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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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81. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!

Who does not know these momentous words which Jesus of Nazareth uttered when He hung on the cross. They are one of the greatest prayers of intercession ever spoken. Clear and explicit. And yet in spite of this, for the past two thousand years these words have been met with a complete lack of comprehension. They were interpreted one-sidedly. Only in that way which appeared to be agreeable to men. There was not one person to raise his voice and call out their proper meaning in all its explicitness to mankind, especially to Christians!

But not only that. Every soul-stirring event in the earth-life of the Son of God was put into a false light by the one-sidedness of the transmission. These faults, however, are not only present in Christianity; they are to be found in every religion.

If disciples place the purely personal things about their teacher and master into the foreground, then this is understandable, especially when this master was so abruptly and brutally torn from their midst, and, although utterly innocent, was exposed to the most terrible suffering and coarsest mockery, and finally put to a most agonizing death.

Such events would be deeply engraved on the souls of those who had come to know their teacher in the most ideal way while they lived together, and would quite naturally cause them to place the personal element foremost in everything they remembered. But the sacred Mission of the Son of God lay in His Word, in bringing the Truth from Luminous Heights, in order to show mankind their way to the Light. This way had been closed to them up till then, because the state of their spiritual development had previously made it impossible for them to walk on that road!

The suffering thereby wrought by mankind upon this great Bringer of Truth stands entirely alone!

However, what was quite understandable and natural to the disciples resulted in many great errors in the later religion. The essence of the Divine Message receded far into the background before the personal cult of the Bringer of Truth, a cult which Christ never intended.

For this reason mistakes are now evident in Christianity which will lead to the danger of a breakdown unless the errors are recognized in time, and are openly and courageously confessed and corrected.

It can only be expected that the smallest amount of serious progress must make all of these gaps visible. So it is decidedly better not to avoid them, but to tackle them boldly! Why should the purification not be initiated by the leadership itself, cheerfully and frankly, with a free upward gaze towards the Supreme Godhead! As if freed from a pressure, which although perceived was never really recognized as such, great numbers of men would gratefully follow the call that would lead them into the light of joyful conviction! —

In following the habit of those who blindly subject themselves to the unlimited rule of their intellect, and who thereby severely diminish their ability to comprehend, they placed the same value on Christ’s earth life as on His Mission. His family relationships and all the earthly events received even greater attention than the main purpose of His Coming, which consisted of bringing enlightenment to the matured human spirits about all the real happenings in Creation, wherein alone they will find the Will of God, which is woven into it and thus guaranteed for them.

The bringing of this yet unknown Truth alone made it necessary for Christ to come to the earth. Nothing else. For without truly recognizing the Will of God in Creation no man can find the road of ascent to the Luminous Realm, much less walk upon it.

Instead of simply accepting these facts as such, immersing themselves in the Message and living accordingly, as the Bringer of Truth repeatedly and emphatically demanded, the founders of the Christian religions and churches created a personal cult as the principal foundation, which forced them to make the suffering of Christ into something entirely different from what it really was.

They needed it for this cult! Finally, in the course of further development, this quite naturally produced one great error after another, preventing them from even recognizing the right way at all.

This false structure alone, which was founded in a lack of objectivity, brought about the distortion in all of the happenings. Unbiased naturalness was bound to be lost as soon as the main cult became purely personal! With this arose the desire to anchor the Mission of the Son of God mainly in His life on earth. Indeed this became a necessity.

However, Christ Himself proved by His whole attitude that it was the wrong course to take. More than once He clearly and sharply rejected the attention given to his person. With every word and every action He always pointed to God the Father, Whose Will He fulfilled and in Whose Power He stood and acted. He explained how mankind should henceforth learn to look up to God the Father, but He never spoke of Himself in this connection.

But since His words in this regard were not heeded, it became inevitable in the end that Christ's suffering on earth was presented as necessary, and as ordained by God, even branded as the main task of His coming to earth! According to the resulting view, He came from the Luminous Heights only in order to suffer here on earth!

As He had not burdened Himself with any guilt, there remained only one explanation: He must have taken the sins of others upon Himself in order to redeem these sins for them!

What was left but to continue to build in that manner on the foundation thus established.

And the well-known overestimation of self-worth, from which all mankind suffer, provided the nourishing power and fertile soil for this. It is the result of the great Fall of Man, which was directed against the spirit, and which I have often explained in detail. In valuating his intellect too highly man is concerned only with himself and not with his God, all of the bridges to Whom he has thus destroyed. Only a few here and there still have a very weak pathway to the Spiritual Sphere which, however, allows them to gain but a small sense, never real knowledge.

For this reason, the proper and natural thought, completely to disassociate the earthly suffering of Christ from the Divine Message as being a separate happening, occurred to no one. Nor did anyone recognize all the hostility, persecution and torture as the serious and most brutal crimes that they really were. It is a new and great wrong to euphemize them by depicting them as a necessity!

His sufferings and agonizing death on the cross certainly deserve the radiant light of highest glory since the Son of God did not shrink from such evil reception among the arrogant and vengeful people, a reception which was to be expected after the Fall of Man, but in spite of all this, He brought His so urgently needed Message of Truth to the earth for the sake of the few who were good.

The act is to be valued all the more highly, because it is really only a small proportion of mankind who wish to save themselves thereby.

But it is a new sacrilege against God when the crimes mankind committed at that time are supposed to be so mitigated through false assumptions as to make it appear that men had only been the tools of a necessary fulfillment.

It is because of these errors that many thinking men are so uncertain about the consequences of the action of Judas Iscariot! With full justification. For if the death on the cross was necessary for mankind, then Judas and his betrayal provided the necessary tool, and in the spiritual sense he should not really have been punishable. The truth about the actual happening, however, removes all such conflicts, the justified emergence of which only confirms the fact that the assumption accepted in the past must really be false. Where the right view prevails there is no room for such unresolved questions, and the quite natural happening can be considered from every point of view without running into an obstacle.

Man should at last have the courage to recognize the diminishment of the true nature of this crime, i.e. the euphemizing of it, as cowardice, which is only kept concealed by the cleverness of his earthbound intellect, the greatest enemy of everything that is able to rise above it, just as this fact always shows itself with every base fellow. Or it may show as veiled self-aggrandizement which springs from the same source! Isn’t it nice to be able to imagine being valued so highly as to have a deity take on suffering and fight only to be able to offer a place of honor in the Divine Realm of Bliss to this small human being!

In reality such is man’s basic view, plainly and bluntly expressed! This is the way it looks as soon as a firm hand tears away the glitter from its forms!

I need hardly point out that such a view can only be the result of a most seriously restricted capacity to comprehend all non-earthly happenings. Ever and again it is one of the grave consequences of the glorification of the earthly intellect which prevents any free, broad outlook. Worship of this idol, the intellect has naturally grown steadily since the Fall of Man, until it has now developed into the earthly powerful Antichrist or, more explicitly, into all that is anti-spiritual! This is clearly evident today wherever one looks. This no longer requires a keen eye.

And since the spiritual alone can provide the bridge to approach and to understand all that is Divine, the granting of supreme power to the earthly intellect, to which all the sciences proudly confess today, is nothing but an open declaration of war against God!

Not only the sciences, but all mankind today moves under this banner! Even anyone calling himself a serious seeker carries this poison about with him.

It is therefore not unnatural for the Church also to contain much of it. In the rendering and interpreting of all the words of the Savior, therefore, much has crept in which has its origin only in the earthly intellectual cleverness!

This also is the serpent which seduces man ever again and of which the Bible story warns! This serpent of intellectual cleverness alone, confronts every man with the misleading decision: “Yea, that God said..?”

As long as every decision is left to the serpent, i.e., to the intellect alone, it will always, as has been rightly indicated in the Bible, choose what is hostile to or what leads away from God, that which is purely earthly and much lower, to which the intellect belongs as its highest manifestation. Thus it cannot grasp what is higher.

Man has been endowed with intellect so that in every life on earth he has a counterbalance pulling downwards to balance the upward-striving pure spirituality. It was given to him for the purpose of preventing him from floating in spiritual heights only, and thereby forgetting his task on earth. The intellect is also meant to facilitate and make his whole life on earth easier and more comfortable. But, above all, it is intended to transmit the strong upward drive toward what is sublime, pure and perfect, which is an absolutely inherent quality of the spirit, to that which is small and earthly, and to make its effect visible in the material world. It should act as the handyman of the living spirit, as its servant, not as the one to make decisions and take the lead! It is to help create the earthly or material opportunities for the carrying out of spiritual urges. The intellect is to be the tool and the servant of the spirit.

If, however, all decisions are left to the intellect alone, as is done now, then it ceases to be only a counterbalance and helper, but puts only its own weight into the scales of every decision with the only possible result being a sinking lower, on account of its downward pull. No other course is possible because the intellect belongs to the World of Matter and is firmly bound to it, whereas that which is spiritual comes from above. Instead of extending a helping hand to the spiritual, and becoming strong and great in doing so, the intellect, as soon as everything is left up to it, rejects and repudiates the stronger hand proffered by the spiritual. It cannot do otherwise and acts only in accordance with the laws of its own nature.

It must be remembered, however, that the earthly intellect becomes the enemy of the spirit only when it is elevated above the latter! Not before. For if it stands under the dominion of the spirit, as it is set up by nature in accordance with the Creative Will, it remains a faithful servant which can be appreciated as such. But if, contrary to the Laws of Nature, the intellect is given a position of authority, where it does not belong, the consequence is that it will suppress anything that might interfere with its remaining on the usurped throne. It automatically closes the doors which, if kept open, would throw light upon its deficiencies and narrow limitations.

This is strictly analogous to the actions of those people, who in well-ordered circumstances and under good leadership feel their abilities grow, and who then over-estimate these abilities and overthrow the old order, and who then, because of their inability to achieve what is higher, plunge a nation into poverty and distress. Just as such people can never realize their error and, both to themselves and before others, always seek only to blame past circumstances for their own incapacity, so will it be equally hard for the human intellect to recognize that it can never work in the place of the superior spirit without causing gravest harm and finally bringing about destruction. It is always the same picture, the same happening, repeated endlessly.

Men should for once think themselves calmly and deeply into this process. Everything would then quickly become understandable to them, and it would also appear most useful.

This situation also drew the veil over the great simplicity of Divine Truth for the founders of churches and religions, preventing any possibility of proper understanding.

Mankind could not have burdened themselves with anything more terrible than this voluntary limitation, this incapacity to perceive anything that lies beyond the earth, which is by far the greater part of all happenings. However, as a consequence, these happenings literally lie above their so limited horizon.

Now let anyone try to fight against the impenetrability of this wall. He would very soon have to realize the truth of the poet’s words that the gods themselves fight in vain against stupidity!

This tough wall can only be penetrated by the individual himself from within, for it was built up from within. But they do not wish to do so!

Therefore there is failure everywhere today. A picture of desolate confusion and much distress wherever one looks!

And on top of this pile of ruins there stands, hollow and puffed up with pride, the author of all this wild confusion... “modern man” as he likes best to describe himself. The “progressive” who in reality has constantly retrogressed! Expecting to be admired he even calls himself a “sober materialist.” —

One’s head aches and disgust wells up when one experiences all this, when one sees so much that is good also go down, which, in the right environment, would have flourished. And when one sees so many others suffer under all of this, then a fervent prayer forms: “Lord. You put an end to it! We cannot do it!”

Added to this are the many schisms and the ever-increasing hatred toward one another, despite the uniformity of their voluntary enslavement! Neither employer nor employee, neither capital nor lack of it are to blame,nor church or state or the different nations, but the wrong attitude of the individual alone has brought about the present state of affairs!

Even so-called seekers for the Truth are now seldom on the right road. Nine-tenths of them turn into nothing but Pharisees who look arrogantly down upon their fellow-men and criticize them, while at the same time quarrelling among themselves. Everything is wrong! First of all there must come the inevitable fulfillment of a dreadful end before some few can awaken out of their sleep.

As yet reversal is still possible. For everyone! But soon there will come a final “too late” for all time, contrary to the hopes of so many believers who favor the erroneous view that depending on the individual a more or less extended process of purification is necessary, but that in the end his path must lead back to the Light again, to eternal joy and to the bliss of the nearness of God!

This thought is an agreeable consolation, but it is not correct and does not correspond to the Truth. —

Let us once again calmly and clearly, but in broad outline, survey the great development of Creation and of man who belongs to it. In so doing bear in mind the Primordial Law of Homogeneous Species which I have often explained, with all it embraces in the way of immutable and necessary consequences in every happening:

Being heaviest, the World of Matter moves along like a large field in a gigantic cycle at the lowest edge of the entire Creation. There, beginning with the primordial seed, all is in constant motion, perpetually developing, increasingly combining and forming, right up to the globes visible to us, to which the earth belongs. In this way maturing towards full blossom and towards the fruit to which our present time corresponds, then automatically decaying in the subsequent stage of over ripeness, according to the Laws of Creation, and to dissolve again back into primordial seed, which will continually receive the opportunity of entering into fresh combinations and new forms. —

Such is the overall picture viewed calmly from On High.

Matter as such is nothing but the substance used to create forms or coverings, and comes to life only when it is penetrated by the non-material animistic substantiality in the sphere above it and set aglow by this bonding.

This bonding of matter with non-material animistic substantiality provides the basis for further development. All animal souls are formed out of animistic substantiality.

Above the two basic segments, that of matter and that of animistic substantiality, there also lies, as the highest segment of Creation, the spiritual one. This is a Creation substance by itself, as my readers already know. From this spiritual substantiality issue the seed-germs which are intent on developing into self-conscious human spirits.

Only in the field of matter can such a seed-germ of the spirit develop into a self-conscious human spirit, much the same as a corn seed in the soil of a field will grow into a ripe ear of corn.

Its entry into the field of material substance, however, is not possible until the latter has reached a certain stage of development suitable to the condition of the spiritual which ranks highest in the entire Creation.

That is the time in which Creation produces the most highly developed animal body, after which further enhancement through an animal soul issuing from animistic substantiality is no longer possible.

A likeness, a repetition of this great cosmic happening, is continually provided later on for example by the earthly birth of the human soul. Indeed, the entire cosmic happening is reflected in man who is the crown of Creation, and thus the highest created being. The human soul, too, can enter the child’s body developing in its mother's womb only when this body has reached a certain stage of maturity, not before. In fact it is only the requisite stage of development as such which opens the way for the soul to enter. This moment lies in the middle of pregnancy.

Thus in the great cycle of cosmic events the time of the highest development of the animal body also falls in the middle, i.e., midway in the cycle of all matter! Let the reader mark this closely.

Because at that point the animistic substantiality of the animal soul had reached the highest point in the development of the physical, this condition automatically opened the way for the entrance of the spiritual standing above it!

Being the lowest of its spiritual species, the spirit germ could only enter into the highest masterwork of the lower animistic substantiality, i.e., into the animal body it had developed most highly.

Due to its higher nature the spirit naturally takes over all control immediately upon entering, and can henceforth lead the body it inhabits, as well as its entire earthly environment further along the road of development, something which animistic substantiality would have been unable to accomplish. In this process the spirit itself naturally develops simultaneously.

This is a cursory sketch of the activity within Creation, the exact details of which I shall give in later lectures, right down to the most minute parts.

We belong to the very first part of this ring of materiality; stand first in the foreground at the top of its cycle. There was nothing of a similar nature before us, but after us it will continue into eternity.

Thus, the part to which we belong experiences all happenings for the first time, ahead of all others. The reason why the earth plays such an exceptionally important role is because, being the most mature of the gross-material bodies in the universe, all of the decisive world events have to take place upon it.

Thus what we are experiencing now and what lies ahead for us is not a repetition. It is by no means something that has ever happened in world events before! —

Let us return to the first entry of the human spirit-germs into this World of Matter, i.e., the midway point in the cycle of the World of Matter. The most highly developed animals of that time, which are today erroneously described as Primeval Men, became extinct. Only those bodies among them were developed towards ennoblement into which spirit-germs had entered instead of animistic animal souls. The spirit-germs in them matured through varied experiences, raised the animal body to the human body as we know it, and separated themselves into races and nations. – The great Fall of Man lay behind them. It was the first act involving a voluntary decision after the spirit-germs had become self-conscious, and was caused by their placing the intellect above the spirit, which in turn caused hereditary sin and very soon had the grave consequences of making the hollow fruits of the dominating intellect become clearly and easily recognizable. Hereditary sin is the one-sided development of the brain through the exaggerated activity of the intellect, which as such is continually passed on as inheritance. I have often mentioned this fact *(Lecture Nr. 9: Hereditary Sin) and shall in due course speak about it in much greater detail. Hopefully, men will come forward who, following the direction shown them, will be able to help joyfully with the great work of enlightenment.

Inexorably the great cosmic cycle continued on its course. But erring mankind brought standstill and confusion into the necessary progress. In the midst of this turmoil the Jewish people came under the well-known cruel scourge of the Egyptians. Their tribulation and great longing for liberation hastened the maturing of their souls. Thus they surpassed all others spiritually, because this strong, non-sexual emotional upheaval enabled them to first of all look into themselves, and also look into the souls of their oppressors! After they had clearly perceived that neither anything earthly nor the keenest cleverness of the intellect could help any longer, whereby they also recognized the emptiness of their own souls, their spiritual eye learned to see more keenly, and gradually there arose at last a conception of the actual Godhead, truer and higher than any they had had before. And their anguished prayers rose up again with much greater fervor.

Through this the Jewish people became the chosen people who preceded all other peoples spiritually, because for their time they possessed the purest conception of Divinity. As far as it was possible at that time considering the existing maturity of the human soul.

Please do not confuse maturity of the spirit with knowledge acquired by learning, but you must always bear in mind that being spiritual is the same as being soulful!

It was the advanced spiritual maturity of the Jews at that time which enabled them to receive through Moses the Will of God clearly expressed in the form of laws, which constituted the greatest treasure and the best and most powerful support for further development.

Just as world happenings will quite naturally always concentrate only on the point of highest maturity, so they gradually came to focus at that time upon the spiritually more and more maturing human race of the Jews. —

Here again though, world events must not be confused with earthly world history, which is far removed from actual world events and most often only reflects the effects of the so often wrongly applied free will of the human spirit which always casts many stones into the actual happening, thereby often producing temporary distortions and earthly confusion.

The Jewish people of that time were ahead of the others in their religious cult and their world view therefore stood closest to the Truth.

The natural consequence was that in accordance with the Law of Reciprocal Action the annunciation of an incarnation out of the Light had to come only upon this road which, being the most correct one, could lead to the closest proximity of Truth. Through their greater distance from the Truth all the other roads were closed to such a possibility, because they were lost in errors.

Again, in conformity with the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, so absolutely necessary for any activity, it was not possible for a Bringer of Truth from the Light to incarnate using any road other than that road which lies closest to the Truth, and most closely resembles it. Only this provides the necessary support and attraction, whereas erroneous views repel and directly close the road upon which the Light might come and enter.

Here too The Law of Reciprocal Action and the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species must inevitably become fully effective. The Primordial Laws either open or close a road in their constant and consistent effects.

At the same time this circumstance automatically offers proof that the people among whom Christ, as the great bringer of Truth was incarnated, had to have the purest conception about the Divine and its activity, that all the other religions of that time did not come as close to the Truth. Thus Buddhism for example did not and does not stand as close to the Truth, but goes astray in many ways. For the laws in Creation do not mislead. On calm reflection anyone will come onto the right track and will no longer need to waver. —

When in the course of time the Jews again allowed the intellect to dominate in their religion, breeding dishonest ambitiousness, the heavy hand of the Romans helped to keep a small group in the right recognition, so that the Word could be fulfilled.

My listeners must make the effort to go more deeply and more comprehensively into the effect of the laws of attraction of homogeneous species necessary for activity, as well as the law of reciprocal action and gravity. They must think them through in all directions and search for all the subtleties they contain. Soon they will recognize how comprehensive, supportive and alive they are as well as recognize the life they hold. Equipped with these keys they will quickly learn to find their way in all happenings. They will have to realize that it is indeed the universal key with which they can open all doors, not with pipe dreams and unnecessary mysticism, but with the clear eye of gapless recognition. —

A spirit-germ in its still unfinished yet higher spiritual nature can only enter into a part of the world which is in a commensurate state of development, but never into one which is not adequately mature, nor into one which is overly mature, as is the case today with our part of the world, where only souls can live which have already been incarnated several times, and the process is no different with the incarnation of a Bringer of Truth from the Light. His Coming can only take place in that part of humanity which is most matured for this purpose. The conditions of all the laws had to be observed most exactly in the case of a Divine Messenger. He could only be born into those views which came closest to the Truth.

Just as a spirit-germ can enter the World of Matter only after the animistic activity has achieved the highest peak in its working, when standstill and thereby retrogression must occur unless the spirit-germ enters, so just before Christ’s Coming a point was reached in the World of Matter where the spiritual, through the confusion caused by hereditary sin, could not continue to develop! The free will resting in the spirit, instead of furthering all that existed, had cut off the upward development towards the Heights which is willed in Creation and, through the elevation of the intellect, had one-sidedly directed all its abilities to what is material only. This was a moment of the gravest danger!

Animistic Substantiality not in possession of a free will had carried out the development of Creation exactly in conformity with Nature, that is, completely in accordance with the Divine Will of the Creator. The spiritual, however, with its free will, had, through the Fall of Man, rendered itself incapable of playing its part, and brought only confusion and standstill into the further development of matter. The false use of its inherent ability to direct the Divine Creative Power, as a necessary step forward in the development of matter, was even bound to lead to descent instead of to the highest development! Through the Fall of Man the human spirit forcibly stopped any further real development; for earthly technical achievements are not actual progress in the sense of the God-willed cosmic events. Therefore the quickest aid, intervention by the Creator Himself, became necessary!

With every further century evil would have so increased that the possibility of a way to Divine Help would gradually have become entirely out of the question, because the dominion of the intellect would in the course of time have completely cut off any understanding of all that is truly spiritual, and even more so of what is Divine. Thus there would have been no anchorage available for an incarnation from the Light!

This required quick action, because the time of the Son of Man had not yet come, although He was already developing in preparation for His mission.

Out of this distress arose the great Divine Mystery that God made the sacrifice for Creation of sending down to earth a portion of Divinity in order to bring Light to those who had gone astray!

This coming of Christ was not planned from the beginning!

Only the misapplication of the free will by mankind in the Fall of Man and its consequences necessitated this Divine intervention, contrary to His initial Will! The Animistic in the World of Matter had fulfilled its task in the development of Creation, the higher Spiritual, however, had completely failed through mankind! Even worse, the Spiritual used the power of decision-making, which was granted to it for the furthering of Creation, to achieve exactly the opposite, and thus it became hostile to Divine Volition, using the Divine power it was given for its use. Man may well imagine the vastness of his guilt.

Thus the birth of Christ was not the fulfillment of the prophecies and revelations which, as a gift of God, had promised the human spirits an eternal mediator! Instead it was an emergency act for the entire Creation, which was in danger of being undermined by the erring human spirit.

Consequently, the Divine part which was then incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth must reunite completely with the Father, as Christ Himself repeatedly emphasized. He must again become One with Him. This fact also proves that He cannot be the promised eternal mediator between God and Creation, the Son of Man promised for this purpose!

This is the final advancement for Creation which had always been intended only for the end of the first part of materiality, following which Creation then has to proceed evenly and consistently, with the Son of Man as Eternal Mediator at the summit. He at the same time is and will continue to be the highest servant of God. Christ, the Son of God, was a part of the Divine and therefore had to return again completely into the Divine. The Son of Man is the executive servant of God, sent out from the Divine, yet never again able completely to return to the God Head, since He had also received, as an inseparable possession, aside from the Divine origin, the Pure-Spiritual. Thereby and only then is fulfilled the revelation of the promise of the eternal mediator between God and His Creation, of which mankind is a part, indeed. —

This is the course of the world events until the end. One follows quite naturally out of the other. Once the Fall of Man, as well as the subsequent coming of Christ, which was not pre-ordained but an emergency act, have been correctly understood, then an understanding for the other will not be difficult and all gaps will be filled automatically. Unsolved questions cease to exist.

It was only through Christ’s Message that the gates to Paradise were unlocked for mature human spirits. Until that time, the ability correctly to understand the way there did not exist. Through delay this ability was bound to become lost again because of the aberrancy of the human spirits, unless help had come immediately. The Message was meant for earth-men as well as for those already departed, as is every Divine Message and every Word of Luminous Truth!

In the Message, after learning about the severity of the Laws, men also heard of a Love which up till then they would not have been able to comprehend, but which they were now meant to develop within themselves. However, this Message of Love did not overthrow the laws, but only expanded them. They were meant to remain as the firm foundation, the effects of which contained such love. —

Later on, attempts were made to build upon this Word of the Son of God, but I have already pointed out in the beginning of my lecture the errors that crept into these attempts through many wrong assumptions. —

Let us look at the history of Christianity. We can learn the best lessons from it and as with rays of light expose all religions. We find the same faults everywhere.

Without exception every Bringer of Truth, whether great or small, has had to suffer mockery and scorn, persecution and attack by his fellow-men, who just as they do today, always considered themselves too clever and too wise to accept the explanations of the Will of their Creator from His Messengers, especially since these Messengers never in fact issued from any of mankind’s institutions of higher learning!

Basically, the explanation of the Divine Will is always and only the interpretation of the way of His Creation, in which men live and to which they also belong. To know Creation, then, means everything! If a man has this knowledge it is very easy for him to make use of all that it contains and offers. This ability to make use of it in turn brings him every advantage. He will thereby soon recognize and fulfill the real purpose of his existence and, furthering everything, he will rise towards the Light, a joy to himself, and to his surroundings only a blessing.

But men scoffed at every Messenger and thus also at the Message itself. Not once was such a Messenger welcome by them, no matter how much good He did. He always remained an annoyance, which can of course be easily explained in view of the intellect's hostility towards God, and in and of itself proves the fact of its hostility towards God. Christ clearly sums up all of these happenings when He speaks of the master who sent out his servants to collect what was due to him from his tenants. Instead of being met with compliance, however, the servants were scoffed at and beaten before they were sent back, ridiculed and empty-handed.

Euphemistically, it is again called a parable. In smug comfort, man always places himself next to these facts, without ever applying them to himself! Or one has the need to explain that it is a part of a distinction conferred by God upon His Messengers if they have to suffer in this manner, instead of regarding it as a crime on the part of mankind which was not willed by God.

Because the intellect needs tinsel and sham to cover its limitations, which would otherwise become too plainly visible, it makes almost desperate efforts to look down with absolute contempt upon the simplicity of Truth, which it fears can become a danger to it. The intellect needs jingling bells for the fool’s cap it is wearing. Many big words to keep attention centered upon it. Today more than ever. But contempt for the plain simplicity of the Truth has long since turned to uneasiness. More and more bells are added to the gaudy fool’s cap which, through convulsive contortions and antics, are made to jingle louder and ever louder in order to retain the usurped throne for as long as possible.

But of late these antics have become a dance of despair, which will soon become the last dance of death! The exertions are increasing; they must increase, because in the midst of all the sounding bells, the hollowness comes through ever more clearly. And in preparation for the greatest forced leap, the gaudy cap will at last fall from the head!

Then the crown of plain Truth will be raised, radiant and calming, to the place which it alone deserves.

And those serious seekers who have become quite confused by these grotesque and incomprehensible distortions will at last receive a firm foothold and support for their view. Without any effort they will be able to fully comprehend the whole Truth, whereas up till now it cost great trouble to find even a tiny sliver.

Let us return to simplicity in thinking! Otherwise no one can fully grasp that which is great and can thus never attain to it. Think as simply as children do! That is the true meaning of the great words: “If ye do not become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!”

The way there can never be found with the complicated present-day way of thinking. Even in the churches and religions it is no different as yet. When they preach that suffering helps one to ascend and that it is therefore a blessing from God, this contains a small grain of Truth albeit badly distorted in a euphemistic way. For God does not will that His people should suffer! He wills only joy, love and happiness! The way in the Light cannot be otherwise. The way towards the Light has stones only if man first places them there.

The grain of Truth in the doctrine of suffering is that with suffering some guilt may be redeemed. This can only happen, however, when a man consciously recognizes his suffering as justly deserved. As did the penitent thief on the cross!

Today the entire world lives their lives without point or purpose. Even those who so cleverly talk about the redemption of karma. They err, for it is even much more difficult than these would-be sages imagine it to be. For karmic reactions are not always atonements! Everyone must mark this well. On the contrary, they may drag one still further down!

Notwithstanding a reciprocal action due to guilt, ascent depends solely on man’s inner attitude. Depending on how he sets his course inwardly, whether upwards, straight on, or downwards, thus and not otherwise will he proceed in spite of all he experiences!

Here it becomes clear that he is not, nor ever can be, the plaything of fortune, but must direct his actual course through the power of his free will alone. In this respect a man’s will always remains free up to the last moment! In this every man is truly his own free master, only he absolutely must expect... the consequences to be the same as the course he set, taking him upward or downward.

If, however, he sets his course in an upward direction with insight and a firm will, evil reactions will strike him less and less, and will finally affect him only symbolically, because through his upward striving he has already been removed from the nether regions of evil reactions, even though he may still be on this earth. They pass underneath him. It is not at all necessary that a man must suffer if he strives towards the Light.

Away, therefore, with the blindfold which many placed before their eyes so that they would not tremble at the sight of the abyss that has yawned before them for a long time. Temporary relief from anxiety afforded by such a blindfold is not strength-giving help, but only a waste of time through negligence which can never be retrieved.

Man has never yet had the correct explanation and reason for the suffering on earth. Therefore palliatives were given as a narcotic which, over and over again, is thoughtlessly handed out to the sufferers in more or less clever language. This is the great fault of one-sidedness in all religions!

And if a desperate seeker should require too precise of an answer, then that which is not understood is simply pushed into the realm of Divine mystery. Where all paths of unsolved questions must eventually end up, as in a safe harbor. However, these paths thereby reveal themselves as the wrong ones!

For every right path also has a clear ending; it must not lead into impenetrable thickets. Whenever the “inscrutable ways of God” have to serve as an explanation there is an alignment of unmistakable ignorance present.

There need not and must not be any mystery within Creation for man; for God wills that His Laws working in Creation should be well known to man, so that he can adjust himself accordingly, and with their help can complete and fulfill his course through the world more easily and without going astray in ignorance.

One of the most fatal conceptions, however, continues to be that of regarding the brutal murder of the Son of God as a necessary atonement for mankind!

To think that this brutal murder of His Son would reconcile God!

Because no logical explanation can be advanced for this peculiar conception, one again awkwardly slips behind the frequently used protective wall of Divine mystery, i.e., a process which can never become understandable to man!

Yet God is so clear in everything He does. He is lucidity itself! He created Nature out of His Will. Therefore what is natural must also be right! Given the fact that the Will of God is absolutely perfect.

But the propitiatory sacrifice on the cross must be unnatural to every sane mind, since it is also unjust against the innocent Son of God. All twisting and turning is useless. A man should rather frankly confess that such a thing is truly beyond all comprehension! No matter how much effort he expends, he will never come to any conclusion, and in this case can no longer understand his God. But it is God’s Will that He should be understood! And He can be understood, since the expression of His Will clearly rests in Creation and never contradicts itself. Only men in their religious studies endeavor to introduce what is incomprehensible.

The arduously erected structure for the fundamentally false idea of a necessary vicarious sacrifice in the death on the cross is already destroyed by the words of the Savior Himself at the time when He was nailed to the cross.

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” Would this intercession have been necessary if the death on the cross was meant to be a necessary propitiatory sacrifice? “For they know not what they do!” This is an accusation of the gravest kind. A clear indication that what they were doing was wrong. That this deed was nothing but an ordinary crime.

Would Christ have prayed in Gethsemane that this cup of suffering might pass from Him if His death on the cross was necessary as a vicarious sacrifice? Never! Christ would not have done so! It was because He knew that the torture awaiting Him was only the consequence of the free will of man. And therefore He prayed thus.

For two thousand years men have blindly passed this by with empty minds, accepting instead what is absolutely impossible.

It is indeed distressing to hear the frequently expressed idea that the favored among today’s disciples of Jesus, male as well as female, are blessed by physical afflictions, as for example stigmata!

Such a view, of course, only originates in the false interpretation of Christ’s suffering on earth. Indeed there could be no other consequence. I still have to mention what grave, personal consequences this can entail.

How much thoughtlessness and what base slavish mentality are required to imagine the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth as acting in such a way! It is without doubt the most sinful debasement of the Sublime Godhead, for the conception of Whose Essential Nature the most beautiful cannot be beautiful enough and the best not nearly good enough, in order to come anywhere near to the reality! And they dare to think of the great God as being capable of demanding that man whom He has created should writhe in pain before Him when He accords him grace?

How can ascent follow from such a view!

Men form their God the way they wish to have Him; they dictate the direction of His Volition! And woe unto Him if He is not what they think He ought to be, he is then rejected forthwith, just as in proof of this they condemn and attack those who dare to see God as much greater and more sublime. There is no greatness in man‘s past conceptions. On the contrary, these conceptions merely bear witness to man’s unshakable belief in his own worth, and God is to beg favor from this mankind, from whose bloodstained hands He received back His Son, scorned, mocked, scourged and tortured, His Son Whom He had once sent out to help them with the Message of Salvation!

Even today they maintain that all of this was, for God, a necessary conciliatory sacrifice? When Christ Himself in His agony and utter despair at their blindness cried out: “They know not what they do!”

Is it still possible at all to lead mankind on to the right road? The most drastic happening is still too weak to accomplish this. When will man at last recognize to what depths he has actually sunk! How empty and hollow are the conceptions he has constructed for himself!

As soon, however, as one digs a little deeper one finds selfishness encapsulated in its purest form. Although everywhere there is high-sounding talk about God-seeking, this again is great hypocrisy and the usual self- importance entirely devoid of really serious longing for pure Truth. Only self-deification is sought, nothing else. No one seriously strives to understand God!

With a superior smile they disregard and quickly push aside the simplicity of Truth, for they imagine themselves to be much too knowledgeable, much too high and much too important for their God to still deal with simplicity. In their honor He must be much more complicated. Otherwise it would not be worth believing in Him! In their view how can they possibly be expected to accept something that is easily understandable to every unlearned person. Such cannot be considered great. Today one must no longer occupy oneself with such things, for fear of being embarrassed. Leave it to children, old women and the unlearned. Anyhow, it is not for men with such well-trained intellects, with such intelligence, as are found among the educated of today. Let the ordinary man concern himself with that! Education and learnedness can apply their standard of greatness only to the degree of difficulty of comprehensibility!

Ignorant indeed are those who think thus! They are not worthy of receiving another drop of water from the Hand of the Creator through His Creation!

They have so limited themselves as to preclude the possibility of recognizing the radiant sublimity which lies in the simplicity of the Divine Laws! They are literally incapable of doing so or, to put it more bluntly, too stupid owing to their one-sidedly stunted brain, which up till now they carry around with them like a trophy of the highest achievement even from the hour of their birth.

It is indeed an act of mercy of the Creator to leave them to perish in the edifice they have erected; for wherever one looks all is hostile towards God, distorted by morbid delusion of grandeur of all men of intellect, whose incapacity is slowly becoming evident everywhere.

And this has been going on with increasing intensity for thousands of years! It has inevitably contaminated churches and religions with the corrosive evil which was the inevitable consequence of the Fall of Man, wherein man decided in favor of the absolute dominion of the intellect.

This wrongful domination has at all times deceived those it has enslaved in everything that concerns the Divine. Even in all that is Spiritual!

He who does not overthrow this throne within himself and thereby become free, must perish with it!

One can no longer speak of poor mankind, for they are knowingly guilty, as guilty as ever a creature could be! The words: “Forgive them, for they know not anymore what they do!” are no longer appropriate for mankind of today! They had more than one opportunity to open their eyes and their ears. They act in full consciousness, and all reactions must therefore strike them with full force, unabated! —

If now when the ring of all the past happenings closes, then the reaping, the harvest, and the separation will take place for part of the cosmos, the first one to have matured in all of creation. Never since the creation of the entire World of Matter has this ever occurred before, because our part of the cosmos precedes all others in the eternal cycle; it is the first to have to experience this!

And that is also the reason why two thousand years ago the Son of God incarnated on this earth. It was a world event that took place on the most mature first part of all materiality, but which will never repeat itself, because for the ensuing parts the effects that took place here will always continue on. Therefore it happens that this part enters as the first into a new happening which has never been before, but which will subsequently always repeat itself. It is the falling apart of formed materiality that occurs as a natural result of over ripeness. —

It is accomplished! The way to the Light and thereby to eternal life for individual spirits has been shown! Human spirits may now consider for themselves in this final hour which path they wish to take: either to eternal damnation or to eternal bliss; for according to the Divine Will they have the free choice!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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