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84. The creature that is man

Wave upon wave of indignation floods over countries and nations caused by my statement that man bears nothing of the Divine within himself. This shows how deeply conceit has taken root in the souls of men, and how much they dislike separating themselves from it, even though their intuitive perception surfaces now and then, warning them and allowing them to recognize that my statement must be true after all.

Their resistance, however, does not alter this fact. The human spirits are still smaller, still more insignificant than they had imagined, even when they have finally managed to come to the conviction that they are lacking anything Divine.

Therefore I wish to go still further than I have done so far, and expand the picture of Creation in order to show to which level man belongs. For it is hardly possible for him to begin his ascent without knowing beforehand exactly what he is and what he is capable of. Once this becomes clear to him he will also finally realize what he is meant to do!

That, however, is very different from everything he wills today! What a difference indeed!

This no longer awakens compassion in the person who is privileged to see clearly. By “seeing” I do not mean the seeing of a clairvoyant, but that of a man who possesses true knowledge. Instead of compassion and pity today only anger must arise. Anger and contempt at the stupendous arrogance shown towards God by hundreds of thousands daily and hourly ever anew. There is not a grain of knowledge in their conceit! It is not worth wasting even a single word on this.

What I will say from now on-wards is meant for the few who, in pure humility, can still attain to a certain degree of recognition without first having to be so crushed, as will soon happen in accordance with the Divine Laws, in order finally to provide admission for His true Word and to till the fertile soil for It!

All of the empty and wordy concoctions of the earthmen who presume to have knowledge will crumble away, along with the currently quite infertile soil!

It is indeed high time for this empty flood of words, which acts like a poison upon all that strives upwards, to collapse in all its hollowness. —

Hardly have I established the fact that the Son of God and the Son of Man are two separate personalities than there appear treatises intended to clarify in theological-philosophical complexities that this is not so. Without addressing my arguments impartially, attempts are made to maintain the old error at all costs, even at the cost of all logical objectiveness, in the unclear manner of existing dogma. They stubbornly rely upon single sentences out of ancient writings to the exclusion of all independent thought, making it the unexpressed requirement that hearers and readers must not think, much less sense intuitively; for otherwise it would be quickly recognized that nothing is explained by this flood of words, for from front to back it remains impossible to draw a proper conclusion. But it is still more obvious that all the many words lack a connection with actual events.

He who finally succeeds in opening his eyes and ears in these matters must without difficulty recognize the emptiness of such “teachings.” They are but a last desperate clawing which can no longer be called clinging to what has hitherto been their support, a support which in the coming events will soon prove to be nothing.

The explanation is based on phrases, the correct transmission of which cannot be proved; on the contrary, it is impossible to fit them logically into the course of world events, thereby clearly showing that their meaning has been distorted by human brains in the course of transmission. Not one of these sentences can be integrated in the events that happened and in the intuitive perception without leaving a gap. Yet only when everything comes to a conclusion through the completion of its cycle, without any fantasy or words of blind faith, only therein is every happening explained in the right manner!

But why make the effort if man does not wish to be freed from such obstinacy! Therefore, may that come to pass which in the circumstances must now come to pass. Only a few years will finally and absolutely change all that. —

In horror I turn away from the believers and from all those who in their false humility think they know better, who therefore do not recognize a simple truth but even smile at it indulgently or benevolently wish to improve upon it. How quickly will just these persons become small, so very small, and lose all support, since neither their faith nor their knowledge offers them any such support. They will gain the path which they so persistently desire and upon which they can no longer return to life. The right to choose has never been denied them.—

Those who have followed me so far know that man originates in the highest sphere of Creation: the Spiritual Sphere. But there are still many differences to be noted in the Realm of the Spiritual. Man on earth, who presumes himself great, who often does not shrink from dragging his God down by regarding Him merely as being the highest on that level to which he himself belongs, who sometimes even dares to deny or disdain Him, is in reality not even that which many a soul with true humility imagines itself to be. Earth-man is not a created being, but merely a developed being. That is a difference too great for man to imagine. A difference which he will never manage to survey freely.

Beautiful are the words and welcome to many which numerous teachers utter in their efforts to increase the number of their adherents. Yet even these ignorant teachers are themselves convinced that all the errors they spread abroad are the truth, and do not realize what great harm they thereby do to mankind!

Only certainty about the answer to that great question: “What am I” can lead to ascent! If this question has not been completely and uncompromisingly solved beforehand, ascent will become bitter and hard; for men do not voluntarily submit themselves to the kind of humility which would help them attain the right path on which they could actually walk! This has been proved clearly by all of the past events right up to the present time. Even in their efforts to be humble these men either turned themselves into slaves, which is just as wrong as being presumptuous, or reached far beyond the actual goal, placing themselves upon a road the end of which they can never reach, because the nature of their spirits does not suffice for this. They will fall headlong into a depth which will shatter them since they had presumed themselves to be too high before. —

Only the Created Ones are images of God. These are the Pure-Spiritual ones in that Original Creation out of which all else developed. In their hands lies the main guidance of all that is spiritual. They are the ideals, the eternal prototypes for all humanity. Earth-man, on the other hand, has only been able to develop by patterning himself after this perfect Creation. Starting out as an unconscious, small spirit germ, and then developing into a self-conscious personality.

Perfected by keeping to the right path in Creation, he will take on the likeness of the images of God! He himself is never an actual image of God! There lies a great gulf all the way down to him!

But even from the actual images of God, the next step is still far from being next to God. Therefore man on earth should at last recognize all that lies between him and the Sublimity of the Godhead, which he tries so hard to usurp. Man on earth imagines himself, in his state of eventual perfection, to be Divine or at least to be a part of Divinity, while in reality, at his greatest height, he will only be the likeness of an image of God! He is permitted to enter the forecourt in the entrance hall of the actual Grail Castle as the highest distinction which can be bestowed upon a human spirit. —

Cast aside this presumption at last which can only hinder you and make you miss the luminous path. Dwellers in the beyond who wish to give well-meaning advice in spiritist circles do not have knowledge, for they themselves lack the necessary recognition. They would rejoice if they were permitted to hear of it. There will be great lamentation also among these, once they recognize how much time they have wasted in frivolous play and obstinacy.

What applies to the Spiritual World also holds true for the Animistic Sphere. Here the Lords of all the Elements are the Primordially Created Animistic Beings. All the animistic beings which gain consciousness, such as the mermaids, elves, gnomes, salamanders, and so on, are not Created Ones, but have merely developed out of Creation. Out of the Realm of Animistic Substantiality, starting out as unconscious animistic seed-germs they have developed into conscious animistic beings. During the process of and consistent with gaining consciousness, they also assume human forms. There is the same gradation here in the Animistic Sphere as exists in the higher Spiritual Sphere. According to the nature of their activity the Primordially Created Elementals in the Animistic have male and female forms, just the same as the Primordially Created Beings in the Spiritual Sphere. Hence the conception of gods and goddesses in the olden times, which I have already pointed out in my lecture: “The Gods – Olympus – Valhalla”*(Lecture Nr. 82). —

A great uniformity characterizes all of Creation and the world!

The reader and hearer of my lectures should always work within himself, scrutinizing my lectures keenly, laying probes and building bridges from one lecture to another, as well as out to the great and small happenings in the world! Only then will he be able to understand the Grail Message, and he will find that it gradually shapes itself into one complete whole, leaving no gaps. Again and again in all the happenings the reader will come back to the basic features. He can explain everything and deduce everything without having to change one single sentence. He who detects gaps lacks full understanding. He who does not realize its great depth and all-embracing character is superficial, and has never tried to penetrate the spirit of the Truth brought here and make it come alive.

He may join the masses who, full of self-complacency and believing they already possess the highest knowledge, follow the broad road. Presumptive knowledge prevents such lost beings from recognizing, in other things which have been said, the vitality lacking in their own pseudo-knowledge. Wherever they look, whatever they hear, everywhere their self-satisfaction with what they imagine they hold firmly in their hands blocks them. Not until they reach the boundary line, where all untruth and sham are inevitably rejected, will they recognize that their hand, when they open it, contains nothing which would enable them to continue on their path and to ultimately enter the Kingdom of the Spirit. Then, however, it will prove too late to retrace their steps and to accept what they previously rejected and disregarded. There is no longer sufficient time for that. The gate to the entrance is locked. The last opportunity is missed. —

Only when man actually becomes what he should be and ceases to cling to what he wishes to be can he speak of a true humanity. He must always remember that he only issued out of Creation, by no means directly from the Hand of the Creator.

“That is quibbling with words, for basically it is just the same, only expressed differently,” say the arrogant, rotten, sterile products of this humanity because they will forever remain incapable of perceiving the great gulf that exists. Once more they are fooled by the simplicity of the words.

Only He who becomes inwardly alive will not carelessly ignore this, but he will try to intuitively perceive the immeasurable distances and sharp lines of demarcation.

Were I now to show all the divisions of Creation already, then many an “inwardly” great person would lie shattered on the ground, upon recognizing that such words contain Truth. They would be crushed by the realization of their own smallness and insignificance. The frequently used expression “earth-worm” is applied justly to those who today still boast of their cleverness and “spiritual superiority” but who soon, very soon, must be the lowest in all Creation, if they don't in fact belong to the condemned. —

The time has now come to comprehend the world as such aright. There is justification in separating that which is temporal from that which is spiritual, also in earthly life. These terms probably originated from the proper intuitive sense of some human beings, for they reflect the difference existing right through the entire Creation. We can also divide Creation into Paradise and the World, i.e., into the spiritual and the temporal. Here, the spiritual is not excluded from the temporal, but the temporal is excluded from the spiritual.

We must call the World the World of Matter, which is also animated by the pulse of the spirit. The Spiritual is the Spiritual Realm of Creation, Paradise, from which everything that is material is excluded. Thus we have Paradise and the World, the spiritual and the material, Primordial Creation and evolution, which may also be called self-acting subsequent replication.

Creation proper merely consists of Paradise, the Spiritual Kingdom of today. Everything else is only developed, i.e., it is no longer created. And what has been developed must be designated as the World. The World is transient and develops from the emanations of Creation, which it emulates and models itself after as an image, it is animated and supported by spiritual emanations. It matures and then disintegrates again when over-ripe. The spiritual, however, does not age, but remains forever young or, in other words: eternally the same.

Guilt and atonement are only possible in the World! This is due to the imperfection of the subsequent development. Guilt of any kind is utterly impossible in the Realm of the Spirit.

He who has seriously read my lectures will be absolutely clear about this. He knows that nothing of the Spiritual which flows through the world can return into the Pure-Spiritual Realm as long as even a speck of a different species from its journey remains attached to the Spiritual. The smallest speck makes crossing a border into the Spiritual Realm impossible. The spirit will be held back, even if it had advanced to the very threshold. With this last remnant still attached the spirit cannot enter because the different and baser consistency of this speck does not allow entrance. Not until the moment when this speck severs itself and sinks back does the spirit become completely free, thus attaining the same light consistency as prevails in the lowest plane of the spiritual sphere, thereby constituting the law therein, and it is not only able, but is compelled to cross over the threshold at which it was previously held back by the last particle.

This process can be considered and described from many angles, but it remains exactly the same, regardless of the words used to illustrate it. I can embellish it with the most fantastic stories, can use many parables to make it understandable, but the fact in itself is quite plain and simple, and is produced by the effect of the three laws I have so often mentioned.

And ultimately it may rightfully be said that no sin can occur in Paradise, i.e., the Pure-Spiritual, which remains untouched by any guilt, because it was created by the Holy Spirit Himself. Consequently, only that which is created is of full value, while subsequently, in that which evolved therefrom as a replica of Divine Creation and which is left entirely to the human spirit as stomping ground for his development and strengthening, it is possible for guilt to be incurred through the wrong volition of these indolent human spirits, and this guilt must be atoned for and redeemed before the Spiritual is able to return. If in following a self-chosen urge spirit-germs issue from Creation, i.e., from Paradise, in order to wander through this world, one can naturally say by way of illustration that they are like children who leave home in order to learn and finally to return fully matured. This expression is justified if taken as an illustration. However, everything must always remain as an illustration, and must not be converted to something personal, as men always attempt to do. Since the human spirit only burdens itself with guilt in the world, such a thing not being possible in the Spiritual Sphere, it is natural that it cannot return to the Spiritual Realm until it frees itself from this burden of guilt. I could give a thousand different illustrations of this; they would all have to have the same fundamental meaning which I have so often described in the working of the three simple basic laws.

It sounds strange to many people when I describe the process objectively, because illustrations flatter man’s conceit and self-love. He much prefers to live in a dreamland, because everything sounds much nicer there, and he imagines himself to be much more important than he really is. In so doing he makes the mistake of refusing to see the objectivity therein, but instead works himself into imaginative fantasy, thus losing his way and his support and is then horrified, and perhaps even indignant, when I plainly and in all simplicity show him how Creation is and what part he actually plays in it. For him, the transition is like that of a small child, who in the tender hands of a mother or grandmother, listened happily and with sparkling eyes and cheeks flushed with excitement to fairy tales, only later to see the reality of the world and of people. A reality altogether different from the beautiful tales, and yet, upon a keen, retrospective look at these fairy tales, it is basically the same. This moment is bitter but necessary, otherwise the child would be unable to make any progress and would, being “unworldly,” suffer greatly and perish.

It is no different here. He who wishes to ascend further must at last come to understand Creation in all its reality. He must stride firmly on his feet, and no longer lose himself in sentimentality which may be alright for an irresponsible child, but not for a mature man, whose power of volition penetrates Creation, either in a supportive or in a disruptive way, uplifting or destroying him in the process.

Girls who read novels which misrepresent and only veil the reality of life will, through the fanciful illusions thus awakened, quickly experience bitter disappointments in life, very often even become broken for their entire time on earth, falling easy prey to unscrupulous deceitfulness, which they had approached trustingly. It is no different with the development of a human spirit in Creation.

Therefore away with all metaphor, which man never learned to understand, since he was much too lazy for the seriousness of proper interpretation. It is time for the veils to fall so that man can see clearly whence he came, what duties his task bestows upon him, and also whereto he must return. He needs to be shown the right path! And he will find this path clearly marked in my Grail Message, provided he wishes to see it. The Word of the Grail Message is alive so that only those who carry the genuine desire within their soul will find in abundance! It automatically repels all else.

To those who are conceited and who only seek superficially, the Message will remain a book with seven seals!

Only he who willingly opens himself will receive. If from the beginning he approaches reading with a sincere and undistorted mind, then everything he seeks will be revealed in glorious fulfillment! But those whose hearts are not completely pure will be repelled by this Word; or the Word will close itself off to deceitful eyes. They will find nothing therein! Thus each will receive the verdict exactly according to how he confronts this Word. —

The time for dreaming is over. The Word brings the Judgment. It automatically separates the human spirits through the difference in the way they grasp it. This process, however, is so simple and natural that it will seem too simple for the majority of people; therefore once again they are unable to recognize the great and powerful Judgment which is released thereby.

The Judgment lies in the days of this first separation of all human spirits, which the respective reception of the new Word of God imposes on each individual! It does not lie only in the later consequences resulting from that separation, whereby everyone has to complete the path which they had decided upon and on which they will find their reward or punishment.

In order first to arouse all men one more time, and to give them an opportunity for serious reflection, during which some may perhaps still reach out for that rescue rope which alone leads out of these lowlands there will come events of such severity that stubborn mankind would never dream they are so near at hand. How easily much of this could have been avoided! Now it is too late, however. May the grueling events still turn to a blessing for many as long as they finally realize the uselessness of false prophets and leaders upon whom they now rely so heavily; because only the Truth will outlast the coming time victoriously and permit recognition of the God-appointed leader, to whom alone the power is given to help in the desperate spiritual as well as earthly distress! —

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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