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Man’s conception of life has so far been erroneous. All that he has called life is nothing but impelled motion, which must be regarded as merely the natural effect of real life.

Therefore in the whole of Creation it is only the after-effect of this more or less strong motion, which forms, matures, maintains and dissolves everything. The human intellect has investigated this motion as being the highest, finding his limits therein. Man cannot proceed further in his investigation because he himself is a product of this motion. As it was the highest he could comprehend he simply called it “power” or “living power” or he simply called it “life”.

It is neither power nor life, however, but only a natural and inevitable effect of these, for power only exists in life itself, is one with it and inseparable from it. Since power and life are inseparable, and since Creation is formed, maintained and again disintegrated by movement alone, we cannot speak either of power or of life within Creation.

Thus he who would speak of the discovery of Primordial Power, or even of the exploitation of Primordial Power by machines, is greatly in error, because Primordial Power is not to be found within Creation at all. He mistakes something else for it and erroneously calls it “power” in accordance with his own idea. Such a man thereby proves that he has no idea of the processes in Creation, or of Creation itself, for which however, he cannot be blamed, for he shares his ignorance with all his fellow-men, whether they are learned or uneducated.

For this reason I have spoken from the very beginning in my Message of a “power” streaming through all Creation, since it was the only way in which I could make many things comprehensible to men.

Otherwise they would not have grasped my explanations at all. Now, however, I can go further in these matters and furnish a picture which reflects in a rational way the processes in all happenings. This description is novel, rather it changes nothing of my previous explanations,but everything remains exactly as I have stated, and it is real. What I am now saying only appears to be new because this time I explain it from a different perspective.

In so doing I provide a solid foundation, a large vessel, into which man can place all that has been said in the preceding Message, thus filling it with constantly moving, effervescent content, which combines into one whole, implicitly belonging and merging together. Thus man obtains a complete and consistent overview, inexhaustible to him, of all the great happenings hitherto unknown to him, including his own existence and evolution, which survey harmonizes in every way.

The hearer and reader should now try to picture in his mind what I am about to unfold:

Life, real Life, is something completely autonomous, something completely independent. Otherwise it could not be called “Life”. Such Life, however, is in God alone! And since besides God nothing is truly “living” it follows that He alone holds the power which lies in Life. Thus He and He alone is the Primordial Power, or simply the “Power”, so often referred to! And again, in this Power there is Light! Here again the expression “Primordial Light” is just as false as the expression “Primordial Power”, for there is but One Light and One Power: God!

The existence of God, of Power, of Light, i.e., of Life, as such already cause the Creations! For the Living Light, the Living Power, cannot avoid radiations. And these radiations contain all that is necessary for Creation.

Radiation, however, is not the Light Itself!

Hence all that exists outside of God has its origin only in the radiation of God! This radiation however, is a natural effect of the Light. And this effect that has always existed from all eternity.

The strength of the radiation is naturally greatest in the proximity of the Light, so much so that there can be no other movement in it than the absolute, taut forward motion, which is an intrinsic quality of the radiation. Thus it issues from God and proceeds into fabulous distances, the extent of which a human spirit is unable to imagine.

However, when this absolute forward propulsion, which is equivalent to an immense and constant pressure, comes to the point where it at last eases off a little, the nature of the movement changes from the hitherto only straight forward movement to a circular kind. This circular movement is produced by the simultaneously acting attraction of the Living Power which retracts all that has been thrust beyond the border of the full radiation to that point where only the forward movement prevails. This causes the circulating motions in an elliptical form, since it is not an independent motion, but one that is produced only by being thrust beyond a certain point and subsequently being retracted again by the attraction which rests in the Power, i.e., in God Himself.

In these rotating movements, in which the immense pressure of the original radiation has diminished, it is natural for a slight cooling off to take place which in turn causes a certain deposit to be precipitated.

This deposit sinks deeper or recedes further away from the original strongest radiation, but is still held by the all-pervading attraction of the Power, while simultaneously retaining enough of the forward thrust of the radiation to again produce new rotating movements, which always remain within ever different but very definite limits. Thus one deposit after another is precipitated, in which elliptically rotating planes of motion form, one after the other, causing accumulations of substance and finally ever more solid forms, receding further and further away from the Original Radiation and its enormous forward pressure.

The resulting gradations form planes in which specific species consolidate and cohere, depending on the degree of their cooling. I have already described these planes or species in my Message as being the great fundamental planes of Spiritual Substantiality in the uppermost region of Creation, under which successively range the Spheres of Animistic Substantiality, of Ethereal Substance, and finally that of Gross Matter, with their many sub-divisions. Naturally, the more perfect species remain higher, thus closest to the Point of Origin, because they most nearly resemble It and are most strongly affected by the attraction of the Living Power. — —

As I have already said, this radiation of the Light working in such an unfathomable way has always existed, from all eternity.

But God did not allow this radiation to penetrate further and have an effect beyond the limits at which the absolute forward drive of the stream still forms a straight line, so that the pure Divine Radiation without any cooling off and consequent precipitations remained completely clear and luminous. This formed, together with God Himself, the eternally Divine Sphere! In this lucidity there could never be any turbidity, nor can there be any deviation, any modification. Only perfect harmony with the Source, with the Light Itself, was possible. And this Sphere is inseparably connected with God, because this radiation of the Living Power, being its natural effect, can never be avoided.

To this Divine Sphere, which because of its close proximity to the Living Power is subjected to a pressure unfathomable to the human spirit, belongs the actual Castle of the Grail as the outermost boundary and anchorage point, as a terminative counter-pole, so to speak. Thus, the Grail Castle still stands within the Circle of Divinity and has therefore existed from all eternity and will remain unchanged for all eternity, even if some day Creation should have to fall to ruin.

Thus it was from all eternity. It is something the human spirit is unable to comprehend.

It was not until God, in His Volition, sent forth the great word: “Let there be Light!” that the rays shot beyond the boundary which was willed until then, out into the light-less Universe, bringing movement and warmth. This was the beginning of Creation, which gave birth to the human spirit and was able to become his home.

God, the Light, does not need this Creation. Should He limit His Radiation again to its inevitable extent, so that only a Sphere of Divine Purity would remain into which no turbidity can ever enter, as it was before, then the end of all that has been subsequently created would be at hand. Man would then also cease to exist, as he can be conscious only within Creation! —

The immediate radiation of the Light can produce only that which is perfect. However, within the changes to this initial pressure which occur through the ever-increasing distances, this original perfection diminishes, because in the progressive cooling-off, individual particles constantly separate themselves and remain behind. Purity in perfection requires the pressure of Divine Radiation at its greatest intensity, such as is possible only in the proximity of God. The pressure creates motion which in turn produces warmth, heat and white heat. Pressure, however, is but the resultant effect of the power, and not the power itself, just as the radiations come into existence only under the pressure of the power, but they are not the power itself. Therefore the radiations within Creation are but the consequence of a corresponding motion, which in turn depends on the particular pressure at the time. Thus, where there are no radiations in Creation there is no motion, or, no “life”, as man erroneously calls it. For all motion radiates, while stagnation is nothingness, an absence of motion which men call death. Thus the Great Judgment comes about only through the increased pressure of a Divine Ray, passed on through an Envoy from God incarnated in the World of Gross Matter, to Whom God has given a spark of His Living Power. Only that which swings aright in the Laws manifesting the Power of God can withstand the pressure of this Living Power-Spark, which naturally cannot be as strong as the enormous pressure of the Living Power in God the Father Himself! That which swings aright will be strengthened by this pressure, but not to the point of white heat, for which the radiation of the power-spark is insufficient. The radiation of the power-spark, however, is amply sufficient to unhinge all disturbing elements, thrust them out of their false movements, and crush and disintegrate them. Thus the Great Judgment of God follows quite automatically and in no wise depends on an arbitrary act of the Divine Envoy. It is simply the result of the Law of Radiation, which was bound to come into being in consequence of the radiation of God’s Power; for all that moves aright, in thought and in deed, radiates a violet color in the World of Gross Matter.

On the other hand that which is of the Darkness, of evil, or strives towards it, be it in thought or in desire, is of a murky yellow color. These two colors are fundamental for the Judgment! Depending on the strength of a volition or deed the radiations are either weak or strong. With the coming of God’s Envoy an unaltered Ray of Divine Light enters Creation and thereby also this earth. Divine Light strengthens and uplifts all that is good, i.e., all that is of the earthly color violet, while all that is of an earthly murky-yellow will be disintegrated and destroyed by It!

The radiation is stronger or weaker according to the nature and strength of a volition or deed. And this again forms the nature and strength of the judging effect of the Divine Light-Ray with unswerving justice!

It may well be said that Creation is encompassed and penetrated by a gigantic network of many-colored radiations. These radiations, however, are but the expression of the diversified movements which originate from the pressure of the Living Power in God. In other words: God in His Living Power holds Creation. All this is right, no matter in what form it is expressed, only the proper origin and process of further development must be known accurately if one wishes to put it to good use.

Just as the highest degree of heat causes white heat, so is it in the Divine Sphere, while with a decrease in temperature other colors gradually appear, and in the cooling off process everything becomes more and more dense!

To continue my explanations with the aid of these earthly conceptions, I will say that the human spirit can never reach the state of white-heat, because it originated in a sphere where the pressure was already becoming weaker and where it was consequently no longer able to produce this highest degree of heat. Thus in its origin the human spirit is of a species which cannot consciously withstand this highest degree of power. Or one can also say: Only at a very specific point of cooling off is it possible for that which is spiritual to come into being and become conscious. Furthermore, the species in which the “spirit” originates is merely a deposit precipitated from the Divine Sphere, which was bound to form itself owing to the slight decrease in temperature, and so on.

This process then expands further in a stepwise fashion. The first precipitation from the Divine Sphere forms the Pure-Spiritual Sphere in which the Primordially Created Beings originate. Only that which precipitates from them produces the species from which the human spirits can evolve. The deposit precipitated out from the latter species in turn produces the Sphere of Animistic Substantiality, out of which the Ethereal Substance separates, which in turn produces Gross Matter as the last deposit. However, each of the fundamental species named here, including the Divine, contains many intermediate spheres, which, as transitions, must provide the connection.

The first precipitation from the Divine Sphere is, as is easily understandable, the most rich in substance and it could therefore produce self-consciousness immediately, producing the so-called Primordially Created Beings, whereas the deposit precipitated after this first precipitation is not quite so strong and must gradually develop towards consciousness. It is from this second precipitation that the human spirits originate.

Due to the richer substance of their species, and because they constitute the first deposit from the Divine Sphere, the Primordial Beings stand at the highest heights in Creation, while the human spirits issued only from a subsequent precipitation, and naturally, even at their full maturity the human spirits cannot reach the height of the species of the Primordial Beings, which is much richer in substance, but must remain on the level of their own species. In order to rise higher they lack something which cannot be supplemented, unless something of the Living of Power of God were given to them directly. This, however, cannot take place in the natural course of events, but would have to originate from a living part of God placed into Creation, since His inherent, only truly living power, cancels out the cooling of the radiation which would otherwise have to occur naturally during the transition. He alone, therefore, through His own immediate radiation, is in a position to add something to a human spirit which makes it possible for the spirit to cross the border to the region of the Primordial Beings.

When the radiation was first thrust beyond the boundary-line of the Divine Sphere, i.e., at the beginning of Creation, an addition was formed on the other side of the eternal Grail Castle which stands at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere. This addition stands in the most spiritual part of Creation and allows the Primordially Created Ones on their side also to visit this new section of the Castle in the Spiritual World, up to the limit set by their species. One step beyond this border, i.e., into the Divine Sphere, would mean instant loss of consciousness and dissolution in white-heat, if... they were able to take such a step. But this is impossible, because the much greater pressure of the Divine Sphere, to which they are not accustomed, would simply throw them back or, in other words, would prevent them from entering. In an absolutely natural manner it bars their entrance without the necessity of any further action.

The situation is similar for the developed human spirits with respect to the Primordially Created Ones and their realm.

Thus the Grail Castle with its spiritual extension today constitutes the intermediary point between the Divine and Creation. All the radiation necessary for Creation must flow through the Castle, and owing to the nature of His Origin, which combines Divinity with Spirituality, the Son of Man, as King of the Grail and as the only Mediator, is able to cross the border into the Divine Sphere from Creation. This is the reason why the mystery of this union was necessary.

Paradise lies only far below this Grail Castle and the Sphere of the Primordially Created Ones as the highest and most beautiful sphere for those human spirits who have fully matured in the Divine Will through obeying the Laws of His Radiations. — —

I will not go into details here so as to avoid undue expansion of the picture of these happenings in principle. I shall publish books on these matters so that earthly scientists can study the individual processes, such as the development within the various spheres, their relationship to one another, etc. Nothing must be passed over lest there be a gap, which would immediately call a halt to human knowledge.

Thus, when the spirit of an earth-man returns, matured after a long journey, to the boundary ordained for its species, i.e., to the point where it encounters stronger pressure, then the spirit cannot glow more intensely than it already does by virtue of its full maturity. The higher pressure of an even greater power would have to cause the nature of its species to dissolve and become incinerated, transforming it into the degree of increased heat, which would cause the loss of its ego. It could then no longer exist as a human spirit, and would have to be incinerated as it is consumed by the White Light, while even in the region of the Primordial Beings it would become unconscious through the higher pressure prevailing there.

Thus, the White-Light, i.e., the Radiation of God, in which only that which is Divine can exist consciously, carries within itself all the fundamental components of Creation which deposit themselves, in the gradual process of cooling off in a downward direction; in this movement they are formed, and as forms they combine, but no longer merge into each other, because the requisite pressure is lacking. With every degree of cooling a certain precipitation forms and remains behind. First the Divine, later the Spiritual and then the Animistic, until finally only Ethereal Substance and Gross Matter sink still further.

Thus Creation is actually the precipitation formed with increasing cooling off of the White Light, the Radiation of the Living Light. The Spiritual, as well as the Animistic, can only form and become conscious at a very specific degree in the process of cooling off, which is equivalent to the decrease in pressure of God’s Radiation.

If I speak here of the melting or dissolution of the human spirit when the pressure of the Light Radiation becomes too great, this must not be seen as the Nirvana of the Buddhists as these might like to interpret my explanation. My present explanation merely concerns the happenings as they occur from the Light downwards, whereas Nirvana is meant to be the ultimate goal for the way upwards.

Here the way would be blocked; for in order to ascend from the earth into the Spiritual Kingdom, into Paradise at the highest boundary of which this point of dissolution is to be found, every human spirit must already have attained to the highest maturity as a “conscious ego”. Maturity according to the Divine Will and not according to human conception. Otherwise the human spirit cannot enter this Kingdom. But if it has matured so far as a self-conscious spirit, it will be held back strictly, and repulsed at the boundary by the increased pressure of the Divine Sphere. It cannot proceed any further! Nor does it want to do so. It would never be able to enjoy bliss in the Divine Sphere because it cannot live there as a human spirit but would have dissolved, while in the Spiritual Kingdom, in Paradise, it finds eternal bliss, and in its gratitude thinks no more of wanting to be completely dissolved.

Besides, in the fullness of its maturity, the human spirit is needed for the uplifting and perfecting of the spheres lying below it, which as even further precipitations are capable of withstanding even less pressure than the human spirit. There the human spirit is the greatest, because it can endure, even needs stronger pressure. — — —

It is the task of the human spirit in these lower regions, through its inherent power, to open everything that stands below it as much as possible to the influence of the pure Radiations of the Light; and thereby, as a mediator capable of being penetrated by higher pressure, to act for the benefit of all else, because it can receive this higher pressure and distribute it as a purifying element that destroys everything that is unclean.

Regrettably man has proved to be a bad steward in this regard. It is true that everything in Creation that was meant to develop did develop up to the present time following the pressure or urge; however, it developed in the wrong way, because here man not only failed, but even misdirected this development downwards instead of upwards! For this reason only hideous caricatures of everything came into being instead of natural beauty.

To be natural, however, means to ascend, to strive upwards, following the attraction of the Living Power. For where there is naturalness everything strives upwards only, just as every blade of grass, every flower and every tree does. Thus that which was led by man’s volition only outwardly resembles that which it was supposed to support.

Casually viewed, a rich inner life, for instance, may often be confused with emptiness presenting itself on the outside as smugness. Initially, pure reverence for beauty manifests in a way which is similar to base lasciviousness, for both exhibit a certain degree of gushy enthusiasm, except that the one is genuine, and the other false and only serves as a means to an end. True loveliness is thus substituted by vanity and true service by selfish ambition. And so it is with everything that man brought forth. Only rarely do his ways lead towards the Light. Almost everything is inclined towards darkness.

All this must be rooted out completely so that in place of the current Sodom and Gomorrah the Kingdom of God may now come upon the earth! Everything must finally turn towards the Light, and for this man is the mediator!

— — —

Of the Light Itself, of God, I will not speak here. The subject is too sacred! Besides which man would never be able to grasp it, he must be eternally content with knowing that God is!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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