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10. Son of God and Son of Man

For thousands of years already a great error has persisted: The assumption that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and at the same time the oft-mentioned Son of Man is wrong! In order to bridge the gulf between God and humanity, which humanity itself had torn open by cultivating the space- and time- bound intellect, a part of the Divinity had incarnated *(Entered into earthly existence) in Jesus of Nazareth. Thus Jesus was Son of God; as a part of Him He fulfilled His mission among humanity, which he could only accomplish in a physical body of flesh and blood. Even during the incarnation He remained the Son of God.

If he was the Son of God, however, he could not also be the Son of Man, for they are two and essentially different. And He was and still is the Son of God! Who then is the Son of Man? *(Lecture No. 60: The Son of Man)

The disciples did notice that Jesus spoke in the third person whenever He spoke of the Son of Man, and they questioned Him about this. The Gospels were written based upon the writers’ own assumption that Jesus, the Son of God, and the Son of Man were one and the same person. From the outset, all of their reports were based upon this error, and thereby, unknowingly and unintentionally, misconceptions were spread.

Whenever Jesus spoke of the Son of Man He spoke prophetically of His coming. He Himself announced it because the coming of the Son of Man is intimately related to the ministry of the Son of God. He said: “But when the Son of Man shall come...” etc.

Like everywhere in Creation, this is a cyclical process. The Godhead descended to humanity through Jesus, in order to bring the Truth and sow the seed. The seed sprouted, and the fruit ripens toward the harvest. At the present time within this cycle, humanity, matured through the Truth brought by the Son of God, shall foam upwards to the Godhead in the Son of Man, and through Him reestablish the close connection to God.

This is not to be thought of purely symbolically, as so many assume, but the Word will be fulfilled literally through a person, just as it was with Jesus. Between the two Persons, Jesus the Son of God and the Son of Man, lies the immense karma of humanity.

Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Easter Festival where people of many nations were represented. The people sent out messengers to Gethsemane in order to fetch Jesus. It was the time when through their messengers, humanity, filled with hate and brutality, sought the emissary of God. Now observe the moment when He stepped from the garden and they were standing before Him with weapons and torches with thoughts of destruction.

When the Son of God spoke the words: “I am He!” and thereby delivered Himself up to mankind, the immense karma with which mankind burdened itself set in. From that moment on it weighed upon humanity, and in accordance with the inexorable Laws of the Universe forced it lower and lower to the ground, until the final resolution draws near. We are now close to it!

It will close in an elliptical cycle. The resolution comes through the Son of Man!

When mankind will have become disheartened, desperate, demoralized and small, so very small through the severity of events, then the hour will have arrived when they will yearn for and seek the Envoy of God! And when they find Him, they will, as before, send out messengers. They however will not bear thoughts of hatred and destruction. But this time, through these messengers, humanity, broken down, humble and pleading but filled with trust approaches Him who has been chosen by the highest Ruler of all the worlds to free them from their bondage and to bring them help and deliverance from spiritual and earthly distress.

These messengers will also bring questions. And just as the Son of God once spoke: “I am He!” at Gethsemane, whereby the karma of humanity began, so this time God’s Envoy will again answer with the same words: “I am He!” whereby this terrible human karma will be resolved. The same words which once burdened a hate-filled humanity with great guilt will remove the guilt from a humanity which now approaches again with the same question, full of fear yet trusting and pleading.

This karmic cycle is of gigantic proportion, and yet it is led with such certainty and precision that the prophecies are fulfilled in it. From the hour on when this word is spoken to humanity for the second time by an Emissary of God, the ascent begins. Only then will the Kingdom of Peace commence according to the Will of the Most High, but not before!

On the one side you see the messengers of a hate-filled humanity approaching the Son of God, fettering and mistreating Him and seeming to triumph over Him. Then follows the self-induced and continual decline in the inevitable reciprocal action. At the same time, however, there is also the strengthening and maturing of the seed that was sown by Jesus. Now the Son of Man, the Envoy of God heralded by Jesus himself, approaches. He will carry on and complete the mission of the Son of God in His service, and will gather the harvest while separating the wheat from the chaff in accordance with Divine Justice.

Jesus, the Son of God, came among humanity out of love in order to restore the connection which humanity had destroyed. The Son of Man is the Man who is in God, and who closes the connection in the cycle so that pure harmony can flow through all of Creation once again.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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