Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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46. Man’s spirit guide

After having considered the nearest surroundings of man upon earth, the basis is now provided also to cast a glance at the guidance standing by his side and helping him.

It is indeed necessary that something should be mentioned about it, for much nonsense is spoken just in and about this matter by those who on the whole believe in a guidance or know something of it, so that sometimes one would like to smile if it were not so sad.

It is sad because through his odd efforts to regard himself at any cost as extremely valuable, the condition of the human spirit is once again clearly demonstrated. I do not think it is still necessary to quote examples in this matter, for each of my listeners has probably at one time or another become acquainted with such persons who talk about their “high” guidance or about the guide himself, whom they declare they clearly perceive and... still they do not act according to his gentle urging.

They do not add the latter, it is true; but just those who talk so much about their guidance, who imagine that they stand as comrades on a “first name basis” with it, seldom or only halfway, mostly not at all as their guidance would like them to. This one can assumebe rather safely with such people. It is merely a pleasant entertainment for them and nothing else. To some extent they behave like rather spoilt children, bragging about it, and mainly and above all wanting to show off much effort is expended on their behalf “from above.”

Naturally their guide is always a “very high one” wherever they do not prefer to divine in him a beloved and affectionate relative who is very concerned about them. In more than a thousand cases, however, it is supposed to be Jesus Himself Who comes from the Light in order to warn them or to strengthen them with praise and, what is more, Who if asked about people well known to them sometimes commends such persons or criticizes them adversely.

They love to speak of this with respectful awe, but one can easily recognize that this veneration is not meant for the Son of God but for the fact that they are personally deemed worthy of such solicitude. In plain words: It is veneration for themselves!

Anybody who is taken into the confidence of such persons, and they are eager to tell as many people as possible about it, can quickly experience the truth of what I have stated in this matter by meeting such information with doubt! Then such communicative ones show a displeasure which can only issue from an injured vanity!

They are finished with you or “through” with you, as the popular saying so aptly describes the frame of mind of those who have been hurt thereby. They look down upon you only with contempt.

It is also certain that they will then consult their guidance about you as soon as an opportunity arises, and receive the answer, which already they did not expect to be otherwise, with great content; for this guide is at the same time their friend, and if in their opinion he is not the Son of God Himself they look upon him more like an obliging valet in whom they confide everything, because anyway he knows it already, and only awaits opportunities to confirm what they say or give necessary advice.

Go out and investigate, and observe in the right way. Very soon you will find all this confirmed ad nauseam! If just once you are so bold as to call much of it stupid, then you must promptly seek shelter for yourselves unless you want to be stoned. Even if this cannot happen today in the physical sense yet it is certain to be done morally, you can be sure of that.

In a hypocritical pitying manner it then passes from mouth to mouth and from one letter to another, in complete confidence and with deep earnestness. In an underhand way a grave is dug for you, but with great zeal and such assurance as indicates practice, in order to put a well-deserved end to your depravity and also to your dangerousness.

These people smell the danger in the wind which threatens their credibility. Above all, however, they do not wish to be deprived of opportunities so well adapted to enhance the value of their personality in such a wonderful way. Their “high” guidance proves it, even if their poor fellow-men cannot yet perceive anything of it. And therefore they fight for it.

Such, and not otherwise, is the conceit of these people, which becomes clearly evident in the nature of the gossip about their guidance. They want to be esteemed for this and not perchance to lovingly help their fellow-men, they love to be envied and admired.

I would like to lead you to the recognition of the laws governing the guidances so that you may also now become knowing in this matter; for the guidances are also not subject to arbitrariness, but are interwoven with you into the threads of your fate!

Everything is subject to reciprocal activity in Creation, and this Law of Reciprocal Action also lies behind the secret of the appointment of your guidances. You find no gap, nowhere a loophole in which it would be possible to insert something that does not unconditionally belong there according to the Law.

After the last lectures you will readily be able to conceive how many threads are coursing around you, which are interwoven with you and you with them. But this is only a small part of it. And there is no gap in the great weaving which envelops you! Nothing can be slipped in or inserted arbitrarily, there is no squeezing in between, neither is it possible to cast anything off or to become free unless it has been worn off, lived to its dead end by you according to the Law.

Nor is it otherwise therefore with your guidance! The guidance you have is firmly linked with you in some way or other. In many cases through the attraction of homogeneous species!

Many a guide can and must through the act of guiding redeem acts for himself that bind him to the World of heavy Gross Matter. This is new to you, but easy to understand. In as much as a guiding one seeks by his guidance to prevent some earth-man from making the same mistakes on earth as he himself committed, although the dweller on earth may be predisposed to do so, the guide therewith also redeems his guilt in the World of heavy Matter without having to be specially incarnated on that account. For the effect of his guidance becomes manifest on earth, where at one time he had failed, through the protégé he is allowed to guide. In this way the cycle of many a happening also closes for those in the beyond precisely where it must close, without the one in the beyond attached to the threads having to be incarnated on earth once more for this purpose.

It is a simple happening corresponding to the Law, and yet it offers relief to him who guides a man on earth, and benefits are at the same time given to the earthmen.

It is just the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species which easily brings very many of those who want to guide into the proximity of such earthmen as carry within themselves some similar quality, and who threaten to fall into the same mistakes as the one desirous of guiding them committed himself at one time. And the Law then creates the threads which connect the guide with his protégé.

Consider in all strictness the blessing which lies retroactively in this process for both parties, for the guide and for the one he is automatically compelled or, let us say, mercifully granted to guide through the reciprocal action in the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species!

And there are in addition many other mercies which arise from this one process alone, for thereby new threads go out in all directions, which again carry within themselves reciprocal action, and which in some places connected with these two main parties strengthen, uplift, further and redeem. For mercy and love alone are contained in the final effects of all the laws in Creation, which in the end rise upwards and meet in the one great basic Law: The Law of Love!

Indeed love is everything! Love is justice and likewise purity! There is no separation between these three. These three are one, and therein again perfection rests. Heed these, my words; take them as a key for all happenings in Creation!

It will be absolutely natural for you who know my Message that only that can always find connection with you which lies closest to you, because very definite requirements which permit of no gap must be fulfilled for this purpose.

Thus it is contained in the Law of Creation that a guide wishing to be connected with you can only be so connected when he himself is still enveloped by a cloak, i.e., by a body which in its species comes nearest to your own, so that the thread which is to connect you with him can adhere.

From this you must conclude that he can by no means be a “specially high spirit” who guides you; for only he who is still sufficiently close to this earth can guide an earth-man; otherwise he would already be too much of a stranger to everything; neither would there be any sense in it nor could it bring you great benefit if there was a gap in this. Both would then fail to understand each other. Neither the guide his protégé, nor the latter his guide.

A single gap would be bound to render successful guidance impossible. However, there is no gap in the lawfulness of the happenings in Creation! Thus not in this either; for a single gap would cause the great work of Creation itself to collapse completely.

Thus between the guide and the one guided there exists a close reciprocal activity which is conditioned by the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

If you now wish to ask how it can become possible that at times something comes to the guided one on earth from a higher spiritual place, then these exceptions do not overthrow the Law. You need only remember that the same Law providing you with your direct guide also gives the latter a guide, and provides the latter with one again, and so on. There is only one Law forming an entire chain which must swing in this Law!

Thus it may happen that a guide from a higher place mediates something to you through this chain, or better, through the threads of this chain. This, however, happens only when very special matters are in question. But the development always takes place within the immovable laws because there are no other ways for it whatever.

It is a ladder which must be taken rung by rung, both upwards and downwards, and there is no other possibility at all. I shall give special explanations about the happenings in connection with mediumistic abilities. However, these do not belong here.

For a person on earth the blessing of the Law lies in the fact that he always has a guide, who is precisely acquainted with the faults from which the guided one suffers, because these faults were also the guide’s, who has already lived through all the consequences thereof.

Therefore the guide is able to advise and help in all cases from his own experience. In this way he can also protect the one he guides from many things, provided that the latter pays close attention to his hidden urging or admonition; for he must not coerce him. He may likewise only help where the guided person carries within himself the desire, the yearning or the demand for it, and not otherwise. He must leave the decision of the free will to the earth-man, this again being according to the Law, to which the guide himself remains bound. Bound by a reciprocal action which can generally let him intuitively perceive something only when through your volition you urge him to it.

The threads connecting you with your guidance become taut through the radiation of this, your volition. Only through these threads does your guide then intuitively perceive with you, and only in this way can he also support you. He cannot perhaps turn you, but merely strengthen and support you! It is also a condition thereby that you must first and seriously occupy yourselves with it. Do not think it is so easy!

Apart from this great mercy through the possibility of redemption, such processes sometimes hold a punishment as well for the guide, when in such wise he is also bound to perceive that in spite of his warning you act differently, just as he himself acted at one time. He thereby experiences within you a repetition which causes him to become sad, but which also strengthens and matures him in his intention never to fail again in such a manner!

However, all the greater is also his joy when he perceives the success of his guidance with you. Therewith he is also redeemed from his guilt.

After such a redemption a change takes place in your guidance; for many in the beyond are waiting to be allowed to guide an earth-man in order thereby to redeem their own guilt through giving such help. Yet the desire for redemption must naturally not be the motive for the longing to guide! If it is to redeem him from a guilt then it is necessary that he actually wishes to do it out of love for his fellow-men in order to save them from the consequences of erroneous ways on earth! Only when one in the beyond has reached this point is he allowed to guide earthmen, and the redemption, comes to him as a mercy for his good volition! And this compulsion, as well as the later granting of redemption, are contained in the final effects of his threads of fate, which adjust themselves to the nature of his radiating volition in the most perfect justice.

You must not forget that beyond the ponderousness of the earth everything is always experiencing! The pseudo-cleverness of the intellectual thinking has ceased there. Thus everything is genuine. It does not happen that a human spirit wants to act in a scheming manner there, nor can he do so, but he really lives himself to the end in everything! Without forethought, exactly as the human spirit is in his particular condition.

The aforementioned circumstances pertain to one kind of guide. Then there are other kinds which are connected with you especially strongly, and whom you have perhaps already known on earth. Relationship does not count in this matter. But the earthly conception about physical kinship ties many firm threads which then keep you connected for a time.

It is only the conception which you yourselves created that links you up and not the relationship, as you have imagined in the past. Your conception of it creates the threads or your love, your hate, and thus it is that departed relatives can also still guide you.

However, they must be capable of guiding; they must be able to have something to give you through their own experiencing, for otherwise they cannot guide you. It is not sufficient just to cling to you.

But here again there is much that has a say in it. Thus it is possible that someone on earth has somehow or other brought you up in a wrong way. He thereby remains connected with you. If after his departure he has by some means come to a personal recognition of his faults in this matter then these threads draw him to you. Let us call them threads of repentance in this case! Only when he has succeeded in changing you will he too be freed from this, not before.

If, however, you do not lay aside the wrong you learned from him, but transfer it again to your children, then he is thereby bound with you also to these children, and so on, until he at last succeeds in making good his error with one child.

Thus there are many kinds which provide you with guides, all of whom can only serve you for the best as soon as you pay attention to their quiet influence. However, they can never force you, but in their activity they mold the “conscience” which admonishes and warns you!

Pay heed to this! The activity of the guides forms a part of your conscience, the origin and nature of which you were never able to unravel properly. Now I give you a clue to this today.

As everywhere in this Creation it is always the specific condition of the guided human spirit himself which alone is decisive for the nature of the guide. The more the spirit of earth-man matures inwardly the higher he himself can rise, even if he is unconscious of this on earth, as is nearly always the case.

The plane of the particular guide, who changes with the maturing of the guided human spirit, is at the limit of the latter’s personal and safe ascent. Through his own experiences the guide will always stand half a step higher than the one whom he is allowed or also compelled to guide. Yet all these cases are so different in nature that it would be wrong for me to name and explain very definite ones. You might become confused through this, because with very definite pictures you only bind yourselves to fixed ideas.

For this reason I only make known to you the final effects without describing special species thereof. In this way you remain absolutely free and unbound in your knowledge about it, for later all this will become manifest in so many forms through your own experiences. —

For those who are called into service to the Grail some of the processes are different, but the operative laws can never be circumvented. However, Divine Providence intervenes supportively and with greatly increased power. Yet, as stated, not a single law can be circumvented herein. It is only that everything is accelerated to such a degree that for many this may border on the miraculous.

In the case of callings, a new strong leader from the Grail steps forth immediately who, in his pure power, affects invigoratingly all the leaders connected to the called one; always into that direction which the called one has to take in order to reach the goal of fulfilling his service.

In the maturing upward of a called one, his guides and other escorts who had until now been connected with him, will also be released during his apparent waiting period, so that through this they too may rejoice, and enjoy particularly rich benefits.

Therefore, a long period of preparation is often required for called ones, for in this period of apparent waiting, there occurs the release from everything that could hinder or prevent a called one from reaching his goal of starting the fulfillment, i.e. his actual service, at the right time.

Unaware of this great and often arduous work by the leaders from the Grail the called ones go through their preparatory period, very often impatiently awaiting the time when the beginning of the actual service is demanded. Indeed they do not even perceive that in this necessary time alone, they must be washed clean of much which would otherwise have taken hundreds of earth years for them to accomplish.

Neither do they perceive that their souls actually experience all this and that each release, often manifesting symbolically on earth in the gross-materiality as obstacles, seems to them an unnecessary annoyance; while in fact they should give jubilant thanks because of the easy manner in which earthly struggles or worries remove from them threads of karma which otherwise would have had to strike much harder!

They did not see the unspeakable Love and great help, instead they complain, often even feeling offended at still having to encounter such things, because they do not know of the connections and had expected instead to be instantly laid on a bed of roses, immune to all hardships on earth!

Yet the path to salvation is paved for them by this and they themselves are strengthened. Through impatience in this they only add new stones to the path, which they will have to remove again before they can continue upon the necessary path of their redemption.

I have told you often that in the case of a calling a Light-wall is lowered between you and the threads you have woven until now. The Light-wall protects you from the worst effects of all of the evil kinds of your karmic threads which must be released on an accelerated basis during the time of the preparations. In this necessary acceleration they would come upon you devastatingly if it were not for the shield of the Light-wall.

If you proceed with confidence on the path you have been assigned, in joyful desire for the service which awaits you, then nothing serious will happen to you through the redemptions. If, however, you become weary in your impatience, or if you fail during the time when it seems that you must wait, which in reality is not waiting at all but is on the contrary feverish activity, then the wall of Light again retracts and exposes you to the onslaught of the threads which are urging towards a quick resolution, for the acceleration will not be revoked again.

They rush forward in rapid succession and in full force; they strike you hard in their thus accelerated effects which cannot be pressed back onto slower pathways once they were thus prompted by Light. And in this it can crush you depending on the kind of fate that awaited you.

All of this happening is simply the result of the lawful effects which make it appear to be a quick punishment for those who fail, while in fact it is but the accelerated releases of the actual karma, appearing this way only to the uninformed, while the person concerned, however, would have been spared the force of that release by the power of the Light if he were striving toward it.

The digression in my explanation concerning the spiritual guidance of the called ones, however, has nothing to do with the description of a normal process in the course of the laws of this Creation; for the called ones are exceptions for whom every step is accelerated through the Divine Power.

Initially we still stay with general types of guidance. The respective guide will always be someone who stands in the very next place above you on the stepladder, and who is at the same time still connected to you in some way, be it only through a kind of homogeneity.

As soon as a guide can be detached from you a new one immediately approaches you. In many cases they are guides who have suffered from another of your faults, different to that which the previous guide was able to redeem for himself. Thus when one guide is relieved it does not necessarily follow that his successor must be standing on a higher plane.

A higher guide can only approach you when in the meantime you too have attained a higher step spiritually; for the guide can never stand below you but often by your side. It is only that through his personal experiences he has come to know more than you have, but by no means is he always an entire step higher, because he must still be able to understand you, he must be able intuitively to perceive with you or, better still, be able to enter into your intuitive perception. This stipulates that he cannot be far away from you!

And any person possessing a little knowledge about the unswerving lawfulness in Creation will scarcely imagine that he is directly connected with the Son of God Jesus, which is utterly impossible for a human spirit!

But just numerous minor mediums lay claim to this privilege without realizing that they could not even bear the power of an approach! And thousands of self-complacent people allow themselves to be duped and enticed through these errors, because they are agreeable to them and they like to indulge in such self-delusions; for they are flattered by them.

My explanations have nothing to do with the numerous confused gabblings of the minor mediumistic persons. I speak of serious guidances only and not of prattlers, who are also to be found among those departed ones strongly populating the nearer surroundings of this gross material earth. That is another chapter which we shall deal with more closely when the opportunity presents itself.

I am only giving you all that which can be really beneficial and which consequently leads you upwards. The sections which you do not need to become acquainted with more closely we only touch in passing. For the present they do not merit any attention at all.

That men love to busy themselves with just this in particular, and to hear about this most of all, is but a sad sign of the present low spiritual state. Let such enthusiasts go their own way; they only want to entertain themselves or wrap themselves in self-complacent comfort, which can never hold ascent nor the possibility of it. Prattlers from the beyond merely keep you from serious activity and earnest thinking; for it is their peculiarity, since they also dawdle and fritter away their time instead of, filled with gratitude, using it.

It will be a great horror for them when they must suddenly recognize this and slide downwards as useless for the new time.

To sum it up let me tell you once more:

Initially there are only helpers, who through the same kind of faults as yours were able to become connected with you, and nly later, when you no longer have faults to carry about with you, and when you only bear within yourselves the longing for the Luminous Heights, are real guides then taken into consideration for you, who are connected to you through the same kind of qualities and virtues as yours.

These in truth only lead you upwards by strengthening your virtues, and by affecting you through their great strength like a powerful magnet.

Only these are the guides whom you can really call guides! It is true that even now they already hold you firmly in a mysterious way, quite unknown to you, because their power penetrates the Universe. But naturally they hold only those who still have virtues active within them, virtues which are not buried too deeply.

But you cannot yet speak of these guides here on earth because first of all the helpers must develop their activity for you in order to support you, so that you can purify your garments from all the dirt you have drawn upon yourselves. But all the helpers still have to atone themselves, which they achieve by helping you.

The true guides, however, are already standing above all these, waiting for you and meanwhile holding you, so that you do not fall and perish during your great purification.

Here, too, everything takes effect through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species! They are the Primordial Beings, who work powerfully in this way.

That Primordial Being, for instance, who embodies heroism correspondingly affects all those subsequently created ones who carry heroism as a virtue within themselves, and so also the other Primordial Beings, each according to his distinctive kind.

The Primordial Being in the Primordial Spiritual Realm always manifests by himself alone for each kind. Through his radiation he then influences groups of the same nature which are still in the Primordial Spiritual Sphere but further below. And groups of each kind exist even further downwards in Paradise, among the perfected ones of the subsequently created, developed human spirits; and from there the radiations extend ever further downwards into the entire Subsequent Creation, to those with whom they can still find connection.

Thus at the highest place of the Primordial Spiritual Sphere there is for each of the virtues only one embodiment who is the guide therein for all the human spirits of the same nature! And only these few are the actual guides, but solely in the most pure and comprehensive objectivity through their radiation, never personally.

All this is already clearly stated in the Message.

Man is consequently not even able to designate a Primordial Being as his personal guide. It would be wrong. And how much less Jesus, the Son of God.

Become familiar with the fact, you men, that only the really awakened ones can notice something of this great fundamental guidance through their true knowledge, which brings conviction. And not everybody who boasts of it is really awakened in his spirit, and thus newly born!

It is much better if you first speak about helpers, for they are much closer to you than the guides and bring you great benefit through the immense trouble they take on your behalf! Give them your hand in joy and gratitude and listen to their admonishing, which is part of your conscience!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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