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83. Called

Germans, it is said, are called to become the leading people, spiritually and in the world! Numerous books point to it and many good prophecies and visions which cannot simply be dismissed as figments of the imagination very explicitly repeat the same idea over and over again. While many of the books are only written to raise the morale of the Germans in their great distress, and to prevent the good from becoming totally overgrown by the despair at the evil new forms of such distress, whoever seeks to concern himself seriously with the future of this people, which is to emerge only out of the wreckage of the present conditions, will find that a kernel of wisdom and truth must nevertheless lie in these allusions to a great future.

Yet I say very purposely: “Out of the wreckage of the present conditions!”; because out of the present conditions themselves there is but one way: further decline and downfall!

Take a calm look at the people as they currently are! Look carefully among the more mature young adults for the coming race, the next German generation. It is fundamentally poisoned in body and soul. The few noticeable exceptions stand out as eccentrics; however, for an entire people, they are insignificant.

The few exceptions to the ever further declining environment seem so starkly exaggerated that they begin to look grotesque and are close to being the object of general ridicule, of being considered abnormal, morbid, useless dreamers and fools!

The grotesque contrast, however is not due to the few laudable exceptions but to the sinking environment, which in its hopeless fall becomes ever further removed from the more or less normal condition of the soul. People no longer perceive that it is their own fall that removes them from the sound and solid ground where the few are still standing; instead they have the false impression that these few are abnormal and have their heads in the clouds of childish fantasies from where they will soon fall, disenchanted, only to become everyone’s laughing stock.

However, it will not be too much longer and their eyes will lose all derision, only to make room for the horror of finally having to realize that the ones they have mocked until now are holding the correct and solid position, while they themselves are sinking into the worst excrement and will gradually suffocate. They themselves prepared this excrement and will now be inexorably engulfed by it!

The worst part is that this disgraceful state of affairs cannot be imputed to Germany’s enemies but to the Germans themselves.

This great time of fermentation is similar to the process of boiling, in which all dirt rises to the top. Now that everything is moving toward a momentous purification process, what is seen from the outside is only the upward-swirling froth or scum of the real German people, which prevents recognition of its sound base and makes it appear as though everything is already irretrievably lost. This however is not the case! The more densely the unclean scum coalesces to form a blanket at the top, the more clarified and pure the main part below will become; then, when the sobering effect of terrible events brings on a cooling off from the seething caused by current conditions and the resulting distress, one fissure after another will tear into the rigid scum from below. This will suddenly show the purity and clarity which had formed beneath the dirty, worn-out blanket, confusing the senses.

Then the clarified part will break through victoriously, with tremendous force, and it will tear away the withering scum which will no longer be able to stand between events and the true core of the people!

The victor, however, will not be a new generation yet to come, or today’s German youth growing up with their souls in such a pathetic, diseased state, which let itself be poisoned and which must be swept away like chaff before the first breath of fresh air because, prematurely ripened, it followed wrong paths with unrestrained self-indulgence to the point of the destruction of any actual foundation. The victor will be the old; that which has been, which will suddenly emerge purified, like refined steel, from the senseless chaos as the unshakable bedrock on which alone the new up-building can take place!

Look inside yourselves, mature German men, mature German women, do not look to the coming generation which can and must only learn from you. You hold the future in yourselves, you alone who have still experienced the past as your foundation!

Up till now, you have faced the senseless goings-on without comprehension, and for that reason, you have not yet intervened! At last give help to the enervated youth with the old German strength which does not know weak indulgence and in which strictness towards self as well as others blazes up powerfully, feared by falseness, mushiness and weakness!

The only reason for the temporary paralysis of your invincible, sound volition was amazement beyond measure at how the current events are even possible, not agreement with or joy over the depravity of the body, and no less of the soul.

And now you, who have allowed yourselves as well as the generations that will follow you to be bound in chains in this way; you have the duty to break these chains yourselves, rather than expecting a solution to come from your successors!

You, however, who are leisurely waiting for and counting on the fulfillment of high prophecies, do not fool yourselves! Without action even the best of prophecies cannot be fulfilled! The “waiting” itself puts a stop to that possibility.

And your arguing over interpretations and times of possible fulfillments is as dangerous and corrupting to Germany’s future as is the German plague of endless divisions in internal politics, which shows clearly that until now no truly German national-spirit has existed. It could always be found only in individuals! Only in times of greatest danger did the masses sometimes stand together; but even then, not always. Where has there ever been a truly German people, animated by a free, proud spirit? Any rabble-rouser found easy access, his wicked game always finding fertile ground.

Dancing without a care, and with a shrug of the shoulders they hear the wails of despair of entire segments of the German people who suffer daily under the hatred of the enemy.

Promises and prophecies however speak of a chosen people! Can the German people as they present themselves today, even be eligible? Do they look chosen? The answer to this question is self-evident.

A calling is a peculiar thing. Christ already cautioned us: “Many are called but only few are chosen!” This means that of the called ones only a few achieve actual fulfillment. The reason for this is that they themselves have to bring about this fulfillment through unflagging striving, extraordinary activity and diligence. And as it is with individuals, so is it also with nations! To be called simply means to bear the capacity for fulfillment within; it does not mean that this fulfillment will fall into the lap of the called one. Only if the called one, i.e., the one empowered, applies himself completely and makes use of all of his abilities with iron, unswerving diligence, in hard striving and tenacious struggle, will the help from above come to him in extraordinary ways which will lead him to victory, in other words to the fulfillment of his calling. However, this should also not be misunderstood; for the approach of strong help from above is not to be taken figuratively. The power for the final victory is always available. Only through his striving does the called one have to develop the talents he was given to that point where he encounters this power, which can then unite with him!

Thus, it is quite different from what many called ones often have thought. To be called is an obligation! A called one has the sword of victory placed into his hand in order to do battle through his capabilities. It is always up to him to use it for delivering the blow. Therefore, do not dream away the time in which you are already ordained to accomplish great things, which alone will make you victorious provided you bestir yourselves. For this too, there may come a “too late” in which case victory will be ten or a hundred times more difficult to achieve.

Since anyone can see that the German people, as it shows itself today, cannot be considered as the “chosen” one. Yet prophecies always bear the possibility of fulfillment. It is therefore clear that many changes will have to occur within the German people. They will not change voluntarily, as has been shown in the last few years, during which the German spirit, to which each German has to contribute his part, has been on a downward rather than an upward trend. As a consequence they will be forced to provide the field and soil so that the needed German spirit can finally grow out of the great distress. What cannot be achieved in peace and joy will finally have to be accomplished through suffering. If the suffering up until now did not suffice, the blows will have to fall harder and with greater severity, eventually a point will be reached where all stubborn resistance will either break or submit. The individual still has the free choice between breaking and submitting since he has to reap the rewards for either, depending upon the decision he then makes.

Therefore, the closer the fulfillment, the greater the suffering to be expected. Blessed is he whose decision leads to his happiness.

Of course in the world happening the chosen people cannot be limited to one nation. Thus it is not a matter of the German people in the narrowest sense, just as it is never a matter of one nation per se in any world event, however one nation can play a role in effecting many of the happenings. The nature and extent of its role is shaped by each nation alone.

Decisive for the coming world epoch is only the race, not a nation. At the time of decision the white race is the highest of them all in their development. The fact that Asia and other parts of the world were at one time more advanced than Europe is no longer of any significance in the present time, the time of the final reckoning not only for humanity on this earth, but for the entire part of the world to which this earth belongs. The respective condition in the hour of decision alone matters; and in this respect the white race now stands at the top. For this reason Europe could likely be battleground in the earthly sense. As I have clearly pointed out in my Lecture “Gods, Olympus, Valhalla”*(Lecture Nr. 82), every reincarnation takes place in an environment matching the condition of the soul to be incarnated. It is therefore possible for a white person on a severely regressed spiritual level to incarnate in a low Negro tribe. Of course, the opposite is true too. Now, among the white race the true German spirit is to be considered the highest! That is the German spirit in all its purity and greatness. Several times in the past, the beginnings of an upswing were made, without ever reaching the real height, with the exception of a few individuals, who must always go forth and lead the way. These few individuals manifested the capabilities of their race. The German spirit shall become an example and a leader in the final ascent of humanity. Not the spirit as it is now, but as it shall become, as it is capable of becoming and as it definitely will become in the future experiencing!

Now this is not meant to refer exclusively to that nation which is called German. Every concept in a world event reaches much further and is not defined so narrowly. The potential for this German Spirit as it is intended can also be carried in any member of any other nations. It is meant objectively in its capabilities, and by no means in a national sense. However, it is primarily members of the German people who carry all of the necessary basic traits within themselves for this future Spirit; to which victory and leadership among humanity are reserved.

Beware therefore, you Germans, and apply all of your energies so that you, who because of your potential are called, will also be chosen. The chosen people will be made up of chosen individuals, and all of you are candidates for this. That is why the chosen people will not be made up exclusively of Germans, but also of parts of other nations which, from a spiritual perspective belong to it. This is not confined to the borders of the German nation.

Do not fritter away the high assignment which is awaiting you! Tear yourselves away from the superficiality of current thought about all of contemporary life and become what you can and should be: one Spirit, one people, which is to lead others by example. If you miss the precisely allotted time for this, during which the entire cosmos works to support you, then instead of ascending, you will fall with such terrible force that you will be irretrievably condemned, never to be resurrected again. Being called requires the highest commitment of all of one’s energies! Hold this warning in your mind, always!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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