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91. And it was fulfilled..!

High rose the waves of injustice at the time of the Pharaohs. Immorality and crime triumphed and the enslavement of Israel had reached its peak.

It was then that Abdruschin stepped onto this earth! The Light had thus taken the first step towards the salvation of those human souls that yearned to strive towards the Light! The great distress of the Jews had so purified them, and the agony of their oppression had rendered their souls so sensitive, that among the people of the time they were the only ones receptive to the vibrations coming from Luminous Heights down to the depth.

Only the most extreme suffering had, after a long period of time, shaken and loosed the souls of the enslaved Jews to the point that they were finally able to sense the finer vibrations in the cosmos, awakening in them the tentative desire to come closer to God. This desire eventually rose into ardent supplication.

This yearning cry to the Light for help did not go without a reciprocal effect. So long as these people kept their thoughts and intuitions directed earthward, of course, nothing different could flow back to them in the returning reciprocal action. However, when they finally directed their sight upward toward the Light with earnest, truly humble volition, it was possible, in reciprocity, for the Light current to flow more intensely into their souls. The desperate cry of the people had thus been heard. The Savior came!

He came in fulfillment of the Divine Will from which He originated. It therefore remains an immutable law that wherever He sets His foot, hostility must arise in places where anything is in opposition to the just Will of God, while pure peace and happiness will arise where Justice in its real sense forms a part of life.

Because Abdruschin, then as now, carries within Him the living Will of God from out of which originate the laws of Creation and because He is God’s Will incarnate, He is able to initiate all of the final effects of the spiritual laws in Creation merely by His being.

For each individual as well as for whole nations the form of the release of the final effects will always be in accordance with what the end of the self-chosen path holds, i.e., exactly according to the kind of direction they themselves had set voluntarily. If the direction tends toward Darkness, then horror will be the inevitable consequence, while if it tends toward the Light, happiness and peace will follow. Even if the path to these ends still stretches so far ahead of the human spirits that they imagine they have time, much time for a final and ultimate decision... when Abdruschin walks among them as part of the living Will of God, then the end of all paths will draw near rapidly, spontaneously, and without any transition, as a natural law, and therein lies the Final Judgment!

The end approaches rapidly toward release through Abdruschin’s radiating magnetic power, so that man’s soul cannot follow its path as it has done until now, but must immediately receive the fruits of what it sowed, and at the same time the works of all souls will be subjected to the Judgment. Their works flourish as long as they are in accordance with God’s Will, but they collapse if they are not in full harmony with It. This includes all activities, starting with family and marriage and extending to career and occupation, be it in trade, industry, commerce, economics or affairs of state. Everything is equally subject to the quick activation of the spiritual laws in accordance with Divine Justice! Man cannot stop or delay, hide or cover up anything; powerlessly he has to submit to the demands of true Justice even though it may not manifest in accordance with his earthly views!

God’s Will incarnate is like a live contact igniting the spark which triggers a release wherever His earthly presence touches the individual man as well as the entire people. His presence forces the reckoning and everywhere everything must rush to a decision, the final one which is still possible for everything in existence.

Thus He becomes the Judgment without He Himself having to sit in judgment. Because of His origin He is like an automatic key for the conclusion of each and every happening; the Sword which merely needs to stand in the world for everyone and everything to separate themselves upon it! —

Since the injustices done by the Egyptians cried out to the Light through the suffering of the Jewish people, Abdrushin, following the laments, went out ahead of the Son of God in order to bring Judgment upon the Egyptians, to set the Jewish people free; and this was done so that they, purified by the ordeal, would someday fulfill their calling as the most mature people of the time to receive the Son of God when the time for this had come! —

Thus the emissary sent for the Divine Judgment came to Earth in the person of a Prince of the mightiest of Egypt’s neighboring states. As an Arabian prince He bore the name Abdruschin. This is equivalent to: Son of the Holy Spirit.

He frequently visited the Pharaoh’s palace and this fact alone brought about the release of the spiritual laws for the entire people. This was the only way for Moses then to announce all of the punishments, which were quickly fulfilled! The fulfillment came through Abdruschin who, as a part of the living Will of God, had to bring equalizing justice on earth in the automatic release of spiritual laws, the impact of which also manifested gross-materially.

Thus the people of Egypt in their iniquity and immoral ways were severely smitten and judged by the Will of God; the Jewish people thus became free for their ascent and for the fulfillment of their calling, which was to prepare within their circle the soil for the reception of the Son of God.

It was the beginning of a cycle which contained momentous happenings and which must close with the return of Abdruschin to this Earth! The possibility for ascent to unimagined heights was therewith put into the hands of humankind. —

At that previous time Abdruschin had subjugated, among others, a highly evolved people of Indian origin. Among them there was a seer who through the presence of Abdruschin was able to receive high revelations. The seer’s mission should have been to announce these revelations since they would have helped men to an easier and quicker ascent. Instead, however, he retreated completely within himself, lived isolated from his fellow men, and processed his extraordinary knowledge only for himself, just as many also do today. Even today, people who are knowing or who have become knowing, in most cases withdraw within themselves or, wherever feasible, even shut themselves off from all people, for fear that they will not be understood or even be ridiculed. Often, they do so in order to enjoy this knowledge for themselves, and to revel in it.

Such behavior, however, is wrong. Whoever receives higher knowledge is to pass it on in order to help others; for he too received it as a gift. He could not acquire it. Namely the reception of revelations imposes obligations. Typically, however, it is only the seers of minor things, which are of no value to anyone, who broadcast everything to the whole world, and thereby cause damage to those who have actually become knowing ones, because these are then lumped together, and given no value. For these reasons, among others, many of the knowing ones, who would otherwise speak, remain silent.

Thus the seer at that time failed in his real mission. He was present when Abdruschin’s mortal earthly cloak was put into the grave. Then, however, he was powerfully overcome, and on the highest inspiration he engraved on a large stone in the tomb all of the happenings, starting with Abdruschin’s origin in the Divine, His tasks during His journey through the worlds up until His re-unification with the Divine and His final mission. The record engraved into the stone also includes the current era with all happenings.

Abdruschin‘s tombstone, hidden still to this day from curious human eyes, bears the same symbol as the one on the tombstone covering the mortal remains of the Son of God. The revelation of this fact remains reserved to an hour of earthly fulfillment. But the time for this is not far off. —

— — —

The beginning of the circle began to vibrate. The events began to unroll. The crowning event was the Son of God‘s coming to Earth for the intended salvation of mankind and all of Creation.

Yet, humanity did not recognize this salvation. With the beginning of earthly well-being, spiritual indolence surfaced again, deadening any acuteness of their intuitive senses and as a following result human conceit grew rampant and like suffocating briers, enveloped the human soul ever more tightly, cutting it off from all vibrations from the Luminous Heights.

Thus the Message from the Light brought by the Son of God found little resonance in the human souls which had once again become so restricted and narrow. The Great Bringer of Light was murdered as being inconvenient to them. —

At that time the Indian Seer from the time of Abdruschin’s life on Earth received the opportunity to atone for his onetime failure. Grace permitted him to be born on Earth once more, as Kaspar, one of the three Kings from the Orient, who recognized the Star and searched for the child. This provided him with the opportunity to redeem the karma he had burdened himself with because of his silence during the time of Abdruschin; for Abdruschin’s mission is closely connected with the mission of the Son of God. But here too he failed once more together with the other two kings. The purpose of their mission was not only to travel to Bethlehem and to bring gifts to the child one time and then to vanish. They had been chosen and appointed to recognize the Son of God and then always to stand by His side, in order to facilitate all purely earthly matter! During His entire sojourn on earth. They were to provide Him earthly support with their power and their wealth. For this purpose alone they had been born into their particular circumstances, predestined for this before birth and then gifted with clairvoyance so that they could easily fulfill that which they had asked for.

But they failed in this, including the erstwhile seer who failed for the second time. —

The pure radiance was lost from the high Message of the Son of God from out of the Truth, which was not properly understood even at that time and which became more and more distorted and often wrongly interpreted by subsequent spiritual leaders. Darkness spread over all mankind, across all lands. —

This open cycle however, vibrated unhindered and ever growing, bringing the world ever closer to the hour when the inevitable closing of the cycle must occur in the return of the Divine Will incarnate. The end will now be connected with the beginning. In this lies release and the final reckoning of all happenings! It brings on the Great Cosmic Turning Point!

The great Cosmic Turning Point! Urgently needed in order to prevent the world from being driven towards complete destruction as the result of man’s wicked self-delusion. And Abdruschin once again came to this Earth to close the cycle, to release all spiritual laws which are badly knotted because of man’s evil volition and thereby to fulfill what has been prophesied for thousands of years, as warning and admonition:

“The Judgment!”

Patiently He waited, carefully observing the wrongful activity of humanity, experiencing much of it on his own person, then again awakening hostility where something was not in accordance with the Divine Will and bringing peace where there was the right orientation toward the Will of God. He waited until the call from God to begin had reached him.

Since the Darkness in the meantime had forced its way into everything that was formed through man’s activity there was for Him mostly sorrow and hopeless struggle as long as He remained bound and was not allowed to unfold His power. The radiations within Him were densely shrouded so that they would not bring the strong releases which are part of the World Judgment too early. Only at the hour of the Cosmic Turning Point did these shrouds gradually fall off him.

Until this happened, however, He was able to proclaim once more the Word of Truth, undistorted, as had already been brought by the Son of God, so that those who truly and in earnest seek for the Light have the opportunity to gain salvation in the Judgment, for those human souls who truly and earnestly seek the Truth, who yearn for spiritual ascent rather than only for earthly ascent under the pretense of spiritual seeking, will find their anchor of salvation in this Word! For anyone other than these, it is not given. They will remain blind and deaf to It according to the law of absolute reciprocity, for they do not deserve salvation. They will be blind and deaf also in the beyond after their earthly death even though they must live.

In order to point to the beginning of this cycle of happenings which must close at this Cosmic Turning Point, He now brought to humanity the Divine Word of Truth again under the name of Abdruschin which He bore then! It is meant for those who through timely recognition will survive the Judgment.

A pointer to facilitate a future overview! Men will gain understanding of this after the purification, when the confusing and false souls will have been eliminated, while the ascent can begin for all others in renewed flourishing. —

And suddenly the hour of fulfillment of the prophecy for the great Cosmic Turning Point had arrived! Abruptly, it seemed, just as it did in Egypt before. Only those who were directly involved knew about it while humanity was sound asleep. This was in preparation for great things, and, after the long period of learning on earth, Abdruschin entered into the mission which placed Him before humanity as the Son of Man who was prophesied, so that humanity must judge itself upon Him! For, as explained previously, He is the Judgment, but He does not sit in judgment. —

Even though up to the cosmic turning point severely restrained on earth by dense cloaks, Abdruschin already worked spiritually during His learning phase, releasing spiritual laws, albeit faintly, yet absolutely, always and only where He had personal contact in individuals as well as in their works; in this way punishing or rewarding imporsonally everything that confronted Him, merely by His being! The effect of this living Natural Law could not be entirely prevented. What was unsound and false could not reap anything sound or right through Him; hypocrisy or sanctimonious self-delusion, in which so many quite often live, could naturally not expect any benefit, but always and only expect harm in the inexorable release of the laws of reciprocity.

Quite naturally, then, conceited people in their severe lack of self-recognition did not see therein the just results of their own inner life but considered only the outward happenings as originating from Abdruschin; they attacked Him, berated Him and cast suspicion on Him, all of which often brought oppression to the first half of His earthly path. Then, however, He brought the Judgment to Creation!

As King Imanuel in the universe, as Parsifal for the Primordially Created ones and in the spiritual realm, and finally, as the Son of Man for the world of gross matter on this planet Earth. Three in one, working simultaneously, a Divine mystery. It is a process which is incomprehensible to developed human spirits, in which the primordially created ones, however, already have a part; for they, too, are able to work here on Earth while, at the same time fulfilling their service in the Grail Castle on high.

With the Cosmic Turning Point the restrictive shrouds fell away from Abdruschin. This resulted in an unimaginable increase in power which Abdruschin henceforth can and must consciously send out into those directions which are predetermined by God’s Will for the purpose of destroying all that is unsound, and of thereby freeing that which is sound from the harmful pressure which held it down and prevented it’s free ascent toward the Light.

Thus the much longed-for Kingdom of God on Earth, once promised to the righteous as the Kingdom of the Millennium, will finally arise. It will be forcefully imposed with the supernatural and superhuman power with which the Emissary of God was endowed for the fulfillment of the Promise!

And once again the Indian seer, later to be King Kaspar from the Orient, was granted the opportunity to redeem his two-time failure. As his last opportunity he was permitted to co-operate in the final happening, albeit this time not on earth, rather spiritually.

Now every prophecy was being fulfilled, inexorably, irrevocably, as it is in God’s purpose! Not one of them remains unfulfilled; for already the cycle is slowly beginning to close! And now His Divine part connects with the part Abdruschin-Parsifal even in His earthly body itself so that in this gross-material plane there now arises Imanuel who was once promised to all humanity through the prophet Isaiah! The fact that men tried to represent the promise of Imanuel, Son of Man, as being one and the same as the promise of Jesus, Son of God, merely shows the inadequacy of human comprehension, notwithstanding the most explicit, unambiguous biblical records. If due to inadequate orientation it was an understandable mistake to want to assume the concept for the designations Son of God and Son of Man to be one and the same and because the faithful were too timid to conceive of the idea of two persons, at least the distinct reference to two completely different names in these prophesies should have led to the conclusion that they definitely refer to two different persons. Therefore, blessed are all those who will be able, at the last hour, to gain this recognition within themselves!


Grail Message by Abdrushin


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