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48. World events

There is no greater danger to a cause than to leave a gap which, as may often be intuitively sensed, needs filling. It is of no avail to pass it over because such a gap hinders all progress and any building erected over it will inevitably collapse sooner or later, even if the greatest skill and best materials have been used.

Such is the case with the various Christian religious communities of today. They persistently close their eyes and ears at certain points in their teaching which are sensed as illogical. They try to dismiss them with empty phrases instead of seriously going within. Yet they do sense the danger that one day the temporary bridges they have built over such gaps through a teaching of blind faith will no longer suffice, and they dread the moment when enlightenment will show up the flimsy character of these structures. Moreover they know that then they will no longer be able to persuade anybody to follow such a treacherous course, with the natural result that any further solid building or pathway will also have to remain empty. They also realize that a single flash of fresh truth must sweep away such artificial structures. Still, for want of something better, they seek to cling to the swaying plank in spite of every danger. Even worse, they are prepared to defend their position by every means in their power, and would destroy him who dared to provide a firmer crossing over the gap through the Truth Itself. Without hesitation they would try to repeat the same event that occurred here on earth nearly two thousand years ago which still casts its shadow to the present day, but which they themselves, as a great accusation against the blindness and pernicious stubbornness of mankind, have made the focal point of their own teaching and their faith. It was the religious establishment and scholars of that time, with their narrow dogmatism and conceit betraying their weakness, who were unable to recognize the Truth and the Son of God; they closed themselves against it, hating and persecuting Him and His followers out of envy and fear, whereas other people more readily opened themselves to the recognition and were quicker to intuitively perceive the Truth of the Word. Although the present heads of Christian religious communities put particular emphasis on the Son of God’s path of suffering, they have learned and profited nothing from this fact itself. It is just the present leaders of communities based on Christ’s teaching, as well as those of newer movements, who would again today try to eliminate any man who, by revealing the Truth Itself, could endanger the swaying bridges over the precarious gaps or chasms in their teachings and interpretations. They would persecute him with their hatred born of fear and even more of vanity, exactly as it happened once before.

They would lack the greatness of character to endure the fact that their knowledge was insufficient to recognize the Truth and to fill the gaps, in order to smooth the path for mankind towards an easier understanding and complete comprehension.

And yet it is possible for mankind to ascend only through fully grasping the Truth, never through blind, ignorant faith!

One such gap created by an erroneous transmission concerns the concept of the “Son of Man.” People cling to it morbidly, like the Pharisees who did not want to open themselves to the Truth brought by the Son of God, which opposed their conventional and rigid teachings. Christ spoke of Himself only as the Son of God. It was far from Him to so illogically call Himself Son of Man at the same time. Even if, as a result of their own doubts, people have tried with the greatest cleverness and skillfulness in all directions to explain this obvious contradiction between the Son of God and the Son of Man, which is intuitively sensed by every calmly thinking person, it cannot be asserted that in spite of all their efforts they have found a way to make them one and the same. The most favorable of all the interpretations had to, over and over again, show a dual nature which remained standing side by side, but could never appear as one.

This is quite in the natural order of things. The Son of God cannot become the Son of Man just because He had to be born of a human body so as to enable Him to walk on earth.

Every Christian knows that the Son of God came only on a spiritual mission, and that all His words referred to the Spiritual Kingdom and were thus meant spiritually. Consequently His repeated references to the Son of Man may not from the very outset be interpreted in any other way! Why should an exception be made here. In the spiritual sense, however, Christ was and remained only the Son of God! Therefore, when He spoke of the Son of Man He could not possibly mean Himself. There is something far more powerful in all this than is represented in the present interpretations of the Christian religions. This obvious contradiction should long ago have induced men to more serious reflection, had it not been for the fetters of dogmatism darkening everything. Instead of making the serious investigations which are absolutely necessary in such incisive matters, they clung tenaciously to the transmitted words, thus putting on blinkers that hindered a free view. The natural consequence is that these interpreters and teachers, although they stand in the Creation of their God, are not even able to understand It aright, whereas such an understanding offers the only prospect of coming closer to the Creator Himself, the Origin of all that is created.

In the first place Christ taught absolute naturalness, which means adjusting oneself to the Laws of Nature, and thus of Creation. But only he who knows these laws can adapt himself to them. The Laws of Nature in turn embody the Will of the Creator, and thereby provide the path to the recognition of the Creator Himself. Whoever knows the Laws of Nature will also get to know the absolute precision with which they gear into each other, and thus he know that this activity, in its steady forward driving logic, is unchangeable, as therefore is also the Will of the Creator, God the Father.

Any divergence would have to mean a change of the Divine Will. A change, however, would indicate imperfection. But since the Primordial Source of All Being, God the Father, is always uniform and perfect, it follows that even the most minute deviation in the Laws of Nature, thus the laws of development, would simply be impossible and out of the question from the very start. This fact requires the condition that theology and natural science must in every respect coincide in perfect clarity and consistency if they are to represent the Truth.

There is no denying that natural science today still has a very limited range of knowledge compared with the whole of Creation, as it has merely kept to the World of Gross Matter, because the intellect of today can tackle only what is bound to time and space. The one absolutely unpardonable mistake made is that the disciples of that very science try to ridicule and deny the existence of anything which goes beyond its range, except for a few scientists who have lifted themselves above the average and become more far-sighted, and who refused to cover their ignorance with conceit.

Although the science of religion extends much further, it nevertheless remains dependent upon the Natural Laws which reach out beyond all that is bound to time and space and which, coming from the Primordial Source, extend down into what is physically visible without a break or change in their nature. For this reason there may be neither gaps nor contradictions in religious teachings if they are really to accord with the Truth and thus with the Laws of Nature or the Divine Will, that is if they are to harbor the Truth. Leading and responsible teachings cannot permit themselves the liberty of blind faith!

The erroneous conception concerning the Son of Man therefore weighs heavily upon the followers of the true Christian teachings, because they quietly accept and carry on erroneous transmissions, in spite of the fact that from time to time an intuitive sense to the contrary quietly warns many people.

It is the very immutability and perfection of the Divine Will which precludes arbitrary intervention in Creation by God. And it is this same perfection which is unable simply to eliminate Lucifer after the separation through his wrong actions, *(Lecture No. 45: The mystery of Lucifer) and it also has to allow men to misuse the Natural Laws, the Divine Will, because the human spirit, by virtue of its origin in Eternal Spiritual Substantiality, has been granted the freedom of decision. *(Lecture No. 5: Responsibility) In the happenings of ethereal and gross material Creation it is just this immutable perfection of the Creator’s Will that must appear as a kind of boundedness! But only inferior and small human spirits will upon recognizing this, regard it as a limitation of the Power and Greatness. Such a view would merely be the result of their own narrow-mindedness.

The vastness of it all confuses them, because factually they are only able to have an imagine of it if – corresponding to their own understanding – it has a more narrow limit.

He, however, who makes an honest effort to recognize his Creator in His Work will, when he follows the certain road of the Natural Laws, has received a convincing idea of the far reaching events that have their beginning in the Primordial Source, i.e., the starting point of all happenings, whence they spread through Creation like immovable railway tracks, along which all further life unfurls according to the position of the switches. The setting of the switches, however, happens automatically by the human spirit on its journey through the World of Matter. *(Lecture No. 30: Man and his free will) Unfortunately the majority allow themselves to be induced through Lucifer’s principle to set the points wrong; and so their lives, in accordance with the immutable laws of continuous development which run through all material Creation like railway lines, roll more and more downward towards a very definite final destination depending on the setting.

The setting of the points by the free decision can be exactly observed or intuitively perceived from the Point of Origin, making it possible to clearly recognize the further course, which can only run along those lines which the Laws anchored in Creation have laid down according to the decision taken. This circumstance enables many events to be foreseen, because the Laws of Nature or Creation never deviate in their drive to develop. Here millennia play no role. In these foreseen, definite final destinations, there arise the great revelations shown to specially blessed ones in spiritual pictures, which through transmission become known by mankind. One thing, however, cannot be accurately predicted: the earthly time at which these revelations and promises find their fulfillment!

This will come to pass at the hour when such a life, traveling along the line it has chosen, reaches a foreseen intermediate station or the terminus. The fate of man as well as that of a nation, indeed of all humanity, may be compared to a train standing and waiting on a single track connected to lines leading in all directions. Man sets the switches as he pleases, jumps on to the engine and turns on the steam, which means he animates it. As he turns on to the line he has chosen one can tell each station and the terminus only, but never the exact hour of arrival, for this depends on the speed at which the train travels, and that may vary according to the nature of people; for it is man who animates the engine, and he will drive it forward in accordance with his own nature, either with steady consistency or impetuous fervor, or alternating between the two. The nearer such a train of individuals or nations or of humanity gets to a station of the direction on its track or of its fate, the more surely can its impending arrival be foreseen and foretold. However, the network of tracks has a few connecting lines which, by turning their respective switches during the journey, can be used to change direction and thereby reach another terminus than the one first headed for. It is obviously necessary in this case to slow down when approaching such switching-points, to stop and then to reset them. Slowing down represents reflection, and stopping the decision taken by man, which he is always free to make until he reaches a last opportunity to choose and reset the switches which is the deed that follows this decision.

The Divine Will which, like railway tracks, traverses the World of Matter in the form of the firmly established Natural Laws may also be called the nerves in the work of Creation, which detect every unevenness in the gigantic body of Creation and report it to the starting point, the Creative Primordial Source.

The certainty of this overview up to each end is due to the immutability of the laws causing the Creator to supplement His revelations with promises proclaiming the advent of helpers to be sent by Him at a time, when a train is seen to be approaching the most dangerous curves, intermediary stations and termini! Such helpers are equipped by Him, to open the eyes of those human spirits who are traveling along the wrong track, by proclaiming the Truth shortly before inevitable catastrophes and dangerous changes take place, which serves to enable mankind to change the switches in time, thus avoiding the increasingly dangerous places and also escaping the fatal terminus by taking a new direction. Woe to him who, here or in the beyond, overlooks and misses the last of all switching points thereby ignoring and missing the possibility of setting a better direction! He is hopelessly lost.

As the Creator cannot alter the Perfection of His own Will, He will also, in connection with these helpers, keep exactly to the existing laws. In other words: His Will is perfect from the very first beginning. Every new expression of His Will must naturally also be perfect. This presupposes that every new Act of Will issuing from Him must also bear within itself the same laws as those that preceded it. Consequently it will fit itself precisely into the course of development prevailing in the Ethereal and Gross Material Worlds. By virtue of the Perfection of God any other possibility is absolutely precluded. In this foreseeing as explained there arose the promise of the Son of God becoming man, so that by proclaiming the Truth He would induce mankind to reset their switches. The act of resetting the switches is reserved to the human spirits themselves according to the laws. As a result it is not possible to foresee the kind of decision they make; because it is only those lines already chosen by the human spirits, for which they have already set the switches according to their free decisions, which can be exactly surveyed with all the stations and curves right to the terminus. This naturally excludes those switching-points which are still to be determined by a free decision of mankind, for this right is also just as immutable as everything else, due to the natural lawfulness of coming into existence and development through the Perfection of God; and as the Creator has granted this right to the human spirits because of their origin in the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, He does not demand to know beforehand what their decision will be. It is only the consequence of such a decision which He can clearly recognize up to its end, because it will then have to take its effect within His Will which rests in the laws governing Ethereal and Gross Material Creation. If it were otherwise the reason could only be found in a lack of perfection, and this is absolutely out of the question.

Thus man should always be fully conscious of this his immense responsibility of being truly independent in his basic decisions. Unfortunately, however, he imagines himself either as a totally dependent servant or, over-rating himself, as a part of the Divine. The probable reason for this is that in both cases he considers himself relieved of all responsibility. In the one case as being too low and dependent a creature, and in the other case as standing far above it. Both of these views are wrong! He should look upon himself as a steward who has the right of free decision-making in certain matters, but who also bears full responsibility, who thus enjoys great confidence, but who must not abuse it by being a bad householder.

And it is just this perfection which makes it necessary that, when sending direct help to mankind traveling on a wrong course, the Creator must reckon with the possibility of mankind failing in their decision-making. In His Wisdom and Love, inherent, lawful and natural attributes of the Creator, He has still other ways of helping in readiness which then link up as a continuation of the first path which might have been cut off through the failure of mankind.

Thus before the Son of God was incarnated upon earth, another Messenger was being prepared in the Eternal Kingdom of the Father for another mission, in case humanity should fail in spite of the Father’s great sacrifice of Love. If mankind did not heed the warning of the Son of God, in His Pure Divine nature, to the extent that they reset the switches in the direction He showed then, but blindly continued on their course leading to destruction, then another Messenger was to come forth Who could stand closer to the innermost nature of mankind than did the Son of God, so as to once more warn them and lead them in the last hour if — — — — they desired to listen to His call of Truth. That is the Son of Man.

Christ, as the Son of God, knew about this. Upon recognizing during His Mission just how choked and parched were the souls of men, it became clear to Him that His Ministry on earth would not bear the fruit which, should have ripened had the volition of mankind been good. He grieved deeply at this, for, knowing the Laws of Creation that bear the Will of His Father so well, He could clearly foresee the way things were bound to develop towards the inevitable end, which the nature and volition of man were certain to bring about. It was then that he began to speak about the Son of Man, Whose advent would become necessary because of the course which events had taken. The more He fulfilled His great Mission, which left two ways open depending on the decision by mankind either for a great following of His teachings with subsequent ascent and avoidance of all that brings destruction, or for failure and continuing to rush on the downward track which had to lead to destruction, the more clearly He saw that the decision of the great majority of mankind was inclined towards failure and thus towards destruction. Consequently His statements about the Son of Man formed themselves into direct promises and proclamations, such as when He declared: “But when the Son of Man cometh...” etc.

Therewith He referred to the time just prior to the danger of destruction, which was bound to be the ultimate end according to the Divine Laws operating in the World of Matter, because of the failure of mankind in connection with His Mission and their insistence on continuing on their chosen course. This realization caused Him intense suffering.

Every transmission insisting that Jesus, the Son of God, at the same time called Himself the Son of Man is wrong. The Divine Laws cannot hold anything so illogical, nor can it be ascribed to the Son of God Who Himself knew the Laws and carried them within Him. The disciples were not familiar with this, as was evident from their questions. They alone spread the error which has prevailed up to the present day. They thought that the Son of God meant Himself when He used the expression Son of Man and, acting on this assumption, transmitted this error to posterity, which did no more concern itself with the inherent lack of logic than did the Disciples themselves, but they simply glossed over it, partly from diffidence and partly from indolence, although the all-embracing Love of the Creator would have evidenced itself all the more clearly and powerfully by a rectification of the error. Following in the footsteps of the Son of God, that is, the taking up and carrying on of His Mission, the Son of Man will meet mankind on earth as the second Envoy of God the Father, so as to pull them back from their present course by proclaiming the Truth, and inducing them to voluntarily decide on a different setting of the switches that will lead them away from the points of destruction that now await them.

Son of God – Son of Man! It is surely not so hard to discover that there must be a difference between these Two. Each of these words has its own clearly defined, absolutely distinct meaning, which must brand as indolent thinking any mixing and fusing into one. Hearers and readers of the lectures will be aware of how the natural process of development, beginning with Primordial Light, which is God the Father, descends right down to the globes of the Gross Material World. The Son of God came from Divine Unsubstantiate, quickly passing through Spiritual Substantiality and ethereal matter to be incarnated in the World of Gross Matter. Therefore He must rightfully be called the part of God or the Son of God who had become man. His rapid transit through the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, where the human spirit has its origin, permitted Him neither there, nor subsequently in the ethereal part of Creation, to gain a foothold strong enough so that His Divine-Unsubstantiate Spirit could obtain the strong protecting cloaks of these different species; the cloaks, which otherwise serve as a protective armor, remained thin. This had the advantage that the innermost Divine nature radiated through and shone forth more easily and strongly, but it also had the drawback that in the regions of the earth hostile to the Light it was all the more quickly opposed and furiously attacked because It stood out. The strong, only thinly veiled Divine part, in the physical vessel, had to remain a stranger among men, because It stood too far apart. Figuratively speaking, one might say that His Divine Spirit was insufficiently armored and equipped for the lower Gross Material Sphere, through lack of absorption from the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality and the Ethereal World. The gulf between the Divine and earthly was but slightly bridged.

As mankind neither heeded nor treasured this gift of Divine Love but, through the natural instinct of all Darkness, met the luminous Son of God with animosity and hatred, a second Envoy had to come in the Son of Man, who is better equipped for the World of Gross Matter.

The Son of Man is also an Envoy of God and has issued from the Divine Unsubstantiate. Before beginning His Mission in the World of Gross Matter, He, however, was incarnated in the World of Pure-Spiritual Substantiality, and was thus closely connected with that spiritual species in which the seed-germ of the human spirit originates! Thus the Divine Unsubstantiate core of this second Envoy comes nearer to the origin of the human spirit, thereby gaining greater protection and direct power against it.

For in the utmost heights of this same nature of the human spirit, there lives for everything in existence a perfect ideal of what the evolution from out of Spiritual-Substantiality holds. This also includes the eternal, Pure-Spiritual-Substantial ideal of all femininity, as queen of womanhood as it were, with all the living virtues. Each female spirit germ bears the unconscious yearning within it to emulate this pure living ideal in its most noble form. Unfortunately, during the journey through materiality, this subconscious yearning often degenerates into vanity, which, in pretense and in self-deceit, is meant to replace much that never came to life, although it was yearned for. However, this yearning becomes more conscious during the ascent to the Light while still in the fine-material world. As soon as the base desires begin to fall away this yearning breaks through more and more vigorously in order to finally invigorate and energize the virtues. The magnet and the focal point of this noble yearning for the female virtues is the queen of womanhood in the eternal Kingdom of the Father, the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality. The Divine-Unsubstantiate core of the second Messenger of God was now embedded into this Spiritual-Substantiate ideal of womanhood and raised by her as the Spiritual-Substantiate mother in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father with the Grail Castle being the home of His spiritual youth. It was only after being in this sphere that He was sent down on His Mission to the World of Gross Matter at a time which enabled Him to arrive at the proper hour on the field of battle, there to show the right way into the Kingdom of the Father to all those seriously seeking God and asking for spiritual guidance and, at the same time, to protect them against the attacks of those who are hostile to them and who are on a downward course.

Because, as opposed to the Son of God, He spent His spiritual youth in the Spiritual-Substantiate, i.e., the origin and starting point of the human spirit, He is therefore rooted at the same time not only in the Divine-Unsubstantiate but also firmly in the Spiritual-Substantiate, thereby, in His nature, He coming closer to mankind and in the pairing of origin and youth, He is effectively God-man! Issuing from the Divine-Unsubstantiate as well as the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality, which is the origin of man. It is for this reason that He is called the Son of Man, as opposed to the pure Son of God, to whom the path to the Divine-Unsubstantiate is open due to His origin! That is why He bears within Him Divine strength and power and thus faces all of mankind, as well as Lucifer, well equipped for battle.

Therefore, be on your guard, so that you will recognize Him as soon as His time is come, for that will also be your time!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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