Resonances to the Grail Message

by Abdrushin

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Order of the lectures

English translation of the original texts
The lectures of Resonances to the Grail Message are the extension of the Message. Who wants to understand them, must know the Message. It's a whole, which must be followed in the prescribed order to become a true knowledge.

Volume I.

  1. The Holy Word
  2. In the land of twilight
  3. Resurrection Morn!
  4. Ponderers
  5. Voluntary martyrs, religious fanatics
  6. Servants of God
  7. The instinct of animals
  8. The kiss of friendship
  9. The woman of subsequent Creation
  10. The distorted tool
  11. All that is dead in Creation shall be awakened, so that it may pass judgment upon itself!
  12. The child
  13. Woman and her vocation
  14. The Kingdom of the Millennium
  15. The necessary balance
  16. Jesus and Imanuel
  17. Christmas!
  18. Omnipresence!
  19. Christ said..!
  20. Submissiveness
  21. Ethereal briars
  22. Indolence of the spirit
  23. “Motion” – a Law of Creation
  24. The physical body
  25. Temperament
  26. Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of fate will not hinder but further your ascent!
  27. The Star of Bethlehem
  28. A new Law
  29. Class consciousness, social order
  30. Duty and loyalty
  31. Strive for conviction!
  32. The beauty of the peoples
  33. Man, How Do You Stand!
  34. It is fulfilled!
  35. Let Easter arise within you, man!
  36. At the boundary of gross matter
  37. Earth-man before his God
  38. The recognition of God
  39. Substantiality
  40. He, who for the sake of another, does not wish to know my Word, him I will not know in the hour of his need!
  41. The little elemental beings
  42. In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings
  43. A soul wanders...
  44. Woman and man
  45. Distorted souls
  46. Man’s spirit guide
  47. Threads of Light above you!
  48. Sounds of Christmas swing admonishingly through the universe
  49. The Primordial Queen
  50. The cycle of radiation
  51. Shun the Pharisees!
  52. Possessed
  53. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!
  54. Gratitude
  55. Disappointments
  56. And if humanity asks...
  57. Let there be Light!
  58. I send you!
  59. Easter 1934
  60. Unsubstantiate
  61. How the Message should be absorbed

Volume II.

  1. The Gate is Opened!
  2. The Wound
  3. Omniscience
  4. The human word
  5. New Year 1935
  6. Consider what is of benefit to you!
  7. The Spiritual Planes I
  8. Believers merely out of habit
  9. The longing that brings salvation
  10. The Spiritual Planes II
  11. The Great Purification
  12. The Spiritual Planes III
  13. The Spiritual Planes IV
  14. Easter 1935
  15. The Spiritual Planes V
  16. The Spiritual Planes VI
  17. The Spiritual Planes VII
  18. On the occasion of May 30, 1935 (The Sacrifice)
  19. The Guardian of the Flame
  20. The Power of the Language
  21. The Living Word (Pentecost 1935)
  22. Sense of Family
  23. The intimate home
  24. The flame of the disciple
  25. The weaker sex
  26. The destroyed bridge
  27. Overview of Creation
  28. Spirit-Germs
  29. Substantiate-Germs
  30. Forerunners
  31. When the need is greatest, God’s help is nearest to you!
  32. Purifying flames
  33. The gulf of selfish desires
  34. Soul
  35. Nature
  36. The Ring of the Substantiality
  37. Do not fall in temptation
  38. Christmas

The first volume of the German Resonances to the Grail Message was published in the year 1934; the second volume was being prepared for printing by its author, but due to adverse social situation it was not printed during his lifetime.
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