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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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74. What must a man do to enter the kingdom of Heaven?

It would be wrong to answer this often asked question with a very definitive rule and to say: Do this and do that! That would not be showing a way! It would be completely devoid of life, and therefore nothing living could arise from it, such as is absolutely necessary for soaring upwards; for life alone contains the key which is needed for ascent.

Now if I say: “Do this and that, and don’t do the other,” I am only giving weak, external crutches on which no one can walk properly and independently, for these crutches do not at the same time help him to “see.” And yet he must see the “way” clearly before him, otherwise the crutches are of no use to him. Such a person would only hobble about aimlessly, like a blind man on a road he does not know. No, that is not the right thing, and would only lead once more to another dogma, which would hinder and delay every ascent.

Let man consider: Naturally, if he wishes to enter the Realm of the Spirit he must do the walking. He must do the walking, it does not come to him. The Spiritual Realm lies at the summit of Creation; indeed it is the highest point itself.

The human spirit, however, is still in the nether regions of the World of Gross Matter. Therefore it will probably be clear to everyone that he must first finish walking the path from these nether regions to the longed-for height in order to reach the goal.

In order not to lose his way it is imperative that he should have a thorough knowledge of the whole distance he has to traverse. Not only the way itself, but also everything he may still encounter along the way, the dangers which threaten him, and the help he can count on finding there. Since the road lies entirely within Creation, in fact is Creation, the wanderer who journeys towards the Spiritual Realm must become absolutely familiar beforehand with the Creation which leads him there. For he needs to pass through it, otherwise he will not reach his goal.

Up till now no man has been able to describe Creation in such a way as to convey the knowledge necessary for ascent. In other words, there was no one who could make the way to the Grail Castle, the summit of Creation, clearly visible. The way to that Castle which stands as the Temple of the Almighty in the Spiritual Realm, wherein alone pure worship exists. This is not only meant allegorically, but it exists in all reality.

The Message of the Son of God pointed out the way once before. However, in man’s eagerness to show how clever he was It was frequently applied wrongly, thereby misleading the human spirit and preventing it from ascending. —

Now, however, the hour has arrived in which every human spirit must decide for itself; whether it is to be "yes" or "no" for him, whether day or night, ascent to the Luminous Heights or descent, finally and irrevocably, without any possibility to reconsider. For this reason another Message from the Luminous Castle is now being given. This Message resets the misplaced signposts correctly, so that the right road may be recognized by all serious seekers. It is the Grail Message, the Gospel of the Grail!

Happy are all those who adjust themselves to this Message with an open mind and a free heart! They will find in It that which they must know in Creation, and they will see those rungs of the ladder which their spirit must use in order to ascend and enter into the Spiritual Realm, Paradise.

Each individual will find in it what he needs for his climb towards the Light with the abilities he possesses.

That alone brings life, freedom for ascent, and development of the requisite abilities of each individual, as opposed to the uniform yoke of a fixed dogma, which makes him into a slave without a will of his own, suppresses all independent development, and thereby not only hinders ascent but completely destroys it for many. —

The man who knows Creation in all its lawful activity will soon comprehend the sublime Will of God in it. If he adjusts himself to it in the right manner, then Creation, thus the way, will serve him only for a joyful ascent; for then he stands correctly in the Will of God. His way and his life must therewith be pleasing to God! —

It is not a matter of feigning a sanctimonious look, squirming contritely, kneeling, praying; but it is a matter of prayer actualized, of making it a living reality in fresh, joyful and pure-minded activity. It is not whining and begging for a way, but recognizing it with a thankful upward glance and traveling upon it cheerfully.

Thus, life that can be described as pleasing to God is quite different from what has hitherto been imagined. Much more beautiful and free! It means standing aright in Creation as is willed by your Creator through His Creation! In which, metaphorically speaking, one grasps the hand of God which He thereby offers to mankind.

Therefore I call out once more: Take everything factually, as real, and no longer metaphorically, for then you yourselves will become real instead of the lifeless shadows you now are! Get to know Creation aright in its laws!

Therein lies the way upward to the Light!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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