Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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27. The Star of Bethlehem

There shall now be Light here on earth, as once it should have been when the Star of Promise shone radiantly for three nights above a stable in Bethlehem.

But at that time only a few accepted the Light, and their listeners very soon distorted and misrepresented it, as men on earth are apt to do, by trying to replace what they forgot with their own ideas, thereby creating only confusion which nowadays is meant to pass as inviolable Truth. Out of alarm that everything will collapse if even the smallest pillar proves to be unsound, every ray of Light that can bring recognition is resisted, defiled and, if there is no other way, at least ridiculed with a malice and cunning which plainly indicates to clear thinking that it springs from fear! But clear thinking is only rarely to be found on earth.

In spite of this the light of true recognition must at last come over all mankind!

The time has arrived when everything unhealthy invented by the human brain will be swept out of Creation, so that it no longer suppresses the enlightenment that the Truth wears a different aspect from the unsteady images which boastful conceit and commercialism, morbid imagination and hypocrisy, in a craving for earthly power and earthly admiration, have created out of the sultry swamp of base narrow-mindedness.

Accursed now be those who through leading millions of people astray have so enslaved them that today they no longer dare to open their eyes to the Light, but blindly revile anything coming to their knowledge that sounds different from what they have hitherto heard, instead of at last listening attentively and examining inwardly to see whether the new does not come nearer to their understanding than what they have learned in the past; and examining whether their intuitive perception does not stir them to the conviction that the old can no longer exist when the wake-up call from the Light reaches them and must collapse, because it is standing on the wrong foundation!

Their ears are stopped, and anxiously they see to it that no breath of fresh air penetrates to them, actually just out of laziness and fear that this fresh air, through the ensuing recovery, implies spiritual activity, demanding and enforcing self-exertion. In contrast to the present apparently comfortable spiritual slumber, which is followed by the heavy permanent sleep, and thereby only gives a free hand to the cunning of the distorted, debased intellect!

But it is of no avail to stop your ears against the new Word, to shut your eyes lest the Light dazzle and startle you! You will now be forcibly roused from this deplorable stupor! You will have to stand shivering before the cold Light that mercilessly strips you of all false wrappings. Shivering because your spirit-spark can no longer be kindled within you, and thus generate the warmth from within that will unite with the Light. It is too late for that! And this too late brings spiritual death in rigidity!

I throw the Light onto your false actions and thoughts so that it will shred the many cloaks which in iridescent splendor cover up with fool’s gold what is disingenuous and sluggish in you. Indeed it is all too easy for you to believe the unbelievable; for then you need not trouble to think and examine for yourselves. Just because it cannot stand up to any test that is in accordance with the Divine Laws of Nature, you simply have to believe, without questioning the why or wherefore; you have to believe blindly, and this you imagine to be great! You who so conveniently imagine you are particularly devout, simply raise yourselves above all doubts in this matter, and... feel happy, secure, noble, pious and sure of a place in Heaven!

However, you have not thereby raised yourselves above all doubt, but only bypassed it in a cowardly way! You were too spiritually indolent to bestir yourselves, and preferred blind faith to a knowledge of the natural happening in the Law of God’s Will. Fictions devised by the human brain aided you in this. For the more absurd and incomprehensible the things you are supposed to believe, the easier it also becomes literally to believe in them blindly, because in such matters it is quite impossible to do otherwise. Knowledge and conviction must be eliminated then. Only the impossible demands blind, unreserved faith; for whatever is possible immediately stimulates independent thinking. Wherever there is Truth, which is always characterized by naturalness and consistency, thinking and deep intuitive sensing automatically set in. This only ceases where it no longer finds anything natural, thus where Truth does not exist. And it is only through deep intuitive sensing that anything can become conviction, which alone brings values to the human spirit!

So now, along with everything else in the Judgment, the cycle which begins with the Holy Night in Bethlehem is also closing! And the closing of this cycle must cast out all inaccuracies in the transmissions, and in their stead bring the Truth to victory. The Darkness created by humanity is dispelled by the penetrating Light!

All legends which in the course of time have been woven around the life of Jesus must fall away so that it may at last emerge in purity, in accordance with Divine Laws, as indeed it could not have been otherwise in this Creation. Hitherto you have credulously and wantonly denied the Perfection of the Creator, your God, with your self-established cults.

You deliberately and consciously represent Him in these cults as imperfect in His Will! I have already spoken about this in my Message and, turn and twist as you will, not a single subterfuge can acquit you of having been too indolent to think about it yourselves. You do not honor God by blindly believing in things that are not in accordance with the Primordial Laws of Creation! On the contrary, if you believe in the Perfection of the Creator, then you must know that nothing can happen here in Creation that does not also precisely conform to the logical sequence in the firmly established Laws of God. Only therein can you truly honor Him.

He who thinks otherwise thus doubts the Perfection of the Creator, his God! For where alterations or further improvements are possible, there is not and never has been perfection! Development is something different. This is provided for and intended in this Creation. However, it must follow unconditionally as a logical sequence of the effect of already existing Laws. But all this cannot produce such things as many believers take for granted, especially in the life of Christ!

Wake up from your dreams at last and become inwardly true! Let it be said once more that according to the Laws in Creation it is impossible for bodies of earthmen ever to be born without previous physical procreation, and equally impossible for a physical body to be raised into the Ethereal Realm after its earthly death, still less into the Animistic or even the Spiritual Realm! And since Jesus had to be born here on earth, this event was also subject to the gross material Divine Law of a previous procreation.

If it had happened with Christ as transmissions report, God would have to act against His own Laws. But this He cannot do since He is perfect from the very beginning, and thus also His Will, Which lies in the Laws of Creation. Whoever still dares to think otherwise doubts this Perfection and thus ultimately also doubts God! For God without Perfection would not be God. There can be no subterfuge! No human spirit can quibble about this simple certainty, even if the foundations of many a former opinion must now be shaken thereby. Here there is only either-or. All or nothing. There can be no compromise, because nothing incomplete or unfinished can exist in the Godhead! Nor in anything concerned with God!

Jesus was procreated physically, otherwise an earthly birth would not have been possible.

At that time only a few recognized the Star as the fulfillment of the prophecies. Among them were Mary herself, and also Joseph who, deeply stirred, hid his face.

Three kings found their way to the stable and presented earthly gifts; but then they went away, leaving without protection the Child Whose earthly path they should have smoothed with their wealth and power, so that no harm might befall Him in the fulfillment of His Mission. Although they received enlightenment enabling them to find the Child, they did not fully recognize their sublime call.

Disquietude drove Mary away from Nazareth, and Joseph, seeing her silent suffering and longing, granted her wish solely to make her happy. He handed over the management of his carpenter’s shop to his oldest employee, and with Mary and the Child journeyed to a distant country. In the course of their everyday life of work and cares, the memory of the Radiant Star slowly faded from their minds, especially as in His early years Jesus displayed nothing extraordinary, but like all children was quite natural. It was only on his deathbed, after returning to his native town, that Joseph, who had always been the best of fatherly friends to Jesus, saw in his passing, during his last moments on earth, the Crown and the Dove above Jesus, Who stood alone at his bedside. Deeply stirring were his last words: “So Thou art He after all!”

Jesus Himself knew nothing of this until something urged Him to go to John, of whom He had heard that he was proclaiming wise teachings and baptizing at the River Jordan.

With this gross material act of baptism, the beginning of the Mission was firmly anchored in the World of Gross Matter. The bandage fell. From this moment Jesus Himself was conscious that He was to carry the Word of the Father among mankind on earth.

His whole life as it really was will unfold itself before you, divested of all the fantasies invented by human brains! With the closing of the cycle of this event, it will be revealed to all during the Judgment through the victory of the Truth, which for a long time to come may no longer be obscured! Mary fought an inward battle with her doubts, which were strengthened through motherly anxiety for her son, right up to the grievous walk to Golgotha. Purely human and not supernatural. Only there did recognition of His Mission, and with it belief, finally come to her.

But now, at the return of the Star, all errors shall henceforth be redeemed through the Grace of God; and likewise all the faults of those who, without obstinacy or evil intent, rendered Christ’s way more difficult at that time; and who now at the closing of the cycle come to recognition, and try to make good their neglect or failures.

Through their desire to make good, redemption arises for them with the Radiant Star; liberated, they can give jubilant thanks to Him Who in His Wisdom and Goodness created the Laws by which all creatures must judge and also redeem themselves.

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