and as a matter of fact of the Trinity of God, Who is Three and yet One, will not grasp this! And he unhesitatingly separates Jesus, Who is Part of the Trinity, as standing and acting apart from It, standing alone as the Savior Personified. Man is not really wrong in this, but he does not understand it! He does not reflect on it because he is too indolent in spirit.

But let us go a little further. The man who points to the false prophets, rejecting them, must also realize that the emergence of false prophets is indeed one of the many signs heralding the appearance of the real Envoy!

Surely then, the real seeker should at least be on his guard so as not to miss the Right One! It must leave him no peace, and must spur him on to the most earnest examination of everything that is offered him, so that without hesitation he may become a helper for the Coming One instead of perhaps a hindrance on his path! Or even an annoyance!

He, the earth-man, must exert himself to recognize Him! That is one of the tasks God has assigned to him, so that this time he may prove himself worthy of the Holy Word. But on looking at and observing the seekers one finds that even those who call themselves such act far too superficially in this matter. But the cause of this is not only carelessness, or rather habitual superficiality due to spiritual indolence, but with seekers in particular it is first and foremost vanity and conceit!

This weakness alone will plunge the greater part of all those who call themselves Light-seekers into perdition! And that’s no pity; for they are hypocrites who do not apply that earnestness to the Word from God which is Its due, but merely wish to bask in their conceited efforts, which completely lack humility.

And humility alone opens the gate to the recognition of all that comes from the Light!

But even setting aside this fact, there still remains one point which to many seems quite insurmountable: how do the seekers picture this Promised One in His earth-life and in His “coming!” In this case the expression “coming” refers to His “stepping forth,” for surely it is clear to every human being that He will neither fall as a gross material man from Heaven, nor that He will appear as a child.

In reality they do not picture anything at all! Instead, by their unformed hopes or expectations, they impose rather narrow, limited conditions from the very beginning!

First and foremost is the wish that He should come from their particular circles! They simply cannot picture it otherwise, because they imagine they have the first claim, since they have believed in His coming sooner than the others.

Of course, He must take care of them, that is His duty; for He comes as the helper in their need; perhaps He should even let Himself be led by them; for He is a stranger on earth and needs their caring advice, which they will offer Him through the experiences they have already gathered! Thus they would like to build a future for Him which He would owe to them. And in reciprocity blessings would surely be theirs.

In short, all their thinking, all their volitions are purely earthly, restricted to their petty earthly thoughts and earthly conceptions, mingled with many secret desires.

They do not consider that He must already have gathered His own experiences even at the start, completely unrecognized until then, so as to preclude any possibility of being influenced, but that men must reveal themselves as they really are, in all their weaknesses, their faults, and in all evil! Also in their attitude towards Him.

Human reflection does not go so far as to realize that all this can only take place in the most natural and simple everyday environment, and through the most realistic experiencing. With boundless superficiality and actual indifference men entertain the expectation of special unearthly, extraordinary events! Quite conspicuous if possible.

Why? No one can account for this. Nor does it occur to anyone that in particular anything conspicuous would immediately be opposed by all those who believe they have a certain power and influence here, and this is quite apart from the fact that anything conspicuous could never provide the opportunity for deep insights.

It is not the case that those coming from the Light can easily see through or even understand the pettiness of earthmen in their thinking and evil volition; for evil is alien and incomprehensible to the Light. How often do even parents fail to understand their own children, who are of the same species as they, whereas the nature of the Light remains utterly alien to all that is of human nature.

Only with great trouble, and through personal experience and suffering, can the Light-Messenger gain recognition of all the evils on earth and above all, of any evil volition, but He can never gain an understanding of it, because evil simply cannot be understood, since there is no justification for its existence in Creation.

Thus a considerable time spent on earth in getting to know all the human evils, and also all human thinking, must have preceded this “coming,” for with the coming, the Judgment is already to set in, to be followed by the help. And help can only be given by someone who has an exact knowledge of the weaknesses and the strengths.

All this is very simple, and every human being could and should realize it for himself, were he not too spiritually indolent and too indifferent to do so. And he is indifferent, because although as a seeker he speaks of it, yet he does not try to live it in his innermost being.

He lacks any connection between his inner perception and his words, thus any true support. He seeks! With him this is the only thing that cannot be called a lie. The expression “to seek” already provides the answer that he has found nothing.

However, since the promise was given from the Light that he who seeks earnestly and in humility will find according to the Law, it is evident that those who call themselves seekers today are not true seekers, that they all lack the main thing, i.e., humility!

This is indeed not to be found among those who today describe themselves as being seekers, and least of all wherever there is talk about humility! Human beings no longer even know what it is to be humble in spirit, since they keep the spirit within closed through their intellect, which only knows conceit and vanity, and smirks at humility.

But enough of this. The time has come when all conceit will pathetically collapse in on itself in wretched suffering, sothat man must attain to humility from within himself, or break down, never to be able to rise again. Experiencing alone is the only help for mankind, who will not listen!

The seekers or those who await fulfillment have so immersed themselves in their own ideas that they no longer pay the slightest attention to anything else, and from the outset approach everything with distrust, rejection already on their lips, that which does not lie within the range of their wishes. Without the most intense suffering they will never come to recognition!

A thousand things speak against this from the start, nothing in its favor! Many assume that there must be a similarity between life today and life at the time of the Son of God Jesus, two thousand years ago! They expect self-denying wandering through the lands, without giving any thought to what the authorities would have to say about it today!

It is also impossible today for a human being to retreat quietly as in former times in order to achieve, in seclusion, the composure for an awakening. The difficulties involved would be great, in part quite insurmountable!

Even if all difficulties were overcome, it would not be possible without arousing suspicion of being ill or even mentally deranged. Not to speak of the pernicious and unscrupulous sensationalism of many newspapers, which often, without any morals or sense of justice, are capable of doing the most incredible things.

Also that which people were formerly still able to respect and what was granted to every human being as a personal right, considering it natural and understandable in such matters, would today be considered grounds for suspicion by many, only from fear of any kind of different thinking, or to even the most sincere volition there would be attributed fraudulent intentions, because, at the present time, all thinking is poisoned!

But it is an indisputable certainty that only he who himself holds evil within can think evil of his fellow-men! No one can deny this. Only he who breaks his word will suspect or expect another to break his promise, only a liar will expect another to lie; only a traitor will expect another to commit treason! And so it is with everything, it is an irrevocable law!

Today it is much worse than during the time when Jesus walked on earth, and nothing of it could be repeated today. Therefore it goes without saying that everything must be entirely different for the present time.

Nevertheless men will not visualize an Envoy from God in a dress suit or in a motorcar, although they must know that Jesus did not appear in priestly vestments, but was well-dressed in accordance with the prevailing custom, and also lived in a manner appropriate to the times. All men’s expectations in these matters are ill-founded, and none of them will be fulfilled, since God does not adjust His fulfillments to the wishes of men.

Men, however, stand too far removed from all Divine happenings, and think on much too small and earthly a scale for their imaginations still to be able to come anywhere near to the reality of the coming fulfillments. They stand aside from the Truth, as they have always done. The majority, however, have simply neither the time nor the inclination to go into these matters anyhow! This is the same as it has always been, when mankind was meant to receive something from the Light, or to do something for their salvation themselves.

Earthly affairs come first with them, leaving no time for other things in the ever-increasing hectic pace! And if just for once there is an hour of rest, these so needlessly harassed human beings seek balance only in entertainment or sports, nothing else.

I say to you, you men, you have missed what is most important for yourselves, and your separation for the Judgment is already completed! You have separated yourselves under the increased pressure from the Light, Which releases everything in the All-Holy Will of God! The end is now approaching without delay. But only for the few, however, will the end be a new life in the Radiance of the Grace of your Creator’s Love, while for all others it is eternal damnation and the fall into disintegration. Nor is there any time left to you for the usual long reflection, which has never yet brought forth a decision. You are too lethargic for real life, and for transformation you lack humility and thus everything.


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