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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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The ninth Commandment
Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor's wife!

This Commandment is sharply, clearly and directly aimed against the carnal- animal urges which... alas... man only too readily allows to arise the moment an opportunity presents itself!

With this we have touched immediately upon the crux of the matter, presenting the greatest snare for human beings, to which almost everyone succumbs as soon as they come in contact with it: the opportunity!

The urge is merely awakened and guided by the thoughts! Man can very easily observe in himself that the urge does not stir, cannot stir when pertinent thoughts are lacking! It is entirely dependent upon them! Without exception!

Do not say that even the sense of touch can awaken the sexual instinct; for that is wrong. It is only a delusion. The sense of touch awakens only the thought and this in turn the urge! And for the awakening of thoughts the opportunity that presents itself is the strongest means which men must fear! For this reason, however, avoidance of the opportunity is also the greatest defense and the greatest protection for all human beings of both sexes! It is the anchor of salvation in the present distress, until all mankind have become so strong in themselves that they are able to keep the hearth of their thoughts pure as a healthy matter of course, which is unfortunately no longer possible today! Then, however, a transgression of the Commandment will be absolutely impossible.

Until then many purifying storms will have to rage over mankind, but that anchor will hold if every striving person makes an earnest effort never to provide the tempting opportunity for two members of the opposite sex to be together alone!

Let each one impress and burn this upon his memory; for it is not so easy to free one's soul from the transgression again, since another party is also involved! And the possibility for a simultaneous ascent is rare.

“Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor’s wife!” This does not only mean a married woman, but the female sex in general! Thus also daughters! And since it is clearly stated: “Do not let thyself lust!” the reference is merely to the sex drive, not to an honorable wooing!

There can be absolutely no mistake about these clear words. Here it is a matter of the stern Law of God against seduction or rape. As well as of defilement through the thoughts of a secret desire! Even this desire, as the starting-point of the full evil of a deed, is a transgression of the Commandment, entailing punishment through a karma which in some way or other must be redeemed inescapably before the soul can again be free from it. This happening, which human beings mistakenly consider a small matter, is sometimes even decisive for the nature of the next incarnation on earth, or for their subsequent fate in this earth-life. Therefore do not take too lightly the power of thought, the responsibility for which naturally attaches itself in equal measure! You are answerable for the most casual thinking; for it already causes harm in the Ethereal World. That world which has to receive you after this earth-life.

But if lusting goes even as far as seduction, i.e., a gross material deed, then you may well fear the retribution if you are no longer able to atone for it physically and psychically on earth!

Whether the seduction took place in a flattering or in a demanding way, or whether it even led to the woman's consent, the reciprocal action will never waver; it has already set in with the desire, and all shrewdness, all artfulness only add to its gravity. The ultimate consent does not cancel it!

Therefore be on your guard, avoid every opportunity, and do not treat this matter casually! Above all, keep the hearth of your thoughts pure! Then you will never violate this Commandment!

Nor will it serve as an excuse for someone to pretend that there was the likelihood of marriage! That would really be thinking the greatest of lies. A marriage without love of the soul is not valid in the sight of God. Love of the soul, however, remains the best protection against infringement of this Commandment; for one who truly loves always wills only what is best for the loved one, and therefore can never make unclean wishes or demands, against which this Commandment is directed above all!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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