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88. The Stranger

Once more Darkness had settled over the earth. Triumphantly it cast its shadow over men, and barred their way to the Pure-Spiritual Realm. The Light of God had withdrawn from them. The body that had served It as an earthly vessel hung bleeding and ravaged on the Cross, a victim of the protest of those to whom It wished to bring happiness and holy peace.

At the summit of the entire Creation, in the radiant vicinity of God, stands the Grail Castle as the Temple of Light. Great sorrow prevailed there over the human spirits gone astray in the depths who out of hostility and with their blind know-it-all attitude, closed themselves off from the Truth and allowed themselves to be driven by the hate-filled Darkness so far as to commit this crime against the Son of God. The curse thus created by mankind fell heavily on the whole world, pressing them into an ever greater limitation of understanding. —

In grave wonder, a youth beheld this monstrous happening from the Castle of the Grail... the future Son of Man. He was already then being prepared for His Mission, a process which took thousands of years; for He was to descend well-equipped into those lower regions, where Darkness reigned through the volition of mankind.

A woman’s hand was gently laid on the shoulder of the dreaming youth. The Primordial Queen of Womanhood stood beside Him, and spoke in a sad and loving voice:

“Take in the full impact of this event, dear Son. Such is the battlefield through which you will have to pass in the hour of fulfillment; for at the request of the murdered Savior, God the Father grants that before the Judgment you shall once more proclaim His Word to the faithless, in order to save those who are still willing to listen to It!”

The youth bowed His head in silence and sent up a fervent prayer for strength, for the echo of such great Divine Love reverberated mightily within Him!

The tidings of another, final possibility of Grace spread rapidly through all the spheres, and many souls implored God to grant that they might be permitted to help in the great work of the redemption of all those who still wish to find the way to God. The Love of God the Father granted this to many a soul, which was thereby helped in its ascent. In grateful joy the host of these so blessed souls jubilantly gave a solemn pledge of loyalty for the fulfillment of the opportunity to serve which was granted them.

Thus were prepared those Called ones, who were later to hold themselves at the disposal of the Envoy of God at His hour of fulfillment on earth. They were carefully developed for these tasks and incarnated on earth at the right time, so that they might be ready whenever the Call reached them; to listen for this Call remained the first fulfillment of their duty.

— — —

Meanwhile the legacy of the murdered Son of God, His Living Word, was exploited on earth solely for selfish purposes. Mankind had no conception of the true Principles of Christ. On the contrary, they gradually grew into such a wrong and purely earthly servility that eventually they rejected anything else as not coming from God; they still do so today, rejecting and attacking whatever does not conform to the loathsome and mushy sentimentality they desire, and whatever does not practice a similar, very unwholesome and slavish human self-worship. Everything that is not built upon the supremacy of mankind is simply labeled as false and as not belonging to the Word of God. This behavior, however, actually only conceals the apprehensive worry that the long-felt hollowness of the false structure might become apparent.

This is what the sacred legacy of the Son of God was turned into! Upon such degrading assumptions, His clear words were interpreted and passed on, in ways which were all too human. Adherents were solicited by wooing human weaknesses, until some earthly power could be gained, which has always been the ultimate goal. Then, however, their brutal cruelties very soon showed how far removed from the real understanding of the misconstrued Christ-Principle its bearers were, and how little they lived it. Continually and ever more clearly there was proof that the very ones who claimed to be the bearers of the Christ-Principle were shamelessly and unpardonably the worst enemies and greatest offenders against the true Christ-Principle! After Christ’s life on earth the whole of history, from the beginning of the churches, sets forth these facts so clearly, in letters so indelibly engraved and branded, that they can never be denied or attenuated. The stigma of conscious hypocrisy was indelibly established throughout the long history of individual and mass murders under criminal invocations of God. Even today many parts of this structure are being expanded, only in different forms adapted to the present time.

Thus, thanks to the willingness of all of the human spirits, the Darkness became ever denser as the time approached when the Son of Man had to be incarnated upon earth.

Joyful activity in the elements heralded the earthly birth. Angels lovingly accompanied Him down to this earth. Primordial Beings formed a solid rampart around Him and around His earthly childhood. His earthly youth was allowed to be bright and sunny. In the evenings He saw the Comet, radiant above Him, like a greeting from God the Father; He regarded it as nothing unusual, as one of the other stars, until the bandage which He had to wear during His bitter training on earth was put before His eyes.

Then life around Him seemed strange; only a great unquenchable longing filled His soul, and grew to restlessness, to continual nervous seeking. Nothing of what the earth had to offer could satisfy it.

With the ethereal bandage over His eyes, He now stood on hostile ground facing the Darkness on a battlefield where everything dark could have a firmer foothold than He Himself had. Therefore it was only natural that wherever He sought to undertake something He found no response and no success, but always and only the Darkness erupting in hostility. As long as the time of fulfillment for Him had not arrived, the Darkness could always remain stronger, and could inflict material damage on Him wherever He engaged in earthly affairs in some way, whether in private, business or government affairs; for everything earthly quite naturally had to confront the Envoy of God with nothing but hostility, because all human volition today is directed against the true Will of God, in spite of the alleged search for Truth, behind which there always lurks only self-conceit in various forms. The Darkness easily found willing creatures everywhere to hinder the Envoy from the Light, and to injure Him grievously and painfully.

Thus His time of learning on earth became the path of suffering.

— — —

Just as the Spiritual exerts its influence, with great power and an apparently magnetically attracting and holding effect upon animistic, ethereal and gross material substances, so in a similar and much more powerful way must that which has its origin above the spiritual in Subsequent Creation exert its influence on everything that lies below it. This is a perfectly natural process and could not be otherwise. However, its effect only appears to be similar to the power of attraction. The power of attraction in the traditional sense is effective only among homogeneous species. Whereas here it is a matter of the existing power of the stronger in a purely objective and most noble sense! It is not to be thought of in an earthly human way; for in the World of Gross Matter this Law, like everything else, has been coarsened in its effect through the actions of men. The outward form of the natural effect of this dominant power manifests as a magnetic attracting, uniting, holding together and controlling power.

Now because of this Law, men felt themselves magnetically drawn to this veiled, more powerful Stranger from On High, although often with hostile resistance. The dense veils He wore around Him could not entirely obstruct the penetration of this power which was alien on earth; while on the other hand this power could not yet radiate freely in order to exert that irresistible might which it will have after the falling away of the imposed veils at the hour of fulfillment. This caused conflict in the intuitive perceptions of men. The very being of the Stranger was enough to awaken in those who met Him hopes of the most varied kinds which, because of their attitude, unfortunately were always concentrated on merely earthly wishes, which they nourished and fostered within themselves.

The Stranger, however, could never heed such wishes, since His hour had not yet come. Thereby many were often greatly disappointed through their own imaginings and, strange to say, even felt deceived. They never reflected that in reality it was only their own selfish expectations which were not fulfilled and, indignant about this through their disappointment, they laid the responsibility on the Stranger. Yet He did not call them; rather, they forced themselves upon Him, and clung to Him, because of this Law which was unknown to them, and they often became a heavy burden to Him, with which He journeyed through those years on earth that were provided to Him for His time of learning.

Men on earth perceived something mysterious and unknown about Him which they could not explain; they sensed a hidden power which they did not understand, and in the end, in their ignorance, they naturally suspected only intentional suggestion, hypnotism, and magic, depending on the nature of their incomprehension, whereas in fact none of these were involved. Their original affection and awareness of a strange attraction was then very often turned into hatred, which expressed itself in moral stone-throwing and attempts to defile Him from Whom they had expected much too soon.

No one took the trouble of making a just self-examination, which would have revealed that it was the Stranger, living by Himself with different views and ideals, who was exploited by the obtruders, rather than them being exploited by Him, as they made themselves and others believe, in their bitterness over the non-fulfillment of their desires for a life of ease. They blindly repaid the kindness shown to them with senseless hatred and enmity, similar to the way Judas had acted.

But the Stranger on earth had to endure everything patiently, for it was only a quite natural consequence of His existence, so long as mankind was still living in aberration. At the same time, however, such experiences provided the necessary hardening, which slowly wrapped itself around His otherwise ever-present helpfulness like an armor, thus tearing a chasm between His readiness to help and mankind... through the wounds inflicted upon His soul, which effected a separation, and which can only be healed through the complete transformation of mankind. From that hour on, these wounds inflicted on Him have formed the gulf which can be bridged only by that man who wholly follows the road of the Laws of God. This alone can serve as a bridge. Everyone else must be dashed to pieces in the abyss; for there is no other way over it. To remain standing before it leads to destruction.

At the exact hour, even before the end of this arduous time of learning, it came to pass that He met the Companion Who, as a Part of Him, was to journey with Him through earthly life, to participate in the great task according to Divine Ordinance. Herself a Stranger on earth, She joyfully entered the Will of God through Her own recognition, and gratefully merged with It, in order to become absorbed in it.

Only then came the time for the Called ones, who had once solemnly pledged their loyalty for their service to God! The granting of their petition had been carefully carried out. At the appropriate time they were incarnated on earth. Under faithful guidance they were equipped in the earthly sense with everything they needed for the fulfillment of their respective tasks. It was brought to them, given to them, so conspicuously that they simply could not consider it as anything other than a gift, a loan for the hour of the fulfillment of their former promise. At the precise moment, they came into contact with the Envoy, first through His Word, and then also personally... But many of them, although they sensed the Call, and intuitively perceived something unusual in their souls, had in the meantime in the course of their earth-life, permitted themselves to be so ensnared by purely earthly matters, and to some extent even by the Darkness, that they could not summon up the strength to conquer themselves for the true service, for the fulfillment of which they were permitted to come to the earth for this great time. A few did show a faint willingness to fulfill, yet their earthly faults prevented them. Unfortunately there were also those, who although they entered into the path of their mission, sought from the outset first of all to gain earthly advantage for themselves thereby. Even among those of earnest volition there were some who expected Him Whom they were to serve, to smooth their way to the fulfillment, instead of the reverse. Only a few isolated ones really showed themselves capable of growing into their task. In the hour of fulfillment these were given tenfold strength, so that the gaps were no longer noticeable, and in loyalty they became capable of accomplishing even more than the large number could ever have achieved. —

It was with grief that the Stranger on earth saw the havoc among the group of the called ones. That was one of the most bitter experiences for Him! Much as He had learned, much as He suffered at the hands of men... before this last fact He stood uncomprehending; for He found no excuse whatsoever for this failure. In His conception a Called one, who, in the granting of his petition, was specially guided and incarnated, could do no other than faithfully carry out his task in the most joyous fulfillment! For what other purpose was he on earth! Why had he been faithfully protected up to the hour when the Envoy needed him! Everything was given to him solely for the sake of his necessary service. So it was that the Stranger, upon meeting the first Called ones, put His full trust in them. He only regarded them as friends, who simply could not think, intuitively perceive and act in any other way than in the most steadfast loyalty. Was it not the highest, the most precious privilege that could fall to the lot of a human being. The possibility never entered His mind that even Called ones could have become impure during their time of waiting. It was inconceivable to Him that any human being, in view of such grace, could or would wantonly waste and trifle away the real purpose of his earth-life. With the faults clinging to them they only appeared to Him as being in dire need of help... Thus he was struck all the harder by the dreadful recognition when He had to experience that even in such exceptional cases the human spirit is not reliable, and that it shows itself unworthy of the highest blessing, even with the most faithful spiritual guidance!

Deeply shaken, He suddenly saw before Him mankind in all their unspeakable wretchedness and depravity. They filled Him with disgust.

— — —

More oppressive desolation befell the earth. The instability of the false structure of all that mankind had hitherto produced became ever more apparent. Proof of their incapacity came to light ever more clearly. With increasing confusion everything slowly began to waver, with one exception: Man’s self-conceit in his own imagined abilities.

It was this self-conceit that sprouted more abundantly than ever, which was quite natural, because conceit always needs the soil of narrow-mindedness. Increasing narrow-mindedness must entail the rampant growth of conceit.

The craving for importance grew into feverish convulsions. The less man had to offer, the more his soul, which sensed only too well that it was sinking, cried out in anguish for liberation, and the more obtrusively he then, in his false need for balance, pursued outward, earthly frills. Human honors. Even if in quiet moments men at last began to doubt themselves, this only made them the more eager to have at least a reputation for knowledge. At all costs! Thus things went rapidly downhill. In the fear-producing recognition of the approaching collapse, each in his own way finally thought to numb himself, letting the outrageous state of affairs continue to take its course. He closed his eyes to the menacing responsibility.

“Wise” men, however, proclaimed the time of the coming of a strong helper out of the distress. But most of them wanted to see this helper in themselves or, if they were modest, at least to find him within their circle.

The “faithful” prayed to God for help out of the confusion. But it became evident that these small earthmen, even with their plea in expectation of a fulfillment, sought inwardly to impose conditions upon God by wishing that this helper should correspond to their views. Such is the extent of earthly narrow-mindedness. Mankind can believe that an Envoy of God needs to adorn Himself with earthly honors! They expect Him to adapt Himself to their narrow-minded earthly opinions in order to be acknowledged by them, and thereby to win their faith and confidence. What incredible conceit, what arrogance, lies in this fact alone! In the hour of fulfillment the conceit will be completely shattered, along with all those whose minds indulged in such delusion! —

Then the Lord Called to His Servant, Who was walking on the earth as a Stranger, that He should speak and give tidings to all those who were thirsting for it!

And behold, the knowledge of the “wise ones” was false, the prayers of the faithful were not genuine; for they did not open themselves to the Voice that came forth from the Truth, and which therefore could only be recognized where the spark of Truth within man had not been buried by earthly flaws, the domination of the intellect, and all things that tend to drive the human spirit from the right path and cause its downfall.

The voice found resonance only where prayer came from a truly humble and honest soul.

The Call went forth. Wherever it struck it brought disturbance and dissipation. But in places where it was earnestly awaited it brought peace and happiness.

The Darkness listened up,began to stir restlessly, and massed ever more densely, heavily and darkly around the earth. Here and there it snarled maliciously and spat hatefully into the ranks of those who wished to obey the Call. Ever more closely it surrounded those Called ones who, through their failure, were forced to sink away into the Darkness, to which they had thereby voluntarily held out their hand. Their former solemn vow bound them fast to the Envoy spiritually, and drew them to Him at the hour of the approaching fulfillment, while their faults formed obstacles and repelled them from Him, for they made a connection with the Light impossible.

As a result, only a bridge for hate could be formed, a bridge for all the hatred of the Darkness for all that is Light. And so they intensified the path of suffering of the Envoy from the Light until it became a Golgotha, joined only too gladly by the majority of mankind; especially those men who imagined that they themselves already knew and were following the path of the Light, as once did the Pharisees and Scribes. All this created a situation in which mankind proved once more that they would again commit exactly the same crime today that they once committed against the Son of God. Only this time in more modern form, by symbolic crucifixion through attempted moral murder, which according to the Laws of God is no less punishable than physical murder.

It was fulfillment after the last opportunity of mercy had been frivolously neglected. Traitors, false witnesses and slanderers came from the ranks of those who had been called. Base minions of the Darkness ventured to approach in ever increasing numbers, feeling safe since the Stranger on earth kept silent in fulfillment when confronted with this filth, as He had been commanded to do, and as once the Son of God had done when He also was silent before the howling mob that wanted to have Him nailed to the cross as a criminal. But when the disloyal renegades in their blind hate already thought themselves close to victory and the Darkness once more assumed that the Work of the Light had been destroyed, because it hoped that the Bearer of this Work had been rendered quite impotent on earth, then this time God revealed His Will with Omnipotence! And then... even the mockers sank trembling to their knees before His splendor, but... for them it was too late!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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