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36. Astrology

Astrology is called the royal art, and not without reason. Not that it is the most exalted of arts or that it is reserved only for earthly monarchs; but whoever proved really capable of practicing it could take royal rank in the spiritual sense, since with it he would become controller of many events and non-events.

However, there is not a single human being on earth to whom these abilities have been entrusted. Hence all work in this field must remain only pitiful attempts, unreliable if the practitioner’s intent is serious, and sinful if conceit and morbid imagination play a part in it instead of deep earnestness.

On the whole the calculation of aspects of the stars alone can be of little value; for in addition to the stellar radiations, there belongs, as the actual force of the effects, the living ethereal substance in all its activity, such as the world of thought forms, karma, vibrations of the Darkness and of the Light in the world of matter, and much else. Now, what human being can boast of being able clearly and sharply to survey all of this from the deepest depths to the highest heights of the World of Matter!

The radiations of the stars only form the paths and channels through which all the living ethereal substance can penetrate in a more concentrated form to the human soul in order to become effective there. Figuratively speaking, one can say: the stars give the signal for the times when the returning reciprocal actions can, through the guidance of their radiations, flow to the human being in a more complete and concentrated form. Unfavorable or hostile stellar radiations become united with evil reciprocal effects floating in the Ethereal World for the person in question, while favorable ones only unite with beneficial ethereal vibrations according to homogeneity, therefore such calculations are not in themselves entirely worthless, on the absolute condition however, that in the case of a person’s unfavorable star radiation there must also be unfavorable reciprocal action due a person, or in case of favorable radiations favorable reciprocal action needs to be present. Otherwise there can be no manifestation. On the other hand, however, stellar radiations are not shadowy, alone by themselves, and ineffective if not linked with other powers, but they do have certain automatic effects to some degree as a check. If in the Ethereal World only bad reciprocal actions are due and working upon a person, then their activity will, on the days and during the hours when the stellar radiations are favorable, be blocked, pushed back or at least strongly restrained, according to the type of radiation. Vice versa, of course, when good reactions are at work, unfavorable radiations will turn off that which is favorable so long as such radiations are active.

Even when the channels of the stellar radiations are empty, due to the lack of homogeneous reactions, they still serve as a temporary barrier to other reactions that may be operating, so that they are never altogether without influence. It is just that good radiations do not always bring benefit nor do evil radiations always bring harm, unless there are corresponding reciprocal actions in store for a particular person.

In response to this astrologers cannot claim: “There, you see, we are right after all.” They are only right conditionally and in a very limited sense. This does not justify their frequent presumptuous assertions and commercial promotions. Empty channels of stellar radiations can indeed bring interruptions but nothing else, neither good nor evil. On the other hand, it must be admitted that the temporary interruption of bad reactions is to some extent beneficial. For the one who is sorely harassed by adversity it creates breathing space, which will enable him to gain strength for further endurance.

In spite of everything the calculations of the astrologers could be welcomed if the perpetual boasting and advertising of so many were disregarded. However, there are still other important factors involved which make the calculations very unreliable, so that in general they actually do more harm than good.

For not only the few stars which are available today for astrologers’ calculations play a role. There are countless other stars, not even known to astrologers, which play a great role in decreasing, strengthening, crossing or displacing the effects, so that the final picture of the calculations can often be exactly the opposite of what today’s best astrologers are capable of stating.

Finally there is still another crucial point, the greatest and most difficult of all: that is the soul of each individual! Only he who, in addition to all the other requirements, can assess each one of these souls, with all its abilities, characteristics and karmic entanglements, as well as the totality of its striving, in short, one who can truly assess genuine maturity or immaturity in the spiritual sense, only he might venture to make calculations! If, owing to the condition of his soul, a human being is surrounded by many dark influences, nothing luminous or good can reach him, however favorable the stellar radiations may be. If, on the other hand, the condition of a person’s soul permits only purity and light to surround him, then the most unfavorable stellar radiations will not be able to oppress him to the extent of seriously harming him, for in the end the circumstances must always turn out for the better. The Omnipotence and Wisdom of God are not as one-sided as the disciples of astrology imagine them to be in their calculations. God does not make the fate of human beings, that is, their weal and woe, dependent only upon stellar radiations. Although they do have a powerful influence, not only for the individual, but in all world happenings, they are only tools. However, the activity of these tools is not only bound up with many other influences, but remains dependent upon them in all its possible manifestations. Even though some astrologers imagine that they work from inner perspectives, through intuition or inspiration, this cannot deepen their insight sufficiently to warrant greater confidence in the correctness of their calculations.

Their inspirations cannot come from a higher level because a veil remains drawn from there due to the unfathomable gulf existing between the all-seeing Spirit and humanity. The calculations remain one-sided patchwork, inadequate, and with many gaps, in short: imperfect, thus false. They create disquiet among men. Disquiet is the soul’s most dangerous enemy, for it breaks down the soul’s natural defenses and often lets in evil which would otherwise have found no entrance. Many people feel uneasy when they tell themselves that they are at the moment under the influence of adverse radiations; often, however, they become over-confident and unwise when convinced that they are subject to good radiations. In view of the inadequacy of all these calculations they are only burdening themselves with unnecessary worries instead of always exhibiting a free, joyous spirit, which sets up a more powerful defense than the most adverse radiations could break down. If they are so bent upon it, astrologers should simply continue their work and try to perfect themselves in it, but only in private and for themselves, which is what those who are really to be taken seriously are already doing! For the time being they should spare other people such imperfections, since they have only harmful and destructive effects and result in undermining self-confidence and in a harmful binding of free spirits, which must be avoided at all cost.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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