Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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57. Let there be Light!

Let there be Light! How far man still is from grasping this great Word of Creating! Far even from the right desire to learn to understand this happening. And yet he has never ceased to occupy himself with it for thousands of years. In his way, however. Not in humility does he wish to take a spark of recognition from the Truth, to receive in purity, but only to puzzle out everything himself intellectually.

In the course of doing so he stubbornly tries to substantiate every proposition he sets up in accordance with the nature and need of his earthly brain. This is quite right for the things of the earth and for everything gross material, which includes the brain from which the intellect issues; for the intellect is nothing but gross material comprehension. Thus all those who merely submit to the intellect, wanting only those things to be considered justified and correct which can be absolutely substantiated through the intellect, are very narrow-minded and inseparably bound to the World of Gross Matter. With this, however, they are also furthest away from true knowledge and from knowledge in general, although just they in particular imagine themselves to be knowing!

Rightly considered, it is in this pitiable role that the whole of science presents itself to us today. Narrowing itself, convulsively suppressing and fearfully rejecting everything which it cannot also press into the limited confines of its so earthbound understanding. They really reject it with fear, because in spite of their rigidity these learned men cannot indeed deny that there exists more than merely that which they can classify in the gross material register of the brain, which thus still belongs unconditionally to the gross material plane, to the outermost ramifications at the lowest end of this great Creation!

In their timidity some of them become malicious and even dangerous towards all those who refuse to be castin this rigidity, but who expect more from the human spirit, and for this reason they not only search with their earthbound intellect, but reach out beyond gross material happenings with their spirit, as is worthy of a still healthy human spirit and as remains their duty in this Creation.

The intellectuals want to suppress alert spirits at all costs. This has been so for thousands of years. And the darkness, spreading ever more rapidly mainly through intellectuals as a consequence of such gross material narrowness, gradually formed the soil which made it possible for the intellect to expand its power on earth.

Whatever could not be substantiated by the intellect was persecuted, if at all possible was ridiculed, to prevent it from getting a foothold and disquieting the intellectuals.

As a precautionary measure they tried to disseminate as wisdom, that everything which cannot be fathomed and proved by the intellect belongs only to an untenable theory!

The thus established principle of the intellectuals has been their pride, and their weapon and shield for thousands of years, even their throne, which is now bound to collapse at the beginning of spiritual awakening commences! The spiritual awakening shows that this principle has been absolutely wrong, and that with boundless effrontery it was reversed so as to only to protect the earthbound narrow-mindedness and to keep the human spirit in idle sleep.

Nobody realized that just this reasoning proved at the same time how far removed intellectual work lies from true knowledge.

Break the narrow bounds drawn around you in such a clever way as to render you incapable of developing beyond the pompous earthly erudition of the human intellect! You will quickly learn to perceive intuitively that it is precisely those things which the intellect can substantiate that belong to theory; for only earth-built theory can be substantiated as a structure, never true knowledge!

Thus in this matter, too, it is just the contrary of what has been asserted hitherto. Here also everything must now become new, as mankind was promised by the Lord! —

Everything that can be proved by the intellect is earthly theory, nothing else! And the scholarship of today is based on this, and presents itself to us in this way. But that has nothing to do with intelligence, i.e., with true knowledge! There are scholars who, according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, i.e., according to reality, count among the most narrow-minded of human spirits, even though they possess a great reputation on earth and are highly esteemed by men. In Creation itself they play only a ridiculous role. Some of them, however, can become really dangerous to the human spirits of this earth, because they lead them along false and narrow ways on which the spirit is never able to unfold itself. They suppress them, seeking to impose upon them their own scholarship, which is fundamentally nothing but narrow-minded earthly intellectualism veiled with tinsel.

Awake and expand, you human spirits, make room for upward flight, you who are not made for the purpose of remaining only in the gross material sphere; you are to make use of it, but not to consider it your home.

In these perverted days many a farm laborer is more spiritually awake and thus more valuable in Creation than a scholar who has entirely lost his pure intuitive perception. It has really a deep meaning when people talk of dry intellectual work or of dry scholarship. How often does the most simple person hit unswervingly on the right thing with an expression of the intuitive perception. The expression “dry” here means “without life,” thus dead! There is no life in it. And the saying carries truth within it.

For this reason man will never be capable of grasping with his intellect the high conception of the Holy Words: “Let there be Light!” Nevertheless, or perhaps just because of this, the words “Let there be” leave him no peace of mind! He tries time and again to picture this to himself in order to arrive at the how. Once he knows about the how he is soon confronted with the question of: why?

Finally he also wants to know why God let Creation come into existence at all! Such is man’s nature. However, he desires to fathom everything himself. However, he will never succeed in fathoming it! For to do so he would have to work with his spirit. In view of the present decisively dominating activity of the intellect, however, the spirit would be quite unable to set to work, because it is too badly confined and tied to what is gross material only, whereas the beginning of Creation, as part of an utterly different species, lies so infinitely far above the gross material.

For this reason man in his present state would never have any prospect of divining this, even if he had the inner capacity to do so. But he has not the capacity to do so either. The human spirit simply cannot fathom happenings in such heights, because they are far above that point where the human spirit can “know” something, i.e., above where it is capable of absorbing anything consciously!

Wanting to fathom these matters can thus never enter into it. Therefore it is of no avail for man to attempt to concern himself with it. He can merely receive it in pictures as soon as he is willing to absorb a knowing of it in true humility. This “knowing of it” is naturally not the knowledge itself, which latter he can never receive.

Thus if he desires seriously, but humbly, to know something about it, he may picture it to himself. I will describe the process in such a way that he is able to absorb it. To unfold it in its entire greatness before the human spirit, even if only in picture form, is impossible, because those modes of expression given to the human spirit to understand things do not suffice. —

In my lecture “Life” I have already explained how, upon the Act of the Will of God expressed in the words “Let there be Light!”, the rays shot beyond the border of the Divine Sphere, and how then, as they proceeded downwards, they cooled off more and more and were bound to manifest. Through the ever diminishing elasticity or pressure caused by the cooling off, various entities could gradually come to personal consciousness, first in the intuitive perception and then also by strengthening themselves little by little in outward activity. However, it is better for me to say that the pressure does not diminish through the cooling off, but that the cooling off takes place through and within the slackening pressure.

I do not need to emphasize that each individual happening, each minute change in the cooling off process, spans immense spaces and distances, which again the human spirit can never understand and conceive.

In that lecture I contented myself with simply saying that the radiations were impelled beyond the boundary of the Divine Sphere through the Act of Will. I did not speak further about the Act of Will itself.

Today I want to go further and explain why the radiations were then bound to shoot across the boundary of the Divine Sphere; for everything in the development of Creation happens only because it cannot be otherwise, thus strictly according to the Law. —

From all eternity the Holy Grail was the extreme pole of the direct Radiation of God. A vessel in which the radiation was collected at the last and furthest point in order, by flowing back, to become renewed ever again. Around it stood the Divine Castle of the Grail, with its gates shut fast towards the outside so that nothing could penetrate it anymore and there was no possibility of any further cooling off. Everything was guarded and watched over by the “Elders”, i.e., the Eternal Unchangeable Ones who, at the outermost boundary in the Divine Sphere of Radiation, are able to live conscious of their existence. —

Now if man wishes to follow my description aright he must first realize that Will and Deed are always one in the Divine Sphere. Each word is directly followed by the deed or, more precisely, each word as such is already the deed itself, because the Divine Word possesses creative power, and thus immediately forms itself into the deed. So it also was with the great Word: “Let there be Light!”

Only God Himself is Light! And His Natural Radiation forms what to the human mind is the immeasurable circle of the Divine Sphere, the outermost anchorage of which is and was the Grail Castle from eternity. When God wished that there should also be Light beyond the boundary of the immediate Divine Radiation, there could be no question of a simple arbitrary extension of radiation, but Light had to be placed at the outermost point of the immediate boundary of the Radiation of Divine Perfection, in order to radiate forth from there through that which had not hitherto been illumined.

Thus God not only uttered the Words “Let there be Light!” according to human conceptions, but it was simultaneously a deed! This was the great happening when Imanuel was sent out or born out from the Divine Sphere! The placing out of a Light-Part from the Primordial Light in order that this Part might radiate and illuminate independently beyond the direct Radiation of God. The beginning of the great development of Creation was the simultaneous consequence of the sending out of a Part of Imanuel.

Thus Imanuel is the cause and the starting point of Creation through His being sent out from the Living Light Itself. He is the Will of God, Who carries the Word “Let there be Light!” living within Himself, Who is this Word Himself. The Will of God, the Living Cross of Creation, around Which Creation could and had to form. Therefore He also is the Truth as well as the Law of Creation, which was allowed to form through Him, from out of Him!

He is the bridge from the Divine outward, the way to the Truth and to Life, the Creative Source and the Power which issues from God. —

It is a new picture which unfolds before mankind, and yet a picture which does not distort anything, but which only sets right what has been distorted in human opinions.

Now you still have the question as to “why!” Why did God send out Imanuel! Although this is a rather strange, indeed presumptuous, question asked by the human spirit, I will nevertheless explain it to you, because so many men on earth feel themselves to be victims of this Creation through imagining that if they can make mistakes God has created them faulty. Their presumption even goes so far as to make a reproach of this, with the personal excuse that God only needed to create man in such a manner that he could never think and act wrongly, and therewith the Fall of Man would not have occurred either. But it is only the human spirit’s capacity for free decision which brought about his decline and fall! Had he always heeded and followed the Laws in Creation there could have been nothing but ascent, happiness and peace for him; for that is how these Laws wish it to be. When he disregards them he naturally bumps against them, stumbles and falls. —

In the Circle of Divine Perfection the Divine alone can partake of the joys of conscious existence which the Radiation of God bestows. It is the purest of the pure in the radiation which can take on form, such as Archangels, for example; still further away at the outermost limit of the sphere of radiation also the Elders, who at the same time are the Guardians of the Grail in the Grail Castle within the Divine Sphere.

When this is accomplished that which is most powerful and strong is drawn out of the radiation! From what is left animal forms, landscapes and buildings then arise in the Divine. Therewith the nature of the last remnants changes ever more, but it is subject to the highest tension in the tremendous pressure brought about by the nearness of God, although even here His distance away must still remain vast and incomprehensible to the human spirit.

These last remnants, which as the ramifications and exhausted residues of the radiations can no longer take on form in the Divine Sphere, and which float along and surge about at the outermost boundaries of the Divine like little luminous clouds, also contain the spiritual. Under the high pressure the latter cannot unfold and become conscious. The strong urge to do so, however, is inherent in all that is spiritual, and it is this urge which like one great petition ascends out of the perpetual surging, which surging cannot at the boundary come to the point of weaving and forming.

And again it was this petition within the unconscious urge to which God yielded in His great Love, which He allowed to be fulfilled; for only outside the boundaries of all that is Divine was it possible for the spiritual, in following its urge, to unfold; so as in part consciously to enjoy the blessings of the Divine radiations, to live in them joyfully, and to build up and create a realm for itself which, flourishing and abounding in harmony, may become a monument raised to the honor of God, in gratitude for His Goodness in granting all that is spiritual the opportunity for the freest development and thus for the forming of all their wishes!

In accordance with the nature and laws of the Radiations of God, nothing but happiness and joy was bound to ensue for all those becoming conscious therefrom. It simply could not be otherwise, because any darkness is altogether foreign and incomprehensible to the Light itself.

Thus the great deed was a sacrifice of love on the part of God, Who severed and sent out a Part of Imanuel just in order to grant a conscious enjoyment of existence in response to the perpetual petitioning urge of the spiritual.

To attain this, the spiritual had to cross the boundaries of the Divine Sphere towards the outside. However, only a part of the Living Light could pave the way for such a happening, because the attraction of the Primordial Light is so strong that all else was held back at the boundary of its own immediate radiation and was unable to proceed further.

Thus there was but one possibility to grant the fulfillment of the urge of all that is spiritual: To send forth a Part from out of the Light Itself! Only in Its Power, by using the way of the radiation of this Part of the Light as a bridge, could the spiritual cross the boundary toward becoming self-conscious.

But even this did not suffice, because according to the Law this small Part of the Light would Itself also be drawn back by the Primordial Light. Therefore the Part of the Light had to be anchored outside the boundaries of the Divine Sphere, otherwise the spiritual there would have been as good as lost.

Once having crossed the boundary of the immediate Radiation of God, which could only occur with the help of a Part of the Light, the spiritual was no longer subjected to this original power of attraction, because the ever-increasing distance permitted a cooling off and a subsequent partial becoming conscious, because in the cooling off another species came into existence, creating a separating gulf. Only the Part of the Light, being homogeneous with the Primordial Light, always remained connected with the Primordial Light and also directly subject to Its Law of Attraction.

Thus the inevitable consequence would have been the drawing back of this emitted Part of the Light to the Primordial Light, which would have necessitated a constant repetition of the emission, and thus continual interruption of the Act of Grace. This had to be prevented because, with a return of the Part of the Light across the border into the Divine Region to the Primordial Light, the spiritual outside the border would have immediately been left to itself and thus without any support, and without the supply of power it would have become unable to live. This would have meant the destruction of everything in existence outside.

Now for this reason the Primordial Light, God, connected the Part He sent out from Imanuel with a part of the purest extraction from all that is spiritual, which acted as an anchorage of the Part of the Light with everything outside the border. This was a sacrifice of love on the part of God for the sake of the spiritual, which was therewith able to become conscious and to remain so.

The spiritual and everything issuing from it had thus found a support outside the border of the Divine and an eternal Source of Life, from which it could perpetually develop further. Simultaneously the bridge, in character similar to a lowered drawbridge, was built therewith from out of the Divine, so that the spiritual could perpetually renew and expand itself.

Thus Imanuel manifesting as “Let there be Light” became the starting-point and perpetual Stream of Life for Creation, the core around which all Creation could form.

First of all there is the Pure-spiritual Region as the Basic Creation, to which Imanuel directly formed the bridge. This made Him the Outborn Son of God in the Radiation of Whom the Pure-spiritual World could come to self-consciousness. Thus Son in Whose Radiation mankind of Primordial Creation developed, from which happening the surname “the Son of Man” originated. That Son Who directly stands above the human spirits because they could only develop to consciousness through Him.

In the mystery of the separation and sending forth of a Part of Imanuel this Part remained in the Grail Castle of the Divine Region by the Law, corresponding with His origin as King of the Holy Grail. He opened the gate towards the outside and therewith formed the bridge over which the spiritual could pass. He did not also cross the threshold in person; only His Radiations issued from this border into the space which up till then had been void of Light.

Later, by becoming connected with Pure-spirituality at a time when the Pure-spiritual had become conscious, there arose in the Pure-spiritual itself, Parsifal, coming out of Imanuel, always remaining connected to Imanuel through a tie, more accurately put, through an un-rendable radiation. This is the way in which man can imagine this connection. They are Two, and yet They are but One in Their working! The Part of Imanuel in the Divine Part of the Grail Castle at the outermost border of the Divine Region, still standing within it and only forming the bridge, which remains kept open towards the Pure-spiritual Sphere through Him, indeed within Him; and Parsifal in the Pure-spiritual Part of the Grail Castle, which came into existence with the spiritual becoming conscious and with the forming of all the landscapes and buildings connected with this process. Both Persons being inseparably linked and working as one Person, thus also being One!

Thus it happened that man may and even must think of Parsifal, the part of Imanuel in the Pure-spiritual, as being born and growing up as a child, for this part belongs to Creation, in which the form of the Divine Laws already experienced a change in the initial cooling-off, which change necessitates a time of childhood and development, albeit in a different way from here. On high, birth itself is also different than it is in gross-materiality here on earth, where in the meantime, through the downward progression of the various regions, the forms of the Laws, in the increasing cooling-off and the resultant continuously repeating process of specific species remaining behind as residue, also experience ever more changes.

Parsifal is linked with Imanuel by a tie of radiation, at the same time also by a tie of radiation with Elizabeth, the Queen of Womanhood in the Divine, as His Mother, and thus He forms the permanent anchorage through the radiation connection.

Subsequent Creation could come into existence through the activity of the Pure-spiritual the Primordial Beings. In descending the process is always a constant albeit weaker, repetition of the Primordial Creation, which proceeds according to the respective laws, whereby, of course, with each transformation of the laws the nature of the happening changes accordingly.

There was no longer any direct link from Imanuel for Subsequent Creation, because this only developed as a consequence of Primordial Creation from the volition of the Pure-spiritual Beings. This process, however, was likewise based only on the Love towards the spiritual which, remaining unconscious in the Pure-spiritual Realm, developed the same urge to become conscious as was the case previously with the Pure-spiritual in the Divine Region. But the power of the spiritual did not suffice to form itself immediately and at once to the state of consciousness in Subsequent Creation, as was possible for the stronger Pure-spiritual to do.

The last precipitation of the spiritual, not being as strong as the Pure-spiritual, had first slowly to develop in Subsequent Creation under the influence of the Prime-Spiritual Primordial Beings.

Since Subsequent Creation grew dark through the slowly developing human spirits and their fall, which was due to the one-sided cultivation of the intellect, it was necessary to intervene. In order helpfully to put right again everything in which mankind had failed, Parsifal was linked with the World of Gross Matter in Abdrushin. Therefore Abdrushin was Parsifal and therefore also Imanuel through the continued direct connection of the radiations, which cost great preparation and trouble to bring about. Through His Life on earth Subsequent Creation could again be given corresponding Light-Power to clarify, strengthen and help all that is spiritual, and passing through this the entire Subsequent Creation.

However, mankind of Subsequent Creation stubbornly opposed it and in their conceit refused to accept it, because they did not trouble themselves about the Laws in Creation and clung instead to their man-made theories. Nor did they heed the mission of the Son of God, which was to bring them help before the World Judgment.

The World Judgment itself is a natural happening, and the consequence of establishing a straight line to the Light, which was accomplished by Parsifal’s wandering through the parts of the world.

In this wandering the earth was the turning-point, being the outermost boundary in the World of Gross Matter, for due to the spiritual nature of a few men it still offered an anchorage for this; and thus the earth is the last planet that can be saved, although it already belongs to the Realm of Darkness. Whatever lies even lower in this respect than the earth, i.e., whatever is encompassed even more by the Darkness, is left to disintegration, to which all darkness is bound to fall a prey with everything it holds fast.

The earth has thus become the last stronghold of the Light on soil which is hostile to the Light. Therefore the terminal point of the Light is now anchored here. The tighter the direct line of the Triune of the Light Activity: Imanuel – Parsifal – Abdrushin, stretches from one day to the other, the more tangible and visible becomes the outworking of the power in the Divine Will, which creates order and forcefully straightens everything which mankind has distorted, that is, in so far as it can still be put right. That which cannot be made straight will have to break. The Power of the Light never permits of anything intermediate.

Only when this line of the Light is stretched taut and straight does the world tremble from the Divine Power, does mankind then recognize Imanuel in Abdrushin!

Such is the process of development in all simplicity. Out of love, the innate desire of all creatures consciously to experience was fulfilled! However, out of love for all those who wish to have happiness and peace by obeying the Natural Laws of this Creation, everything that disturbs the peace therein will now also be destroyed, because it proved unworthy of the permission to be self-conscious. This is the World Judgment, rightfully dreaded! The great Cosmic Turning Point!

The human spirit has no right whatever to ask about the “why” of Creation, for this is a demand upon God which he must not make, because through the voluntary fall of man he closed himself to all wisdom and the possibility of higher recognition!

But I gave an explanation in order to counteract the senseless illusions of the intellectuals, so that such human spirits as strive seriously for the Truth, and who are ready to receive it in humility, shall not allow themselves to be led astray by such wanton, blasphemous presumption in the moment of final decision, to be or not to be, for every creature! —

The true seeker will now gain much from knowing about this, for you all cannot live otherwise but in the Law! The Living Law!

Whether you are capable of absorbing it is your affair; for I cannot help you with this. Mankind asked, begged, and I have answered in matters far above the human spirit’s ability to comprehend, which are fulfilled vast distances away from him, following the adamantine course of Divine Justice and Divine Perfection. Man should bow down in humility!

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