Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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32. The beauty of the peoples

The earth is now being encompassed by the Light. A strong cloak firmly envelops the globe so that the Darkness cannot escape; and ever stronger becomes the pressure, sharply forcing together all that is evil, so that all that has happened must come to a close, cycle after cycle, and the end be connected with the beginning. Spears and arrows of Light dart here and there, swords of Light flash forth, and Lucifer’s minions are being sorely afflicted to their destruction.

Holy victory for the Light here upon earth! That is God’s Almighty Will. Light shall be everywhere, also among all the errors of mankind so that they may now recognize truthfulness. —

Rejoice, small flock, you who have been chosen to contribute to the immeasurably great work in the power of the Highest! Your time will come much sooner than you think today; for some day, it will come unexpectedly and overnight! Be strong in perseverance and, as if automatically, the fruits which you are to savor in joyful working as the chosen children of your Lord, will be yours! The power which HE conveys to you will protect you in your tribulation and will lift you to the purest joy which human spirits are capable of feeling.

For you the world Judgment will bring the crown instead of perdition, a work-filled, peaceful new life under the protection of the Holy Grail which you wish to serve with joyful volition in the up-building of the Kingdom of God here on earth, by helping all people, who in true humility attune themselves to the primordial laws of Creation! In the New Kingdom your spirits will be able to swing strongly above all materiality, causing it to be beautified and bathed in the Light. —

The outcome after the purification is a strengthening and blossoming of the loyal ones; because all that is obstructive will be thrown off according to the Divine Law, even if it howls against the sifting, calling it unjust! The Light and thereby Justice will ruthlessly smash the intellectual sophistries which hypocritically ensnare the originators themselves, so that in their thoughts they actually imagine themselves to be right even when they act wrongly.

The bearers of my power will succeed in cutting off these shackles with the sword of pure volition as long as they keep it sharp-edged in the service to humanity and all of Creation! —

The great new time shall be ushered in as a blessing for all different peoples, so that they may feel happy upon the soil to which they belong, and thus come to full blossom in exact accordance with their race, bearing rich fruit and working only towards the harmonious development of the whole of mankind upon earth.

Thus beauty will arise afresh! The entire earth will become a picture of beauty as though it had issued from the Hand of the Sublime Creator Himself, for all human spirits will then swing in the same sense, their joyful activity ascending in jubilant prayers of thanks to the Luminous Heights, there to mirror all the harmony of happiness manifesting on earth!

But this God-willed beauty cannot come about as long as the leaders try to force upon their people and upon their country foreign habits and customs, foreign clothing, and foreign architectural styles in the illusion that this makes for the progress of their people. Imitation is not up-lifting, there is no personal achievement in it! Uniformity through copying is wrong!

The best measure of this is the sense of beauty which is given to you so that you may recognize what is right and what is wrong in these matters! Devote yourselves to the original, true sense of beauty, and then you can never err, for this is linked with the Primordial Laws of Creation, and is the expression of a knowledge of perfection which still remains hidden; it is an infallible signpost for every spirit, because only that which is spiritual in this Subsequent Creation possesses the ability, at a very definite stage of maturity and in full consciousness, to recognize real beauty!

But here also you have unfortunately long since extinguished the unbiased intuitive perception through the fall of man, with its disastrous consequences arising from the domination of the intellect, which created caricatures of everything. The form which the intellect substituted for the conception of true beauty is the folly of fashion, to which your vanity only too gladly submitted. This slavery to fashion has completely buried your sense of beauty for noble, graceful forms, which is given to your spirit as a guide and a staff in this coarse existence upon earth, thus causing you to lose a strong support through your own guilt!

Otherwise, in every circumstance of life and in all places, you would always and at once intuitively perceive and know if something is not in order because wherever your sense of beauty is unable to vibrate joyfully the harmony which is a strict condition for Creation does not exist as it should. And where there is no harmony there is no beauty either.

Look at a China-man when he wears a top-hat, or a Japanese or Turk for that matter. Caricatures of European culture. Look at the Japanese woman who nowadays dresses herself in European clothes, and then see her when she wears the costume of her own country! What a difference! How much she loses when wearing clothes alien to her country! It is indeed a great loss for her. —

In the advancement of its own culture alone lies true progress for each of the peoples! There must naturally be ascent in everything, and no standstill. But this upward progress must always take place upon and out of its own soil, not through adopting foreign things, otherwise it is never progress. The word itself in its true sense rejects any imitation. A people can only progress through the upward development of what it already possesses, and not by the adoption of something it has borrowed. Taking something over is not progress, for progress shows itself in the improvement of what already exists; this alone should cause some reflection. Nor is that which is borrowed or taken over really one’s property, even if one wishes to make it so. It is not something personally achieved, not a result of the people’s own spirit, of which alone it could and must be proud!

A great task rests therein for everyone overseas: To let each people there become great within itself entirely out of itself, through its own abilities, which vary so greatly among the many peoples of this earth. All must come to full blossom according to the nature of the soil upon which they have developed. They must remain adapted to this soil in order to unfold that beauty which swings harmoniously upon earth with the others. It is just through the difference in kind that right harmony comes into existence, and not through uniformity among all the peoples. If this had been willed then there would have been only one country and one people. This, however, would soon bring about a standstill and ultimately decay and death, because the refreshing influence of the complementary would be missing!

Here again just look at the flowers in the meadows, which stimulate and refresh and indeed spread happiness around on account of their variety!

But failure to observe such laws of development will come home severely to the peoples, for this, too, will finally lead to retrogression and collapse; there can be no upward soaring because all healthiness is lacking. Man cannot strive against those things to which he like every other creature is subject, in as much as he will never achieve anything unless he takes into account the Living Laws which are woven into this Creation. Wherever he acts against and disregards them he is bound to suffer shipwreck sooner or later. The later it happens the more violently it will occur. Thus every leader must also bear the main responsibility for that which he mismanages due to his wrong attitude. He must then suffer for his entire people, who in their distress cling firmly to him spiritually! —

I repeat once more: True progress for each people lies solely in the development of its own culture! Adapted to the soil, the climate and the race! Man must become indigenous in the purest sense, if he wishes to develop and expect help from the Light! He should beware of adopting the habits and customs of peoples alien to his nature, not to mention foreign opinions. To be rooted in one’s native soil is a basic condition and alone guarantees health, strength and maturity!

Has man not yet learned enough from the bitter experiences he often called forth through the gift of his own culture to foreign peoples, the decline of which he then had to experience? Only a very few have been induced to reflect upon this. But even this reflection has so far seeped away in the sand, unable to find any ground which could hold an anchor.

To sweep away the evil and form a new, joyful and rich life in countries overseas is a comprehensive task. The work is transformational, because it will affect all peoples upon earth, in a supportive, revitalizing and blissful way! But it is necessary as the first outward step if harmony and beauty are to arise and be celebrated among the peoples of this earth! —

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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