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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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71. Healing by magnetism

Healing by magnetism is taking one of the leading positions in the further development of the human race.

When I speak of magnetopaths I only mean serious practitioners who are prepared to help mankind with an honest volition. Not, however, the group of those who, with a low average radiation, many words and mysterious gestures, imagine that they are accomplishing great things.

Today anxiety permeates the ranks of those courageous pioneers who for years and in numerous cases have brought to their fellow-men the best earthly gift they could bring: recovery from many an illness through the so-called magnetism of their bodies, or through the transmission of similar currents from the Ethereal World, the beyond.

Unfortunately there are continual new attempts to represent the whole class of magnetopaths as inferior, if not worse, to hinder and to suppress them. With much clamor their opponents magnify out of all proportion the individual exceptions where a base desire for money-making created dishonest characters, or where fraudulent intentions were the basis from the beginning, in which cases this beautiful gift did not even exist in the first place.

Just look around you: where do you not find impostors and swindlers! You will find them everywhere! Even more so in other vocations. For this reason everyone can see clearly the often deliberately unjust nature of such vilifications.

But envy, or even more so fear, causes the number of opponents and enemies to increase. Naturally this art of healing cannot be acquired at beer and wine drinking orgies.

It demands serious and, above all, robust and healthy human beings!

This is perhaps the deepest root of all of the envy, from which follow the major attacks, for today such conditions are not so easily fulfilled. And what has once been neglected in this respect cannot be made up for.

Besides, genuine, strong healing power cannot be acquired by learning. It is a gift, whereby the one thus gifted is ordained as a called one.

He who wishes to suppress such people proves that he does not have the welfare of humanity in mind, much less at heart. He thereby burdens himself with a guilt which must become his downfall.

The little troop of courageous pioneers need have no fear. They too are forerunners of the new age. The obstacles are only apparent, meaningless, and temporary. In reality they are a sure sign of an early, joyful and proud ascent.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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