Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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28. A new Law

I give you a new Law! A new Law which contains all the old and from which the up-building of the new man must come, so that his works too will become new, according to prophesy.

It originates in the commandment which I already gave to you and which all adherents to the Grail must make the bedrock of their journeys through Creation, so that even on earth they can remain free of karma without knotting threads to hold them down and anchor the spirit into Gross-Materiality.

I have told you: “At your desire you are allowed to wander through the Creations, thereby becoming self-conscious, but in so doing you must not harm others in order to satisfy your personal desires.”

There is nothing in Creation you would not be allowed to enjoy in the sense in which Creation gives it to you, i.e., for the same purpose as that for which it is developed. However, you do not know the real purpose of so many things, and erroneously commit many excesses which are bound to bring harm instead of benefit. Thus the desire to taste, to get to know and to enjoy often increases until it becomes a propensity, which finally keeps you enchained and quickly enslaves your free volition, so that through your own selves you become servants instead of masters!

Never let yourselves be subjugated through enjoying, but take only what is necessary in life on earth for the maintenance and development of the good things entrusted to you. You hinder all development by excess, no matter whether the body or the soul is involved. Just as you hold things up through excess, so also through negligence or imperfection. You disturb the great God-willed development! Everything which you now wish to do with the best volition to adjust and compensate for such mistakes remains nothing but patchwork, leaving traces of repair which do not look nice and which can never be the same as one uniform and un-patched work.

For this reason the work of the called ones in service to the Holy Grail is not to focus on correcting mankind’s old mistakes of the past, but their entire activity and thinking in their intuitive perception must be aimed at a fundamentally new up-building!

Just let the old collapse, because according to the Will of God, the old is not to be improved upon and changed, but everything must become new!

The fulfillment of the promise: “everything must become new” does not contain the sense of re-modeling, but of forming anew everything that has been distorted and poisoned by the human spirit after it has collapsed. And as there is nothing which has not yet been touched and poisoned by man in his conceit, everything must collapse in order afterwards to become new again; not, however, in accordance with men’s volition as hitherto, but according to the Will of God, which has never yet been understood by the human soul that has begun to decay through its obstinacy.

Mankind has touched everything created by the Will of God, but has not recognized it, as it should have been the task of every human spirit to do. In his presumptuous imagining that he was master man touched everything, but thereby only devalued and soiled all purity.

What does man really know of the conception of purity! What has he already made of the boundless sublimity of true purity in his atrocious pettiness! He has dimmed and debased this conception, dragging it down to his own low and dirty cravings, wherein he no longer knows the intuitive perception of his spirit but only follows the narrow limitations of his feeling, which is produced by his intellect through the retrospective effect of its thinking. But in the future the feeling shall again become pure!

Feeling in relation to the intuitive perception is what the intellect should become in relation to the spirit: a tool for activity in gross material life! Today, however, the feeling is debased and dragged down to be the implement of the intellect, and has thus become dishonored. In the same manner as the spirit bearing the intuitive perception with which to express its working has already been forced down and fettered by the hereditary sin of intellectual domination, so also the coarser feeling produced by the intellect was simultaneously and automatically bound to triumph over the purity of the spiritual intuitive perception, suppressing the latter and cutting it off from the possibility of a wholesome working in Creation.

In the natural course of things one fault consequently brought the other in its train. That is how it came to be that without realizing it, men today hold only lead in their hands instead of gold, and they consider this lead to be gold, although they no longer have any knowledge whatever of pure intuitive perception.

However, as the spirit must be rightly balanced and connected with the intellect, i.e., the spirit dominating and leading, and the intellect as an implement serving, preparing the way and bringing about possibilities for carrying the spiritual volition into effect in the World of Matter, so also must the intuitive perception at the same time have a leading and animating influence, while the feeling in following this lead transforms the activity into the gross material. Then at last will the feeling also very soon and speedily take on nobler forms, quickly effacing by its upward soaring the wretched moral breakdown in conceptions, which could only arise out of the domination of the present-day feeling!

If the activity of the feeling is guided by the intuitive perception, all thinking and doing is filled only with beauty, balance, and ennoblement. There is never any desiring, only the sacred wish to give: This must be taken to heart in everything, including love and marriage.

With your short-sighted and narrow-minded attitude you often consider certain persons to be pure when in reality, according to the Laws in Creation, they belong to the most depraved class of men. There are many actions which without further ado you think in your narrow-mindedness are impure, yet which radiate with purity, while many things considered pure by you are impure.

The purity of the intuitive perception uplifts many an action to heights undreamt-of by you, yet which here you still wish to soil with your scorn and mockery. For this reason first of all liberate your intuitive perception so that you may judge aright and weigh good and evil, otherwise you are bound to go astray!

Also do not think that you have “overcome” this or that within you so long as you have not been endangered, and faced the possibility of yielding to your weaknesses in the certainty that nobody will hear about it! Neither does an escape into solitude bring real benefit to anyone, this merely proves that such a person feels himself too weak or is too tired for the struggle, is perhaps even afraid of himself that he will fall at a given opportunity.

Being strong is different, it manifests in a different way. The strong one pursues his path unswervingly and unerringly amid all dangers. He cannot be upset, nor does he deviate of his own accord, but he knows and sees his high goal, the personal attainment of which is more valuable than anything else that may present itself before him.

Man must now become new in everything, new and strong within himself!

I give you my commandment regarding this new activity; for I will build up the new Kingdom on earth upon you!

“No longer cause any harm to your fellow men in order to fulfill your personal desires thereby!”

You have not yet grasped all that this contains. It is the best staff for a man’s journey through the various parts of Creation to Paradise!

In addition I give you this advice:

“Take care of the good things entrusted to you upon earth, which also include your physical body, in the right manner. Never let pleasure become a propensity, and you will then remain free from the chains holding you down.”

It should be a condition for everyone striving seriously upon earth that the addressing of a person as “you” must be kept strictly sacred among each other. Only in exceptional cases may it be used or offered. This is different in the Ethereal World, the so-called “beyond.” There the barriers of spiritual maturity are strictly established and cannot just be transgressed. There the real homogeneous species live together in accordance with the Law of Creation, and it is solely the homogeneous species which justifies the address of “you!”

In the Gross Material World, however, these barriers must first be established. Here the gross material earth body makes it possible for spirits of all degrees of maturity to live closely together in a way which occurs nowhere on other planes again.

Therefore establish a barrier for the future, the necessity and great value of which you probably cannot quite understand.

Already once in my Message I have pointed this out in the lecture “The Kiss of Friendship.” Part of this is the poison-spreading habit of calling each other “you” and thus bursting through and transgressing one of the most necessary barriers in the World of Gross Matter. A barrier offering you support, the value of which you are not capable of measuring.

Thus it must become a command for everyone striving for the Light that he follows the habit of offering the familiar “you” to his fellow-men sparingly. Best of all he should avoid it entirely!

If it should be offered to you reject it, except in those cases where a serious union for earth-life is intended, i.e., in marriage! Years later you will recognize the value resting in this command. A shudder always comes over me when I hear of it, for I know the corruption contained in this habit. But no man has any idea of it. With this German “you,” which embodies a very special conception, every soul enters into a bond capable of reaching beyond the earthly grave!

Special threads which are by no means harmless immediately link one to the other with the use of this “you”. Threads which may hold the spirits down, even those capable of ascent. For very seldom will it happen that two spirits of the same maturity in all things are thereby linked together, two which actually stand on the same step spiritually.

And wherever two link up who are unequal, the law ordains that the higher one is pulled down, but the lower one never ascends! For in Creation the higher one alone can descend to lower planes, but no spirit can ever succeed in raising itself even one step above the place where it stands!

Thus in the case of a voluntary and close union between two spirits who are unequal in their maturity the higher one must either descend or be retarded by the other, who remained backward in his maturity and hangs upon him like a weight through this tie. Not everyone possesses the strength to lead the less mature one in such a way that he comes upward to him. These are exceptions which one may not take into account. And a complete severance from a voluntary union is not easy.

This contains a fact the dreadfulness of which earth-man has never yet taken into account! He frivolously passes over this unfathomable deep in earthly existence, and is hampered in every case without exception as soon as he trespasses against the law! Like a swimmer who dives into the water at places he does not know he is often hampered by invisible creepers.

The time will come when you will one day be free from this danger, to which many fall victim every day and every hour upon earth. You will become free through the knowledge! But then marriages will also be different, as well as friendships and other unions, all of which quite distinctly bear the name “binding”. Then all quarrels between friends will be ended, all spitefulness and misunderstandings will disappear, and by observing this law, which until today has not been understood, everything will turn into fullest harmony.

Until then, however, you can only be helped through a new earthly commandment: Be careful with the familiar “you”! If you observe this you will be protected from great suffering! You can shorten your spiritual ascent by thousands of years! Do not forget this, even when you do not understand it today. I thereby give you the best weapon with which to avoid creepers of an ethereal nature!

You need more commandments in the World of Gross Matter than is necessary in the Ethereal Worlds, where all human spirits cannot but associate with their homogeneous species, even if this species carries many gradations and therefore also shows very many and varied forms.

In following this commandment you will now become free from the heavy and unnecessary load with which mankind burden themselves ever anew.

Do not look for an example to the beyond, which is subject to simpler laws. Those in the beyond must also first learn for themselves in the new time, in the promised Millennium. They are no wiser than you yourselves and only know what is necessary for their plane. Therefore the bond will still have to be torn asunder for spiritists, where it brings nothing but harm due to misunderstandings and stupid conceit; the conceit which has already brought so many wrong interpretations of much that is valuable, thus leading the masses astray or preventing them from recognizing and joyfully accepting the Truth now.

Do not let yourselves be misled, but heed my advice! It is for your help on earth, and you could easily recognize its value even now if you looked around you more attentively! You must not perhaps break off without cause what exists. That would bring no solution. It would be an attempt at false and unhealthy transformation! But from today on you must act differently in these matters, no longer in a thoughtless and frivolous manner. You must build up entirely anew. What is old will fall away of itself.

And when I now also say to you:

“Man shall never live together with another whom he cannot respect!” then you have for your earth-life that which will enable you to stay free from karma. Take these principles along with you on your path, all of you who wish to truly serve the Grail! —

So that you may ascend there must in addition to all this be the inner yearning for the pure and luminous Realm of God! The yearning for it carries the spirit upwards! Therefore think upon God and His Will at all times! But do not make a picture of it for yourselves! It would certainly prove wrong because the human spirit cannot grasp the conception of God. Therefore it is given to him to grasp the Will of God, for which he must seek honestly and in humility. If he has found the Will he will then recognize God therein! That is the only way to Him!

So far, however, man has not yet exerted himself in the right way to grasp the Will of God, to find It, but he has always given precedence to the human volition which originated within himself, embodying the human wishes and the instinct for self-preservation! This is not in harmony with the automatic upward swinging of all the Primordial Laws of Creation!

Therefore find the way to the true Will of God in Creation, and then you will recognize God therein!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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