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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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47. The regions of Light and Paradise

Radiant light! Dazzling purity! A blissful feeling of lightness! All this speaks for itself so clearly that it is hardly necessary to go into details. The less the ethereal body, i.e., the cloak of the human spirit in the beyond, is burdened with some base proclivity, with any kind of desire for material things and pleasures, the less will he be attracted by them, and the less dense and therefore the less heavy will be his ethereal body which is formed according to his volition; and through its lightness he will be all the more quickly uplifted to the more luminous regions corresponding to the lesser density of his ethereal body.

The less dense, the looser and finer this ethereal body becomes when it is cleansed of base desires, the brighter and the more luminous it must appear; for then the core of spiritual substantiality within the human soul, which as such is radiant through its nature, will shine through more and more from within as the ethereal body grows ever more transparent; whereas in the lower regions this radiant core is hidden through the greater density and gravity of the ethereal body and thus remains darkened.

In the regions of Light every human soul will, depending on the nature of his ethereal body, also meet those that are homogeneous with him, i.e. kindred souls. As only that which is truly noble and of good volition is able to strive upwards, free from all base desires, so will he only encounter that which is noble as being homogeneous with him. It is also easy to understand that one who dwells in such regions has to suffer no torment but enjoys the blessing of the homogeneous nobleness radiating from him; he feels blissfully happy and through his own activity causes joy in the others in which he in turn shares. He can truly say that he is wandering in the fields of the truly blessed. Thus encouraged, his joy in all that is pure and sublime grows ever stronger, lifting him higher and higher. Permeated by this intuitive feeling, his ethereal body will become ever finer and less dense, enabling the shining core of spiritual substance to break through ever more radiantly, finally causing the last remnants of the ethereal body to fall away as if consumed by flames, at which point the human spirit, having attained a complete and conscious personality of perfect pure spiritual-substantiality, can cross the border into the Realm of Spiritual Substantiality. Only then does he enter the Eternal Kingdom of God the Father, the everlasting Paradise.

Just as it would be impossible for a painter to portray the torments of actual life in the dark regions, so is it equally impossible for him to depict the delight which life holds in the light regions, even if these regions still belong to the transient World of Ethereal Matter before the boundary to the Eternal Kingdom of God has been crossed.

Every portrayal and every attempt to render this life pictorially would definitely mean diminishment, and therefore inevitably harm instead of benefit the soul of man.

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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