Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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21. Ethereal briars

The Path to the Light and to the Truth has long been described as thorny and stony, toilsome and hard.

Man simply accepts this as a fact. Nobody wonders why this is so, what may be the actual reason for it. And he who does occupy himself with it for once is almost certain to form a wrong picture.

Only a path that is little used and left uncared-for is stony, toilsome and difficult, and beset with thorns!

That is why it appears difficult to the few who, after many errors, choose to tread it. Here too the natural process must always be taken into consideration, and not those fantastic fabrications and inventions which a human brain likes to dwell on when thinking of such things.

From the very beginning the path to the Light was also only luminous and beautiful. It is no different today either for that human being who strides along it with a free spirit, unhindered by the wrong opinions with which many only too gladly allow their spiritual paths to be planted and over grown!

It depends entirely on man! A human being who still allows his spirit to look freely to the Light, and who has never neglected to weigh with his intuitive perception what he is taught or told by his fellow-man, has thus tended the way to the light and kept it clear for himself! As he goes on his way he will find neither thorns nor stones, but luminous, soft carpets of flowers that only enchant his eyes and lend wings to his feet!

Each one has to tend the path for himself, has to care for it and occupy himself with it. Whoever neglects to do this will consequently find it stony and beset with thorns, hard to walk on and also very often completely buried, so that finally he can no longer discover it, even when he looks for it!

Man must weigh what he hears and reads in his intuitive perception! This is essential for him if he wishes to keep his path clear and beautiful. If he does so when he begins to read or listen to something, he will immediately perceive whether it oppresses, perhaps confuses him, or warms him, as though it has a familiar sound.

He must ever bear in mind that true greatness and naturalness are always anchored in simplicity! Where this is lacking, and where all kinds of designations have to be used, something is wrong. Such paths will never be clear nor can they be sunny.

So, for instance, when he reads or hears anything that is mystical or occult, any inwardly clear person will at once strongly perceive what is obscure; and this applies also to the dogmas of the churches. Vagueness or high-sounding words are intended to conceal the ignorance that is all too evident everywhere. Moreover people are very ready to flatter human souls and to sing a sweet song to their main weaknesses, above all to their conceit, so that they will glide easily and willingly over all the rotten places, and heedlessly disregard the great gaps and impossibilities which again and again rise up before them as a warning.

But he who listens to the quiet warning of his undimmed spirit keeps free his path to the Light and to the Truth.

On the other hand, whoever lets himself be enticed by the vague and sultry, because it gives unlimited scope to his fantastic thoughts, allows the clear path within him to become overgrown with creepers that hinder his free progress, making it more difficult, and often even preventing it altogether!

The temptation to give unlimited scope to one’s own fantastic visions is very great. The number of those who indulge with pleasure in this field seems to be endless, because everyone can voice his opinion, and may feel himself important in the gloom uncertainties of a world of confused thoughts!

To wrench themselves free for the Truth will not be nearly so hard for the church believers as for adherents of occult sects and groups. They only need to make a little earnest effort and for once weigh matters quietly within, to recognize immediately the gaps woven into them by intellectual pseudo-knowledge, which darken and confuse the true path!

No great exertion is needed for the earnest human spirit to distinguish quickly between truth and error in all the churches. Therefore for the truly discerning the tie through the churches is not so great as it may seem! A simple, sincere volition already suffices to burst these ties at once in the quick awakening of personal conviction.

The church only keeps its hold over spiritually indolent human spirits. But they are no great loss, because they thereby prove themselves to be lazy servants of their Lord.

With calm observation, everyone will very soon realize that the church today represents nothing more than an organization striving for worldly power and self-preservation, as the attitude and actions of its servants demonstrate anew every hour, through the agitations and hostilities directed against those who are not prepared to serve them to this end! It is not difficult to recognize all this. Nor to discover all the hollowness and impossibilities that are interwoven with their actions, assertions and doctrines. Cerainly, no keen spirit is needed for this.

Therefore a church cannot cause such great harm to thinking people as is often assumed. It is incapable of binding those who are alive in spirit!

On the other hand, occult sects and groups of all kinds cause unequalled and almost irreparable harm to the human spirit! And this despite the fact that they only try to present their own pseudo-knowledge, which is anything but true knowledge! They flatter the intellectuals as well as all seekers. And they are successful in this, for even among the seekers there is a great number who, though they seek the Light, still drag with them all the vanities of their souls, to which of course they soon fall victim.

As it is just occultism as well as mysticism which offer these vanities unlimited opportunities for development, they are also drawn there according to the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species! Occultists have often noticed the outermost and least effect of this law, and seek to make use of it. Giving themselves an air of importance, they call their feeble activities in this natural happening “magic!” It sounds well, and at the same time provides an air of mystery!

But they do not yet know the Law as such in its greatness, in its simplicity, and yet in reality in its compelling significance, as it glowingly permeates the worlds! They do not realize that with all their pseudo-knowledge they are being pushed about like wretched, helpless puppets in the grip of this Law of Creation!

The activities of these people bind their fellow-travelers and adherents to lower planes, which they would not even need to consider if they calmly proceeded along their path in all simplicity and dignity, as befits the human spirit. As it is, they are held back and for the most part are even lost through it for that reason; for it requires an immense effort by the human spirit to free itself from the spirit-binding trivialities of all occultists. Such practices divert spiritual energies from the straight path that leads upwards! Only a few are able to muster sufficient strength to extricate themselves, since strong spirits will in any case not remain among the occultists, unless it be to indulge their vanity.

If in the numerous branches of occultism some knowledge is for once actually found, it concerns only the lowest environment of fine gross matter or perhaps gross fine matter, and never anything else, i.e. the nearest transitional planes, which have been given high-sounding names for greater effect, in keeping with the conceit of all those searching tentatively.

In reality it is of practically no value. Or is it! Certainly not for the ascent, but rather for the binding of every human spirit which, in its original state could have passed proudly and freely over this without lingering there. As it is, however, they attach such importance to these futilities that they become creepers, which, through the practices of the occultists, Lucifer’s henchmen now use as snares for hundreds of thousands! And there they remain, caught like flies in spiders’ webs.

Just look at their books! What a sickening amount of self-praise have these wiseacres, great and small, amassed in them!

Ridiculously trivial and obvious events are built up and magnified with a tenacity and persistence that could be applied to better things. Events which great-grandmothers interpreted much more clearly than those descendants, who so blatantly seek to draw attention to themselves and their exalted knowledge. The more absurd the stories, and the more incomprehensible the mode of expression in its affected style, the more beautiful they are thought to be. Sensation at any cost is often their main object, as with so many of the newspaper writers now appearing in hordes, to whom nothing is any longer sacred, least of all the Truth.

It is incredible how much is let loose in this respect on humanity! And many are only too pleased to seize on it. After all, it is “interesting” and may sometimes even make the flesh creep. The reader or listener can follow up the train of thought, reveling in slight shudders, or even playing a role in it; for he feels himself surrounded by the most uncanny things that have never worried him before. Now he suddenly finds that through this he is somebody, around whom many a thing takes place on his account!

Just all that a human being does not quite understand, but which he can embellish with a fantastic imagination the “possibilities” are tempting! Much of their past experience they then interpret according to their own ideas, and some of this, which has never even been considered until now, suddenly becomes of great importance.

The life that has been so empty acquires a meaning! According to his opinion the man has gained much, he has awakened, and calls himself spiritually knowing!

These strange human beings! It no longer occurs to them that in reality it could be different. They simply wallow in a world of their own thoughts, which is so comfortable for them, because it has arisen from their own conceptions.

But this world is not lasting! It is bound to collapse in the hours of the Judgment! And then all these souls will stand without support, shivering in unspeakable despair, and will be drawn along in the vortex that must suddenly develop like a typhoon through the pressure of the Light.

Thus they all receive only what they created for themselves! Immeasurable is the damage they cause through their vanity. They have distorted and twisted the sacred concepts that actually help mankind in their ascent. All that remains are the most filthy substitute pictures, bearing the stamp of coarsest human conceit. This alone holds the threat of a terrible Judgment!

Frightful confusion has been brought about. Superficial observations of quite remote ramifications of what actually happens in Creation have been established as knowledge, intended to serve as an enlightenment on causes and processes, without those who talk in this way having any true knowledge of the Laws of this Creation. They have not even the faintest idea of them, and merely draw upon their whipped-up imagination!

Thus they distort the Wisdom of God that rests in Creation, they defile sacred laws which they do not understand, indeed do not even know, and prevent thousands from taking the simple and clear path, which is precisely laid down for and also beneficial to every human spirit, and protects them from dangers! They themselves, however, first call forth innumerable dangers that never existed before, but which have only been formed through their careless practices!

But the day is approaching when their hollow pseudo-knowledge has to face the Light, when they must confess and collapse! They are the worst enemies of all those on earth who strive towards the Light; they do not possess a single quality which could serve as an excuse at the time of weighing! Without realizing it they are the most zealous among those who catch souls for the Darkness. Unknowingly, because vanity has dimmed their own vision! Nor will they ever muster the strength to save themselves; for they are much too entangled in the nets of earthly pseudo-knowledge and errors, in which they have buried themselves!

In their boundless presumption they not only belittle God’s great Love, but some even attempt to develop themselves into god-men!

Soon all mankind will have to recognize what boundless stupidity is contained in this very thought. This alone shows that these human beings cannot have the remotest idea of the true Laws of God in Creation, nor of this Creation itself!

They even build a throne for the human spirit itself, which should only serve the Light in Creation! They try to exalt it to the focal point, indeed even the starting point.

If today someone suffering from distress of body or soul turns to his God in fervent prayer, and receives a hearing that permits him to regain his health, these people who think they know better offer one-sided explanations which tend to belittle God. They speak of auto-suggestion having brought about this healing, of a power inherent in the human body, in the human spirit, enabling it to create everything, whatsoever it wishes in the right way!

They are quick to make a great song about men’s ability, and the sacredness of belief and conviction in the Power of God is defiled! Defiled! That is the right word. For many even wish thereupon to assert that the Son of God Himself formerly worked by suggestion, and relied on auto-suggestion.

So far does the human conceit of some occultists venture! They have come to deny God, and they exalt the human spirit!

Not all of them will admit this, because they do not see that in the end their teachings can only get to this point! Denial of God’s inviolable Might is without fail the last fruit borne by these teachings if one looks to the end!

With Luciferian cleverness they distort the facts into a picture which has a very convincing effect on the intellect, but to those who know it shows the sharp line of demarcation at which the understanding of such occultists cannot proceed further. It merely shows a volition of the intellect, but no trace of a pure spiritual knowledge! It is the crudest self-deception that makes occultists regard themselves as disciples of pure spiritual sciences! There is almost a subtle irony in this!

With all they do and say, they merely prove ever anew that they have the most pronounced intellectual volition, with a very special emphasis on all its weaknesses, and that they have remained far removed from spiritual knowledge, in the face of which they are completely helpless. They have no idea of the true nature of all the lawful activity in Creation, still less do they understand the wondrous Creation itself.

Even with the miraculous healings and miracles of Christ, this lawfulness in Creation was never invalidated. It could not have been, since the Laws of God in Creation are already perfect from the very beginning, and thus can be neither changed nor set aside.

Divine Power speeds up all operations of the Laws, and can thus work these miracles. The process itself is always in harmony with the Laws of Creation; for nothing that happens in Creation can take a different course, not even the simplest movement. But the high Power of Divine origin is able to accelerate the effect, and in some cases to release it instantly! In this lies and arises what to the human spirit is a miracle!

Even God will never act arbitrarily, because He bears all the Laws within Him in the purest form, and is also the Law Himself. Every Divine Act will therefore always correspond with the Law. Consequently every Act of Will of God always takes effect only in complete harmony with the nature of these Laws!

Let us take the case of a sick person who in prayer begs fervently for healing. During this prayer he is wide open spiritually to the fulfillment of his plea; he is humble in the purest sense. Because of this the prayer rises upwards, and on the radiation of this humble plea the granting of it can in turn come down to him. This granting is a volition out of the Light! The volition lies in the Light itself, ever unchanged, always ready to extend help wherever it finds the right soil for it. The humble request is the right soil, where the pure Power of the Light can work. This is certainly also a merit of the human spirit, because it opened itself to the possibility for help; just as it is also a consequence of a certain activity or volition by this human spirit, but it is never also the cause of the recovery itself. It is not at the same time the Power which could and did help him!

The human being can only open himself for this, but can never also heal himself through auto-suggestion! At this point the occultist, in his short-sightedness, confuses this opening of oneself towards help with the help itself! Through this he has burdened himself with a tremendous guilt, for which he will have to atone heavily, because unspeakable disaster to mankind has been caused through it!

As the help in the Light always lies ready for those who open themselves to it in the right way, and as it even surrounds them always for the small things, because for this purpose part of it rests in the correspondingly weakened radiations in this Creation itself, therefore the so-clever human beings, in their arrogance, finally concluded from their observations that it is the human spirit who is able to provide this help for himself.

Indeed he can procure it, but only by opening himself spiritually in the right way to admit it! Nothing more! He does not produce the help as such, the power, the radiation for it. This lies in the Light alone, in God Who sends it to you!

Man, however, merely observes the effect, and from this draws his conclusions, which have hitherto proved in many instances to be fallacies, arising from his inherent conceit! He could achieve quite different things with the right attitude, that is, with the right and great opening of his spirit! However, he has obstructed this for himself through the teachings of some occultists who would like to exalt themselves to be god-men! Because the Primordial Laws of Creation are things alien to them.

With a thousand fold ramifications and branchings, yet ever following the urge of the fundamental Law, the radiations of the strengthening and thus also healing Light are woven into Subsequent Creation, waiting for the creature to use them! They are not in the human spirit, much less in the human body itself, but outside it. The human spirit must seek the connection and open itself for the receiving in the right way, which is best achieved by deep and earnest prayer.

As the help in the Light always lies ready for the human spirit if it wishes to open itself to it, many a person will find a little help through opening himself by some method which he has taught himself. Wherever such help has been given, there have been moments of such intuitive perception in a human spirit as truly correspond with the Laws in Creation, so that the link with the help could be established. The person need not have been aware in the earthly sense of this intuitive perception, for it is a purely spiritual happening which very often goes unnoticed by the earthly intellect. The impulse of a moment is enough for this. And therewith the help from the Light was set in motion, because the Laws that exist for this purpose will never be overthrown! They are fulfilled even though a person is unconscious of it.

The occultist, however, perceives nothing of this; he firmly believes that he has really achieved it by his suggestion alone, or by auto-suggestion! Here he deludes himself, for help will never come to him when an even stronger power is needed than that which lies ever ready within Creation.

For then a special Act of Will of the Light must first set in from above to strengthen the current of power! And this can only come about as the consequence of a truly fervent prayer, of a request that arises from conviction of the Omnipotence and Love of God!

Sometimes genuine intercession may also bring the effect of help! When a person falls seriously ill he is inwardly weak, apathetic and completely neutral. Thus there is no resistance in him, even if at other times he was not so devout. This condition of his spirit allows the Power of the Light, which can be channeled by genuine intercession, to enter! And so it happens that a person may sometimes also receive help through intercession.

If on regaining his health, however, resistance to a genuine belief should again arise within him, his guilt will increase accordingly. It would then, of course, have been better if he had died after all, because at his subsequent passing he is bound to fall deeper than he would have done earlier! For these reasons not every intercession is either justified or right. Fortunately for man, in the best interest of the sick person, even the genuine intercession is often not heeded!

Through misconstruing the effect of these simple Laws of Creation, aspiring occultists have formed an incomplete picture, and have thus led thousands into a maze from which they will find it hard to escape.

The glory of the words “pure faith” and “pure conviction” has thus been poisoned, and just the inferior achievements of the intellect in the realm of suggestion and auto-suggestion have been held out to men as a sordid imitation.

The path towards perfection of the human spirit is closed to occultists through themselves!

The hour is near, however, when a halt will be called to these evil practices, when at last the higher knowledge of the Power of the Light will again move in for the uplifting and salvation of many human spirits!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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