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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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13. The religion of love

The religion of Love has been misunderstood because the concept of love has in many ways been distorted and misrepresented, for the greatest part of true love is severity! What is now called love is anything but love. If all so-called loves are relentlessly examined right to the bottom, there remains nothing more than selfishness, vanity, weakness, convenience, illusion or instinct.

Genuine love will not consider what is pleasing and agreeable to the other, what brings him joy, but will only consider what will benefit him! Regardless of whether it affords him pleasure or not. That is genuine love and service.

If, therefore, it is written: “Love your enemies!” Then this means: “Do that which will benefit them! Discipline them if they cannot otherwise come to recognition!” That is serving them. But justice must prevail, for love cannot be separated from justice, they are one! Misplaced indulgence would mean fostering the faults of the enemies and thus letting them slide further on the downward path. Would that be love? On the contrary, by acting thus one would burden oneself thus with guilt!

The Religion of Love was made into a religion of slackness only through the unexpressed wishes of man, just as the personality of the Bringer of Truth, Christ Jesus, has been degraded to one of weakness and indulgence, characteristics which He never possessed. It was just because of His all-embracing Love that He was so harsh and severe among the men of intellect. That He was often overcome with sadness is natural when one considers His high mission and the human material He had to deal with. This sadness had nothing whatever to do with softness.

After eliminating all distortions and dogmatic restrictions, *(Concerning the teachings of the church) the Religion of Love will be a doctrine of the strictest consistency, in which no weakness or illogical indulgence is to be found.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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