Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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6. Consider what is of benefit to you!

Why, you men, do you always wish for something different spiritually from that which you really need and which will benefit you! This peculiar characteristic has the effect of a serious plague on all seekers.

It would be of little avail for me to ask you about it; for you cannot account for it to yourselves, even if you tried to think about it day and night.

Just observe yourselves in all calmness, consider the questions that come to life within you, follow your train of thought and where it leads. You will soon recognize that for the greater part it always leads to such spheres as you will never reach because they lie above your origin, which you will therefore never be able to grasp. The ability to comprehend, however, is the basic condition for anything that is to benefit you!

You must realize this in all your thoughts and deeds and adjust yourselves accordingly. Then everything will become easier for you. Therefore you should only deal with that which you can really grasp, i.e., with that which is anchored within the scope of your human existence.

Although the sphere of your ability to be conscious as a human spirit is sharply limited with respect to the Luminous Heights, it is by no means small. It offers you room for all eternity and therewith fields of activity that are correspondingly great.

Without limits, for you, is only the possibility of your development, which manifests itself in the ever greater perfecting of your activity within these spheres. Therefore pay close attention to what I am revealing to you herewith:

The rise in perfection of your spiritual activity is limitless and knows no end. You can become ever stronger in it, and as you become stronger the sphere of activity will always automatically expand, as a result of which you will find peace, joy, happiness and bliss.

The concept of bliss has also been falsely construed by all human beings up until now. Bliss lies solely in the radiant joy of blissful activity, and not in lazy idleness and indulgence or, in “sweet idleness”, an expression which cleverly covers up the falseness of the concept.

For this reason I often call the human Paradise the “Luminous Realm of Joyful Activity!”

The human spirit cannot obtain bliss in any other way but through joyful activity for the Light! Through this alone will the crown of eternal life finally be bestowed upon it, guaranteeing to the human spirit permission eternally to co-operate in the cycle of Creation without the danger of falling into disintegration as a useless building stone.

Despite the graciously granted opportunity of continually perfecting their spirit, human beings will never be able to overstep the bounds of their sphere of existence in Creation, nor to tear down the strictly established boundaries of human consciousness. By simply not being able to do so they also very naturally are not allowed to do so, which always manifests itself automatically and for this very reason has an insurmountable effect.

Increased perfection lies in the radiations of the spirit becoming ever more luminous, which is manifested correspondingly through increased strength of activity.

The increasing luminosity of the spirit in turn arises from the purification and cleansing of the soul, if in the volition for the good it strives upwards. One always develops out of the other in strict logical sequence.

If you concern yourselves exclusively and earnestly with what is good then all else follows of itself. Thus it is not all that difficult. You, however, in your volition ever again reach far beyond this, thus making the simplest things not only very hard for yourselves but quite often even impossible from the start.

Consider that with increasing perfection even the strongest radiation of your spirit can never change its species but only its condition!

Therefore it is never possible to overstep the scope of limited human consciousness, because the limits are defined through the species and not only through the condition. Within this great framework of species, however, the condition builds very specific small partial boundaries for itself, which can be crossed as the condition changes.

Gigantic expanses lie within this scope, worlds that are incalculable even for your spirit, in which you can dwell and work for all eternity without end.

If you occupy yourselves with this thoroughly and in depth, then you will be happy!

In my Message I gave you the exact knowledge of what relates to you and what is connected with you, how through your thoughts and actions you work therein and, what you must achieve therewith.

However, instead of devoting yourselves in the right sense and with all earnestness to what is offered to you, and thereby at last filling the post which each individual must occupy in this Creation, all your thoughts, your questions and also your desiring go ever again far beyond this into regions which the human spirit can never consciously reach.

It is therefore impossible for man really to grasp anything of this. All the weaving, radiating, striving, in brief the entire life in these regions, will forever remain incomprehensible to man, far remote from him. Therefore it can be of no benefit to him when he racks his brain over it. He only wastes the time and strength granted him for his own necessary development and must finally perish as useless.

Bestir yourselves at last with all of your strength in that sphere which the Creator has given to you, in order for you to lead it into purest beauty, to make it into a Garden of God in the likeness of Paradise, which is like a prayer of gratitude that has taken on form; it rises jubilantly to the steps of God’s Throne, in order humbly to praise the Creator of all things, in humility and in deed, for His abundant Grace!

Men, how small you are and yet how immeasurably demanding and conceited. If only you would bestir yourselves a little in the right manner, so that you will swing with the Primordial Laws of Creation in undimmed harmony, rather than always acting obstructively in your ignorance as you have in the past, then richest blessings would bloom wherever you take action, no matter what you attempt to undertake.

It simply could not be otherwise; and with the same unswerving certainty, with which over a long period you have already been gliding towards your downfall, you would see yourselves uplifted by that same power leading to spiritual wealth and a trouble-free earthly life.

But first you must know your home in Creation, and everything that helps and furthers you. You must know how you yourselves have to walk and work in it before blossoming can begin.

Try first of all to adjust yourselves aright in the earthly sense to the vibrations of the Divine Laws, which you can never circumvent without gravely harming yourselves and your surroundings; also base your laws upon these Divine laws, let them arise from them, then you will quickly have the peace and happiness which further the up-building for which you long so much; for without this all effort is utterly in vain, and even the greatest skill of the best trained intellect is of no avail and results in failure.

It is up to you, to you alone, up to each individual, and not as you so much like to delude yourselves, always up to the others. Start first of all with yourselves, but this you do not want to do! For you imagine yourselves to be above this, or such a start appears too small and insignificant.

In reality, however, it is but the indolence of your spirit which is capable of keeping you back from this and to which you have all enslaved yourselves for thousands of years. Your intellect, which bound the faculties of your spirit, can no longer help you now, when it is a matter henceforth either of bowing to the pure power of God or of perishing.

You must rouse your spirit, awaken it within you in order to recognize the Will of God and to hear what It demands of you; because to It alone man is subject since the very beginning and to no other, to It he must now render account for all His works in the part of Creation that was given to him on loan as his home.

And it will be your unfortunate proclivity always to reach out only for what is higher, of longing for what is alien to you, instead of enjoying your surroundings that will turn against you, giving testimony to one of your worst evils. The evil issued from the indolence of your spirit, which must not be confused with the intellect; for intellect is not spirit!

Indeed you have always done the same in your earthly ways. Instead of forming your environment more beautifully with all of your strength and joy, of making it more perfect and bringing it to full blossom, you often want to get out of it, because that seems more comfortable for you and promises quicker success. You wish to separate yourselves from it in order to find the desired improvement, because you expect immediate improvement and beautification in anything different!

First of all try to utilize properly that which is given to you! You will discover miracles upon miracles.

However, in order to make use of something in the right way you must also thoroughly know it beforehand. And this is where you are completely lacking. You were always too indolent to recognize the Will of your God, which becomes clearly and distinctly visible to you from out of Creation.

Ever again I must touch on the old wound which you human beings bear, from which I have already often torn off all the covers, which you, however, ever again seek to carefully re-place. The wound that forms the origin of all evil, under which you must now suffer until you either free yourselves from it or completely collapse, is and remains the voluntary indolence of your spirit!

Many among these earthmen will no longer be capable of freeing themselves from the deadening clutches of this evil; for they have hesitated too long to bestir themselves to do so.

It is natural that the cleverness of the intellect tries to cover up all spiritual slumber, because with the awakening of your spirit the domination of the intellect is also quickly ended.

Only indolence of the spirit has too little appreciation for what it is given; it does not take the trouble to discover its beauty and to make it ever more perfect, but imagines that it can find improvement in change alone and it seeks happiness in everything that seems different.

Man does not consider that a change first necessitates uprooting, and then placeing of the uprooted one on alien soil with which he does not yet know what to do, and therefore very easily makes big mistakes which bring unsuspected harmful consequences. He who places his hopes in change, and does not really know what to do with what is given to him, lacks the serious volition as well as the ability, he stands on the precarious ground of a soldier of fortune from the very beginning!

First recognize yourselves aright and utilize that which God offers for your use; use it in such a way that it will be able to blossom forth; then the earth and the entire sphere of Creation left to the human spirit for his activity must and will become a Paradise where only joy and peace dwell; for then the Law of Creation work for you with the same certainty as it must now work against your activities, and it is immovable, stronger than the will of men; for it rests in the Ray of the Primordial Light!

The hour is not far off when men must recognize that it will not be at all difficult to live differently than hitherto, to get along with their fellow-men in peace!

Man will become seeing, because all possibility for his hitherto prevailing wrong doing and thinking will now be taken away from him by God.

He must then acknowledge with shame how ridiculously he has behaved in his hurried activity which is so unimportant for real life, and how dangerous he has been to the entire part of Creation which was graciously entrusted to him for his use and enjoyment.

In the future he will live only to the joy of his fellow-men, just as they will to his joy, and he will not always enviously desire what he does not yet possess. The ability will awaken to develop the beauty of his personal environment to the most glorious blossom, to fashion it in complete accordance with his nature as soon as he brings it into the great blissful swinging of the simple Primordial Laws of Creation, such as I was able to teach him with the Message through the Love of God, which this time helps by punishing in order to save those who still possess good volition and humility of spirit!

If you wish to build up then clarify your spirit first and make it strong and pure. Clarify it, which means to let it come to maturity! Creation is already standing in the time of harvest, and man as a creature with it.

However, in this he remained behind through his stubborn wrong volition; he placed himself apart from any Light-willed swinging, and must be flung out of the already intensified and more joyful rotation of Creation, because in his immaturity he cannot maintain himself therein.

The popular saying about the clarified spirit is quite right. A mature or clarified person can very easily be recognized, for he stands in the Light and avoids all that is dark. He will also generate peace around him through his nature.

There will be no more flaring up, but only calm objectivity in the great swinging of joyous activity, or cool severity which in a friendly manner will clear up and throw light upon the frailties of those who have not yet been able to become strong in spirit, but who are still subject to fermentation, which must bring about purification and clarification or... perdition.

Only Darkness can flare up, never the Light, which always exhibits cool purity and peaceful prudence in the conscious power of the high knowledge.

Wherever anger can still flare up in a person there are weaknesses that must still be burned out; such a spirit is also still vulnerable to attacks of the Darkness, or to serving as its tool. He is not “clarified”, not yet sufficiently purified.

It is the same with all the weaknesses you carry within you, which you seem utterly incapable of resolving, or at least only with great difficulty. In reality it would not be difficult as soon as you resolve to utilize in a sensible manner that which God has given you, to apply in the right way what you already hold in your hands, and to adapt yourselves to the swinging of the Laws, the knowledge of which you were able to gain already through my Message. It will then be literally as easy as child’s play.

Refrain from concerning yourselves predominantly with questions which go beyond the sphere assigned to you, and learn first of all to recognize thoroughly all that which is within and around you, then ascent will come of itself; for you will be automatically uplifted by the consequences of your activities.

Be simple in your thoughts and deeds; for in simplicity lies greatness as well as strength!

You do not retrogress thereby, but you advance and erect a firm structure for a new life in which every person can orientate himself because it is no longer confused and entangled, but assessable in every respect, bright and clear, in a word: healthy! Natural!

Develop yourselves as inwardly upright, genuine human beings, and you will thereby immediately have the intimate connection with the entire Creation, which will further you in everything that you need for yourselves and for your ascent. You cannot achieve this in any other way!

Then everything you need, everything that brings you joy and peace, will flow to you in rich abundance, but no sooner, under any circumstances, no matter how hard you would strive for it; for the time has now arrived when man on earth must open himself to the Word of God, which is the same as adjusting himself to the existing Laws of God’s Holy Will, which sustain and further Creation!

There is no other way for all of humanity — nor any other help! They have to recognize and submit or perish; for the Judgment is here! As of now no human being will be able to give you council and to help you in the coming affliction, but only God alone!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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