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86. Intuitive perception

Every intuitive perception immediately forms a picture. In the formation of this picture the cerebellum*(Medical term for small brain) participates as the bridge for the soul to control the body. It is that part of the brain through which you receive your dreams. It is in turn connected with the frontal brain or cerebrum, through the activity of which thoughts are generated that are more closely tied to space and time and which eventually constitute the intellect.

Now pay close attention to the process! You will be able to distinguish clearly whether the intuition speaks to you through the spirit, or whether it is feeling that speaks to you through the intellect!

The activity of the human spirit evokes the intuitive perception within the solar plexus, thereby simultaneously impressing the cerebellum. The effect of the spirit. Thus it is a wave of energy issuing from the spirit. Man naturally perceives this wave in that spot where the spirit within the soul is connected with the body, in the center of the so-called solar plexus, which passes the wave on to the cerebellum which is impacted by it. In accordance with the specific nature of the various impressions received, the cerebellum, like a photographic plate, forms a picture of the process as willed by the spirit or which the spirit in its strong power formed through its volition. A picture without words! The frontal brain receives this picture and seeks to describe it in words, thereby generating thoughts which then find expression in language.

In truth the whole process is very simple. I will repeat it: with the help of the solar plexus the spirit makes an impression on the bridge provided for it, thus impressing a definite volition in power waves upon the small brain, the instrument given to it for this purpose, which immediately passes what it received on to the frontal brain. In the process of transmission a slight change through consolidation has already occurred, because the small brain adds something of its own nature to it. The instruments within the human body which are at the disposal of the spirit work like interlocking links of a chain. However they all serve in a forming capacity only; they cannot do otherwise. They form everything transmitted to them in accordance with their own special nature. Thus the frontal brain receives the image transmitted to it by the cerebellum and, in accordance with its somewhat coarser nature compresses it for the first time into narrower conceptions of space and time, thereby condensing them and bringing them into the more tangible ethereal world of thought-forms. Next the frontal brain forms words and sentences which, through the organs of speech, penetrate as formed sound-waves into the World of Fine Gross Matter, there again to produce a new effect brought about by the movement of these waves. Thus the spoken word is the result of the images transmitted by the frontal brain. The latter can also direct the course of the effect towards the organs of locomotion instead of to the organs of speech, whereby words are replaced by writing or action.

This is the normal course of activity of the human spirit in the World of Gross Matter as willed by the Creator.

It is the right way, which would have brought about a healthy subsequent development in Creation, making it utterly impossible for mankind to go astray.

Man, however, voluntarily abandoned the course prescribed for him through the nature of his body. Self-willed and stubborn, he interfered in the normal working of the chain of his instruments by making the intellect his idol. Thus he concentrated his whole energy upon the training of the intellect, on this single point, alone, one-sidedly. As a result, the frontal brain, placed in a position of originator, was put under disproportionate strain in comparison to all of the other cooperating tools. Naturally, a heavy price was paid. The uniform and harmonious co-operation of all the individual links was upset and hindered, and with it every right development. The frontal brain alone was subjected for thousands of years to an excessive strain, which forced its development far beyond everything else. The result is curtailment of the activity of all the neglected parts which, being used less, were bound to remain weaker. Foremost among these is the cerebellum, which is the instrument of the spirit. Thus it follows that the activity of the human spirit as such was not only severely obstructed, but it is often completely cut off and remains turned off. The possibility of proper intercourse with the frontal brain over the bridge of the small brain is buried, while a direct connection between the human spirit and the frontal brain is utterly impossible since the latter’s nature is not at all suited for it. The frontal brain is absolutely dependent on the full activity of the cerebellum, which it is to follow according to God’s Will, if it is properly to fulfill the task assigned to it. The nature of the cerebellum is required in order to receive the vibrations of the spirit. There is no way of bypassing it, for the work of the frontal brain is to prepare the transition to Fine-materiality and Fine Gross Matter, and therefore it is of a quite different and much coarser nature.

In the one-sided cultivation of the frontal brain lies the hereditary sin of earth-man against his God or, more precisely, against the Divine Laws, which are laid down in the right allocation of the bodily instruments, as they are in the entire Creation. Observance of the correct allocation would automatically have indicated the straight and right road of ascent to the human spirit. As it was, however, man in his ambitious conceit interfered with this machinery of healthy activity, and he singled out one part and cultivated it above all while disregarding all the others. This was bound to bring imbalance and stagnation in its train. If the course of natural events is hampered in this way, disease and failure must ensue, ending finally in chaos and collapse.

This, however, does not apply only to the body, but first and foremost to the spirit! Through this violation, the unequal cultivation of the two brains, the cerebellum was suppressed through neglect over the course of thousands of years, and the spirit was thereby hampered in its activity. This became hereditary sin, since with time the one-sided over-cultivation of the frontal brain is already passed on to each child through physical inheritance, since, from the outset, it becomes unbelievably difficult for the child’s spirit to awaken and grow more powerful, because the necessary bridge, the cerebellum, is no longer easily passable and very often cut off completely.

Man has not the faintest idea what irony and condemnation lie in the terms “large brain” and “small brain” which he created! An indictment regarding his transgression against Divine ordinance could not be stated in a more devastating manner! He thus characterizes precisely the gravest of his earthly sins, for in his wicked self-will he so mutilated this fine instrument of his physical body, which is meant to help him on earth, that not only is it unable to serve him any longer in the way ordained by the Creator, but it must even lead him to the depths of destruction! In this man has sinned much worse than drunkards or those who destroy their bodies by becoming slaves to their passions!

To this they add the impertinence of expecting God to explain Himself in a manner they can understand in their willfully distorted physical bodies! They make this demand after having committed such a sin!

In the natural course of development man could easily and joyfully have ascended the steps to Luminous Heights if he had not outrageously interfered with the Work of God! Cursed be he who will not gratefully grasp the last life line! He will be doomed, so that he may no longer brew and spread mischief and sin and pour suffering over mankind, as he has done until now! There was no other possibility than that such brain cripples would fall into an insane delusion of grandeur, which in great measure they still hold to this day! The man of the future will have normal brains which will work uniformly and thus only support each other harmoniously. The cerebellum, called the small brain because it was stunted in its growth, will now grow in strength as it attains to its proper activity until it is in the right proportion to the frontal brain. Then there will be harmony again, and all that is rigid and unhealthy must disappear!

But let us now turn to the further consequences of the hitherto false mode of living: The cerebellum, which is proportionally much too small, makes it difficult for the truly serious seekers of today to distinguish between what is genuine intuitive perception within them and what is merely feeling. I have already said it before: feeling is produced by the frontal brain through its thoughts impacting the body’s nerves which, in reflection impose upon the frontal brain the impulse for the so-called imagination.

Imagination consists of pictures generated by the frontal brain. They are not comparable to the pictures the cerebellum forms under the pressure of the spirit! Here we have the difference between the expression of the intuitive perception as the consequence of an activity of the spirit, and the results of feeling issuing from physical nerves. Both produce pictures which the uninformed person finds it almost or entirely impossible to distinguish, although the difference between them is enormous. The images of the intuitive perception are genuine and full of living power, while the images of feeling, i.e., the imagination, are illusions, produced with borrowed energy.

But the difference is easily detected by anyone who knows the process of development in all of Creation and then observes himself attentively.

In the case of intuitive images, which arise through the activity of the cerebellum as a bridge for the spirit, the image appears first, unmediated, and passes only thereafter into thoughts which then influence the emotional life of the body.

In the case of images produced by the frontal brain the process is reversed. Here, thoughts must come first in order to form the basis for the pictures. However, all this occurs so rapidly that it almost seems to be one and the same thing. With a little practice in observation, however, man can very soon learn to distinguish the nature of the process exactly.

A further consequence of this hereditary sin is the confusion in dreams! For this reason, man can today no longer assign that value to his dreams which they are really meant to have. The normal cerebellum, influenced by the spirit, would render dreams clear and unconfused. That is to say, they would not be dreams at all, but experiences of the spirit, received and transmitted by the cerebellum while the frontal brain rests in sleep. The dominant power of the frontal or day-brain, however, radiates and impacts the sensitive cerebellum even during the night. In its present weakened condition the latter receives the strong radiations of the frontal brain simultaneously with the experiences of the spirit, creating a mixture much like a double exposure on a photographic plate. This results in the confused dreams of today.

The best proof is the frequent appearance in dreams of words and sentences which originate only in the activity of the frontal brain, which alone forms words and sentences, because it is more closely bound to space and time.

For this reason man is no longer, or at least very inadequately, receptive to spiritual warnings and instructions through the cerebellum, and is consequently far more exposed to dangers which he could otherwise escape through spiritual warnings!

Thus, besides the evil consequences already mentioned, there are many others brought about by man’s interference with Divine Ordinance, for in reality all evil proceeded from this failure alone which is so clearly visible to everybody today and which was merely a fruit of vanity resulting from the appearance of woman in Creation.

Therefore, man must at last tear himself away from the consequences of this hereditary sin if he does not want to be lost.

Like all else, this requires effort. Man must awaken from his comfortable indolence to become at last what he should have been from the beginning! A Supporter of Creation and transmitter of Light to all creatures!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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