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82. The gods - Olympus - Valhalla

For a long time now attempts have been made to find the right interpretation of the known gods of past ages, and to find a proper connection with the present time. Called ones and scholars alike are seeking for a solution which will bring complete clarification.

However this will only be possible if the solution provides a comprehensive and unbroken survey over all the ages, from the beginning of the human race to the present day! Otherwise it will again remain incomplete. It is of no value simply to pick out the period in which the well-known cults of the Greeks, Romans and Germanic peoples who worshipped their gods flourished. As long as the explanations do not simultaneously include all processes of formation and disintegration as being quite natural within themselves, they are wrong. So far, in spite of all the cleverness employed, the attempts which have been initiated have always resulted in eventual failure, they could not hold up before the deeper intuitive perception. Without connection with preceding and subsequent eras they hung in the air.

Upon close examination of the evolution of man, nothing else can be expected. —

The hearers and readers of my Grail Message should be able to figure out the actual facts in these matters, which have in part even been relegated to the realm of sagas and legends, or else one assumed them to be merely the fantastic constructs of religious beliefs, formed and conceived from observations of nature and put in the context of daily life.

It should not be hard for the thinker and investigator to find more in the old lore of gods than mere myths. He must even see the actual happening clearly! Follow me if you wish. I will lead you to understanding.

Here I refer back to my lecture: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” *(Lecture Nr. 81). In that lecture I gave a brief description of the history of mankind on earth from the very beginning until now. I also gave a glimpse into the further development, and in so doing I showed you how, in the middle of a cycle of Creation, the Animistic, which stands lower than the Spiritual, had achieved, in the even lower-lying World of Matter, its own highest level of ability. And how, in the course of this fulfillment, it opened the way for the higher Spiritual to penetrate, a process which repeats itself continually in Creation. I also explained how in the highest animal body developed by the animistic, called primeval man, there was created the possibility which only then, that is, during the climax of its development, permitted a spirit-germ to enter. This event did occur and will always be provided anew at this point of development in Creation. Thus, into the most highly developed animal of that time there entered something new, the Spiritual, which had not been in it before.

It must not be hastily concluded from this process that such happenings will continuously repeat itself in the same part of the World; for this is not the case! It happens only once in the same part.

During further development the law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species irrevocably blocks a repetition in the same part of the World. Attraction of similar species is in this case the equivalent of admittance during a very specific period of development, in which, through a certain state of semi-maturity of materiality, spirit germs floating near the border can hurl themselves like shooting stars into this receptive materiality, in order to be absorbed there, to be enveloped, i.e., encapsulated and held fast at points which are ready to receive them, in this case the most highly developed animal bodies of that time. It is exactly the same as on a small scale as a simple reflection in a chemical process of amalgamation, the bonding of a foreign substance is only possible at a very specific temperature of the absorbing mass, after this particular temperature or heat again caused a very special state of the mass which can be reached only at this particular degree. The slightest divergence from these exact conditions prevents an amalgamation, and the substances repel and reject each other.

In this case homogeneity consists in a specific state of their respective maturity, which only appears to indicate great contrasts, since it is kept in balance through the higher and lower levels of the two parts to be amalgamated. The maturity of the lowest point of the spiritual is similar to that of the highest point of the animistic lying below it. Only at this exact point of meeting is an amalgamation possible. And since the World of Matter in its development always moves in a gigantic cycle emerging, blossoming, ripening, and decaying through over-ripeness, while the spiritual lies above it, this process of sparking amalgamation can occur only at a very definite point in time while the World of Matter passes by. It is a spiritual impregnation of the World of Matter, which, through the working of the animistic, has been swelling toward it, fertile and ready to receive.

Once a particular part of the World has passed this point in its forward movement, the possibility of spiritual impregnation by spirit-germs ceases for this part, and the part following it takes its place. For the first part, however, a new stage commences in which maturing spirits can find access, and so it continues. In this lecture I do not have room to unfold the whole world picture, but a serious investigator may well form an idea of the further progression. —

Due to its higher nature, the spiritual, though still in its unconscious state, exercised its vital influence in a tangible manner upon everything as soon as it entered the World of Matter and began to dominate. How the spiritual then gradually raised the animal body to the level of the present human body should no longer be incomprehensible to any of my readers*(Lecture Nr. 7: The Creation of man).

However, the development of the animal bodies of the most highly developed species of that time, into which no spirit-germs incarnated, came to a standstill, since the animistic element within them had already attained its highest state, and the power of the Spiritual needed in order to advance further was lacking, and with this standstill, over-ripeness quickly set in, to be followed by retrogression and disintegration. For these species there were only two possibilities, either development into a human body through the power of the spirit, or decay and extinction. Thus these mature animal species became completely extinct. —

Let us now trace this initially unconscious spirit-germ in its slow development of consciousness as a human spirit, and let us accompany it spiritually as it penetrates step by step its surrounding cloaks and environments.

This is not so difficult because the process of development is quite plainly visible externally. One need only observe the human races still in existence on earth today.

For instance the spirit of the most primitive men, which include the so-called savage tribes, and also the Bushmen, Hottentots, and so on, has been in the World of Matter for just as long a time, but they have not kept pace in development, or, after ascent had already taken place, either in this world or in the beyond, they have retrogressed so far that they could only be incarnated in such low surroundings! Through their own guilt and in the natural course of events they either remain on, or are once again on, a very low level, as a result of which their outlook upon the non-gross material environment is far from being of an uplifting nature.

The spiritual urge to see more than that which is on its own level rests within the spirit-germ as a part of its essential nature, and therefore has a strong effect even in the lowest stages of development. This is the living motive power within the spirit, the special element which is lacking in other kinds or species in Creation. The possibility for this desire to see or perceive is always given for only one step above the one it stands upon at the time, and no further. It is for this reason that these human souls standing on a low level, who have been negligent or sinful in their development to such an extent, can sense or perceive through clairvoyance only similarly base entities.

There are mediums and clairvoyants among all races, regardless of what level they belong to!

Here I must once more especially mention that when I speak of “seeing” or “sensing” I mean only that which is “personally seen” by the clairvoyant, according to my explanation. However, what is truly and personally seen by “seers” of all times, is at most only a fourth of what they see. And this again can be but one step above their own inner maturity, and no more. There is no other possibility. At the same time, though, this constitutes a great natural protection for every clairvoyant, as I have repeatedly stated. For this reason, it must not be assumed that mediums and clairvoyants are necessarily as matured and inwardly advanced as are those things which they describe as having “seen” since the purer and more luminous heights, happenings, and spirits are only shown to them in living pictures by spirit guides and higher entities! Clairvoyants, however, self-deceptively and erroneously, imagine that they actually experience all of this. Thus there is often great surprise at the baseness of character of many mediums, who describe things as though they had occurred and been experienced by them, things which do not seem to fit their own characters at all, or only very little. —

Therefore I speak here only of the narrow scope of actual personal seeing by mediums and clairvoyants. The rest is not considered.

Mediums and clairvoyants of all times are actually meant only to serve the purpose of helping mankind to ascend more and more through their gifts, not as leaders, but as instruments. Mediums could never be leaders because they are much too dependent upon currents and other influences. They are meant to be doors which open from time to time for the purpose of furthering development. Rungs in the ladder of ascent.

Realizing the fact that races standing on a low level of spiritual development are able to see only into an equally low environment, with but little leeway in an upward direction, it is not hard to understand that among the low human races we find primarily the fear and worship of demons. That is what they are able to see and perceive.

So much for a superficial consideration. However, I shall go deeper with my explanation, although it means deviating from a clear overview.

The spirit of the lower human races which was left un-developed or has again degenerated is naturally still spiritually blind and deaf or has again become so. Such a person cannot see with his spiritual eye, something that has unfortunately not been possible for any man even to this day.

The man still on the lower stage, however, cannot even see with his animistic eye anymore than with his ethereal eye, he can only see with his gross material eye, which becomes ever sharper in the wilderness through the necessary personal struggle with his fellow-men, with animals and the elements, whereby he gradually also learns to distinguish finer and finest gross matter.

Thus in the beginning they notice phantoms! entities which have only been formed and are sustained through men’s fear and anxiety. These phantoms, without life of their own, are completely dependent upon the intuitive senses of man. They are attracted or repulsed by them. This is in accordance with the Law of the Power of Attraction of all Homogeneous Species. Fear always attracts such forms produced by fear and anxiety, so that they appear to lunge at the frightened human beings.

Since these phantoms are connected by stretchable feeding cords with their authors, themselves very frightened human beings, every fearful man is therefore always indirectly connected with the mass of people that are fearful and afraid, thus receiving additional nourishment which increases his own fear and anxiety all the more, and which may finally even drive him to despair and insanity.

Fearlessness or courage, on the other hand, absolutely repels such phantoms in a natural manner. Therefore, as is well known, the fearless man always has the advantage.

Is it then surprising if among the lower races so-called medicine-men and sorcerers emerged, whose caste was founded by clairvoyants, since they were able to observe how such forms, erroneously considered entities with a life of their own, are “banished” through inner concentration, by averting fear through leaps and contortions, or through concentration or courage-arousing incantations.

If they come up with ideas which appear impossible, and they thereby seem ridiculous to us, that does not alter the fact that they are doing something which is quite right within the limits of their horizon and their ability to comprehend, and that we are the ones who lack understanding because of our ignorance.

It happens, of course, that among the followers of these sorcerers and medicine-men there are many men who have neither mediumistic nor clairvoyant abilities in any way, especially since in connection with this position they gain influence and income, which men on the lowest levels are just as unscrupulously intent on chasing after as are those of the high white race. These non-clairvoyant successors then simply imitated all the actions of their predecessors without understanding what they were doing, even adding a few more follies in order to make a greater impression, because they only sought favor with their fellow-men, thus becoming the crafty impostors who seek only their own advantage, but do not have the slightest idea about the real meaning; yet that today that is how the whole caste is judged and dismissed.

This then is the reason why we first of all find only fear and worship of demons among the lower human races. It is what they are able to see and what they fear as being of a different kind. —

Let us now proceed to somewhat higher stages of development where the ability to see reaches further, be it through clairvoyance or only through unconscious sensing, which is also a part of inner seeing. In these higher stages of development, further enveloping layers are pierced from the inside upwards by the encapsulated spirit, which is awakening more and more.

Therefore they already see more friendly entities or know of them intuitively, and will thus gradually lose their demon-worship. And so it continues. Higher and higher. It becomes more and more luminous. With normal development the spirit pushes ahead further and further.

The Greeks, the Romans and the Germanic peoples, for instance, could see still further! Their inner seeing reached beyond the World of Matter into the higher Animistic Sphere. In their more advanced development they could finally even see the Lords of the Animistic beings and of the Elements. A few mediumistic individuals among them, by virtue of their ability, could even enjoy a closer relationship with them since these latter, as created beings of the Conscious Animistic Sphere, have at least some affinity to that animistic substantiality of which man, also carries a part within him aside from his spiritual part.

To see, to feel and to hear the animistic beings was the highest possible achievement in the stage of development of the peoples at that time. It is only natural that these peoples should then look upon the mighty Lords of the Elements, whose activity and nature were so different from their own, as the highest possible. They called them gods, and called their lofty, really existing, fortress-like seat, Olympus and Valhalla.

Any outward expression of the inner seeing and hearing of men is always dependent upon their respective personal capacity of comprehension and expression. Thus the Greeks, the Romans and the Germanic peoples depicted the same Lords of the Elements and of the animistic, in accordance with views forms and conceptions prevailing at their time in their environment. Despite some differences in their descriptions, all were the same, however!

If today, for example, five or more really good clairaudients are assembled, and all of them simultaneously hear a particular sentence spoken in the beyond, then only the sense of what they heard will be rendered uniformly, but not the actual words! Each will report the words differently, even hear them differently, because even the reception is effected by many personal elements. It is the same as with music, which is perceived quite differently by listeners; yet the direction of the effect produced is fundamentally the same. I must only gradually go into details regarding the far-reaching secondary phenomena in the relationship between earth-man and the Universe, as today it would divert us too far from the main topic. —

When in later times called peoples, that is, those with the most highly developed inner life (intellectual development does not count in these matters), were able to burst through this boundary of the Animistic Sphere as they matured through experiencing, their seeing or intuitive sensing penetrated to the threshold of the Spiritual Realm.

The natural consequence was that their past gods as such had to topple and something higher had to replace them. Nevertheless they unfortunately did not advance to the point of being able to see spiritually.

Thus the Spiritual Realm remained closed to them, because the normal course of development was halted at this point, inhibited by the ever-increasing growth of intellectual conceit.

Only a few exceptions protected themselves from this standstill, such as Buddha and a few others who, by renouncing the world, succeeded in continuing their development in a normal manner and in seeing spiritually to a certain degree!

This renunciation of the world, or turning away from mankind, for the purpose of further spiritual development, became necessary only through the generally increasing one-sided cultivation of the intellect which is hostile to the spirit. It was a natural form of self-protection against the increasing spiritual decline, which would not be necessary at all if the general development were normal. On the contrary, when a man reaches a certain height in his spiritual development he must continue to strengthen himself through further activity, otherwise he will become lax, thus quickly ending further development. Standstill then ensues, easily leading to retrogression.

Although in the case of Buddha and of others further spiritual development succeeded only to a certain degree, i.e., not completely, the distance separating them from other men nevertheless grew large, so that such normally developed human beings came to be regarded as Divine Envoys, whereas it was only their further spiritual progress that led quite naturally to a new conception.

Those human beings who had risen above the masses, which had come to a spiritual standstill or were partly regressing, always merely stood at the open door to the Spiritual World, where they could perceive certain things vaguely, but could never see clearly! Yet they distinctly sensed and intuitively perceived a powerful conscious uniform guidance coming from above, from a world into which they were never able to see.

Yielding to this intuition they now formed the idea of the one invisible God! Without knowing anything further about Him!

It is therefore understandable that they regarded this God, Whom they had merely sensed, as the highest spiritual being since the spiritual region was new to them and they were still standing only on its threshold.

Thus their new idea of an invisible God was correct only in terms of the fact as such, but not in terms of the concept, for their conception of Him was wrong! The human spirit has never conceived of God as He really is! Man thought of Him merely as the Highest Spiritual Being. And this gap in the further development even shows itself today in that many human beings persistently cling to the idea that they have something of the same nature as He Whom they perceive to be their God!

The fault lies in the halted spiritual development.

Had this development continued, then maturing mankind, transitioning from the old gods of the Animistic Sphere, would not instantly have conceived this One God to be an Invisible God. First they would instead have been able to intuitively see, above the Lords of all the elements, called gods, the Primordially Created Spirits, whose seat is the Grail Castle, the highest castle of the Spiritual Sphere! And again, in the beginning they would have considered these Primordially Created ones as gods, until they had developed themselves inwardly to such an extent that they would have been able to not merely intuitively perceive them, the true images of God, but also to hear them spiritually. From these they would have received tidings of “One Supreme God existing outside of Creation!”

With their intuitive perception directed in this manner they would, through further spiritual maturing and development, have finally become capable of joyfully receiving Divine Messages out of the actual Divine Sphere from a Messenger of God! That is from outside of Creation, thus beyond their capacity to see.

That would have been the normal way!

As it was, however, their development came to a halt on the threshold of the Spiritual Sphere, and even regressed quickly through the fault of man.

Thus the time came when, as an emergency measure, a strong Envoy from God had to be incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth in order to helpfully grant a Message of enlightenment from the Divine sphere to humanity which was still too immature for it, so that seekers lacking in the necessary maturity could hold on to it initially at least in faith.

For this reason the Son of God, who had been sent to the aid of erring mankind, had no choice but to initially demand faith and trust in His Word.

A desperate task. Christ could not even say everything He had wanted to say. Therefore, there were many things He did not speak of, such as reincarnation, and other matters. The spiritual immaturity which confronted him was too great for these matters. And He Himself sorrowfully said to His disciples: “I would still say many things unto you, but you would not understand!”

Thus not even His disciples, who misunderstood Him in many things. And if Christ Himself already knew that He was not understood by His disciples while He was on earth, it is obvious that later on, in the transmission of His Word, many errors occurred, errors which man tries to cling to with tenacity even today, unfortunately. Although Christ demanded only faith in His Word on account of the immaturity of that time, He required those who were of serious volition to make their initial faith come “alive” within them!

This would have led them to conviction. For he who confidently followed His Word would again progress in his spiritual development, and would thus gradually advance from faith to conviction of the truth of what Christ had said!

Therefore the Son of Man will now demand conviction instead of faith! He will also demand it from all those who profess to carry Christ’s Message within them and pretend to follow it! For he who is not yet able to carry within himself the conviction of the Truth of Christ’s Divine Message, which is one with and inseparable from the Grail Message, has not attained the maturity of spirit which is required for entrance into Paradise! Such a person will be cast out! Quite irrevocably!

Even the greatest intellectual knowledge will not provide him a pass-through! He must naturally remain behind and be lost for evermore. — —

The fact that in its development the humanity of this part of the World still stands on the threshold of the Spiritual Realm, and for most of them even far below this, is merely due to their own lack of volition, the self-conceit of their know-it-all intellect. This was the reason for the complete failure to develop normally, a fact which in the meantime must have become evident to some. —

The various religious cults of mankind do not by any means originate from fantasy, but show sections of life in the so-called beyond. Even the medicine-man of a Negro or Red Indian tribe is profoundly justified based on the low stage of development of his people. The existence of rogues and impostors among them does not discredit the matter as such.

Demons, wood-nymphs and sylphs, as also the so-called old gods are still today, unchanged, in the same place and carry on the same activity as before. Even the highest seat of the great Lords of the Elements, Olympus or Valhalla, was never fairy tales, but was really seen! However, that beyond which mankind, having come to a standstill in their development, has never been able to see, are the pure-spiritual Primordial images of God, who also have a lofty seat which they call the Grail Castle, the highest castle in the Pure-spiritual Sphere, and thus in all of Creation. Standing as he did on the threshold of the Spiritual Sphere man could only receive knowledge of the existence of this Castle through inspiration, because he was not spiritually mature enough to perceive even this intuitively.

All is life! Only men, who consider themselves progressive, have turned aside and back again towards the depths, instead of moving forward. —

Now it must not be expected that with further development the conception of God as taught by Christ and in my Grail Message would change again! This will now remain forever as it is, for there is nothing more. Upon entrance into the Spiritual Realm, which has not as yet been accomplished, and by achieving perfection therein, every human spirit can ascend to the point where in the end his inward experiences will lead him to the absolute conviction of this fact. Standing consciously in the power of God he could then do the great works he was called to do from the beginning. He would then never again pride himself on possessing Divinity within himself. This delusion is nothing but the stamp and the seal of his present immaturity!

With the right consciousness he would then feel true humility and a liberating desire to serve, which is always demanded by the pure teachings of Christ.

Only when missionaries, preachers and teachers will base their activity on the foundation of the knowledge of the natural development in all Creation, and thus on the exact knowledge of the Laws of the Divine Will, without being erratic or leaving gaps, will they really be able to achieve true successes that are spiritually alive.

Unfortunately every religion is now nothing but a rigid form, only arduously holding together its inert substance. After the necessary transformation, however, the hitherto inert substance will become invigorated and break through the cold, dead, rigid forms, roaring forth jubilantly over the entire world and among all peoples! —

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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