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87. The World Teacher

The World Teacher is the Son of Man. He is called World Teacher not because He is to teach the World, and will perhaps found a religion that unites the World, or more specifically the earth, or better still humanity on earth, or that dominates the earth; rather, He is called World Teacher because He explains the “World” and brings the teaching about the World. That which man really must know! He teaches how to recognize the “World” in its automatic working, so that earth-man may adjust himself accordingly, thereby making possible his conscious ascent in the recognition of the actual Laws of the World!

Thus it is a cosmology, a teaching about the world, about Creation.

Behind this true World Teacher, visible to pure clairvoyants, stands radiantly the great Cross of Redemption, as once it did with Christ! It can also be said that “He bears the Cross”! Which, however, has nothing to do with suffering or martyrdom.

This will be one of the “living and radiating” signs, which no imposter or magician, however accomplished, will be able to simulate, and by which the absolute genuineness of His mission can be recognized!

This otherworldly happening is by no means without a connection, i.e., merely arbitrary, and it is therefore not unnatural. The connection will immediately be understood as soon as the true meaning of the actual “Cross of Redemption” is known. The Cross of Redemption does not have the same meaning as Christ’s Cross of Suffering, through which mankind could indeed not be redeemed, as I have already explained in detail in the lecture “Crucifixion” (*Lecture No. 55), and have repeated many times. It is something quite different, again of apparent simplicity, yet of immense greatness!

The Cross was already known before Christ’s time on earth. It is the sign of Divine Truth! Not merely the symbol, but the living form for It. And since Christ was the Bringer of Divine Truth, the undistorted Truth from which He came and with which He was in direct connection, bearing a part of It within Himself, this Truth was alive and living, attached to Him both inwardly and outwardly! It is visible in the living, thus shining and spontaneously radiating Cross! It may be said that It is the Cross itself. Wherever this Radiant Cross is, there also is Truth, since this Cross cannot be separated from Truth; rather they are both one, because this Cross displays the visible form of Truth.

The Cross of Rays, or the radiating Cross, is therefore the Truth in its original-inherent form. And since man can ascend only through the Truth, and in no other way, the human spirit finds true redemption only in the recognition or knowledge of Divine Truth!

Now, since redemption lies only in the Truth, it follows that the Cross, that is, the Truth, is the redeeming Cross, or the Redeemer’s Cross!

It is the Cross of the Redeemer! The Redeemer, however, is the Truth for mankind! Only knowledge of the Truth, and consequently, the use of the way that lies in or is shown in the Truth, can lead the human spirit out of its present state of derangement and error upwards to the Light, and can liberate and redeem it. And since the Son of God Who was sent, and the Son of Man who is now coming, are the sole Bringers of the undimmed Truth, bearing It within Themselves, They must both naturally also bear the Cross inseparably within and upon Themselves; that is, They must be Bearers of the Radiant Cross, Bearers of Truth, Bearers of Redemption, which for humanity lies in the Truth. They bring redemption in the Truth to those who accept It, i.e. those who walk on the path shown. – What is all the clever talk of men compared to this? It will fade away in the hour of need.

It was for this reason that the Son of God told men that they should take up the Cross and follow Him, which means to accept the Truth and to live accordingly! to conform to the Laws of Creation, learning to understand them fully, and to make use of them, in their automatic activity, only for the best of purposes.

Yet what has the restricted mind of man once more made of this simple and natural fact! A doctrine of suffering desired neither by God nor the Son of God, His Messenger! And they have thereby taken a wrong path, which is not in accordance with the path shown, but which instead leads far away from the Will of God, which wishes to lead only to joy instead of to suffering.

For mankind, it is naturally a terrible symbolism that at that time, the Son of God was nailed by them to the very representation on earth of the form of the Truth, and tortured to death, thus suffering earthly death on the symbol of the Truth which He brought! The Cross of Suffering adopted by the churches, however, is not the Cross of Redemption!

“He who stands in the Power and in the Truth” is what is said of the Son of God. The Power is the Will of God, the Holy Spirit. Its visible form is the Dove. The visible form of Truth is the spontaneously radiating Cross. Both were seen living on the Son of God, because He stood in them. Thus with Him it was a natural and self-evident manifestation.

The same will also be seen on the Son of Man! The Dove above Him, the Cross of Redemption behind Him; for He again, as the Bringer of Truth, is inseparably linked with them, “Who stands in the Power and in the Truth!” They are the unmistakable signs of His genuine Mission to fulfill the prophecies. They are the signs that can never be imitated. They are indestructible, warning, and, despite the terrible gravity, they are at the same time promising! Before these alone all Darkness must retreat!

Look upwards! As soon as the inexorable harbingers of His coming have appeared, clearing the way for Him of the obstacles that human conceit heaps upon it, the bandage will fall from the eyes of many who are granted the grace to recognize Him thus! Then, forced by the power of the Light, they will have to bear witness openly.

Not one of the many false prophets and leaders of today is able to prevail against this; for in the two sublime signs, which no one but the Son of God and the Son of Man can bear, God Himself speaks for His Servant, and all human wisdom must fall silent at once. —

Watch for that hour, it will be nearer than all men think.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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