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Grail Message by Abdrushin

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80. Once upon a time..!

Four words only, and yet they are like a magic formula, for they bear within them the quality of instantly arousing a particular type of intuitive perception in every human being. This intuitive perception is seldom of the same kind. This is similar to the effect of music. Just as in music, these four words also find their way straight to the spirit of man, his real “self.” This applies, of course, only to those who do not keep the spirit completely locked within them, and who have thereby already lost their real humanity here on earth.

On hearing these words, however, every human being will spontaniouls and instantly think back to some former experience. This experience arises vividly before him and with the picture also an analogous intuitive perception.

For one it will be a wistful tenderness, a melancholy happiness, or a silent longing impossible of fulfillment. For others, however, it will be pride, anger, horror or hatred. Man will always think of some experience he once had which made an exceptional impression upon him, but which he thought long since extinguished within him.

Yet nothing has been extinguished in him, nothing lost of what he once really experienced within himself. All of it he can still call his own, as something truly gained and thus everlasting. But only that which has been experienced can arise with these words! Nothing else.

If a man pays close and careful attention with an alert mind, then he will soon recognize what is really alive within him, and what can be called dead; the soulless shells of useless memories.

Of use and purpose for man, and by man we must not mean simply the body, is only that which has a deep enough effect on him during his life to leave an imprint on his soul, an imprint which is indelible, and cannot be erased. Only such imprints have an influence on the forming of the human soul and consequently also on furthering the spirit for its continual development.

In reality, therefore, only that which leaves such a deep impression is experienced and thus made one’s own. All else flits by ineffectively, or at best serves to help in the development of events that are capable of calling forth such great impressions.

Happy is he who can call many such powerful experiences his own, no matter whether called forth by joy or sorrow; for the impressions they leave will one day be the most precious that a human soul takes with it on its way into the beyond. —

Purely earthly intellectual work, such as is customary today, when properly applied, serves only to facilitate physical life on earth. Closely considered, that is the actual ultimate goal of any work of the intellect! In the final analysis there is never any other result. Not with all book learning, regardless of the field, nor with all activities whether in public affairs or in the family, with every individual or with nations, or finally with humanity as a whole. But unfortunately everything has subjected itself quite unconditionally to the intellect alone, and lies therefore within the heavy chains of the earthly limitation of the perceptive capacity, which was naturally bound to bring in its wake disastrous consequences in every activity and happening, and will continue to do so.

To this there is only one exception on this whole earth. This exception, however, is not offered to us by the church, as many will think and as indeed it should be, but rather by art! In art the intellect unquestionably takes second place. But where the intellect gains the upper hand, art is at once reduced to craftsmanship; it immediately degenerates indisputably and deeply. This is a consequence which in its simple naturalness cannot possibly be otherwise. Not one exception can be found.

Of course, the same conclusion must also be drawn in all else! Does this not cause man to reflect? Surely it must be as though scales fell from his eyes. This quite plainly indicates to the thinking and discriminating person that with everything else which is dominated by the intellect he can indeed obtain but a substitute, i.e. something inferior! From this fact man should recognize the place assigned by nature to the intellect, if anything that is right and of value is to arise!

So far only art is still born out of the activity of the living spirit, out of the intuitive perception. Art alone has had a natural and therefore normal and healthy origin and development. The spirit, however, does not express itself in the intellect, but in intuitive perceptions, and only manifests in what is generally called a “soulful nature”. And that is just what the intellectual man of today, who is so inordinately proud of himself, likes to mock and ridicule. Thus he derides what is most valuable in man, the very thing that makes him human in the first place!

Spirit has nothing to do with the intellect. If at last man wishes for improvement in all things he must take heed of Christ’s words: By their works ye shall know them! The time is at hand when this will come to pass.

Only the works of the spirit bear life within them from their very origin and therewith permanence and stability. Everything else must collapse from within when its time of flowering is past. As soon as these works are to bear their fruits, the barrenness will be exposed!

Just look at history! Only the work of the spirit, thus art, has outlived the peoples who have already collapsed through the works of their intellect, which is lifeless and cold in itself. Their great, much-vaunted knowledge could not offer them salvation from collapse. Egyptians, Jews, Greeks and Romans went this way; as later did the Spaniards and the French and now the Germans – yet the works of genuine art have outlived them all! Nor can they ever perish. But no one has noticed the strict consistency in these recurring events. No one has thought of finding the real root of this great evil.

Instead of searching for this root, and calling a halt to the ever-recurring decline, men have blindly submitted to it, and with laments and complaints have resigned themselves to the idea that “nothing can be done about it.”

Now it will at last strike all mankind! Much misery already lies behind us, and still greater is to come. And deep suffering grips the dense ranks of those who have to some extent already been affected by it.

Think of all the peoples who already had to fall as soon as they entered their time of blossoming and had reached the summit of their intellect. The fruits which ripened from their blossoming were the same everywhere! Immorality, shamelessness and debauchery in various forms, followed inevitably by decline and ruin.

The absolute similarity is very obvious to everyone! And every thinking person must discover in this happening the very definite nature and consistency of the strictest Laws.

One after the other, these peoples had eventually to recognize that their greatness, their power and their glory were only imaginary, upheld solely by force and oppression, and not secured by an inner soundness.

Open your eyes, instead of despairing! Look around you, learn from the past, and compare it to the messages from the Divine that had already reached you thousands of years ago, and you must discover the root of the consuming evil, which alone forms the obstacle to the ascent of all mankind.

Only when the evil has been thoroughly eradicated will the path to general ascent be open, not before. And this ascent will be lasting, because it will contain something of the living spirit, which has hitherto been excluded. —

Before going into this subject more deeply, I want to explain what spirit is, as the only really living part in man. Spirit is not wit, and not intellect! Nor is it acquired knowledge. It is erroneous, therefore, to call a person “spirited” because he has studied, read and observed much and knows how to converse well about it. Or if his brilliance expresses itself through good ideas and intellectual wit.

Spirit is something entirely different. It is of a consistency of its own, coming from the world of its homogeneous species, which is different from the part to which the earth and thus the physical body belong. The spiritual world lies higher; it forms the upper and lightest part of Creation. Owing to its consistency this spiritual part in man bears within it the task of returning to the Pure-spiritual Realm, as soon as all the material coverings are severed from it. The urge to do so is set free at a very definite degree of maturity, and draws the spirit upwards to its homogeneous species, lifted through the power of its attraction. *(Lecture: I am the Resurrection and the Life..!)

Spirit has nothing to do with the earthly intellect, only with the quality of “deep inner feelings”. To be rich in spirit, therefore, is the same as “being soulful”, but not the same as being rich in intellect.

In order to discover this difference more easily, man should use the expression: “Once upon a time!” A great many seekers will find clarification through this alone. If they observe themselves carefully, they will be able to recognize what has been of benefit to their souls in their earth-life up to now, or what has merely served to make their life and work in their earthly environment easier. In other words, what is of value to them not only on earth but also in the beyond, and what serves only earthly purposes but remains valueless for the beyond. The one can be taken over to the beyond by man, but the other he leaves behind at his departure as belonging only here, because it can be of no further use to him. What he leaves behind, however, is but the tool for earthly events, an aid for the time on earth, nothing more.

A tool which is not used solely as a tool, but is instead elevated to a much higher position, obviously cannot live up to this; it is in the wrong place and will thereby naturally produce many kinds of deficiencies, which in time will have quite disastrous consequences.

The first and foremost of these tools is the earthly intellect which, as a product of the human brain, must bear within itself the limitation to which anything physical-gross-material, due to its own nature, always remains subject. And the product cannot possibly be different from its origin. It always remains bound to the nature of the origin. As do the works developing from the product.

For the intellect this naturally results in the most limited, purely earthly comprehensive capacity, closely bound to time and space. Since it originates in the World of Gross Matter, which in and of itself is dead and bears no life of its own, the intellect is also without living power. This condition, of course, extends to all the activities of the intellect, therefore making it impossible to impart to its works anything that is alive.

In this inflexible natural process lies the key to the dismal events occurring during man’s life on this small earth.

We must at last learn to differentiate between the spirit and the intellect, between the vital core of man and his tool! When this tool is placed above the living core, as it has hitherto been, the result will be something unsound, which even at its inception must bear within it the seed of death; and thereby the vital, the highest and most valuable part is constricted, bound and cut off from its necessary activity, until in the inevitable collapse of the lifeless structure it is released and rises from the ruins, unfinished.

Instead of “Once upon a time” let us now imagine the question: “What was it like in former times?” How different is the effect. The great difference is immediately perceived. The first question speaks to the intuitive perception, which is linked with the spirit. But the second question is directed to the intellect. Entirely different pictures emerge. From the outset these are limited, cold, without vital warmth, because the intellect has nothing else to give.

From the very beginning, however, mankind’s greatest guilt has been to place this intellect, which can only produce what is incomplete and without life, on a high pedestal, virtually dancing around it in adoration. It was given a place that was to be reserved to the spirit alone.

This endeavor is entirely opposed to the provisions of the Creator and thus to Nature, since these provisions are anchored in the processes of Nature. Therefore nothing can lead to a true goal, but everything must fail at the point where the harvest is due to set in. It cannot be otherwise, but is a natural happening to be taken as fact.

Only in pure technology is this different, as in any industry. It has reached great heights through the intellect, and will make even greater advances in the future! This fact, however, serves to prove the truth of my explanations. Technology in all its aspects is and will always remain purely earthly, lifeless. And since the intellect likewise belongs to all that is earthly, it is able to develop brilliantly in technology, and can accomplish really great things. Here it stands in its right place, in its real task! But wherever anything “living” thus purely human, is involved, the intellect by its nature is not adequate, and must therefore fail if it is not guided by the spirit! For spirit alone is life. Success in a specific species can always be achieved only by the activity of a homogeneous species. The earthly intellect will therefore never be able to do spiritual work! For this reason placing the intellect above life has become the grave crime of this mankind.

Contrary to the creative and thus wholly natural purpose, man has reversed his task; he has, so to speak, turned it on its head in that he has given to the secondary and merely earthly intellect the supreme place which belongs only to the living spirit. Consequently, man is now quite naturally forced painfully to seek from below upwards, whereby the superimposed intellect, with its limited capacity to comprehend, obstructs any broader view, instead of beingable to look down from above through the spirit.

If he wishes to awaken he is compelled first to “transpose the signals”. Place what is now above, the intellect, into the place given to it by nature, and restore the spirit to the highest position. This necessary transposition is no longer quite so easy for the man of today. —

This act of reversal by man, carried out in the past, which was so incisively directed against the Will of the Creator and thus against the Laws of Nature, constitutes the actual “fall of man” the consequences of which could not be more terrible; for it consequently developed into “hereditary sin”, for the consequence of elevating the intellect to the position of sole ruler was, that in the course of time, such one-sided cultivation and activity also strengthened the brain one-sidedly, so that only that part which has to do with the work of the intellect, grew bigger, and the other part had to atrophy. Thereby the part that has become atrophied through neglect can operate today only as an unreliable dream-brain, which even then is still under the powerful influence of the so-called day-brain, which activates the intellect.

Thus the part of the brain which should form the bridge to the spirit, or rather the bridge from the spirit to everything earthly is thereby paralyzed; a connection is broken, or at least very much loosened, whereby man has cut off all spiritual activity for himself and with it also the possibility of “animating,” spiritualising and inspiring his intellect. Both parts of the brain should have been developed absolutely equally for joint harmonious activity, like everything in the body. The spirit having the leading role, the intellect having the executive function here on earth. It is self-evident that because of this, all of the activity of the body, and even the body itself, can never be what it should be. This development naturally pervades everything! For it means that now the most essential factor for all earthly things is missing!

It is easy to understand that the event of cutting off was simultaneously linked with the withdrawal and estrangement from the Divine. Indeed, there was no longer any way to It.

Ultimately, this led to the disadvantage that for thousands of years already, due to the ever more extensive hereditary transmission, the body of every newborn child comes to the earth equipped with a frontal, intellectual brain so large that because of this condition, he is from the outset subject to the intellect from the moment this brain develops its full activity. The gulf between the two parts of the brain has now grown so wide, and their functions so unequal, that for the majority of all men an improvement can no longer be achieved without catastrophe.

The intellectual man of today is no longer a normal human being, for he lacks any development in the principal part of his brain which is associated with being a complete human being, since he has allowed it to become atrophied for thousands of years. Without exception, every intellectual man has only a crippled normal brain! Therefore brain-cripples have been ruling the earth for thousands of years; they regard the normal human being as an enemy and seek to suppress him. In their crippled condition they imagine that they accomplish a great deal, and do not know that the normal human being is capable of achieving ten times as much, producing works of a permanent nature which are more perfect than the present efforts! The way is open to every really serious seeker to acquire this ability!

An intellectual man, however, will no longer be able to grasp easily something that belongs to the activity of this atrophied part of his brain! He is simply incapable of it, even if he should desire it; and solely because of his voluntary restriction he ridicules everything that he is unable to attain, and which, owing to his actually retarded, abnormal brain, will never at any time be understood by him either. Just therein lies the most terrible part of the curse of this unnatural aberration. The harmonious co-operation of both parts of the human brain which absolutely belongs to a normal human being is definitely impossible for the present-day intellectual men, who are called materialists. —

To be a materialist is by no means a compliment, but evidence of an atrophied brain.

So far it has been the unnatural brain that has ruled this earth, and whose activity must in the end bring about the inevitable collapse of all things, for due to its atrophy, everything it may wish to produce will naturally bear within it disharmony and disease from the very start.

Nothing of this can now be changed any more, but one must calmly let the naturally developing collapse come about. Then, however, will be the day of resurrection for the spirit, and of a new life! The slave of the intellect, who has held the reins for thousands of years, will thus be done away with forever! Never again will he be able to arise, because the evidence and his own experience will finally force him, ill and spiritually impoverished, at last to submit voluntarily to that which he was unable to grasp. Never again will he be given the opportunity to oppose the spirit; either by scoffing or through a semblance of righteousness by imposing force, such as was also used towards the Son of God, Who had to fight against it. At that time there still would have been time to prevent much of the disaster. But now it is too late; for in the meantime the loosened connection between the two parts of the brain can no longer be bridged.

Many intellectual men will again try to ridicule the explanations in this lecture, but, as always, except for empty catchphrases, they will be unable to present even one really objective counter-argument. Yet any serious seeker and thinker will have to take such blind zealotry simply as fresh proof of what I have set forth herein. However hard they try, it is impossible for these people. Let us therefore regard them from now on as sick persons, who will soon be in need of help, and... let us calmly await the time. No struggle and no acts of violence are needed to force the necessary progress; for the end will come of itself. Here too, through the immutable Laws of all reciprocal actions, the natural course of events will take effect quite inexorably, and also punctually. — —

Then, according to various prophecies, a “new generation” shall arise. This generation, however, will not only be made up of new births, such as are already observed now in California and also in Australia as being endowed with a “new sense” but mainly of people already living, who in the near future will become “seeing” through the many coming events. They will then possess the same “sense” as those newborn ones do now; for this sense is nothing more than the ability to stand in the world with an open and unrestrained spirit, no longer allowing itself to be suppressed by the limitation of the intellect. Hereditary sin will thereby finally be eliminated!

But all this has nothing to do with what has been hitherto described as “occult faculties.” It will simply be the normal man as he should be! To “become seeing” has nothing to do with “clairvoyance”, but signifies “insight,” recognition.

Men will then be able to observe everything without bias, which simply means to assess. They will see the intellectual man as he really is, with the limitations so dangerous to himself and his environment, the origin of his presumptuous lust for power as well as the dogmatism which is actually a part of it.

And they will realize how for thousands of years all of mankind has suffered under this yoke in strict consistency in one form or another and how this cancerous sore, as the hereditary enemy, has always been directed against the development of the free human spirit, the main purpose in human existence! They will not avoid anything, not even the bitter certainty that the tribulations, all of the suffering and every downfall were bound to come about through this evil, and that there could never be any betterment, because from the start, any recognition was precluded owing to the limitation of the perceptive capacity.

But with this awakening, all of the influence and all of the power of these intellectual men has ceased. For all time; for then a new and better age for mankind begins in which the old can no longer survive.

This will bring the inevitable victory of the spirit over the failing intellect, longed for by hundreds of thousands today. Many of the masses who have hitherto been led astray will still recognize the fact that until now they had completely misinterpreted the term “intellect.” The majority simply accepted it as an idol, without examination, just because the others did the same; and because all its adherents always put on airs of being infallible, absolute rulers through force and laws. That is why many do not even take the trouble to expose the real hollowness of these people, and the deficiencies concealed thereby.

Nevertheless, there are those who for decades already have been fighting against this enemy with tenacious energy and conviction, in secret and to some extent also openly, occasionally being exposed to the most severe suffering. But they fight without knowing the real enemy! And this has naturally made success more difficult. Indeed, it has made it impossible from the outset. The warriors’ sword was not well sharpened, because they always nicked its edge by striking at non-essential things. With these non-essentials, however, they have always struck to the side and missing the mark, wasting their own strength, and only causing division among themselves which today is growing ever greater.

In reality there is only one enemy of mankind all the way down the line: the hitherto unrestricted rule of the intellect! That was the great fall of man, his most grievous guilt, which brought all evil in its wake. That is what became hereditary sin, and that also is the Antichrist of whom it is proclaimed that he will raise his head. More plainly expressed, the dominance of the intellect is his tool through which men have fallen prey. To him, the enemy of God, the Antichrist himself... Lucifer (* Lecture Nr. 89: The Antichrist)!

We are in the midst of this time! He dwells today in every human being, ready to ruin him; for his activity turns man immediately away from God as a quite natural consequence. He cuts off the spirit as soon as he is allowed to rule.

Therefore, let man be keenly on his guard. —

Now man must not diminish his intellect, but he must make it what it is, his tool; not, however, his authoritative will. Not his master!

Man of the coming generation will be able to regard the past only with disgust, horror and shame. Similar to the way we feel upon entering an old torture chamber. There, too, we perceive the evil fruits of the cold, calculating domination of the intellect. For surely it is an indisputable fact that anyone possessing but a little inner feeling, and thus spiritual activity, could never have devised such atrocities! Altogether it is no different today, only somewhat more camouflaged, and the agony of the masses is the same rotten fruit as was the individual torture in olden times.

On looking back into the past, man will only be able to shake his head in sheer amazement. He will ask himself how it was possible to quietly endure these errors for thousands of years. The answer, of course, is simple: by force. It can be recognized quite clearly anywhere one looks. Leaving aside the times of remote antiquity, we need only enter the aforementioned torture chambers which can still be seen everywhere today, and the use of which does not lie so very far back.

We shudder as we look at these old implements. What cold brutality, what bestiality do they reveal! Hardly anyone today will doubt that this activity of the past represented the most heinous crime. An even greater crime was thus perpetrated upon the criminals. But also many an innocent person was dragged brutally from family and freedom, and cast into these dungeons. What lamentations, what screams of pain sounded here from those who, completely defenseless, were at the mercy of their tormentors. People were compelled to suffer things the contemplation of which simply fills one with horror and loathing. Instinctively everyone asks himself whether it was really humanly possible to inflict all this on defenseless human beings, and moreover under the guise of the law. Of a law that after all had once been obtained only by force. And then, confessions of guilt were forced from suspects again through physical pain, so that they could then be murdered at leisure. Even though these confessions of guilt were only extracted under compulsion, in order to escape these insane physical tortures, they nevertheless satisfied the judges, who needed them to comply with the “letter” of the law. Did these so narrow-minded ones really imagine that in this way they could whitewash themselves before the Divine Will as well? And escape the inexorable working of the basic Law of Reciprocal Action?

Either all of these people who dared to pass judgment on others were the scum of the most hardened criminals, or it was the morbid limitation of the earthly intellect showing itself clearly. There can be nothing in between.

According to the Divine Laws of Creation every person in authority, every judge, no matter what office he holds here on earth, should never stand in his actions under the protection of his office. He alone and purely personally must himself, like any other person, bear unprotected the full responsibility for anything he does in his office. Not only in the spiritual but also in the earthly sense. Then everyone would take things much more seriously and carefully. And so-called “errors” whose consequences are forever irreparable, will certainly not occur again so easily, to say nothing of the physical and psychic suffering of the victims and their relatives.

But let us further consider the so-called “witch trials” which are also part of this subject!

Anyone who has ever had access to court records of such trials would, overcome by burning shame, wish never to be numbered among this mankind. In those days, if anyone even had knowledge of healing herbs, either through practical experience or through tradition, and if he used this knowledge to aid sufferers asking him for help, he was subjected to relentless torture from which he was released only through death by fire if his body had not already succumbed to these cruelties.

At that time even physical beauty, especially chastity that did not yield willingly could be sufficient cause.

And then the horrors of the Inquisition *(Trials for heresy)! Relatively few years separate us from “that time”!

Just as today we recognize this injustice, so also did the populace at that time feel it exactly the same way, since the “intellect” had not yet limited them quite so much. Here and there feeling broke through in them, i.e., the spirit.

Do we not recognize today the absolute narrow-mindedness in all this? The irresponsible stupidity?

Although these things are spoken of with an air of superiority and a shrugging of the shoulders, yet fundamentally nothing has changed. The stupid presumption towards everything not understood is still exactly the same! Except that instead of these tortures men now publicly scoff at everything which, owing to their narrow-mindedness, they do not understand. Many a person would do well to search his heart and think seriously about this without sparing himself. Any person who has the capacity to know something which others are closed off from, who maybe able to see the ethereal world with ethereal eyes as a natural happening, will be regarded as a swindler by hereos of the intellect, i.e., people who are not quite normal, possibly even before a court; in the very near future this will no longer be doubted much less brutally attacked.

And woe unto him who does not himself know what to make of it, but naively speaks of what he has seen and heard. He must fear the consequences as did the first Christians under Nero with his helpers always ready to murder.

Should he even possess different abilities which can never be grasped by absolute intellectuals, then he will most certainly be mercilessly hunted, slandered and ostracized unless he complies with everyone’s wishes; if at all possible he will be rendered “harmless” to use a fancy phrase. Nobody has any qualms of conscience about it. Even today such a man is regarded as fair game for anyone, some of whom may be very unclean inwardly. The more narrow-minded, the greater the delusion of cleverness and the proclivity to conceit.

Man has learned nothing from these happenings of days gone by, with their tortures, burnings at the stake, and the ludicrous trial records! For even today anyone is still free to defile and insult with impunity all that is unusual and not understood. In this respect it is no different now from what it was then.

Worse than the proceedings of the courts of law were those of the Inquisition which were instigated by the Church. Here the screams of the tortured were drowned out by pious prayers. It was a mockery of the Divine Will in Creation! Representatives of the churches of those days thus proved that they had no idea of Christ’s true teaching, nor of the Godhead and Its Creative Will, Whose Laws lie irrevocably anchored in Creation where they take effect in the same way as they have from the beginning and as they will to the end of time.

God endowed the human spirit in its very nature with the free will to decide. Only in this free will can it mature as it should, refine itself and develop fully. Therein alone lies the possibility for it to do so. Crippling this free will, however, presents an obstacle if not a forced regression. Christian churches, however, as well as many religions, fought against this Divine ordinance, opposing it with the greatest cruelty. By means of torture and finally through death, they sought to compel people to pursue courses and make confessions which were against their conviction, thus against their will. Thereby they violated the Divine commandment. More than that, they hindered men’s spiritual progress and threw them back by centuries.

If only a spark of true feeling, thus of the spirit, had shown itself, this should and could never have happened! Therefore, only the coldness of the intellect worked such inhuman barbarities.

As history shows, even many a Pope permitted the use of poison and dagger to realize his purely earthly wishes and aims. That could only happen under the domination of the intellect, which in its triumphal march subjugated everything and stopped at nothing. —

And supreme above all, the Will of our Creator lies immutable in the inevitable course of events. On passing into the beyond every human being is divested of earthly power and its protection. His name, his position, everything is left behind. Only a poor human soul passes over, there to receive and what it sowed. Not a single exception is possible! Its path leads through all the wheels of the absolute reciprocal action of Divine Justice. There is no church, no state, but only individual human souls who must personally account for every error they have made!

He who acts against God’s Will, and thus commits a sin in Creation, is subject to the consequences of this transgression. It matters not who he may be and on what pretext he acted. Be it an individual under the cloak of the church or of the law... a crime committed against the body or against the soul is and remains a crime! Nothing can alter it, not even the semblance of justice which is by no means always what is right; for of course the laws, too, were made only by intellectual men, and therefore must bear earthly limitations within.

Just consider the law in so many countries, namely in Central and South America. A man who today holds power, and enjoys all of the honors associated with it, may even tomorrow be thrown into prison or be executed as a criminal, if his opponent succeeds in seizing the reins of this government through an act of violence. Should he not be successful, then it is he who, instead of being recognized as the ruler, will be looked upon as a criminal and be persecuted. And all the public institutions serve the one as willingly as they do the other. Even a world traveler will often have to change his conscience as he would his clothes when passing from one country to another, in order to remain in good standing everywhere. Something which may be considered a crime in one country will often be permitted or perhaps even welcomed in another.

This is naturally only possible in the achievements of the earthly intellect, but never where the intellect must occupy its natural place as a tool of the living spirit; for he who listens to the spirit will never neglect the Laws of God. And where these laws are used as the foundation there can be no flaws, no gaps, but only a uniformity that brings in its wake happiness and peace. In their basic features the expressions of the spirit can always and only be exactly the same everywhere. They will never stand in opposition to each other.

Also jurisprudence, the healing arts and statesmanship are bound to remain merely imperfect crafts wherever the intellect alone forms the foundation, and the spiritual is lacking. It simply cannot be otherwise. While naturally always assuming the true conception of “spirit”. —

Knowledge is a product, but spirit is life, the value and power of which can only be measured according to its connection with the origin of the spiritual. The closer this connection the more valuable and powerful will be the part which emanated from the origin. But the looser this connection becomes, the more distant, alien, isolated and weak must be the emanated part, i.e. the human being concerned.

All of these facts are so simple and self-evident that it is impossible to comprehend how the intellectual man, so gone astray, can pass them by over and over again as if he were blind. For what the root provides, that also sustains the trunk, the blossom and the fruit! But in this as well, the hopeless self-limitation in understanding reveals itself. They have toiled to erect a wall before themselves which they can now no longer see over, much less see through.

However, with their conceited, superior and mocking smile, with their arrogance and looking down upon others less deeply enslaved, they must sometimes appear to all spiritually alive people like poor, sick fools who, in spite of all pity, must be left to their delusion, because their limited understanding even allows facts that prove the contrary to slip by without making any impressions. Every effort to bring about an improvement must simply prove as fruitless as trying to heal a sick person by hanging a new and resplendent cloak around his shoulders.

Today materialism is already past its climax, and now, failing everywhere, it must soon collapse. Not without also tearing down much that is good. Its devotees are already at the end of their ability, and will soon become confused about their work and then about themselves, without perceiving the abyss that has opened up before them. They will soon be like a flock without shepherds, one not trusting the other, each pursuing his own way, and yet still proudly looking down upon others. Not thinking matters out carefully, but merely following old habits.

With all signs of the outward semblance of their hollowness, they will end by blindly falling into the abyss. They still regard as spirit what are but the products of their own brains. However, how can lifeless matter produce living spirit? They are proud of their meticulous thinking in many things, but quite unscrupulously and most irresponsibly leave gaps in the most important.

Every new step, every attempt at improvement, will ever again have to carry within it all the barrenness of the intellectual work, and thus the germ of inevitable doom.

All that I am saying here is neither prophecy nor baseless prediction, but the unalterable consequence of the all-animating Creative Will, Whose Laws I have already explained in previous lectures . He who follows me in spirit along the paths that are clearly indicated therein must also survey and recognize the necessary end. And all the signs for it are already here.

People cry and moan, they see with disgust how the excrescences of materialism take on scarcely believable forms today. They beg and pray for deliverance from the affliction, for improvement and recovery from the unlimited downfall. The few who have managed to save some stirring of their inner life from the tidal wave of the incredible happenings, who have not suffocated spiritually in the general downfall that deceptively bears the name of “progress” proudly on its brow, feel like outcasts and backward people, and are also regarded and ridiculed as such by the soulless followers of modern life.

A laurel wreath to all those who had the courage to refrain from joining the masses! Who have proudly stayed behind on the steeply sloping path!

He who today, for this reason, still considers himself unfortunate must be a sleepwalker! Open your eyes! Do you not see that everything that oppresses you is already the beginning of the sudden end of materialism, which at the moment only appears still to rule? The whole structure is already collapsing, without any assistance from those who have suffered and must still suffer under it. Intellectual mankind must now reap what for thousands of years they have produced, nourished, reared and acclaimed.

In human reckoning it is a long time, but for God’s self-acting mills in Creation only a brief span. Wherever one looks, everywhere, there is failure. It surges back and heaps itself up menacingly like a heavy rampart that will soon topple over and crash down upon its admirers, burying them beneath the ruins. It is the inexorable Law of Reciprocal Action which during this manifestation must have a terrible effect, because in spite of the many kinds of experiences gained, there has never in thousands of years been any change towards higher things; on the contrary, the same wrong road has been trampled wider and wider.

Despondent ones, the time is at hand! Hold up your heads, which you have so often had to hang in shame when injustice and stupidity were able to cause you such deep suffering. Just look calmly today at the opponent who thus sought to oppress you!

Already the fine raiment worn until now is very badly tattered. The figure in its true form is at last visible through all the tears. The exhausted product of the human brain, the intellect, which allowed itself to be enthroned as spirit, less confident but no less conceited... looks forth uncomprehendingly!

Take the bandage confidently from your eyes and look about you more keenly. Even the perusal of newspapers which are otherwise quite good reveals all sorts of things to the clear-sighted. There are desperate efforts to continue clinging to all of the old illusions. With arrogance, and often very coarse jokes, people seek to cover up the lack of comprehension that becomes more and more evident. A person will frequently use absurd language to judge something of which in reality he has quite obviously no shred of understanding. Today even people with quite good abilities helplessly take refuge in questionable courses rather than confess that so many things are beyond the grasp of their own intellect, on which alone they have hitherto sought to rely. They do not sense the absurdity of their behavior, and they do not see the weaknesses which they only help to increase thereby. Confused and dazzled, they will soon stand face to face with the Truth, and mournfully look back over their bankrupt life, at last recognizing with shame that stupidity lay just where they thought themselves wise.

What have things already come to today? Muscleman is hero! Has a serious scientist, who after decades of struggle found a serum providing annual protection and help against fatal diseases to hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, ever celebrated triumphs as does a boxer who with purely physical, crude brutality overpowers his fellow-man? Or like a pilot, who with only a little courage, no more than any soldier in the field had to muster, completes a great flight only thanks to his excellent machine? They practically throw a victory parade over that. Yet does this in any way benefit even one human soul? It is only earthly, all earthly, meaning low in the whole Work of Creation! Entirely corresponding to the golden calf of intellectual activity. As triumph over narrow-minded mankind by this earthbound sham prince made of clay! — —

And no one sees this mad rush downwards into the gruesome abyss!

He who perceives this intuitively will, for the time being, remain silent in the embarrassing realization that he will be ridiculed should he speak. It is already a wild frenzy in which, however, there is a dawning recognition of powerlessness. And with the growing awareness of that recognition people become even more rebellious, out of sheer obstinacy, out of vanity, and last but not least from fear and horror of the impending events. They simply do not yet want, under any circumstances, to consider the end of this colossal error! Convulsively they cling to the proud structure built up over past millennia, which closely resembles the Tower of Babel, and which will end in the same way!

This hitherto uncurbed materialism carries within it a foreboding of death, which becomes more evident every month. —

Yet in many human souls, everywhere on the entire earth, something is astir! The radiance of the Truth is still covered by only a thin layer of old, false conceptions, which the first gust of a purification will sweep away, thus setting free the core, whose light will unite with that of so many others to unfold its cone of rays, rising like a fire of gratitude to the Realm of Pure Joy, to the Feet of the Creator.

That will be the time of the much-longed-for Millennium, which lies before us in brilliant promise as the great Star of Hope!

And with this, the grievous sin of all mankind against the spirit, which has kept the spirit bound on earth through the intellect, is redeemed at last! Only that then is the right way back to what is natural, to the way of the Will of the Creator, Who desires men’s works to be great, and suffused with living intuitive perceptions! The victory of the spirit, however, will at the same time also be the victory of purest Love!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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