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77. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of the Son of God, which is described in the Bible, is still an inexplicable happening to many people, and it is mostly regarded as being extraordinary, as having occurred only that one time, and therefore as having been an arbitrary act.

However, it is just this erroneous view that is the cause for the apparent “inexplicability.”

The happening was not an isolated one, not one specially brought about for the disciples, but one that has recurred regularly ever since Creation came into existence! With this recognition it will immediately lose its inexplicability, and it will become understandable to the seriously seeking readers of the Grail Message without forfeiting any of its greatness; on the contrary, this recognition makes it even more stupendous.

He who has attentively studied my Grail Message will already have found the solution in this Message; for he has also read the explanation given in the lecture “The Holy Grail.” There I mentioned the regularly recurring yearly renewal of energy for the entire Creation. It is the moment in which new Divine energy streams into the Holy Grail for the maintenance of Creation!

For some moments the “Holy Dove” appears above the Grail. This is the spiritually visible form of the presence of the Holy Spirit, which directly belongs to the “form” of the Holy Spirit, and is therefore a part of this “form.”

Just as the Cross is the spiritually visible form of Divine Truth, so is the “Dove” the visible form of the Holy Spirit. This actually is the form; it is not meant merely as an imaginary conception! Since I have already spoken to this at length I refer to the lecture.*(Lecture Nr. 44: The Holy Grail)

This renewal of energy by the Holy Spirit, thus the Living Will of God which is this energy, recurs every year at a certain definite time in the Holy of Holies of the highest castle or temple harboring the Holy Grail, the only point of connection of the Creation with the Creator, and it is therefore called the Grail Castle.

This renewal may also be called the outpouring of energy, thus the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit or, still more explicitly, the outpouring of energy by the Holy Spirit, for it is not the Holy Spirit that is poured out, but the Holy Spirit pours out energy!

Since, on this day, the disciples were gathered in remembrance of their ascended Lord Who had promised to send the Spirit, i.e., the living Power, this remembrance provided an anchorage point for the event taking place at this time in the Pure-Spiritual Sphere to have, into a certain and commensurate degree, a direct effect upon the disciples who were gathered on earth and attuned in worship! All the more so as the way to these disciples had been more easily opened up and smoothed by the life of the Son of God on earth.

And for this reason the miraculous happened, which could not otherwise have been possible on earth, the experiencing of which is related in the Bible. The evangelists were able to describe their own experiences but not the actual happening, which they themselves knew nothing about.

The festival of Pentecost has been instituted by Christians to commemorate this occurrence, without their ever suspecting that at this approximate time each year the Day of the Holy Dove occurs in the Grail Castle, that is, the day of the renewal of power for Creation by the Holy Spirit! Naturally this does not always correspond exactly with the Pentecost festival as calculated for that purpose on earth, but at its approximate time.

At that time the meeting of the disciples coincided exactly with the actual happening! Later, it will also be celebrated here on earth, regularly and at the correct time, as the highest and holiest of all Holy Days for mankind, as the day on which the Creator perennially renews His gift of sustaining energy to Creation, as the “Day of the Holy Dove,” that is, the Day of the Holy Spirit, as a great prayer of thanksgiving to God the Father!

It will be celebrated by those human beings who at last stand consciously in this Creation, which they have now got to know aright in all its manifestations. Through their devout attitude at the exact time it will be possible, due to the reciprocal effect of opening themselves up, for the living blessing again to lead down to the earth and pour into the thirsting souls in the same way that it once did for the disciples.

Peace and Joy will then reign in that not so distant time as long as men do not fail and do not want to be lost for all eternity.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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