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66. Gross matter, ethereal matter, radiation, space and time

There have been many enquiries about the meaning of my expressions gross matter and ethereal matter. Gross matter comprises everything that man can see with his physical eyes, and what he can feel and hear physically. This includes what he can see with the help of material aids, and with whatever further inventions will enable him to see. As for example everything he can see through a microscope. Gross matter is only a specific kind of Matter. The great field of all that is Matter, however, comprises several kinds which are fundamentally different from each other, and which therefore never blend with each other.

The different species of matter lie on top of each other as the lowest part or as the very end of Creation. As with every sphere in Creation, it begins with the lightest species at the top and continues downwards ending with what is heaviest and densest. All of these kinds of matter serve merely as a means of development for everything that is spiritual, which as a germ, immerses itself as into a fertile field. Just as a seed of grain needs the soil in which to germinate and grow.

Matter with its various strata remains inactive and helpless in and of itself. Not until it is penetrated and bound together by the animistic substantiality which lies above it, does it receive warmth and vitality and serve as the coverings or bodies of a great variety of forms and species.

As I have already mentioned, the different species of matter cannot be blended, but they can be bonded and combined through animistic substantiality in multiple ways. The resultant bonds and combinations produce heat and radiations. Each individual species of matter thus produces its own specific radiation which blends with the radiations of the other species with which it is combined, and together these form a halo of radiations which is already recognized today and simply called Od or aura. Thus every stone, every plant and every animal has its own radiation which one can observe and which, according to the condition of the body, i.e., the cloak or form, is quite entirely different. Therefore it is also possible to observe disturbances in this aura and recognize points of disease in the cloak.

This aura gives each form or body a special environment which constitutes protection and defense, but at the same time forms a connecting bridge to its broader environment. It also affects the inside in order to play a part in the development of the inner core in the coarsest sense; for in reality there are many more things which contribute to the overall activity in Creation which I may only explain very gradually in order to make it easy for serious seekers to penetrate the Laws of Creation.

The World of Matter is as nothing unless it is permeated by animistic substantiality. What we have been looking at now, however, was only the combination of animistic substantiality with the various species of matter. And it is only this, in turn, which provides the fertile soil for the spirit! Animistic substantiality binds, combines and animates the World of Matter, while the spirit controls all matter with animistic substantiality. As soon as the spirit, i.e., that which is spiritual, descends for its development into this combination animated by animistic substantiality, this combination quite naturally becomes subordinated to it thus also including the animistic substantiality.

Dominion is therefore bestowed upon the spirit in the most natural way. It is sad if it misuses or abuses it! The actual tools of the spirit for its development in the World of Matter consist of the radiations just mentioned. The soil needed for its development has already been carefully prepared by the animistic substantiality before the spirit descends into it. The coverings automatically envelop it protectively, and it is the spirit’s task to make proper use of this equipment, which it is given to use for its benefit and ascent, not to its detriment and downfall.

It is not difficult to understand that that kind of matter which predominates in the covering of the spirit must be decisive for the combination of radiations; for in it the radiation of the kind of matter most strongly represented will naturally always predominate. And that which predominates will in turn exert the greatest influence upon the inside as well as upon the outside.

The combination of radiations is of much greater significance than mankind has been able to discover up to now. Not even a tenth of its real purpose has been suspected as yet!

The quality of the halo of radiations is decisive for the wave strength which has to receive vibrations from the system of radiations of the entire universe. The hearer and reader should not superficially pass over this concept, but penetrate deeply into it, then he will suddenly see all the nerve-strands of Creation spread out before him, which he should learn to tap into and make use of.

He may form an image of the primordial power being poured over the Work of Creation in the form of radiation! It streams through Creation, through every part and every species. And every part and every species thereof will transmit it in a modified form. Thus the different nature and compositions of the different parts of Creation produce changes in the Primordial Radiation which also alter its color. The whole of Creation thus presents a wonderful picture of the most glorious color-radiations such as no painter could reproduce. And every part of Creation itself, every star, indeed every single object, be it ever so small and tiny, resembles a finely-cut prism which transmits every ray it receives in multiple varieties of radiant colors. These colors in turn entail ringing sounds that blend into harmonious chords. It is not the sounds that have colors, but colors have sounds. This refers to the colors of radiations, not to the dead colors applied by human hands. Dead in comparison to the colors of radiations.

Confronting this magnificent realm of radiations there stands the human spirit with its equipment of radiations derived from the various cloaks given to it. Until the sexual power awakens the process is the same as with a baby. Through their radiations the material cloaks absorb only what they need in order to mature. When the sexual power sets in, however, the spirit stands fully equipped, the gates are then thrown open, and an immediate connection is established. It now comes into contact in many and varied ways with the powers of the radiations in the great Universe!

As the human being, i.e., the spirit develops and controls the colors of his own radiations so, as with a radio, he attunes his own vibrations to these same colors and absorbs those from the Universe. The absorption may also be called attraction, or the Power of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Regardless of what it is called the process as such remains the same. The colors merely indicate the species, and the species determines the colors. Herein lies the lost key to the true royal art of astrology, the key to deepened knowledge of healing with herbs as well as to the controversial art of physical and spiritual healing magnetism, the key to the art of living and also to the step-ladder of spiritual ascent. For the meaning of this step-ladder, the so-called Stairway to Heaven, is nothing but a simple tool which one is to use. And the meshes of this network of radiations in Creation constitute the rungs of this ladder. In it lies everything, all knowledge and the last secrets in Creation.

You who are seeking reach into the meshes of this network of radiations! Consciously, but with good volition, and humbly acknowledging your God Who provided this wonderful Creation which you may master as a child at play, providing you at last have an honest volition and throw off your arrogant presumption of knowledge. The false burden must first be cast from your shoulders, from your spirit, before you can stand upright and free.

Absolute harmony must also prevail in the composition of the radiations of the human body in order to provide the spirit with fully adequate means for its protection, development and ascent, such as are meant for it in the normal course of development in Creation. In particular through choices in foods, in physical activity, and in general through lifestyle choices in many ways, these radiations have been changed one-sidedly, which calls for a readjustment if there is to be any possibility of ascent at all. Today everything is diseased in this respect. Nothing can be called healthy. —

Man can imagine what effect the choice of foods alone has upon this system of radiations. Through the choice of foods for his nourishment man may help his body to acquire the right balance by strengthening or perhaps weakening certain radiations or by shifting the predominant ones, if they are unfavorable or hampering in their effect, so that that radiation predominates which is favorable to him and thereby normal, for only what is favorable is the normal condition.

All this, however, cannot of itself bring about ascent nor lead to it, rather it only provides a healthy soil for the full activity of the spirit, to the volition of which it is reserved to determine whether the road is to lead upwards, sideways, or downwards.

However, the body as well as the spirit must become strong as soon as one begins to pay attention to these things. At present, however, grievous sins are committed almost everywhere in these matters through ignorance. —

When I speak of gross matter and ethereal matter it must not be assumed that ethereal matter is to mean a refinement of gross matter. Ethereal matter is a completely different species and of different consistency. It can never become gross matter, but it forms a transitional step in the upward direction. Furthermore, both ethereal matter and gross matter represent coverings only, which must be combined by animistic substantiality so that they can be animated by it.

Moving on to address these laws I must point out that the above gradations are by no means exhaustive. Therefore I wish to state here and now that, besides conscious and unconscious spirituality and animistic substantiality, currents of energy of various kinds penetrate Creation, animating the different species of matter and contributing to their development and progress, each according to its own distinct nature. These currents of energy are again only the immediate environment adjoining the activity of spiritual and animistic substantiality or, better put, which, in preceding them, prepare their field of activity. There is more, much more, the further we analyze and go into details.

One thing follows the other in order to combine with what already existed before and create ever new gradations. Everything, however, can be explained logically, because after the First Creation only that which followed from and was consistent with logic could come into being. There is nothing else. And this fact absolutely guarantees a complete solution and a clear overview. In my lectures I now offer the key! Every hearer can then have access to the entire Creation for himself.

Given all at once it would result in a work the many-sidedness of which might confuse people. But if I permit, as I have done hitherto, one thing to issue steadily from the other in the course of coming decades, it will be easy to follow and finally to survey everything calmly, consciously and quite clearly. It will be easy for him who wishes to follow me this far. To start with, before I touch on all the finer points, I want to explain the basic foundations of Creation.

The hearer and reader will probably feel like a creature to whom I first show a human skeleton and then next to it a living man in the fullness of his vigor and activity. If he had no conception of man he would not recognize the skeleton in the living man and might even claim that the two do not belong together, or at least are not the same. And so it will be with those who do not calmly follow my explanations to the end. He who does not earnestly and persistently strive to understand from the beginning will not be able to grasp the entire Creation when I come to the last explanations. He must attempt to follow only step by step. —

Since so far I have had to speak in broad outline, I shall now slowly turn to the new things. Otherwise I would be proceeding too fast. Moreover I have often been told that I offer only the gist of a subject, which is not so easily understandable to the general public. However, I cannot act differently if I am to bring everything I still have to say. We would have to end with only one fourth completed, for a lifetime on earth would hardly suffice for more if I were to give broader explanations. Others will come who will be able to write one or even several books about each one of my lectures. I cannot spend my time on it now. — —

Since, as I have mentioned before, ethereal matter is of a different nature from gross matter, this implies something I have not touched upon so far. In order not to cause confusion I have hitherto in many instances used popular terms, which I must now expand. This, for instance, includes the expression: “beyond time and space!”

This always referred to the transcendental. But in moving forward we must from today on say: Life in the World of Ethereal Matter “stands above earthly conceptions of time and space” for in the World of Ethereal Matter there is also a conception of time and space, but it is of a different nature and adjusted to ethereal conditions. Indeed, the conception of time and space is to be found in the whole of Creation, but it is always bound up with the nature of the species concerned! Creation itself has its limits and thus involves a concept of space.

It is the same with all the basic laws which uniformly permeate the entire Creation; in their effects they are always influenced by the particular Creation species and are subject to its characteristics! Therefore the effects of a particular law must manifest themselves differently in the various sections of Creation, which has led to great misunderstandings, to contradictions and doubts in the uniformity of the Laws of Creation and of the Divine Will, and also to the belief in arbitrary acts by the Creator. Basically, however, everything was only a result of man’s ignorance about Creation itself.

I shall postpone going into these subjects in detail until much later, as it would, at present, only divert the attention of the hearer and reader and confuse them. I will give this information as soon as it becomes necessary for a further understanding. No gaps will remain. —

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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