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90. The Antichrist

Men! When the hour comes in which the purification and winnowing must take place on earth, in accordance with the Divine Will, then watch for the promised, in part supernatural signs in the sky!

Do not then allow yourselves to be confused by those men and also churches who have already long ago surrendered to the Antichrist. It is sad that until now not even the churches have known where to look for this Antichrist, although it has already been active among all of mankind for so long. With only a little alertness they should have recognized it! Who can possibly act in a more anti-Christian manner than those who at the time fought against Christ Himself and finally even murdered Him! Who could have revealed themselves in a worse and more obvious way as being the Antichrist!

They were the leaders and representatives of earthly religion; the true teaching of God, as revealed in and through the Son of God, did not fit into their own structure. Indeed, the true Message of God could not be reconciled with it, since the structure set up by the earthly priests and dignitaries was aimed primarily at earthly influence, earthly power and expansion. They proved quite clearly thereby that they were servants of the human intellect, which is directed solely towards earthly knowledge and earthly power, and is hostile and obstructive to anything that is beyond earthly comprehension! Now since God as well as the spiritual remain completely outside the range of earthly intellectual knowledge, it is actually the intellect which is clearly the only real obstacle! Thus, by its nature, it is opposed to all that is Divine and all that is spiritual! And therefore, as a logical consequence, so are all those men who accept their intellect as being the highest and best thing, seeking to build upon it alone!

The religious leaders of those days were afraid of losing influence among the people through the enlightenment of the Son of God. As everyone today knows, this was the main reason for the slander they sought to spread against Christ and ultimately for the execution of the Son of God. They nailed Him to the cross as a blasphemer of the very God Who had sent Him to bring enlightenment, and Whose servants they professed to be!

How little did they really know this God and the Will of Him Whom they pretended to serve, in whose honor and earthly defense they, however... murdered this Son of God, the Divine messenger!

This was clearly the disastrous result of the fact that they were slaves of the earthly intellect, which only fought to maintain its influence. They gave themselves over to the Antichrist as tools and executioners, having secretly built a throne to him within themselves. For this satisfied their human weaknesses, such as their presumption, arrogance and vanity.

Whoever expects clearer proof cannot be helped; for there is nothing more in opposition to Christ, the Son of God, and His Words! And indeed Antichrist signifies the fighter against Christ, against man’s redemption in God’s Message. The earthly intellect drove them to it! This very intellect, the poisonous product of Lucifer, is his instrument which has become the greatest danger to mankind! Thus the disproportionate over-development of the human intellect grew into the hereditary sin for man! Behind this, however, stands Lucifer himself as the Antichrist in person! He is the one who was able to raise his head through men! He, the only real enemy of God! He acquired the name of Antichrist through his hostile struggle against the Mission of the Son of God. None other would have had the strength and the power to become the Antichrist.

And in his warfare against the Will of God, Lucifer makes use not merely of one man on earth but of nearly all of mankind, thus leading them to destruction under the effect of the Divine Wrath! Whoever cannot grasp this most obvious fact, the fact that only Lucifer himself could be the Antichrist who dares to oppose God, will never be able to understand anything of all that takes place outside the World of Gross Matter, that is, outside of what is purely earthly. Such a one must already today give himself up as lost.

And as it was then, so is it still today! Indeed it is far worse. Also today many religious representatives will wish to fight bitterly to maintain the earthly intellectual ordinances hitherto upheld in the temples and churches.

It is precisely this human intellect, blunting all nobler intuition, which is one of Lucifer’s most dangerous cultivated outgrowths which he was able to spread among mankind. All slaves to the intellect, however, are in truth Lucifer’s servants, who are accomplices in the terrible collapse which must thus befall mankind!

Since no one looked for the Antichrist in the intellect, it’s terribly extensive propagation was made so much easier! Lucifer triumphed; for he thereby cut mankind off from any way of comprehending anything lying outside the World of Gross Matter. From real life! From the point of first contact with the Spiritual, which leads to the proximity of God!

With this he set his foot upon this earth as lord of the earth and of the greater part of mankind!

No wonder, then, that he could penetrate all the way to the altars, and that earthly religious representatives, even those of the Christian churches, were bound to become his victims. For they too expect the Antichrist just before the predicted Judgment. In this respect the great Revelation in the Bible, like many other things, has not yet been understood.

The Book of Revelation says that this Antichrist will raise his head before the Judgment! But not that he is yet to come! If it is said therein that he raises his head, this clearly indicates that he must be here already, but not that he is yet to come. It means that he will be at the pinnacle of his dominion shortly before the Judgment!

Listen to this warning call, you who have not yet become spiritually deaf and blind! Make the effort of thinking very seriously about it yourselves; for this is what is demanded of you now! If you remain indolent in this respect you give yourselves up as lost!

If one lifts the protective cover from the lair of a poisonous snake which then suddenly realizes that it has been exposed, it will naturally try to lunge at the ruthless hand in order to bite it.

It is no different here. Finding himself exposed, the Antichrist will quickly protest through his servants; on being unmasked he will make a great outcry, and try in every possible way to maintain himself on the throne which mankind so willingly offered him. But all this he can only do through those who worship him within themselves. Therefore, keep a sharp watch on your surroundings from now on, as the conflict begins! By their very outcry you will recognize all the more clearly each and every one who belongs to him! For once again, as they did before, they will walk in fear of and in opposition to a pure Truth!

The Antichrist will again try desperately to retain his influence on earth. Observe his lack of objectivity in defense and in offense; for again he will use only slander and suspicion, since his followers are incapable of doing anything else. It is impossible to confront the Truth and refute It.

Thus the servants of Lucifer will this time call the Messenger of God the Antichrist, a blasphemer, just as they once did the Son of God! However, everyone must recognize this as a weak defense, lacking in any logic. How can He be called the Antichrist, who exposes Lucifer and forces his machinations to the surface. This is but a new form of what was done when they made the Son of God out to be a blasphemer, for the sole reason that His explanations did not accord with human opinions. Be on the alert wherever such an attempt is made; for such men only seek therewith to protect Lucifer in order to uphold his reign on earth. In that place there is a center of Darkness, even if the people tend to appear in bright earthly garments, even if they are servants of a church.

Do not forget what happened when the Son of God was on earth, but bear in mind that still today the same Antichrist, with a far greater human following, is striving to retain dominion over the earth, to escape destruction and to continue to obscure the true Will of God.

Therefore watch carefully for all the promised signs! Each individual must make his final decision. Salvation or destruction! For this time it is God’s Will that everything which again dares to oppose Him shall be lost!

Being negligent in this will now be your Judgment! – The Divine Insignia will not appear above a church, nor will any earthly church dignitary bear the sign that proves that he is the Messenger of God! But only He Who is inseparably linked with the Signs, Who therefore also carries them with Him, living and radiating, as once did the Son of God when He dwelt on this earth. They are the Cross of Truth, living and radiating within Him, and the Dove above Him! They will become visible to all those who are blessed to see spiritual things, so that they may give testimony to all people on earth; for there will be among all peoples those who this time will be permitted to “see”, as the last Grace of God! — — —

These Sublime Signs of the Holy Truth can never be affected. Not even Lucifer, who must retreat before these signs, can achieve this, and much less can a human being. Therefore he who still seeks to set himself against these Divine insignia henceforth opposes God, he is an enemy of God. He proves thereby that he neither is nor ever was a servant of God, no matter what he has hitherto pretended to be on earth. Being a slave of the intellect he is a servant of Lucifer, the Antichrist, and together they will now, through God’s Will, incur the Judgment!

Be on your guard, lest you should also be among such!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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