Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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8. Believers merely out of habit

People will have noticed how often I mention the unlimited domination of the intellect and the great spiritual indolence as being fatal, but it is necessary to do so for both processes are inseparably linked and can be designated as the starting points of many evils, indeed as the real hostile-to-the-Light causes of the decline and fall of the developed beings.

Hostile to the Light, because it prevents recognition of all Light happenings and all help from the Light; for when the earthbound intellect attains a dominating position, it reacts by first of all severing the connection which makes Light recognition possible, and thus binds the spirit to the physical cloak in which it is awaiting its development, the very cloak which should be its servant.

The effect of this process, which is in complete accord with the Laws of Creation, is of such a horrible nature that man can hardly picture it to himself correctly, for if he did he would collapse inwardly from fear.

It is particularly dreadful because on that account everything must develop towards destruction, and simply cannot do otherwise, since the human spirit on earth, in sinful, self-willed opposition to the All-Holy Will of God, gave the wrong direction to its own development; and all evil is thus formed, under the pressure of the automatic Laws of this Creation, the activity of which man cannot recognize because he deprived himself of the possibility to do so.

In the perfectly operating mechanism of the wonderful Work of God, man frivolously and forcibly changed a switch, so that now, as the train of his destiny continues to roll on, derailment must follow as an inevitable happening.

And this happening, which principally impacts mankind on earth, will in turn also severely endanger man's environment, which has no part in this wrongdoing but which has always had to suffer under it, and was thereby retarded in its development.

Think on it in all calmness what it must mean when that implement, i.e. the intellect, with which the Creator graciously endowed each human spirit on earth as an aid for his necessary development in the World of Gross Matter, that this implement, which is to submit to the spirit and serve it, spreading Light volition in the material environment, and thus ennobling it ever more, and forming it into the Paradise on earth which was meant to arise, when contrary to its task, it actually, as a consequence of your deed, chokes off the spirit from any possibility of connection with the uplifting streams of power from the Light.

This failure, brought forcibly about by the free volition through greed and conceit, is so outrageous, that such guilt on the part of the indolent human spirit on earth now appears, to anyone who is awakening, to be far too great for forgiveness to be obtained once again through the Love of the Almighty.

Damnation alone through the withdrawal of all mercies from the Light and disintegration, should be the well-deserved lot of the human spirits on earth, who with their conceited stubbornness have steadily driven an entire part of Creation towards inevitable destruction, were it not for the fact that the Love of the Almighty is also simultaneously connected with Perfect Justice, for it is the Love of God, which will forever remain incomprehensible to the human spirits. And the Justice of God is not capable of entirely abandoning something to destruction, as long as tiny sparks are glowing therein which do not deserve this.

For the sake of this minute number of little spirit sparks longing for the Light, the Word of the Lord was once more brought to this part of Creation, which is close to disintegration, so that all those who carry the right inner volition for it, and who really bestir themselves with all the strength still left to them, may save themselves.

However, this volition must be of a different nature than many of the numerous believers in God on earth imagine it!

Therefore, listen to The Word which you can still hold on to as lifeline at the last hour. After this it will never again be given into your hand if you miss the opportunity this time!

The domination of the intellect entirely shuts off the spirit from any possibility of necessary development. This, per se, is not malevolent on the part of the intellect, but only quite a natural effect. In this, the intellect merely acts according to its nature, because it cannot do otherwise than to develop its nature to blossom and to its fullest strength, when it is cultivated one-sidedly and given a wrong place by unreservedly subjecting the whole of life on earth to it!

And this, its nature, is earthbound and will never be otherwise, because as the product of the physical body it must also remain within the latter’s boundaries, i.e., within the purely earthly gross material; for gross matter cannot produce that which is spiritual.

The fault lies solely with man himself and with the fact that he surrendered control to the intellect, thus also gradually enslaving himself to it, i.e., binding himself to the earth. In so doing, he completely lost the real purpose of his life on earth, the possibility of spiritual recognition and spiritual maturing.

He simply cannot grasp it anymore because the channels are choked off. The spirit lies in the physical body as if in a sack which is tied shut at the top by the intellect. Thus the spirit can no longer see and hear anything, and any path leading to the spirit is cut off in the same manner as is the spirit’s path towards the outside.

That it could be so tightly blocked by the earthly intellect is due to the fact that the binding up already takes place before physical maturity, i.e., before the time comes for the adolescent’s spirit to penetrate and become effective in order to take up a leading connection with the surrounding World of Matter for the steeling of its volition.

At this time, however, the intellect has already been much too strongly and one-sidedly developed through wrong schooling, and it already keeps the physical cloak around the spirit tightly closed, so that the latter simply cannot develop or become effective!

Pernicious, one-sidedness of education which lacked spiritual balance! The spirit was pressed into a a rigid dogma, which has nothing to offer it, does not warm it so as to attain its own free conviction about anything having to do with God, since the teaching itself lacks vitality and has no connection with the Light, for in these teachings the intellect and the conceit of earth-man have caused much devastation everywhere.

Past schooling having to do with the knowledge about the Creator stood on feet far too weak, or better said feet weakened by men, for it to remain capable of keeping pace with the intellect, which quickly grew stronger through its one-sided cultivation.

The instruction which was intended for the spirit, i.e. for the intense activity of the intuitive perception, always remained rigid and thus lifeless;therefore it could never be truly received spiritually.

Thus everything was urged only towards learning and could never become experiencing; as a result, like everything else, even that which was meant primarily for the spirit, had to be absorbed and held tight by the intellect without being able to come close to the spirit!

In this way the drops of the Living Water, in so far as a few did exist here and there, had to become lost in the sand.

The inevitable result was that the spirit received nothing and the intellect received everything! This eventually resulted in the condition where the spirit was no longer capable of absorbing anything at all. This brought on a standstill of the spirit germ which, without an impulse from outside, has always been inclined towards inactivity anyway, and to its inevitable retrogression.

In this state of inactivity and lack of friction it languished more and more until today a pitiful picture presents itself on earth: human beings saturated with earthbound intellectual cleverness and with completely languid spirits, which are for the most part really already asleep!

With many of them their sleep has already turned into the sleep of death. These are the dead who must now awaken for the Judgment!

These are meant when it was proclaimed: He shall come to judge both the quick and the dead! This implies those spiritually alive and those spiritually dead; for there are no others, since the physical body cannot be considered as either alive or dead. It has never been alive of itself, but has only been animated for a time.

You men do not realize at all the danger you are in, and when you now have to recognize the danger it will be too late for many; for they no longer have the strength to shake off this lethargy which has caused such terrible harm.

For this reason I must ever again revert to the actual cause of all the evils of mankind: the domination of the intellect, and the attendant spiritual indolence which is as the immediate consequence.

Also the majority of today’s believers in God count primarily among the spiritually indolent, who are like the lukewarm who must be cast out in the Judgment!

If with a little volition you would for once examine the situation aright, and would then draw appropriate conclusions, you would have to see clearly and be able to form the correct opinion without any doubt. You need only think logically about it, nothing else.

Look around and see how people today accept the expanded knowledge of Creation which is necessary for them! From this alone you can draw sufficient conclusions about their true condition.

Today, when reports are made about the Son of Man, Imanuel, as being the necessity for the advancement of spiritual knowledge, because for human beings the time has now arrived for this, you will hear all kinds of reasons for the rejection of the new revelation from the Light!

I do not want to name all of them, for there are too many widely ramified varieties and there would be no end, however, in their actual sense they are all alike because they have but one origin: spiritual indolence!

Let us take just one of them; for many an apparently quite well intentioned church faithful among the Christians would say:

“The Word of the Message as such is correct in many things, but it does not tell me anything new!”

Whoever speaks thus has not grasped that which he believes he has previously learned in school or church, in spite of his imagining to the contrary, nor does he know it; for otherwise he should realize that there is very much which is completely new in the Message, but which naturally is not opposed to the Message which Jesus brought, since both issue from the same source, from the Living Truth!

New does not always mean negation of the old, rather it can also swing in the old and lead on-wards in the up-building, in the same way that the actual Message of Jesus unites with mine!

However, just because my Message is completely in accord with the true words of Jesus, so many people when reading it intuitively perceive that there is nothing new in it! But only for the reason that the Message of Jesus and my Message are in reality one!

For this reason, too, everything swings uniformly, with the exception of what people in their sham wisdom have added to the words brought by Jesus, which is mostly wrong. Naturally my words cannot conform to what has been added or rendered differently. But with the words of Jesus Himself they agree absolutely!

And this intuitive perception of the same vibration from out of the same origin, which the spirit recognizes without the intellect being conscious of it, lets men think, without reflection, that nothing new was given therein.

Such is one part of mankind. Others also accept the new as having been given before and as being self-evident, because they do not really know the old which they thought they possessed, and therefore they have no idea of what in my Message is new for them.

Yet there is no lecture in my Message which does not bring something that is perfectly new to the human spirits, something they have not yet known till now!

Many people therefore know neither what they imagine they possess nor what I bring them! They are also much too indolent really to absorb any of it at all within themselves.

For all those, however, whose spirit is at least capable of perceiving the uniform vibration of both Messages, this very fact should be proof that both Messages issue from one Source, the unmistakable proof that I too draw directly from the Truth.

But those who are indolent do not become conscious of this. They simply prattle away and thereby leave themselves wide open for anyone to clearly and immediately recognize them as being spiritually indolent.

Other believers again refuse to expand their knowledge, assuming or fearing that they could thereby be doing wrong! However, in only a few cases is this fear, but merely conceit rooted in stupidity which is able to flourish on such soil; for conceit as such is stupidity, the two cannot be separated.

However, stupidity is meant here in a spiritual not in an earthly sense, since exactly those very persons who are considered particularly strong and clever in the earthly intellectual sense are, in most cases, spiritually indolent, and before God they possess no value as human beings in Creation; for they have failed in regard to their actual existence, and with their intellectual knowledge they are unable to create any values for eternity, or to use their intellect for that purpose.

But let us leave everything else aside, and take only the believers from among Christians, of whom there are not many anyway who can be considered to be truly believing; for the majority of them are but inwardly empty nominal Christians, and nothing more.

These people say, in a certain sense in common with the first group mentioned, or they explain with a certain theatrical expression that is supposed to indicate reverential awe, at least insofar as they try to delude themselves:

“We have our Jesus, our Savior, we shall not renounce Him, nor do we need anything more!”

This is just about the sense of all their words, although the words themselves may sound different according to the person speaking.

These genuine renditions of the Pharisees, who were often and sharply reproved by Jesus, are in reality nothing but spiritually indolent, but in this case also very self-complacent. Their sometimes repugnant way of speaking is enough to characterize them all too plainly.

If you ever try to probe into this type of person, you will recognize that they do not really hold a true conviction inwardly, but merely an empty habit since their youth! They do not wish to be disturbed any more in their indolence, for thorough examination might cause them spiritual turmoil. They seek carefully to avoid this without realizing that thereby they sin against God‘s important Law of Spiritual Movement, which alone, when observed, has the effect offering them ascent and the possibility of maturing toward perfection!

Just the very thing which they regard as greatness and proudly seek to display in order to delude themselves into having that support which they do not at all carry within, just this will become their doom and ruin!

If in obedience to the Law they would for once bestir themselves spiritually only a little, they would very quickly have to recognize that their past belief was no belief at all, but something learned which became a welcome habit, because apart from a few formalities it demanded nothing from them and they therefore considered it comfortable and right.

However, they should not avoid turmoil but should be grateful for it; for it is the best sign that their spirit is awakening, which must naturally first be preceded by uneasiness before the certainty of a real, free conviction can arise, the conviction which unfolds its power only in serious and diligent examination, and in closely related actual spiritual experiencing.

Where turmoil arises, there is the irrefutable proof that the spirit has been asleep and wants to awaken; but where there is rejection with the proud reference to a personal, possessive claim to Jesus, it merely shows that this human spirit has already lapsed into the agony that leads to the sleep of death.

It furthermore proves that these very spirits would also have sternly rejected Jesus and His Word during His life on earth with the same empty conceit by clinging to what they had already learned, if it had been offered to them as the new revelation at the then necessary turning point as an option and personal choice!

For the same merely convenient reason they would have held fast to the old, which must provide the foundation for advancement if no standstill is to occur.

They are rejecters of all that is new because they do not feel capable or strong enough to examine earnestly and without prejudice that which is incisive or because they are already too indolent and prefer to cling to past habits.

It can be assumed with certainty that they would have rejected Jesus quite decisively if this had not been taught them compulsorily already from childhood!

It is no different with those who try to reject everything new by referring to the prophecy about the appearance of false prophets! Again this likewise contains nothing but spiritual indolence, for this prophecy which they invoke simultaneously states clearly enough that the Right One, the Promised One, will come just at this time of the appearance of false prophets!

How then do they think they will recognize Him if for their convenience they simply dismiss everything casually with such a reference! No one has as yet confronted this fundamental question! They all know about His coming, even insisting that they believe in it, however, they have never thought about it because they do not want to trouble themselves or they know exactly that this is the very point they all try tacitly to avoid... spiritual indolence. They wait, wait, until the time has passed, just as it was with Jesus, thinking that ultimately they will find out!

However, this time it is different; the time will not pass by the delinquent and indolent ones, but it will judge them! Waiting will become their Judgment, their condemnation!

But they themselves have to find the proof of identity in the Word of the Truth, which with very few exceptions people did not want to heed during the time of Jesus either, but still expected further proof when they sneeringly demanded: “If You are the Son of God, then step down from the cross, then we shall believe You!”

His Word of Truth, which was the real proof of identity, did not have any value for them at that time. Personal spiritual indolence in everyone wherever you look, and as it was then so it is again today, only much worse even; for now any spirit-spark is buried almost completely.

The believers of today have accepted everything merely as a doctrine without processing any of it within or making it their own! They are too spiritually sluggish to perceive intuitively that their belief is nothing but habit from childhood on, which in complete ignorance about themselves they now call their conviction.

Also the main increase in the number of Christians happened through the addition of the young, not through grown-ups! And among this adolescent group already baptized as Christians and then remaining such, eighty percent, under strict scrutiny by the Light, turn out to be Christian out of habit only, which we can recognizeby the fact that they by no means attune their lives to the Words of Jesus.

Specifically their behavior towards their fellow-men often very clearly indicates that they are not real Christians, but only empty, spiritually indolent Christians in name only!

He who is still capable of righteous thinking and is not spiritually enslaved will not try to deny this fact, which is proven over and over again, hundreds of times every hour and from all sides, and which already has been proven over the course of the past centuries.

This proof of pseudo Christianity is sadly and all too clearly in evidence, as also within the churches themselves which are downright intolerantly spiteful in word and deed towards all those who do not serve their church in purely earthly activity.

Whether those who are thus hated and perhaps feared nonetheless in reality do serve God with their whole being far more genuinely and vibrantly than do others, is of no relevance to the views of churches or their actions! This I lament to God! For this activity is against His demand and commandment! The main concern of all churches should be that God, not they, be served! To serve God, however, it is by no means necessary to go through the churches!

Where, however, is it written in my Message that man should relinquish God or the Son of God Jesus! On the contrary, with my words I actually even lead directly to God and also to Jesus! However, in a more animated manner than has been known in the past, according to the Truth, and not in the way that mankind has put together for themselves in their proclivity for spiritual comfort.

I point to the fact that God wants spirits in Creation who are alive and conscious of their personal responsibility! Thus human beings as are called for in the Primordial Laws of Creation! That everyone must personally and fully account for everything he thinks, speaks and does, and that none of this could be redeemed for mankind by the murder of the Son of God at that time.

Jesus was murdered only because with His same demands He too was felt to be inconvenient, and seemed dangerous to those priests who taught differently, who taught what was much more comfortable so as to attract ever larger congregations in an earthly way only, which at the same time was to bring about and preserve more earthly power through mounting earthly influence.

This they did not wish to give up. Men did not want to surrender their comfort, nor the priests their influence, their power. The priests did not want to be teachers and helpers at all, but only rulers!

As true helpers they would have had to educate people to attain to inner self-reliance, to spiritual independence and greatness, so that these people would adjust themselves to and act joyfully in accordance with the Will of God out of free conviction.

The priests did the opposite and bound the spirit, so that it would remain amenable to their earthly purposes.

God, however, demands from mankind that they strive towards spiritual perfection in His Laws of Creation! Constant progress in extending their knowledge of Creation, so that they stand and work in it aright and do not become an obstacle in the swinging, rotating movement!

But whoever does not wish to go further now, and tries to persist in that which he believes he already knows, consequently rejecting or opposing in hostility new revelations from God, will remain behind and be flung out in the World Judgment, by which any obstacle is torn down in order at last to allow clarity to arise again in Creation, that clarity which in the future will further the progressive development which rests in the Will of God for His Creation.

Jesus, too, was a new revelation then and He brought further revelations in His Word. All this was new for that time, as is my Message about Imanuel today. At that time, it was as necessary an advance as today, but at that point, however, one should not have remained stuck forever. And I do not overturn anything of the old, but only add what is new.

Jesus shall not be given up as the Son of God through my Message, rather He must now be recognized as such all the more, but not as the servant and slave of a corrupted humanity in order to carry or redeem their burden of guilt, so as to make it more comfortable for them!

And just those who have really accepted Jesus as the Son of God cannot help but welcome my Message and the related new revelations from the Grace of God with joyful gratitude! Nor will it be hard for them to grasp everything I say aright and make it their own.

Whoever does not or cannot do this has not recognized the Message, nor the true Being of the Son of God Jesus, but has only constructed for himself something alien and wrong out of his own discretion and conceit and... last but not least... out of the laziness of his indolent spirit, which shuns the movement demanded by God!

The meaning and purpose of the Message from the Light, through me in the fulfillment of God’s All-Holy Will, is the necessary extension of the knowledge for the humanity who wishes to survive the current turning point necessitated by the Laws of Creation, in order to be capable of and permitted to contribute to the new, God-willed Kingdom of Peace now being built through the Omnipotence of God!

Excuses of the spiritually indolent or vain pharasaical phrases do not count; and malicious slander and attacks by power-hungry egotistical people will have to give way before the holy Justice of the Triune God and vanish like chaff; for there is nothing which is greater and mightier than God the Lord and what issues from His Will!

The spirit of earth-man must now become alive and strong in the Will of God whom to serve they are allowed to dwell in this Creation, or it must vanish!

The time has come! Enslaved spirits are no longer tolerated by God! And man’s self-will shall be broken unless he is prepared to adjust himself to the Primordial Laws of God which He placed into Creation.

To these also belongs the Law of constant Movement, which demands unhampered progress in development. The extension of knowledge remains connected with this!

The knowledge of Creation, spiritual knowledge, is the real purpose of all life!

For this reason you were given new revelations. If you reject them through the indolence of your spirit, if you want to let your spirit sleep quietly on as in the past, then it will awaken in the Judgment in order to fall into disintegration.

And woe unto all those who still wish to keep the human spirit bound! They will suffer tenfold harm and, in the last moment, they will, full of horror, have to recognize too late, how they burdened themselves, in order then to collapse under their burden and sink into the horrible abyss!

The day has come! The Darkness must vanish! The glorious Light of God now breaks apart all that is wrong and burns what is indolent in this Creation, so that it can pursue its course only in light and joy for the blessing of all creatures, as a jubilant prayer of thanks for every Grace of their Creator, for the Glory of God, the Only One, The Almighty!


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